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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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17 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. captstubby says:

    A Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by the United States Congress; the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom are the highest civilian awards in the United States. It is awarded to persons “who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture that is likely to be recognized as a major achievement in the recipient’s field long after the achievement.”
    ] American citizenship is not a requirement.

    Congressional Bills 113th Congress]
    [From the U.S. Government Printing Office] [H.R. 852 Introduced in House (IH)]
    113th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 852 To posthumously award a Congressional gold medal to Shirley Chisholm.

    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES February 27, 2013 Mr. Rangel (for himself,
    A BILL To posthumously award a Congressional gold medal to Shirley Chisholm. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the “Shirley Chisholm Congressional Gold Medal Act”. SEC. 2. FINDINGS. The Congress finds as follows: (1) Shirley Chisholm was a pioneer: She was the first African-American woman elected to Congress in 1968 where she served until 1982. (2) Shirley Chisholm inspired and led the march of political achievement by African-Americans and women in the three decades since she ran for the Presidency of the United States. (3) Her election to Congress and her candidacy for the Presidency raised the profile and aspirations of all African- Americans and women in the field of politics. (4) Shirley Chisholm was recognized for her activism, independence, and groundbreaking achievements in politics during and after the civil rights era. (5) Shirley Chisholm was born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 30, 1924, attended Brooklyn College, and earned a Master’s degree from Columbia University. (6) Shirley Chisholm worked in education and social services before being elected to the New York State Assembly in 1964. (7) Shirley Chisholm established the Unity Democratic Club in 1960, which played a significant role in rallying Black and Hispanic voters in New York City. (8) In 1969, Shirley Chisholm began her service in the 91st Congress, representing Brooklyn’s 12th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. (9) During her service in the House of Representatives, Shirley Chisholm promoted the employment of women in Congress and was vocal in her support of civil rights, women’s rights, and the poor, while fervently opposing the Vietnam War. (10) In 1972, Shirley Chisholm was the first African- American to seek the nomination of a major party for President of the United States. (11) Shirley Chisholm was a co-founder of the National Organization for Women. (12) An historic figure in American political history, Shirley Chisholm died at the age of 80 in Ormond Beach, Florida, on New Year’s Day 2005. SEC. 3. CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL. (a) Presentation Authorized.–The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate shall make appropriate arrangements for the posthumous presentation, on behalf of the Congress, of a gold medal of appropriate design in commemoration of Shirley Chisholm, in recognition of her activism, independence, and groundbreaking achievements in politics, her election as the first African-American woman in the Congress, and her campaign to be the first African-American to gain the nomination of a major political party for President of the United States.

    “in her support of civil rights, women’s rights, and the poor.”
    and yet, there is no mention of

    Senator Smith .
    Margaret Madeline Chase Smith (December 14, 1897 – May 29, 1995) was an American politician. A member of the Republican Party, she served as a U.S Representative (1940-1949) and a U.S. Senator (1949-1973) from Maine.She was the first woman to serve in both houses of the United States Congress, and the first woman to represent Maine in either.] A moderate Republican, she is perhaps best remembered for her 1950 speech, “Declaration of Conscience,” in which she criticized the tactics of McCarthyism.Smith was an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination in the 1964 presidential election, but was the first woman to be placed in nomination for the presidency at a major party’s convention
    . Upon leaving office, she was the longest-serving female Senator in history, a distinction that was not surpassed until January 5, 2011, when Senator Barbara Mikulski was sworn in for a fifth term.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Fireworks: Ted Cruz vs. Dianne Feinstein On Gun Rights

    Real Clear Politics: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/03/14/fireworks_ted_cruz_vs_dianne_feinstein_on_gun_rights.html

    Dissecting Dianne Feinstein
    Not only is she an emotion-based woman, but also an emotion-based liberal. A combination that is the main ingredient for insanity.
    (In response to Sen. Cruz’s question regarding the Constitutionality of grabbing guns)

    Let me just make a couple of points in response, one, I’m not a sixth grader.

    The world doesn’t revolve around you lady! THERE IS A CAMERA in the room recording, so that those who are not familiar with the law or Constitution can clearly understand what is being asked. He’s talking to everyone, not just you.

    Senator, I have been on this committee for 20 years. I was a mayor for 9 years.

    That has nothing to do with anything. Just because people stupidly elected you for 20 years doesn’t mean you know how to do your job.

    I walked in, I saw people shot. I’ve looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. I’ve seen the bullets that implode. In Sandy Hook, youngsters were dismembered.

    20 children and 6 adults were killed in Sandy Hook. How about we show the senior senator the 50 million aborted children since Roe v. Wade, that have been dismembered? And abortion is not a Constitutional right.

