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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

Here is our usual weekend discussion thread once again, where comments on the general topics of the day are very welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 29th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

11 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    North Korea: U.S./World Ridiculous Foreign Policy

    Iran: No nuclear weapons, no threats against the U.S.
    Pakistan: Nuclear weapons, terrorist haven.
    Cuba: No nuclear weapons, no threat to the U.S.
    Venezuela: No nuclear weapons, a mere annoyance to the U.S.

    Est. 10 nuclear war heads
    Threatens to destroy the U.S., Japan, South Korea, ON A DAILY BASIS
    4th largest army in the world
    Sends war machinery to Iran, Iraq
    Blew up the Cheonan killing 50 S. Korean sailors
    Bombed S.Korean island killing 4 people
    Concentration camps
    Takes S.Korean fishermen hostage in return for aid
    Takes foreigners hostage in return for aid
    Kills defectors and their families
    Threatens to shoot down commercial airliners
    Launches nuclear tests despite U.N. / U.S. objections
    Taunts Japan and world by launching “satellite” rockets
    STILL AT WAR after 60 years

    LOW HANGING FRUIT for any president, but generally N.Korea ignored by media.Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THE U.S.’s favorite whipping boy like Iran.

    ★ President doesn’t need declaration of war from Congress to start (or end) hostilities, there was only an armistice in 1953, and N.Korea tore it up. We can sink any ship, destroy any target at will, any time we desire, yet we do nothing but sanctions sanctions sanctions. 60 years of sanctions. (that helped!).
    ★ Collapse of N.Korea means an end to funding our terrorist enemies by N.K.
    ★ Consolidation of the peninsula means S.Korea is a favorable economic power to the U.S. and elimination of 1 enemy. win-win.
    ★ Eliminating N.Korea means the U.S. doesn’t have to spend money baby-sitting South Korea, in which the U.S. has roughly 30,000 troops stationed.
    ★ A FAILURE of the U.N. and negotiators for 60 stinkin’ years
    ★ Eliminating N.Korea means we don’t have to have Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton go there (and Wolfe Blitzer) giving them a clean bill of health, which is an outright lie every time.

    What an absolute failure the world has been regarding this regime. How man negotiators have failed? How many secretaries of state have failed? How many presidents have failed. How many U.N. officers have FAILED for 60 long years!? All the while N.Korea has been in a time warp holding-pattern since 1953!

    U.S. 2013 vs. N.Korea 1953, and we are afraid to do anything about it? –puh! Disgraceful. We spend trillions to kill OBL and Saddam Hussein, chase cave-dwellers with NO HOPE of ever improving those countries. Meanwhile, a madman with desire to nuke us runs free, and we could actually get a huge return on our investment, yet we yawn and laugh at their futile temper-tantrums.

    • canary says:

      Interesting is North Korea is increasing threats against South Korea and they say they are used it.
      I think they should taken heed of North Korea’s new son leader and obsession with violent and porn video game perhaps not meeting his daily fix anymore. Ted Bundy warned and warned the effect they had on serial killers and every prison inmate having a history of porno leading to violence as being the root to everyone in prison for sexual assaults. Studies have confirmed this for years, and in the hands of our youth who can not handle the nature of such material is creating
      a problem.

  2. canary says:

    Al Sharpton comments on actor in the Bible playing the Devil in the new series “The Bible”


    I thought the news was joking the resemblance is so striking between the two. Luckily Sharpton can see no resemblance and is denying there is no resemblance since the History channel says anyone who sees’ the resemblance is out of their mine. huh?

    Roma Downey playing Mary the mother of Jesus is unrecognizable with her face full of botox
    and resembling cat woman young enough to be Jesus sister. So, much for her trust in God and
    the beauty she was born with. Anyways, they say the series is spreading all across the world, and no doubt the Obama look alike is compelling playing the anti-Christ. Smart move casting by the History Channel.

