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The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

Given all the news going on in the world right now, we thought this might be a good time to resurrect our weekly discussion thread.

So please feel free to post your general musings on the issues of the day here. But remember to post any specific news items in the ‘Selected News’ section.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, March 31st, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

80 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. proreason says:

    The Donald is making a pest of hmself.

    “Trump: New Facts Emerging on Obama Birth Certificate”


    His formulation is clever. He says he thinks the Moron was born in Hawaii, but isn’t it proper to ask for proof? He also takes the racism issue head-on. This guy is no dummy.

    He also mentions TRUMP’s grades, and that he is proud to let people know that he was a good student and a sucessful man. I’m hoping he will follow this to the more important issue, which is that all the details of the Moron’s life are still hidden from the public. Now, why might that be?

    Rush is riding on Trump now to publicize it. Also clever, because now Rush has cover.

    Keep your fingers crossed. Trump isn’t known as a kook. He has the money to fight off lawsuits, and the publicity helps him no matter what happens.

    It’s not about a fine point about a birth certificate, it’s about knowing who the president of the country is.

    • tranquil.night says:

      When it comes to serious business, nobody Trumps the Donald.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      This is actually grin-worthy. For all the noise the “birthers” have made, they have been effectively silenced by the media and they have segregated themselves from the conservative alternate media, thus controlling the message, pretty much.

      But, The Donald has been a very visible creature and is popular with the loopy lefties for his TV show and his high visibility. He doesn’t really care much about making friends so much as making money and increasing his visibility. He picked a perfect thing to land on and burrow into the skin of the national socialists. They have considered him “one of their own” insomuch as they thought he was a darling of the left.

      Yet, they failed to realize that he has an independent streak which is anathema to the left and he “done left the reservation”. He is more than a little familiar with the left and how they do business and he can really aggravate them. That he’s doing it for his own reasons is fine.

      If, as I suspect, he’s wanting hush money…he’ll win no matter what. He might take that hush money and then expose the whole payoff to the media. He’s mentioned corruption and though I think he’s a lot of things, I suspect he deals squarely in business. Given the idol worship he gets from those glued to their TV’s over “The Apprentice” (how fitting a name for our adolescent president…remember Mickey Mouse in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” where he floods the castle trying to cast a spell to mop the floor quicker?), I suspect Trump knows human nature very well and sees things that perhaps only he might be able to bring to the fore.

      I would never vote for the guy as president because I don’t think that’s what the US needs but he has the money and the time to engage in the hobby of politician destruction.

    • canary says:

      In the early 80’s I named my pet giant registered English Lop rabbit Donald Trump. Trump for short.

      I hope Trump runs for President just to get a voice out there who will call an ace an ace, and a spade a spade. He will draw the liberals attention who may learn something.

      I would like to see Glenn Book run for President for the same reason. He is so intellectual on economy and foreign affairs, and America, that he’d make a good President. However, the liberals attacked him for a simple statement, just as they attacked Sarah Palin over her hair. I think Beck would make a better President. If Glenn loses they can put him back on FOX, who certainly does a better job than Huckabee.

      I heard from some that local politician who I did not vote for in the primary, said the “powers to be” would not let Sarah Palin win.

      We needs lots of voices out there, because the media is going to drown conservative voices out. The media will focus on the reality shock talk garbage that the dumb American people like.

    • heykev says:

      “all the details of the Moron’s life are still hidden from the public. Now, why might that be?”

      Pretty much everything! It would be nice if The Donald was able to apply enough pressure to get BHO to release his transcripts from:
      Occidental College
      Columbia College records
      Harvard College records

      It would be a good start to see what they contained.

  2. wirenut says:

    For our Mary Poppins crowd, here’s just another “Teaspoon Of Sugar To Make The Medicine Go Down”. Think, Supercalifragilistcexpialidocius, then go with our friend, IowaHawk, and it goes like this:


    In trying to explain himself when bombing foreign lands,
    It behooves a modern president to keep his prose in hand.
    One little slip in lexicon accounting for the rubble
    Will end up in congressional investigative trouble.

    I must admit the messaging is really quite atrocious
    But if you say it soft enough, you’ll always sound precocious,


    In olden days they called this thing a stale three-letter word
    But in this new millenium I find that quite absurd.
    My unabridge-ed thesaurus is dog-eared through and through,
    One syllable seems pitiful when thirteen more will do!

    When you put it in that way it won’t seem so ferocious.
    Gargle first with Listerine in case of halitosis,

    Um-twiddle-diddle-um-twiddle dee
    Um-twiddle-diddle-um-twiddle dum

    Unlike Bush adventurism, there’s no “war” to fear
    It’s um… it’s er… it’s uh… it’s mmm… let me be crystal clear
    In days not weeks we cease it all, for “peace,” or as you know,

    A neologic tailor-made for media hypnosis
    If you hear it long enough you’ll drink until cirrhosis,

    Sorry Steve, I meant this to be a link, not a broadcast. S&L can not be responsible for my lack of skills.

  3. heykev says:

    From an contrite Oval Office

    An Apology from Barack Obama

    President Barack H. Obama
    The White House

    Dear George,

    The Gulf oil spill opened my eyes.

    As with Hurricane Katrina, it happened suddenly. I barked out orders. I pounded my desk. But the oil kept flowing. Worse, the nation watched it all on television and said: “Why doesn’t the President do something? Doesn’t he care?” From then on, I fully understood both the expectations and the limitations of this job.

    I ran on “hope and change.” I said I would bring the sides together. The American people, I told Republicans who opposed my stimulus plan, have spoken. And “I won.”
    I came into this job eight years after September 11, 2001. I cannot imagine 3,000 Americans killed on my watch. I cannot imagine polls showing that 90 percent of us anticipated another attack within 12 months of the first, perhaps with chemical or biological weapons. I can imagine how you must have blamed yourself during those long, dark days, and spent every waking hour asking, “What can I do so this never happens again?”
    This brings me to the Iraq War, a mission I once called “dumb.”

    Thanks to the Iraq War, Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi surrendered his WMD. He poses no direct threat to America and cannot use these terrible weapons on his own people. Saddam Hussein, on the other hand, invaded his neighbors, used chemical weapons on his own people and shot at our planes patrolling the no-fly zones. All 16 of our intelligence agencies thought he possessed stockpiles of WMD, a prospect that threatened to make the 9/11 carnage look small.