    Look, there are other weapons.

    ….which will also be slowly eliminated because the ultimate goal is to get rid of them too. Those “other weapons” can also kill kids you know.

    I’ve been up, I’m not a lawyer, but after 20 years I have been up close and personal to the Constitution. I have great respect for it. This doesn’t mean that weapons of war, and the Heller decision clearly points out three exceptions, two of which are pertinent here.

    The Founding Fathers absolutely intended for “The People” to be armed with weapons of war. After all, weapons of war is what WON THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR! And weapons of war were needed to overthrow any other government that “infringed” on the rights of the people.

    And so I, you know, it’s fine if you want to lecture me on the Constitution. I appreciate it. Just know I’ve been her for a long time, I’ve passed on a number of bills. I’ve studied the Constitution myself, I am reasonably well educated, and I thank you for the lecture.

    Wow, someone has a bit of a complex! Liberals always side-track with emotional indignation when they don’t want to answer a question. It creates sympathy for them, puts you on the defensive as a “Big ‘ol Republican meany! Let’s not listen to him, he’s just mean!”

    Incidentally, this does not prohibit, you use the word prohibit, it exempts 2271 weapons.

    ….and the weapons that are NOT exempt? Most people would call that prohibited.

    Isn’t that enough for the people in the United States?

    No, it isn’t enough, because we know people like you will just return again and again to whittle that number down. It’s just a starting point. What is enough for the people is what WE SAY is enough, it’s our government and country, not yours.

    And you need a bazooka?

    Again, this FALSE FLAG operation that RPGs, a rocket and explosive, is in the same category as firearms. Look at the police photo sent around about the gun buy-back program, in which an AT4 Light Anti-Tank Weapon supposedly was turned in. It’s just another straw man argument.

    Do they need other high powered weapons?

    UH-OH! The vocabulary of TYRANTS reared it’s ugly head again. The favorite words of Michael Bloomberg stating what people NEED! The gov’t decides what you NEED, not what you want, or what your rights say they are. “The greatest good for the greatest number” is the old communist mantra deciding what people NEED. And btw, YES, people need high powered weapons the same as the police need them, the ATF, the CIA, your bodyguards, the Secret Service. THE PEOPLE get what they WANT, and then they decide what the government NEEDS.

    That military people use to kill in close combat? I don’t think so. So I come from a different place than you do. I respect your views, I ask you to respect my views.

    Term limits. These people hate being challenged or questioned, and they turn it around as a matter of disrespect of their views, when it’s merely discussing ideas. Her snarky, sarcastic attitude clearly shows contempt for his views. All he did was ask politely, and she answered with disgust and hatred. Yeech.

    (concerning outlawing certain books like certain guns should be outlawed)

    It’s obvious that there are different tests on different amendments. And I think what the Senator was going to point out was something that didn’t occur to me at the moment, there are certain kinds of pornographic materials that would not be covered by the first amendment.

    She’s right. However, if the Constitution stated, “It is the right of the people to have books and pornographic materials, and their right shall not be INFRINGED” then pornographic material would be allowed. But it doesn’t. However, it DOES say that concerning GUNS, and that is what the issue is about, not comparing guns to something not equally protected in the Constitution. So it’s purposely trying to compare a Constitutional right to something that is not.

    Sir, Congress is in the business of making law.

    NO IT IS NOT. Congress is in the business of PROTECTING RIGHTS. We already have 50 states making laws. We don’t need an all-encompassing body making laws trumping the other 50.

    The Supreme Court interprets the law.

    NO! It’s YOUR JOB to interpret the law properly. It’s what we are paying you for!

    They strike down the law, they strike down the law.

    So screw it. Pass any law, and let the people go through the arduous task of wasting their money to challenge it, appeal it to the Supreme Court and decide decades after Congress passed it. Sen. Feinstein apparently doesn’t think it’s her job to be any sort of Constitutional filter.

    The tests in Heller, with respect with unusual weapons, and two other things, I think, do not cover, in other words, they cover an exemption for assault weapons. And if this is brought up before the court, if it should pass, I’m sure that argument will be made.

    So lets cancel everyone’s 2nd amendment right, and let 9 people on the Supreme Court decide everything, instead of the 535 people + the executive, WHOSE JOB it is to be doing this anyway. Why do we have a Congress?
    These people have no idea what their job is, or what is expected of them. Republicans should push a few things with all their heart:
    Term Limits (or a Constitutional Convention to force it)
    I.D. for voting.
    Secure Border
    Balanced Budget

    Heller Decision: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_v._Heller

    • Petronius says:

      Nice dissection, Mith.

