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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

Here is our usual weekend discussion thread again, where comments on the general topics of the day are welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 28th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

19 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    So … the “Obama gave me a phone” meme

    12 million people have free government funded cell phones

    What are the chances the Democrats have those 12 million phone numbers? And will be calling those 12 million phone numbers reminding those people they won’t be getting government paid swag unless they turn out and Vote Obama?

    Yeah, me too.

  2. canary says:

    Speaking of Obama’s excuse of being able to talk on the phone every day to the Israel’s Prime Minister as an excuse when the Israel leader is begging to see him in person, dodged by Obama’s the View to say well we know it was “a mob” action in Libya. Or the 3 fundraisers in one day to avoid visiting Israels PM.

    Did the media ever think that perhaps Israel has something to say that can’t be done over the phone because of security reasons.

    That perhaps Israel’s Prime Minister needs to write it down, then eat it and swallow it, or whisper it softly.

  3. Petronius says:

    Gun sales continue to soar.

    We have had four consecutive years of record-setting gun sales, 2008-2012.

    The securities of gun manufacturers and gun retailers have become market leaders on Wall Street.

    Gun shops report that the biggest segment of gun buyers are seniors and baby boomers. The boomers are worried that Nerobama will outlaw guns in his second term. Or appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will repeal the Second Amendment.


    But exactly why do boomers believe they need guns? Are the boomers buying guns as their last means of self-defense in a collapsing American society, because they are now too old to fight and too slow to run?

    Are they preparing for the flash mobs and street riots that will follow Nerobama’s victory or defeat?

    Or are the boomers planning mass suicides if Nerobama is reelected?

    You think I’m joking? Under Nerobama suicide has become the No. 1 cause of injury-related deaths in America, passing automobile accidents, murders, drug overdoses, falls, drownings, choking on a bite of meat, etc.


    So if the boomers do commit suicide, will their widows and orphans be prepared to pay the Death Tax? And will all their property and money, all the family farms and small businesses that go under the auctioneer’s hammer, be enough to reduce the vast public debt?

    Or will the Death Tax revenues go for new redistribution spending? For more cell phones, more disability payments, more EBT cards, contraceptives, labor union payoffs, Chinese-made solar panels, and throw-away school lunches?

    Whenever I hear a Liberal boasting of his compassion, I always think of the Death Tax.

    The Death Tax is the cruelest tax.

    It robs widows and orphans.

    It is imposed on the sick and elderly who lack both strength and wit to cope with it.

    It nullifies the love which moves a man to work, sacrifice, and save for the future well-being of his family, to provide rainy-day resources for them which he will never share or see.

    The Death Tax is a perfect illustration of the opposition between the much-ballyhooed compassion of Liberals versus the actual consequences of their actions, between the imaginary make-believe world of Liberalism and the real world where the rest of us must live.

    All of the father’s lifetime of love for his wife and children, all of his work, his energy, his sacrifice, his patience and readiness to forgive, his desire for the good of the beloved––that love which C. S. Lewis called Gift-love, the closest thing on earth to Divine love––is confiscated by the government for redistribution to strangers in the name of “social justice.”

    Of course suicide takes only one bullet. Usually. Whereas the seniors and boomers are buying vast quantities of ammo. Stockpiling it. Some boomers have become hand-loaders.

    In fact, ammo has become a scarce, high-demand commodity. So I wonder whether the boomers might have something else in mind? Something that requires a lot of ammo?

    Of course the regime has also been buying ammo in mass quantities. Even agencies such as the Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs have been stockpiling ammo. Every government agency––except of course the State Department, which lacks the basic resources to protect even a “safe house,” much less an embassy––seems to have gobs of ammo.


    The Dept. of Homeland Security alone has purchased 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months, mainly .223 caliber sniper rounds. That’s nearly four DHS bullets for every man, woman, and child in the United States.


    That’s a lot of homeland security.

    So what’s going on? Hmmm?

    In an age of “free stuff,” in an age when contraceptives, abortions, cell phones, EBT cards, mortgage relief, health insurance, and gay marriage are “civil rights,” maybe guns and ammo are about to become a “civil right” too?

    Will those government agencies hand out guns and ammo along with the government-issued cell phones, EBT cards, condoms, school lunches, and other free stuff?

    And if not, what are they planning to do with all that ammo?

    Just asking.

    • GetBackJack says:

      You’ll laugh.

      It’s a problem with an original federal program. (a thigh slapper)

      All Dressed Up And No One To Kill

      The reason that Homeland Security is buying all the new ammo is that the old ammo has tags. These traceable tags in the gunpowder does more than make the ammunition traceable to a specific manufacturing batch, it also reduces the ammo’s effective “bang” within a three year period. Any ammunition bought and stored for the feds that is older than three years is suspect. All that ammunition Homeland ordered recently, along with a bunch of other federal departments? Non-tagged ammo. This also goes for explosives. Federally mandated tagging of explosives (both for military and civilian use) means a limited shelf life. Homeland wants to make sure that only friendlies (their people and military units under its control) have ammo and explosives that work. It also means spending your tax dollars like drunken sailors in a port of whores remains the US Government’s most favored past time.