    • canary says:

      Stranger is actor Mehdi Ouazzani who plays Satan looks nothing like Obama without the make-up.

      Mehdi Ouazzani who be excellent to play Obama in the documentary Obama is making of his life, but we know Obama will insist in playing himself in that mini-series.

  3. canary says:

    The unpopular Texas state CSCOPE program is tests students on Sharia Law.


  4. canary says:

    In spite of Ft. Hood Soldiers being killed and maimed by domestic enemy as explained in their oath, they are denied medals.


    Oath to defend America from domestic and foreign enemies.

  5. canary says:

    Town in Georgia passes law for homes to own guns for protection.

    It is symbolic and they are not enforcing it, but it to teach protecting oneself and family at a time when people think guns are just meant for hunting


  6. canary says:

    Middle-East exterminating Christians watered down as a “cleansing” of Christians

    New York Post: A Christian Catastrophe – Islamist ‘cleansing’ in Mideast

    By Ralph Peters – Apr 1 2013

    Islamist terrorists and fanatics are methodically exterminating the 2,000-year-old Christian civilization of the Middle East through oppression, threats, appropriations and deadly violence.

    Our media ignore the intensifying savagery against Christians in Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt. Unconfirmed reports assert that, last month, Muslim Brothers dragged Christian protesters to a mosque and tortured them — but our reporters won’t look into an Islamist Abu Ghraib.

    Another attack on Egypt’s 10 million Coptic Christians: Firemen dousing a blaze at a New Year’s car bombing outside a Coptic church.

    Western liberals romanticize barbaric cultures but have no interest in the destruction — before their averted eyes — of a great and brilliant religious civilization. It’s as if they accept the Islamist creed that Christians don’t belong in the realms of Islam.

    But the Middle East was more than just Christianity’s birthplace.

    Over 2 million Christians in Syria dread Islamist terror and religious cleansing so much, they lean toward the vicious Assad regime, which at least shielded minorities. Those who can, flee the country.

    They’re now a small minority even in Bethlehem (a situation ignored by our visiting president).

    Christians in Iran? Gone. Turkey? Almost gone. Saudi Arabia? The once-thriving Christian and Jewish populations of Mecca and Medina were finished off centuries ago.

    It’s the end of a world as we know it.

    But disappointingly few Muslims actively defend religious minorities. It’s not unlike Nazi Germany, where most Germans didn’t want to murder Jews, but were complicit through their silence.

    If a Michigan mosque is defaced with graffiti, it makes national news and the Justice Department views it as a hate crime. It’s time for our government and media to apply the same standard abroad on behalf of Christians.

    (entire article)

    • canary says:

      Does this not mean people with health insurance will pay more for medical care to pay for women to have abortions in hospitals?

      Isn’t that the point of outrageous health costs in hospitals to compensate for those without insurance, or is this Obama Care paying for abortions in hospitals.

      WARNING: Update on hospitals pushing Obama Care. While, I have observed in certain hospitals nurses doing personal questionnaires on very sick people in the middle of the night,
      while they are half-conscious from being medicated, patients in ICU, the latest takes the cake.
      The patient was having seizures and unable to talk, head bobbing, and unable to speak, with SOCIAL WORKERS who have no medical training training to do intakes.
      The Social Worker ignored me several times, the patient was having seizures and could not speak. After giving her the “get back” “stay back” sign, and repeatedly explained the patient was not able to talk, she continued going through absolute stupid questions.
      I learned that hospital charges for all these intakes, and the Social Worker charge is a couple of thousand dollars even if the Social Worker only spends a couple of minutes with the patient.
      This patient and his girlfriend were furious.
      I consider these incidents to be life-threatening, inaccurate, AND these social workers will say stupid things and gab about the weather.
      So, God forbid and I wish the best of health to everyone, just a heads and have someone with you to put a stop to this. I believe these Social Workers would even talk to people in comas
      just to get paid.

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