    You were right. I was wrong. The nation — and the world — owes you a huge debt of gratitude.

    Let’s do lunch and then sneak in a round of golf. The “near beer” is on me.

    With respect and appreciation,


    http://frontpagemag.com/2011/03/30/an-apology-from-barack-obama/2/ >

    While a really nice mia culpa, the letter is dated April 1, 2011.

    • canary says:

      On a serious note, strange back when Obama was getting word out through Gibbs that Obama called George W. Bush for advice a lot, George bush on circuit of talk shows recently, said the only time he spoke to Obama was recently, when Obama asked Bush to go to Haiti after earthquake.
      Strange because Bush Sr. and Clinton run that charity together, so why wouldn’t George Sr. as George Jr. Maybe he did and George Jr. said no, and ……what really happened is brazen Obama
      called Bush Jr. more to diss him.

      When asked, Bush Jr. was able to ponder and name at least one thing he thought Obama did that was good. The thing Bush Jr. said was that Obama did a good job of making China take lead paint out children’s toys. Humor?

  4. proreason says:

    The Donald’s strategy is coming into focus:


    He’s just like us.
    He lives in fear of what the boy kings has already done and is capable of if he gets elected one more time.
    Unlike us, he has a few billion dollars in spare change and armies of lawyers on staff.
    And unlike us, he has a giant megaphone, just because he is the Donald.
    And he’s willing to throw some of that spare change around to highlight some issues he things need attention.
    Plus, all publicity is good publicity.
    He has decided to use his wealth, power and influence to attempt to destroy the marxist menace.
    Basically, he is telling America “hey, I’ll take the heat. We gotta get rid of this fool”.
    What can they do to him?

    He may find out. The Donald just may be scheduled for a little accident in the near future.

    Also note O’Buffoon carrying little lenin’s water for him.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Bill is being a paranoid white person who doesn’t want to be tagged with the racist epithet. Yet his premise is false based solely on his statement of being “fair and balanced”. Does Bill have no intellectual curiosity as to where the chairman’s CLB is? It sure sounds like he’s running interference and also doesn’t want to be labeled a “birther”. Donald is going about it the right way. Simple, direct inquisition.

    • JohnMG says:

      O’Reilly was an absolute idiot last night in his interview with Trump. It was obvious he was displaying his own version of “penis envy” when it came to the Donald….caught between the urge to badger him and the fear that Trump would subject him to a public ass-kickin’. Or worse (for O’Reilly) expose him for the phony he is. All the while wishing he (O’Reilly) could be just like him.

      Narcissism is particularly telling to those afflicted. It’s always “all about them”. The only person whose voice and mannerisms grate on me more than Obama’s do is Bill O’Reilly. And maybe Chrissie Matthews.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I loved the added touch this week of “The Donald didn’t release his real birff certificatez!!1” followed the next day by “The hospital (and 10% of the city) is named after me, but here’s my real one anyway. Conspiracy over, your move Obama.”

      This is how you go on offense Republicans. You take the Left’s own absurdity, don’t run from it or respond to their ridiculous strawmen, but throw it right back in their face while laughing and educating people at the same time. Guaranteed concoction for #Winning, no Tiger’s Blood necessary; just some good ol’ American backbone.

    • wardmama4 says:

      I think I am beginning to respect The Donald – leave it to a business man to be the one to take on the dirty job of exposing The Won. The spineless, gutless crapweasels in DC, the Supreme Court and most importantly in the un-biased (NOT) media should take a look at who is having to do the job they wouldn’t do.

      I find it funny that a Dem started this (even though the media won’t tell us, Berg is/was indeed a Dem) and no matter how many giggles and ‘birther’ taunts – it’s just not going away. And now someone who has the one thing really needed to fight it – money – as in enough to hire lawyers to fight if necessary – is on the case.

      I just wonder exactly why The Donald is doing this now? Sort of like I wonder why all of a sudden the ME is a tempest of ‘freedom’ lovers wanting to overtake their countries – I no longer take anything at face value nor believe that I will get anything resembling the truth from the msm.

      Thank God the Goracle invented the InterNet – who knew it would destroy his Glowball Warning scam and allow people to ferret out the truth that the media is so busy covering up. The irony is truly delicious and oh, so sweet.

    • proreason says:

      Let’s all just remember that some really smart people think the birth certificate thing has been a years-long trap. They, think the Moron has it, and he is just waiting for an important rival (i.e., Sarah) to wander in the trap to spring it. Rush and Ace think that. It makes sense to me as well.

      I can’t think of a reason why he would have been born somewhere else, so the only plausible other reason for hiding it (other than setting a trap), would be if, as the Donald says, it has some embarrassing piece of information on it. I just looked at the Certificate of Live Birth, and it doesn’t have religion on it. So that’s a possibility. But at this stage, since little lenin has lied consistently for years that he is a Christian, I don’t see that having much of an impact. He will just explain it away as a courtesy his mother made to his father, but he never practiced the religion.

      That is also why I hope the Donald will expand the birth certificate attack to the more important issue of all the hidden records. He has set the groundwork for that, but so far is sticking mostly with the certifacate.

      But the other thing that he says that I LOVE COMPLETELY, is, very matter-of-factly, that this guy is a disaster and isn’t qualified in the least way to be president. Nobody, other than high partisans and mortal enemies of the boy king, has come close to saying that in as convincing a manner as the Donald. He obviously believes it, and his belief alone is going to influence a lot of other people in this country.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “…it has some embarrassing piece of information on it.

      Like, he was born a girl, maybe.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”Like, he was born a girl, maybe……”

      Naw. Like he was born a girlie-man. He really hates himself. Half-black, half-white, half-wit, and there’s nothing he can do about any of it.

    • TerryAnne says:

      Pro –
      I can think of a million reasons why he doesn’t want to release the birth certificate, but the least of them is that he’s going to “spring it” at the last minute. The highest on my list is that he’s an egoist (he named his own dog after himself! * gags *). He won’t release it because 1) “How dareth thou question me!”, 2) he’s already proven he uses the Constution for toliet paper, so he just doesn’t care about the President having to be a natural born citizen…not the product of a slut and an alcoholic womanizer from a deepest darkest African hellhole. He won’t release it, even if Donald is successful in driving this up to getting a court to mandate it; Zero has a record of ignoring or subverting judicial rulings, so he’ll just ignore that until he can either replace all federal judges or he finally leaves office.