      Look to your moats, lads. Your stored backup doomsday zombie stoppers may be useless come the start of the third novel in the trilogy. Just saying.

      via CopNet, on http://www.aintnotruthlikeit.com

    • canary says:

      Great posts. I’d scratch the suicide. Who’d go out and buy a gun to kill themselves with.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    Ann Coutler on “The (liberal) View” Just read the stupid responses will ya? Holy crap! http://nation.foxnews.com/ann-coulter/2012/09/27/ann-coulter-causes-mass-hysteria-view-whoopi-bleeped
    Goldberg: Tell me how much you know about being black? (should be fired for that)

    COULTER: No, I don’t think so. What’s a hateful comment in here?
    SHEPARD: When you talk about, you stay in the past (yeah, that makes sense)

    Virtual House Arrest Ordered for Minors in East St. Louishttp://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2012/09/26/controversial-new-measures-planned-to-curb-violence-in-east-st-louis/

    “Vehicles that are moving will be stopped and searched for guns, weapons, drugs, and open alcohol and any other violations that are taking place,” Parks later told KMOX’s Mark Reardon. “People who are walking, people who are bicycling, can be stopped and searched for the same and, when it comes to state IDs, we’re going to be confirming that state IDs are in place for everyone involved.”

    Parks noted the legal questions surrounding his new policies but said “most importantly, we have to do something.”

    Yeah, arresting people for wearing blue or red colors, stopping people, vehicles, bikes at random for spot searches–hello police state!

    ‘Killing Is The Solution,’ Gang Member Tells Walter Jacobson

    Stop with the searches, there is no solution. When enough people are dead, the problem will fix itself.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Whoopi Goldberg talking smack about race is so dumb it’s off the Dumb’O Meter

      Because as a young BLACK woman she changed her YOUNG BLACK WOMAN NAME from Caryn Johnson to Whoopi GOLDBERG so she could fit in, be more accepted and ride the coattails of Jewishness for which the entertainment industry is justly famous.

      She’s a self-hater of her own race.

      (Bronx cheer)

  5. canary says:

    France is taxing the rich 75% so I hope Letterman jokes about it.

  6. canary says:

    Public Schools are bragging they got federal stimulus money for fundraising without raising a dime. Laws have changed that as young as 17 can donate blood without parental consent and they did it here with out even notifying parents. Hit a record in my town this year.

    The government and Public Schools are officially vampires and vultures.

    Of course they thought there might be students 17-19 that might not know they should not donate blood.

    While it may have passed 2010, is it in the realm that public schools who are to teach education allowed to do this during school?

    So, fact is the students “paid” to donate their blood for “free”. The irony.

  7. Anonymoose says:

    I’m looking at the 2012 election polls and it’s looking bleak. Obama–I don’t know how–looks to be a shoe-in for the president.

    Every election since 2000 seems to be a a neck and neck tie breaker, which the media promotes to ramp up sales and ads. The endless slander of Romney–everything from his European trip to his tax returns–has paid off.

    The electorate has changed, with a growing population of people who don’t consider America as their home or country but a place to take advantage of and bring all their relatives over.

    The new generation has been raised on decades of liberal brainwashing in media and education, so you have voters in their 30’s and 40’s who live conservative lives but vote Democrat as that’s their get out of Hell free card–it means they have no biases or prejudices against anyone and that makes them a good person.

    Congress and the Senate will likely remain Republican, but with the whammy that every misstep of Obama will be blamed on them. They’ll curb his power but likely won’t do much else as they remember how much the indictment of Clinton cost them. Somehow Obama has become a “popular sitting president.” No matter what he does it won’t be seen objectively but as a result of partisan politics–him good, us bad.

    I see Obama stacking the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will screw this country up for decades. He may or may not do his big push for gun control….or just rely on the Supremes to do it for him later. There is no objectivity in justice, only what party is in power.

    His second term will be seen by him initially as a validation of all the wrong he’s done, but eventually become a meandering disaster–second terms are never as good as the first. But it will all blamed on Republicans, of course.

    Romney may still turn some heads with the debate, but I doubt it will have much effect. Truly the only way to turn things back is if the Democrats lose faith in their leaders and their own party, they sure don’t listen to the truth or anyone else.

    So come election day I’ll still vote “R,” and just watch it amount to nothing.

  8. canary says:

    U.S. Military General’s Blame School Cafeteria’s as National Security Issue in future Recruits

    Fox59 WXIN TV : Obese Indiana Army recruit loses 160 pounds to enlist

    Oct 3 2012

    (entire story)

    Notice no Generals names and nothing in the article names the Generals or mentions “school cafeteria food”.