      Feinstein’s monologue is a near perfect example of the elitist Ruling Class versus the Country Class.

      And of the Liberal habit of replacing thinking and common sense with emotion and self-righteous indignation.

      “The Supreme Court interprets the law.”

      Well, yes, thank you for that insight, Comrade Feinstein.

      But nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the Supreme Court is the sole arbiter of its contents. The States, as its authors, also have the power to interpret the Constitution, and implicit in this is the power to nullify unconstitutional acts of Congress––or at least the States had such power up until Appomattox.

      As a result of the Northern victory in the War Between the States and of subsequent expansions of the commerce clause, etc., by the No-Good Nine, there is nothing left of the Constitution today to restrain Federal power –– nothing, that is, apart from the Bill of Rights.



      Today the Bill of Rights is the only fragment of the Constitution that still has any real effect. As a result, the Bill of Rights is the only thing standing between the American people and an all-powerful, totalitarian Federal government.

      And then consider that today nearly all of those rights listed in the Bill of Rights are under assault by the regime.

      What I wish Senator Cruz had said in reply:

      “Unfortunately the Supreme Court is a weak reed to lean on, Comrade Feinstein, as it has become just another Liberal-Marxist institution populated with Liberal-Marxist ideologues who are precisely of one mind with you. Since the Chief Justice wimped out in the ObamaCare case, there are currently only four Supreme Court justices who can still be counted on to defend our rights and liberties with any degree of regularity: Justices Thomas, Alito, Kennedy, and Scalia. And the last two named are almost as old as you, Comrade Feinstein.

      “Aligned against these few, these happy few, these band of brothers, we have the unpredictable Chief Justice John “I-can-be-reached” Roberts and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse :

      1. Elena “Little Boots” Kagan
      2. Sonia “the Shredder” Sotomayor
      3. Stephen “living document” Breyer
      4. Ruth Bader-Meinhof Ginsburg

      “And their motto is: ‘The Communist Party must control the guns.’ (Chairman Mao)

      “Hopefully we can still rely on patriots in the House of Representatives to protect our Second Amendment rights from old Bolshevik hags like you. But for how long? One more amnesty will end Republican control of the House of Representatives forever.”

      Yes, that’s what I wish he’d said.

    • Mithrandir says:

      An Illustration of How These People Evade Questioning

      1. Start talking until you think of an intelligent answer.
      2. State your “credentials”, implying you are too smart to be questioned or answer questions. (Remember Sarah Palin was a Governor and a Mayor, and those credentials weren’t worth SQUAT in the eyes of liberals, but here is Feinstein boldly asserting her mayoral qualifications)
      3. Become EMOTIONAL, “You are challenging my intelligence!” “You are questioning my patriotism!” “I am upset and it’s all your fault!”
      4. Lie. Pretend you are for the Constitution, when you are not.
      5. Make the questioner chase down ignorance. “People need BAZOOKAS?”
      6. Exploitation. “What about the children?”
      7. Muddy the waters. Confuse people about what the Constitution says, and what Congress’ role is in changing it.
      8. Carsalesmanship. Make any wild argument getting people to ‘yes’ then whittle it down from there. “Well you banned this? Why not this as well? It’s nearly the same!”
      9. Compare apples to oranges. Guns vs. pornography.
      10. STRAW MAN arguments. “Why do you hate people?” “Why do you want children to be murdered?”
      11. Ramble on and on until people forget what the question was.
      12. Have some pundit, talking-head, or friend rush in to your defense if you can’t defend your argument, giving you extra time to think of something to add on.

      Politics and liberals are so predictable, IT’S BORING! The only entertaining part of it is to wait to see if Republicans are prepared for each trick and fight back. Sen. Cruz was prepared (mostly! He should have gotten my prepared comebacks before asking), and that’s why I posted it. It’s about time someone didn’t let them get away with their nonsense.

    • Petronius says:

      Yes, another excellent analysis, Mith.

      Whining is certainly one of the hallmarks of Liberalism.

      Another is the thirst for unearned admiration, usually coupled with self-righteous indignation. And they practically invented the Big Lie, the strawman, the whipping boy, chasing shadows, and apples/oranges, not to mention that old standby, change-the-subject.

      But for a Liberal, whining is more than a moral imperative. It is a way of life.

    • canary says:

      The 2nd amendment doesn’t even mention the rights to bear arms for “hunting”.

  3. canary says:

    Obama’s Columbia classmates who were prominent in Law, Government, Medicine, Engineering, Finances, Journalism, Librarian, and Yearbook, don’t recall Obama at a time when Minorities and Jews stood out.