  5. Mae says:

    You’ll note how Hillarious has positioned herself as the one with cojones in the Obie Admin. Look for her to wrest the nomination from His Highness in 2012. She’s already beating him in the popularity/approval polls. She must be eating this up. Probably has today’s poll revelations already framed and on the wall in her replica of the Oval Office she keeps in the War Room In Waiting.

    • JohnMG says:

      Right next to her “Office of the President-Elect” seal.

      Which has to have the democrats wondering. If Obama is the answer, it must have been a really dumb question.

  6. Tater Salad says:

    Typical Democrat is tired of reading that “silly piece of paper” called the Constitution. These morons are really pathetic!


  7. proreason says:

    James Lewis at American Thinker has the rosy view of things:

    “Give this guy four more years and by 2016 the adult wing of liberalism, which has disappeared since the radical Left took over, will have to take charge in the Democratic Party again. The radical Left has been squeezed out of the House already. Madcap Democrats like Dick Durbin now look like the Saudi suck-ups they really are. All we have to do is let ObamaCare run your doctors and hospital care, and soon the inevitable earthquake will keep the Left out of power for a generation.

    And best of all, it’s only cost us fourteen trillion dollars so far.

    It could have been worse. ”


    It sounds good, but I’m not sure Mr. Lewis has thought it all the way through.

    I’m going to go off now and research how many dictators in history have voluntarilly given up power. That seems like a good fact to know.

  8. canary says:

    JohnMG, I’m back to boycotting O’Reilly. I’m not the only one.
    They have ratings so fine tuned they know exactly when people change the channel, so maybe he’ll figure out what is making people sick of him. It’s enough to deal with his ego.
    Anyone noticed CNN has lost so many viewers, if they paid him enough, he’d go over there. I hope he does.

  9. Natural Born Citizen says:

    The words I want to hear from Trump are Barak, YOU ARE FIRED!

    • artboyusa says:

      The words I want to hear from Trump are “Yikes! What happened to my hair? What was I thinking? Why can’t I just admit I’m bald? I’m not that inadequate, am I? Am I? I look ridiculous!”

      We laugh at Biden and his plugs but we’re ready to take seriously a man who looks like he’s wearing a dead porcupine that’s been dyed yellow on his head?

  10. canary says:

    I-90 will be closed tomorrow across South Dakota .

    They are hauling a 200 ton lump of coal… …. so they can add Obama to Mount Rushmore…

  11. Natural Born Citizen says:

    BHO is afraid his long form BC will ID him as a Muslim. I also have doubts if BHO Sr is his biological father. BHO looks more like “Uncle Frank”. But that would not preclude him from being ineligible since he was adopted by an Indonesian step-father. Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship and in order to attended public schools he has to be an Indoneasian citizen. He would have had to renounce any previous citizenship’s and probably travelled to Pakistan later on an Indoneasian passport.

    • proreason says:

      I have read that he attended schools in Indonesia that were setup for American ex-pats who ran the oil industry there. He didn’t speak the language when he arrived and they didn’t have bi-lingual education, so it would have been nearly impossible to place him in a native Indonesian school. The Islamic school he attended was probably a part-time deal after he had picked up a bit of the language. I also don’t think that being adopted would have affected his US citizenship. The Constitution says “natural born citizen”, and it doesn’t go into any detail about citizenship beyond that. Unless he renounced his US citizenship, it probably sticks, and he was in Indonesia when he was younger than 10, so he couldn’t really have renounced anything at that time.

      So I don’t think the Indonesia excursion impacted his citizenship status at all. It might take a court ruling to sort it out which simply isn’t going to happen.

      It’s possible the long form ID’s him as a Muslim. I certainly could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem logical to me that his handlers would have taken the risk of having that document laying around somewhere with that on it. Either he never had a long-form, or it’s been destroyed. If it was in a records database somewhere, it would have been discovered and published. The Clinton’s would have paid millions for it, and others would have as well.

      The birther issue that might stick is the fact that he has sealed off so many records from his entire life. Who does that? Why? Particularly a person running for President who ought to reveal everything about himself. If the country learns that he has sealed virtually EVERYTHING, it might raise some eyebrows.

      That in turn could enable a broader discussion about who and what has influenced him. So far, that discussion has been stifled by “RACISM!!!” but since the Moron has screwed everything up, a lot of people who resisted it might be a lot more willing this time to learn more about his extremely fringe radical background.

    • Petronius says:

      Pro : “If it was in a records database somewhere, it would have been discovered and published. The Clinton’s would have paid millions for it….”

      In July 2008, during the US Presidential campaign, candidate Obama traveled to the UK, Germany, and France. He must certainly have traveled there on a US passport.

      A prerequisite for a US passport is a certified birth certificate containing the embossed seal, the registrar’s signature, and the date of filing in the registrar’s office. As a general rule, the only acceptable alternative to the birth certificate would have been a State Department consular certificate of live birth abroad of a US citizen (i.e., birth abroad of the child of a US citizen mother). Therefore, I believe that one or the other of these two documents must exist (most likely the certified b/c), and a record of it would be on file at the Passport Office of the State Department.

      Assuming this is correct, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would currently have visibility of Nerobama’s birth certificate.

    • proreason says:

      Pertonius, one of the problems is that this menace has been given dispensation for everything his entire life.

      There are people who claim, apparently with a lot of evidence, that he has uses a SSN issued in Conneticut in the early 80’s.

      People have been covering for him and lying for him since he was born. So from my perspective, literally anything could be true about him. There is no question in my mind that he could have acquired a passport in any number of ways. Maybe he had it forged. What government official on earth would have challenged it?

      But I’m pretty confident that the Clinton’s would not have backed off if they had anything on him. That’s the reason I think the long form probably doesn’t exist (there are other hints as well). Another possibility, the one Rush and Ace and others believe, is that the boy king has it and they are laying like snakes in the grass waiting to pounce on a strong challenger who dares to go there.

      Again, I think the real issue is why has someone like him has deliberately hidden so much of his past in so many ways. In addition to the sealed records, curiously, every person who really knew him before the age of 20 is dead, the last one, conveniently, died in the last days of the campaign. His remaining relatives probaly were around him at most a couple of days in his life. Nobody has come forward and said “hey I know a lot about Barry Sareto”. It would be worth milliions. But nobody knows anything about him from his early years. How many 47 year-olds can you say THAT about.