    The dim with officers may not be aware that students now hate the tasteless cafeteria food except Obama ordering public schools to now serve dinner afters school may pose a problem as the students are eating 2 dinners a day and desert.

    The schools love the new food regulations now that they can cut down on fresh fruit that was being thrown away.

    Students are buying junk food from vending machines at high prices to create “capital” for the schools. Bottle water and ‘cancer causing diet sodas” for $1 dollar and up, bringing in the dough.

    There is also a failure to mention there is not a demand for new recruits at this point. With Obama
    planning more wars in Africa and Syria the demand may pick up again.

  9. canary says:

    Syrian rebels committing suicide bombings killings dozens of civilians so great is their cause to die for allah and have an Islamic ran country.


  10. canary says:

    Obama got the day his Grandmother’s death who raised him wrong. ! He said 3 days before he was elected. Wiki says 2 days before. I thought it was 1 day before election.

    Romney tells Obama “Look. I’ve got 5 boys. I’m used to hearing things told; that simply aren’t true.”

    Obama says he only wants a 1 dollar more from those like himself who’ve done so well. Repeats the 1 dollar more.

    Obama’s says he knows a 40 year old teacher with students that have to sit on floor and read
    ten year old books. Well, if Obama would quit requiring students eat dinner, maybe his education would not have failed.

    Obama slams all U.S. Governors as not being creative enough.

    Romney keeps pointing out Obama’s lies, such as Obama’s proposed cuts to the elderly.

  11. Reality Bytes says:

    Last take down like that was LT yellin Medic standin over Joe Theisman

    Just a flesh wound ;-)

  12. Reality Bytes says:

    Bush 41 looked at his watch. Obama looked at his shoes. Prophetic moment.

    Prophetic?! There goes another embassy!

  13. canary says:

    In Obama’s 1994 books he boasts of being a straight A student, getting his father’s brilliant mind.
    So, if a week ago, Obama says he was a mediocre and didn’t try until college…..?
    Then how come his mother told him he could go to any University or College in the country he wanted to. (She pointed this out after complaining his grades had dropped because of his drugging)

    So, how did Obama get to go to an expensive exclusive college Occidental?

    Could it be because he was legally and Indonesian citizen. After all, it was in Occidental that Obama told his friends his real name, explaining the meaning.


    The Washington Post: President Obama interview for Education Nation — transcript
    By Valerie Strauss 9/25/2012

    Here’s the transcript of an interview that President Obama gave to NBC News and that was aired on Tuesday during the network’s 2012 Education Nation Summit.

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney also gave an interview at the summit, which you can read here.

    Let’s talk about college tuition. I know you’ve done a lot, you talk a lot, about what to do on the aid side. On the cost side, tuition is going up by leaps and bounds. It will make your jaw drop when you (CHUCKLE) find out–


    –you know, what a little kid today is going to have to pay for college–


    –in 20 years. In your State of the Union you said, “I’m putting you on notice, colleges. If you don’t reduce this tuition, you’re going to see your funding drop.” Is there any evidence that they’ve done anything to change, that they’ve listened to that threat?


    You know, they’re spending money on– you know, prisons, or other requirements, as opposed to the traditional support they’ve given to public education. And what we’ve said to state legislatures is, “You’ve gotta do your part and prioritize this. ‘Cause how well your state does is going to depend on how good your– how well your– your workforce is educated.”

    But what we’ve also seen is school starting to do something about costs. You know, in some cases, it may involve thinking about tele-education, and are there ways that kids can get credit in some cases without actually being in a classroom. In some cases, it may involve, frankly, changing the facilities at these colleges and universities.

    I mean when you’ve got country club– you know– level– workout facilities and dining halls and all that stuff, that costs money. And– and, you know– I always tell kids when they’re shopping for schools, I said, “You know, when I went to school, we didn’t expect to have good food at the– at the cafeteria. And we didn’t expect to have a five-star health club at– at a university.”

    Before I let you go, you got in some hot water at home, I heard, a while back, when you let the world know that Malia had gotten a C on a science test. That got me thinking. Have you ever failed a test?

    Oh yes.


    Absolutely. You know, I– I– I was– I would say I was a mediocre student until I got to college. I– I goofed off way too much. Malia and Sasha are so far ahead of me basically, in all respects. They’re– they’re just better people than I was at their age.


    Finally, we find out Obama was a lousy student whose children are better educated than he is.

  14. canary says:

    By the way. The DAV says all the computerization Obama forced on Military health care has not helped and that claims are more backlogged than ever.

    I noticed in the debate Obama said that doctors that pay to much for their administration will be penalized.

    It is going to have the federal govt working full time micro-scoping Private doctors.

    And many doctors are quitting over the hurdles they have to go through and all the regulation.

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