    The Haaretz: Obama’s Israeli Columbia Classmates don’t Recall the Young President —

    U.S. President Barack Obama, due here for his first official visit next week, graduated college in 1983; yet, none of the 25 or so alumni of his class who are now living in Israel remember laying eyes on him.

    By Judy Maltz | Mar.15, 2013

    But here’s the thing: Not one of us remembers Barack Obama – who transferred to Columbia after his sophomore year at Occidental College in California – from our undergrad years, nor do we know anyone else who does.

    “If he wasn’t on my radar, he wasn’t on anyone’s radar,” asserts Jamie Miller, a mother of five, who lives in Beit Shemesh and remains active in the alumni association, traveling back to New York every five years to attend reunions.

    …says Miller, who went to law school after college and today works as a librarian and English teacher. “I was in the marching band,

    I worked on the yearbook,
    and I was involved in student government,
    so I knew everyone. But I never saw him around.”

    Sarah Graber Nehrer,… “When he first came on the political scene, back when he was running for the Senate, I was living in Illinois,
    and I was like, ‘Wait, this guy went to school with me,'” she explains…

    For political science majors like Obama, an absolute must at the time was the wildly popular modern political movements class taught at Barnard by Dennis Dalton.

    Back then, there were not many black students at Columbia, so you noticed them, and like the Jews,
    notes Maury Budow – …”When I was in college, I went out of my way to meet anyone who wasn’t Jewish – part of my trying to break away from being a Brooklyn Jew,” says Rubin.

    “So I hung out with many black students, but I never ever saw him around, and I would have recognized his face.”

    Yet another classmate, Michael Teplow, …”..when I first started flipping through my yearbook looking for his picture that he wasn’t there, and I didn’t remember him at all.” Like Obama, Teplow went onto law school after he graduated Columbia.

    Like Obama, Rosen was a political science major and international relations minor at Columbia, but says their paths never crossed.

    The group of Columbia 1983 alumni has submitted a request with the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to meet with their former classmate, but have yet to receive a response.

    (to read entire article)

    Obama’s team insisting on 1000 Israelis planted to attend speech during his Israel vacation visit..

    The Jewish Daily Forward:

    Why Barack Obama Must Go to Rabin Square
    President Missing Opportunity To Connect With Israeli Public

    By Liam Hoare – Published March 07, 2013, issue of March 15, 2013.

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/172413/why-barack-obama-must-go-to-rabin-square/?p=all#ixzz2NqFYM1ue

    The Daily Beast


    Word is he will visit the wrong faux Bethlehem town and Nativity scene on the West Bank during his Palestinian visit, instead of original and authentic town of Bethlehem of Judea in Jerusalem. causing high security expenses. No doubt it’s a false global statement to fool the world as to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

    • Mithrandir says:

      The reason no one remember him, is simply because HE DIDN’T ATTEND CLASS. When you are on the fast-track to political stardom, supported by communists, you don’t NEED to do any of that stuff. You just need your diploma.

      More than likely, everything was GHOST-WRITTEN for him. Bill Ayers commented a few times that he wrote Obama’s books. Bill Ayer’s father paid for his college education. Harvard Law Review doesn’t have anything that he wrote. There are no bills he wrote or presented in Illinois or the federal government. He barely voted on bills, instead voting “present.”
      There are no documents about his past, high school or otherwise. There are no stories about past girlfriends or classmates. He has barely any work history. He was supposedly an assistant professor teaching Constitutional law, and the position was FORCED upon the university. No students can remember his class.
      The last update on his BIRTH CERTIFICATE was a REPRESENTATION of what his real certificate says, when anyone with a cellphone can take a photo of the real document and post it online. The governor of Hawaii backtracked saying there was no file to be found.

      Doesn’t anyone think this is incredibly WEIRD? Our presidents are the most VETTED people on the planet! We are a culture that knows everything about everyone. Every minor detail and hearsay is reported on. NOT THIS GUY. Oh sure, dig through Sarah Palin’s garbage, and make up stories about George Bush’s National Guard record, but tracking down Obama’s lost aunt and uncle on welfare in Boston? Nah!

      He is the most strange entity I have ever encountered. Our rabid media and in the computer age with people willing to talk to magazines or shows for BIG money, or post websites gossiping about a sitting president………… yet, ……..nothing.

    • heykev says:


      That’s something that’s long puzzled most people with even the slightest amount of curiosity. Would agree that in all probability he never attended classes. That the false narrative of him being a poor kid are simply what they are – lies.

      I am tired of reading any real news article on BHO in the British press. Our watchdog’s media’s mantra seems to be “nothing to see here, move along.”