      Everything about him is strange beyond imagination. They found out more about Joe the Plumber in one day than has been discovered about the president of the US in 4 years.

    • Petronius says:

      The most likely explanation is that the birth certificate exists and that it is a trap.

      If Nerobama used a forged US passport (or a forged b/c to obtain a passport), the Passport Office could easily run a check of their records. And Hillary would have visibility of the results of this search.

      Even the President of the United States must have a passport, although in his case it is a black-cover diplomatic passport issued by the Special Issuance Agency within the State Department. But a diplomatic passport still requires a proper birth certificate, and the date and place of the president’s birth are inscribed on his passport. And here again Hillary would have visibility of the passport and the underlying birth records.

      Unless we are to believe that Hillary and State Department personnel are involved in a cover-up conspiracy to protect Nerobama, or are secreting the information to use against Nerobama as blackmail, it seems to me that we have to accept that his passport is valid, and that it is based on a valid US birth certificate.

      Of course, as you say, the real issue is his hidden past.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Please take a look at your BC – it does not mention religion – neither does Obama’s.

      What problem exists for Obama is that if BHO Sr is listed as his father on the BC – Obama is a British citizen under the 1948 British Nationality Act – which states that any child born to a British citizen (Kenya did not become Independent until Dec 1963) is a British citizen. Compounding that is the American law at the time (1961) that to confer citizenship upon a child – the American parent had to be 19 years old – Stanly Ann was 18 when Obama was born.

      This is his problem – throw all the red herrings in you want – probably by Obama operatives to make the ‘birthers’ sound even more crazy than – Obama isn’t a Natural Born Citizen under Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution.

      It is not a racist issue, it is not a where he was born issue – It is simply a Constitutional issue that the DNC, the Senate, the Supreme Court but also the media should have questioned and done – before he even got the nomination.

      Forces (call them what you want – marxist, communist, socialist, pea-green with envyists – whatever – just anti-American forces) have been working on this for a long time and somehow insured the perfect storm to allow such a inexperienced, lying, cheating and manipulative person to gain position of Leader of the greatest Nation in the World. Because what better way to destroy America then to destroy the Constitution – and what easier and better way to do it than put in an ineligible person? Look at what its created since 2007/8 – now the lines are blurred from the Constitutional issue into who was his father, what is his religion and where was he born. Red herrings all – Just go for the real issue here – the NBC clause.

      I applaud The Donald for having the guts to do what should have been done back in 2007/8 – don’t let yourself get blinded by the red herrings thrown out there – keep it simple stupid – the long form BC is a requirement for any candidate that has a possible NBC issue – The Senate went after McAmnesty because of being born in Panama (and his BC and FS-545 had different dates as you apply for the FS – 545 after the child is born) – but both of his parents were American citizens and he was born overseas while his father was serving in the Armed Forces. Obama’s father was not a US Citizen and never attempted to be a US citizen – that is a huge difference and should have been sorted out prior to his nomination.

      Thus while Obama is playing a game with the withholding – again – The DNC, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the msm are complicit in this – as not a single one demanded much less expressed any inclination to examine this issue prior to his nomination much less his election.

      While various people in this issue can be painted broadly with a ‘crazy’ brush – a US LT Col went to jail and destroyed his career over this issue – to make a point. Now The Donald has stepped up – so might not these people who have been whitewashed with the ‘crazy’ brush – simply asking the most important question that should have been asked prior to the 2008 DNC convention – Show us the long form BC or get out of the race?

      As I have said before – Obama – prove me crazy – show us the Long Form BC – I have two American ones (same state, adopted) – Do you even have ONE? But most importantly – What does that one show us, the American citizens? Here let me be as juvenile as you have been to the American people – I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours

    • TerryAnne says:

      You’re somewhat wrong, Petronius. You make some very valid points, but the issuing of passports is down to a very small group of people. Hillary wouldn’t necessarily have access to that information because of “need to know”. Unless she’s actually issuing them, there’s no need for her to have access on the specifics of each person; her job is to speak for her agency. She’s a talking head. The people who do the issuing were probably told to keep their mouths shut, if he did it through the State Department. I’m willing to bet, though, that it’s done directly in the White House and that the information isn’t easily accessible in the dip database. Especially this time.

    • artboyusa says:

      It seems so long ago now, the drama and excitement of the ’08 Campaign Trail…remember all our vaunting hopes and disappointed dreams? Remember Barry on the stump? McCain taking a nap? Here’s a little stroll back to those days when we were young…“ONLY IN AMERICA: the Legend of Barack Obama” wraps its slavering maw around a treat as “Obama Licks It”!

      Grinning, waving and smiling the Candidate of Change made his way down the Main Street of Hamburger Helper, PA – the most average town in America and as such the natural setting for himself, that most unaverage and exotic of Indonesians… sorry, Americans.

      “Hello! How you doing? Nice to see you!” called Obama, in that deep, serious voice of his, to some distant bystanders, whom he could just glimpse over the swarming stampede of media, who clustering six deep around him, who both propelled him onward yet hindered his progress. “Hello! Nice to see you!”

      “This way, Senator” murmured Debby the Handler, gently guiding Obama toward the doors of Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlour. “We’ve got a photo op and a meet ‘n’ greet set up for you in here”.

      “Um, I don’t really care for ice cream, you know” said Obama anxiously. “I’m, uh, lactose intolerant”.

      “Shut the hell up, Barack” snarled his lovely wife Michelle through gritted teeth. “It’s just a freakin’ ice cream; don’t be such a pussy”.

      “I don’t think I can eat a whole one” worried Obama. “I’ll get cramps – and bloating”.

      “For God’s sake, Barry…”

      “Flatulence. Diarrhea…”

      “Will you stop it?”


      “Look: you just have to lick it, okay? That’s all you have to do – just LICK IT A LITTLE BIT, will you? Will you PLEASE JUST LICK IT A LITTLE BIT JUST TO KEEP ME HAPPY, huh? WILL YOU?” ranted Michelle, not noticing the sudden embarrassed hush which had fallen over the media, who hadn’t quite caught all of the conversation.

      “Um, okay, honey” mumbled Obama. “Let’s, um, go inside now, okay?”

      “Fine” fumed his statuesque consort. “Fine”.

      “Hey! Senator Obama! Welcome to Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream!” effused the man behind the counter. “Great to see you!”

      “Great to see you too, Pop!” rejoined Obama, shaking hands and showing that mastery of the common touch which always left the watchdog media trembling and soaked all the way through.

      “Did you hear him swap those platitudes?” gasped Tammi Thong of ABC to her colleague, Pam Strydent of MSNBC. “What a diplomat. What a master of language”.

      “Oh…yessss…” shuddered Pam. “Yesss…”

      “Actually, I’m not ‘Pop’. I’m Gary” said Gary. “Pop passed away last month”.

      “I’m so sorry to hear that, Harry. My condolences to you and his family” commiserated Obama. “I hope he didn’t suffer?”

      Gary sighed. “Lactose intolerance. Who knew? You work all those years in an ice cream parlor and a few drops of milk…”

      “Oh no…” whispered Obama, going somewhat paler.

      “Don’t wimp out on me, Barry” muttered Michelle. “Don’t you dare. He’ll have a triple cone, Gary” she ordered.

      “Coming right up! What flavor, Senator?”

      Obama’s mind raced like a hamster on a wheel who’s guzzling from a water bottle full of crank. First, the risk of death by allergy and now this awful dilemma: if he said “chocolate” that would look bad – too “Afro”. If he said “vanilla”, that wouldn’t be any better – too “Caucasian”. If he did what he really wanted and said “nothing”, that would look like he wasn’t a red-blooded American and hated ice cream. Which he did, of course. Little beads of perspiration dotted his brow…help me Allah, he prayed silently.


      “Um…er” stammered the frontrunner.

      Michelle glared at him. C’mon; decide, decide she urged him, using the awesome power of her mind.


      “He’ll have strawberry!” cried Michelle. “Strawberry!”

      Strawberry – the worst possible choice! A disappointed groan came up from Obama’s handlers and from the assembled media too. Pink ice cream!

      PINK: the color of Commies and gays and tea cup poodles and while he had nothing against Commies and gays and poodles (in fact, some of his best friends were, you know…) but the Republican Lie Machine would have a field day with this! Forget the allergy thing, they’d make so much fun of him and like all good Progressives he hated people making fun of him. He just hated it. Debby the Handler covered her eyes in horror.

      “Okay!” said Gary. “Here you go, one triple strawberry – enjoy!”

      Obama’s hand trembled as he accepted the lethal cone. Slowly, he raised it to his lips and shut tight his eyes, waiting for that first fatal taste…the media trained their lenses toward him in expectation. His lips parted and the pink tip of the Tongue You Can Believe In appeared…

      “NOOOOoooo…!!!” cried Michelle, who, suddenly realizing her terrible error, leapt like a gazelle to knock the cone from the hands of a startled Obama. Michelle grabbed and held close the cone’s contents and sprawled full length across the old-fashioned checkerboard pattern floor tiles, smothering the lethal treat with her immaculately-tailored body.

      Wow! What a woman! thought Obama. She took a strawberry cone for me! Talk about commitment. Talk about a profile in courage. When I’m president I’m giving her a whole basketful of those Medal ‘o’ Freedom dealies. No one deserves them more…

    • U NO HOO says:

      I got my first passport last year and IIRC the only prerequisite for a “birth certificate” was a “raised seal.”


    • proreason says:

      “the lethal cone”

    • tranquil.night says:

      Oh, my sides. My absolute favorite, AB.

      Publish these someday so that when this nightmare’s over we can remember the good times. You truly capture the Immaculate One, the Naked Emperor, in all his glory.

    • proreason says:

      I’m giving Trump credit for out of the box thinking. I can’t think of anything quite parallel to what he is doing. Perot’s issue was one that was well-known at the time, so you can’t really say he took much of a chance in hammering it.

      But as far as I know, there isn’t anybody close to the mainstream with ideas like the Donald. It’s a third way. The marxists say the problem is greed. Conservatives say the problem is irresponsibility. The Donald says the problem is foreignors take advantage of us. I don’t agree with him about it being the core issue, but have to admire him for going where nobody else chose to go…and it’s not like it’s totally nonsensical either. I think those ideas will probably have appeal to a lot of people.

      But I’m still afraid that if he can get traction, he will hurt Republicans more than the Dimwits. There was a poll yesterday that had Donald with a better approval rating than Romney. Imagine that. It’s kind of stunning.

      “Donald Trump has an approval rating higher than better-known political quantities Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, the latest WSJ/NBC poll found.

      Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0311/50746.html#ixzz1II18f7mm

      I’m predicting the Make Believe Media give him lots of publicity. If nothing else, he is a chaos factor in the Republican field.

    • heykev says:

      I’m in the “Anyone but Obama” camp for 2012.

      My support however will go to the candidate who shows they have convictions and the balls to actually go on offense.

      The current batch of Republicans now running congress don’t have it.

      We don’t need any more McCain-esque “leaders” who only want to reach across the aisle and hold hands.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Donald Trump has an approval rating higher than better-known political quantities Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, the latest WSJ/NBC poll found.”

      That is a very interesting detail. I wonder what the real lesson behind it is? Out of the three, I wonder who is shaping their personality based off of the polls compared to whose personality is shaping the polls. Hmm.

    • Petronius says:

      Yes, TerryAnne. Hillary is a mere talking head.

      You keep believing that, if it makes you feel better.

  12. gfmucci says:

    Aside from the entertainment The Donald is providing, and I’m ecstatic he’s doing it, here is something we really need to be concerned about with regard to our national security and personal preparedness for likely eventualities…

    Glenn Beck and others are putting the puzzle pieces together pointing to a Soros/Sunstein/Obama leftist “new world order” system to eliminate Israel via a united Islamic mega-military coalition to address the alleged and fictitious Israeli threat.

    This unholy and evil coalition is creating an international policy structure that would enable and require mid-east nations, sanctioned by the United Nations, to do what NATO is doing to Libya to any nation they perceive as a threat to their own or neighboring populations. The trouble with that policy is that ALL of Israel’s neighbors, with populations of 90 plus percent Muslim, hate Israel, hate Jews and would like to see both eliminated. That is what their orthodox Islam teaches and that is what the emergent Islamic movement organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and its spawns promote.

    And what is NATO doing to Libya? Dismantling Gadhafi’s military structure to enable the vacuum to be filled with Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda Islamic leaders who will enact an aggressive anti-Israel strategy. As inhumane and evil as Gadhafi was, what will replace him will have even worse destructive and inhumane consequences.