      What would be nice is if someone would simply offer a prize to a college group (or person) that was able to find out BHO’s real transcripts, SSN number, Birth certificate, College thesis, etc. Place time limits and see if anyone can really provide this information – am not sure anyone’s really looked. It’s amazing what people will do when offered the right incentives.

  4. canary says:

    Lyrics of Michelle Obama’s idol who performed for daughters and children with her lip synch performance. What kind of role are the adult Obama’s to our youth

    A few lyrics from Beyonce new song –

    Bow Down/I Been

    , H-town, town, I’m coming down
    Coming down dripping candy on the ground

    [Verse 1]

    I know when you were little girls
    You dreamt of being in my world

    Don’t forget it , don’t forget it
    Respect that, bow down bitches

    I took some time to live my life

    This my shit, bow down bitches


    Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches

    I’m so crown, bow bow down bitches

    I been on, I been on, I been on
    Tell me who gone take me off

    I heard your boo was talking lip
    I told my crew to smack that trick
    Guess what they did, smack that trick
    Gold everything, gold ass chain
    Gold ass rings, gold ass fangs

    You could see me stunt when you turn and you scream

    I’m bigger than life, my name in the lights
    I’m the number one chick, ain’t need no hype

  5. canary says:

    Govt Groundsed All Boeing 787 Dreamliners until lithium-ion batteries are more green smart.

    (read entire article at link below)

    ConsumerAffairs: Boeing outlines 787 battery improvements
    The company says putting Dreamliners back in the air is a ‘top priority’

    03/15/2013 – By James Limbach

    Boeing thinks it has the 787 battery problem licked.

    The fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners operating in the U.S. was grounded in January pending the outcome of an investigation of the problems with the batteries.

    “We are following all of the necessary protocols to get our new design fully approved and properly installed so that we can help our customers start flying as soon as possible,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner.

    “We’re simultaneously moving out on an effort to resume deliveries but completing our certification work and getting the delivered fleet flying again is our first priority.”

    The first layer of improvements is taking place during the manufacture of the batteries in Japan.

    An electrical insulator is being wrapped around each battery cell to electrically isolate cells from each other and from the battery case, even in the event of a failure.

    The enclosure features a direct vent to carry battery vapors outside the airplane.


    • canary says:

      No doubt Boeing will pass tiers of inspections because 180,000 civilians working for the US Air Force have been given furloughs.

  6. canary says:

    Flip flopping Rand Paul endorses non-deporting and amnesty for immigrants in the U.S.


    • canary says:

      “Paul’s speech is peppered with Spanish phrases from his youth in Texas, references to his immigrant grandparents and praise for Latino culture. He says his party must adopt a new face toward Hispanics and says conservatives must be part of it.”

      If Rand Paul has the accent down pact, he may stand a chance with Latino voters. Why AP left out what he said in Spanish is bizarre, unless caught of guard with no interpreter near by.

  7. canary says:

    “A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.

    attributed to Peoria, IL Journal Star”

    circulating around the internet, not sure the author

  8. canary says:

    Ford and EPA deceiving consumers on Ford hybrids mileage

    ConsumerAffairs: Ford faces challenges over C-Max mileage claims – Consumers grumble but Ford and the EPA stand by their 47 mpg rating

    03/19/2013 – By James R. Hood

    “I thought my 2013 C-MAX would be a Prius Killer? NOT! As a returning Ford buyer I feel deceived,” said Ronald of South Portland, Maine.

    “Based on the advertised EPA estimates, I would have been ok with low 40’s but 28-33 mpg is not even in the ballpark.”

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which determines the mpg ratings, has said it is confident the 47 mpg finding is sound but has said it will review the ratings of both Ford vehicles, the Detroit News reported.

    Ford’s President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs has defended the fuel efficiency claims, saying Ford followed the EPA’s rules.

    Ronald also faults the dealer who sold him the car, Yankee Ford. He said service personnel there have accused him of not knowing have[sic] to drive a hybrid.

    Ronald added that he had just returned from a trip to San Francisco, where the driver of a DeSoto Cab said he was averaging about 30 mpg as well.

    By chance, we had been confined in a Prius just a few days before and found it to be like driving a tin box on roller skates.


    A couple of years ago my elderly father accidentally, mistakenly bought a Ford Hybrid Escape, truly not noticing it was a hybrid. He was trying to be patriotic in spite of the fact Ford sucks and always has.

    Aside a horrible painful ride from day one after a few months the MPG dropped sharply.

    I miss my 94 Buick Le Sabre. snif. snif. Big, great mileage and rode like glass; gave it to my son because it was the safest, with extra heavy frame car built in 94. snif.

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