    The voting population of our nation has ignorantly empowered a far left, one-world, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-capitalism and anti-free enterprise big government group of individuals to run and ruin our country. Obama is merely their visible spokesman. There is much more behind the curtain.

    Let’s assume, for a moment, that this leftist scheme is successful, which it appears it will be. What will be the likely outcome in Israel, the mideast, the United States, and for us – the average US citizen?

    Whether this year, or within the next two or three, this is what will most likely occur:

    •The newly Islamized nations of Egypt, Libya, Syria (and maybe Saudi Arabia and other north African and mid-east nations) will be emboldened and enabled to assert their terrorist influence and overt military attacks against Israel. The moderating influence of Egypt no longer exists. By “Islamized”, I am referring to the elimination of the moderating dictatorships that previously showed some small degree of deference to western wishes regarding tolerance toward Israel and replacing those dictatorships with pure Sharia-inspired Islamic regimes whose primary public policy and purpose in life will be to eliminate Israel.
    •Subversive, covert, and overt terrorist and military attacks against Israel will increase over the coming months.
    •At some point – next week, next month, or next year – Israel will find itself in an existential dilemma requiring it to forcibly militarily act beyond what it has done in the recent past. Actions are likely to be taken against Gaza, the source of most current attacks.
    •The emboldened Islamic nations will join Gazan forces against Israel.
    •If this occurs while Obama is in power, he will use these events to coordinate a UN effort, with the military assistance of neighboring Islamic nations, to neutralize Israel, either via economic sanctions, embargoes, or direct military actions.
    •A desperate Israel will either capitulate as a result of succumbing to the Stockholm syndrome and their nation’s embedded leftist elements, OR they will resort to their nuclear option, also known as the Sampson option. This nuclear “Samson” option is the more likely of the two.
    •From there things go to hell quickly. Yes, Islamic nations have nukes. Enter Pakistan and their likely proliferation of nukes to their Islamic neighbors – even if Iran’s capabilities are not yet mature. And they will be used.
    •With an Obama, Israel-hating administration, the US will remain neutral. We will neither come to the aid of Israel nor will we seriously condemn the aggressive actions of its Islamic neighbors. After all, our Muslim presidency with the help of its “new world order” leftists believes Israel, not psychotic civilization-hating Muslims, is the problem.
    •There will be oil embargos promoted by the Islamist controlled nations of the middle east to help assure our inability to aggressively respond even if we wanted to.
    •This scenario will absolutely breed unrest in the United States. Muslims, most of whom are sympathetic to Islamic nations and west-hating Islamic ideology, will be instigating demonstrations and riots against Israel and the United States. The majority of Americans will counter the insanity of the government and of Muslims with their own outrage, complete with demonstrations or worse. National Guards and US military will be called out to quell these outbreaks which will be much worse than the anti-war and civil rights-related riots of the ‘60’s.
    •Our economic and distribution systems will be crippled for a time – a few weeks, a few months, or longer. Our food distribution system, among other necessities will be impaired by sabotage and acts of terror.

    This is the outcome that is increasingly likely as a consequence of the “new world order” philosophy in advanced stages of implementation. The leftist-Islamic alliance is on a roll and making great progress. They need a world-changing cataclysmic event to be successful. And this is it.

    So what do we do? What can we do? While we should be involved in political actions that we hope would reverse this outcome, we know that such actions have a great chance of being fruitless. We need to take actions that we have control over – that will safeguard our own, individual well-being.

    Pamela Geller’s website Atlas Shrugs had an out of character posting that got my attention on how to prepare for an attack by a dirty nuke, and outright nuclear attack. Other experts believe an EMP attack is likely. The most likely scenario is one that involves civil unrest, urban riots, and disruption of commerce, including our food supplies.

    Consequently, the smartest actions that we can take that we have control over include the storage of several months of food and water, and preparations for our own self-defense. Many web sites provide guidance on how to prepare such as the FEMA site, and others. It only costs a few hundred dollars to minimally prepare with two or three months of food, water, medicines, and security. Adding an effective means of shelter, and radiation detection and communications equipment will increase the cost to a thousand dollars or more. Consider your options. Plan for them.

    How much are you able and willing to spend to be prepared for what is increasingly likely to occur?

    • proreason says:

      No question little lenin would like to see something like this happen but the chances of it happening as described are pretty remote. There are just too many moving parts and too much can go wrong.

      My view is these evil people, up until now at least, have concentrated on putting frameworks in place that undermine western civilization and recently, the US, because they intend to overthrow and rule themselves. The frameworks are things like: controlling the media, infiltrating education, establishing union control, subverting the culture, propagandizing class warfare and racism, undermining the Constitution, and on and on. Everything is designed to split populations and make people believe their own culture is evil and dangerous to the individual.

      They have deliberately avoided centralization or tight control, but the frameworks have enabled unconnected marxist radicals to flower and connect up as they grew in power, because they share the basic elements of the framework and understand how the element work together to destroy a civilization.

      I don’t think much of it has anything to do with Islam at all, other than that Muslims are convenient barbarians to have pounding at the gates of civilization. But there is a very strong anti-semitic strain in the liberal / marxist world anyway. I view it more from the perspective that they need objects of hate to trick the rubes, rather than that they are aligned with Islam.

      Islam, as I see it, is a peripheral player. I think if the marxists succeed, they will turn on Islam next and destroy it much faster than they have been able to destroy western civilization.

      For me, that model explains everything.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I agree with everything you said pro except the part,”Everything is designed to split populations and make people believe their own culture is evil and dangerous to the individual.”
      From what I’ve witnessed, they want to split us down by our individual cultures.
      Emphasizing that they are the only ones that count except if you are white. I f you are white America, then you personify evil and all that is wrong.

    • proreason says:

      LD, we probably mean the same thing. When I say “their own culture”, I mean “American culture” or sometimes “western culture”.

      As you say, I believe Marxists have deliberately encouraged “African American” or “Latino” or “gay” or “feminist” cultural anger in order to split the country.

      I don’t have an issue with anybody taking pride in their heritage, but when people think that their sub-group takes precedence over the country and are made angry at their country for “cheating” them out of something, it’s a recipe for disaster. That’s what the term balkanization means. The Balkans have about a dozen little countries in the region and nobody has ever been able to successfully unify them because all seem to hate each other. Consequently, every country is weak and hate-filled. That’s exactly what the marxists are doing to the US. Instead of one country that takes pride in what we have accomplished, including the assimilation of dozens of different cultures, they want blacks to be at the throats of whites, homosexuals to hate heterosexuals, unions to despise business, the middle class to hate the wealthier people, and vice versa, ad infinitum. Because when people are fragmented like that, they are easy to manipulate into turning against the larger and more powerful country, i.e., the USA.

      So the way I see it, Black Nationalism has been foisted on the descendents of africans, gay pride has been created out of nothing, class warfare is an invention. They are all strategies devised by the people who are determine to rule us. And every single one of the groups is worse off because of it, and, if the marxists ultimately succeed, they will be snuffed out or turned into hopeless peasants.

      How do I know…because that is the way totalitarians have always done it. Always. Few people realize that we live in a tiny tiny window of time and opportunity. 99% of the history of civilization is strictly 2 classes: the rulers and the serfs, with ZERO chance for serfs to get out of their misery.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      It is the hyphened (-) Americans they are driving the wall of hate, class warfare
      and secularism on. Hammer the weak links in the chain for maximum effect. For years I have checked the box of “other” when they ask for race. Instead I write in “AMERICAN” in bold letters. I did this for the last census. I’m still waiting for Big Brother come knocking at my door.
      I pity the fool who does!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      On that note, the leaders of the Soviet Union used such tactics to actually unify. Which is an odd mechanism. And the Brownshirts used the mechanism to get everyone to unify against the Jews. All you have to do is keep repeating the accusation and after awhile, people start buying into it. Here in the US, with the efforts made by the “education system” to keep things simple and encourage emotive thinking, the nation has been ripe for a long while to draw lines between any and all groups that are different. Problem is, this method ultimately backfires. But the Marxists in this nation never figure it will work against them. They never do. Perhaps we’ll be a hundred years or more buried in our own festering hate groups.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Once the government becomes an all-controlling god, the sub-cultures that aren’t annihilated for resisting eventually become subsumed into the religion of the State.

      After the Red Chinese wiped out their history, that which did remain was carefully reshaped to espouse the ideals of the New Order.

      And other than spiritual and moral dogma, what’s really different between Islamic or Marxist fundamentalism? Not much.

      So it is with the Western Left, who twist and warp our system and heritage anyway they can and without conscience, to advance their power and control.

      Liberty verse Tyranny is really the eternal battle.

    • Liberals Demise says:


  13. Right of the People says:

    I might be in the minority here but I think it might be time that a person who knows how to make a profit and get things done was running things.

    As far as I can tell he has never held office of any kind but he has made and lost a few billion dollars something Obie Wan Weenie has never done. In fact the moron has never done anything productive in his life.

    Maybe if our country was run like a successful corporation instead of a make work jobs program for socialists we could get rid of the deficit and lower taxes for everyone. I’ll put it this way, there is no way he could do a worse job than the Bamster.

    • proreason says:

      I’m open to the Donald. I liked what he said on O’boastful last night. Curious to see what he says tonight.

      But I really only have one criteria, and it isn’t experience, competance or ideology.

      I’ll vote for who I think can beat the Moron, even if it’s Charles Manson. I can’t imagine anybody more dangerous.

      So I turn into a RINO on this. There isn’t anything I won’t give up for a winner. I view it as morality with a noose around my neck. No amount of lies and deceipt will matter if I can get the noose off. I know most people are searching for the perfect candidate. I think that’s a recipe for disappointment, and possible disaster. Some of those searching for mr or ms perfect might be so disappointed that they stay home. I’M not staying home, even if it’s Ron Paul, the Huckster or that Huntsman guy. I’ll crawl to the polls if they cut my legs off.

    • artboyusa says:

      “there is no way he could do a worse job than the Bamster…” I’m not sure I want to take that chance, Right. I wish Calvin Coolidge would run (very underrated president, you know) but something tells me it ain’t gonna happen. Something tells me Trump won’t either.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I for one would never want a CEO as chief executive of the nation. There are glaring differences between a CEO and a president, in spite of chairman O’s efforts to dictate otherwise. IN a major corporation, a CEO is counting on everyone doing their bidding. It’s really more of a dictatorship, especially if the CEO is the founder and owner. But this subject came into discussion once before with Perot. The chief executive of this nation has to be very aware of the limitations involved with their job and to tread carefully at all times. A heavy hand in weilded for the forces of “good” and “benevolence” would only encourage the same from the left for “evil” and “damage”. Once the genie’s out of the bottle in one direction, it can go just as vociferously in the other. A CEO is used to getting things their way and being catered to. We see how that works out with our boy-king. I don’t want The Donald just “doing things” even if they are for the good. It sets a very bad precedent. But what this nation needs is a president who is acutely consitutional in their thinking, conservative, smart (but need not be a Harvard type), who understands the needs of business yet can avoid crony capitalism. Someone who knows what “fair” really means and isn’t afraid to acknowledge that our system affords people the right to FAIL.

    • proreason says:

      “I for one would never want a CEO as chief executive of the nation”

      Interesting insight, Rusty.

      The Donald’s interview with O’Buffoon is a good illustration. He could get the country into some deep doo doo pretty quickly.

      But I still think The Donald is going to be tempting to a substantial number of people. We are probably going to see a lot of other candidates making your exact point in the debates.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Certainly a CEO whose political perspective has been shaped mostly only by his business and celebrity interests is not adequately qualified to govern this country in my eyes either.

      A man like Hermain Cain definately is though, who built his life in the private sector and has since dedicated his time, wealth, and study to fighting for the principles and policies that build success and freedom. Having done so outside of the government mechanism doesn’t necessarily disqualify him.

      Republican Primary Voters aren’t going to be merely swooned by a sweet-talker, even if they’re dropping all the correct populist lines and easy red meat.

      We want to know:

      – Who you are.
      – What are your guiding principles.
      – Are they really?
      – How has that translated in terms of actions and advocation in the past and the present?
      – How involved have you been in actually advocating and contrasting said policies and principles with the those of the ruling cabal?
      – Finally, can you articulate the substance of Constitutional Conservatism optimistically, insightfully, and inspirationally?

      We have the right to standards. The ideal may not end up being the pragmatic, but in a field where everybody’s talking about “finding a niche” the #winner we’re really looking for is he or she whom is truly exceptional.

  14. Telemachos says:

    I read articles about Geraldine Ferraro in three daily papers and watched coverage of her passing on television. No one mentioned her son’s arrest for drug-dealing. I wonder why. Did anyone see this mentioned anywhere?

  15. canary says:

    NaturalBornCitizen, I agree with you. Frank the father. In Dreams, mom & grandparents lived a few blocks from Frank. Went to Washington and then a mysterious scandal made them move to Hawaii. Who ends up in Hawaii Frank whom, Obama & grandpa went to red district. Frank was married. At one point mom tells of being a nanny one summer in Chicago towards same age of getting ready for college, about same age as living in Washington. Some scandal the boy king never learned, kept secret, of he believes had something to do with mother & grandparents move to Hawaii. And guess who mom, grandpa, and king boy hung out with all the time in Hawaii. Boy king talks of tagging along with grandfather and Frank at red light district, inappropriate sexual type bars, while they got drunk. Boy king tells of helping Frank wright vulgar nasty poems, and of course paying him visits when he’d get mad at white people. His american half-brother looks exactly like his mother too. Neither like the father. One photo at an airport? Boy king doesn’t understand how article in Hawaii on his father’s graduation never mentioned he was married and had son. He himself questions this as to a mystery as to who his father is.
    Stories told to him about what a drunk father was during courtship with father. Says his mother was selfish to get involved with his father do to her finding him exotic, which later boy King talks of his wife
    falling in love because he was exotic and world traveler, and later (Hope) press was too good to him, he figures because he was so exotic and spoke well.
    Indonesia you can not have dual citizenship, but that could be his mother & step-father doing the papers,
    in which you must put a religion and if you put no religion you’d most likely be killed as communists were associated with atheists.
    Possible the boy king Sr. married mom, to get his green card, but she divorced him (has anyone seen those papers, or her marrying the step-father in Indonesia. Did Indonesia ask for divorce papers?
    I think the point is anyone running for president should be willing to show birth certificate. Where is the paper with foot prints.
    One thing for sure. Obama not happy to have slave blood in him to play that card. And it’s clear he changed his name in Occidental. Prior he says his mother said his grades were dropping, he was hanging out with druggies and didn’t want him going to Hawaii University. And told him he could go to any college he wanted. Hmmm. Like his non-citizen dad and step-father getting educated in Hawaii, and the one on to Harvard. The half-brother with white mom, who looks like his mom, apparently born in Africa was able to do to college in California too. Then chose China. Also, sisters and dad spent a lot of time traveling to Germany. His mother, African relative all afforded major traveling the world. He his sister trips back and forth. Who can afford such travel?

  16. beautyofreason says:

    Here’s what I like about Trump: He is a businessman first and foremost. He has more experience with economics than Obama ever had as a community organizer. He appears practical, frank, and strong. He clearly takes pride in his self-made wealth and calls it how he sees it. Some of his manners appear arrogant but I’m sure he will find a way to reach out to the public and turn it to a strength.

    The best part – he’s the anti-whiner. Trump didn’t amass his businesses by being nice and going with ideas that “feel good.” He isn’t a counselor who will spend 20 speeches talking about how you approach your skin color or ancestry. He doesn’t play with victim hood. He’s not a professor who sits in a corner and mimes middle ground platitudes, while worrying that an American flag pin is too nationalistic to wear. He’s a guy who (I think) would get crap done, simply and plainly. I think he would protect the border. It’s an easy issue after all, obscured only by the votes of illegals and amnesty recipients.

    Most importantly, I think Trump likes the U.S. and wants it to be first in the world, and I can’t say that for the Democrats or even some Republicans. Although I’m with Pro, I will go with the candidate most likely to beat Obama.

    The left of course will try to demonize Trump by painting the man as a bombastic caricature. I already see it. I expect a few sleazy covers by Newsweek or the AP scorching him as an amoral white businessman who ignores the poor (let’s forget that those so-called evil businessmen are responsible for creating most of the nation’s jobs).

    I only hope that people see beyond Obama’s soapy speeches and notice the 10% unemployment, invasion along our southern border (no hyperbole), and decline in superpower status. We are losing our shared culture, those values and the melting pot that once made the country successful. Now with multiculturalism and amnesty we’re becoming a series of tribes vying for special handouts or exemptions based on race and ethnicity (if you’re a Democrat).

    When Rome burns, not even Nero’s lyre retains a pleasant tone.

    • proreason says:

      Wow. Oh oh. Red alert. Trump’s interview on O’Reilly last night was pretty significant.

      The 2012 election, until now, nas been clear: marxism vs constitutional conservatism. The only questions have been who will run, and will the Republican be a milquetoast or rock-ribbed conservative.

      Not anymore. Trump is completely different. His two issues are China and foreign oil, and his position is NOT to complete with China via lower taxes and less regulation, and his position on foreign oil is NOT to drill here drill now. On China, he proposes threatening them with sanctions if they don’t play fair. On oil, he proposes staying in Iraq and using their oil as repayment for us freeing that country.

      The bigger issue, as I see it, is that he said nothing about Big Government, excessive spending, or crippling regulation. He is something other than a traditional conservative. Now, his approach to China will probably appeal more to the left and his approach to Iraq will probably appeal more to the right, but overall, I’m afraid that he will hurt conservatives more than the marxists.

      Think about it this way…if he goes 3rd party, who will win? imho, the most likely winner would be Obama because his 99% locked-in 20-25% of the vote is voting for him no matter what. Trump would be second, because he will draw from the middle and a lot of people are just fed up with both parties and won’t think things through. The Conservative would be last.

      I expect the Levins and Hannitys to begin attacking him soon. Obama won’t say a word. If that is what happens, he’s trouble, big trouble.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I’ve heard Trump’s rants on China and ‘what’re we getting for these wars?’ going all back to his airtime with Rush. From a politically correct perspective, the platform is practically an impossible sell. So, yeah, from one point of view it’s like “is this just some elitist capitalist schtick trying to humiliate us?”

      But maybe that’s not really the point. There’s a lot of people who believe America should of course be entitled to oil contracts with the country we sacrificed blood and treasure to save and build; instead it’s going to everyone else in the world but us and we’re still called imperialists. Same thing with China; the argument isn’t as solid now that our government and central bank have basically started the same shenanigans, but we still know how and why the Chinese junta has been looking to bury us, and that we’re helping them by digging our own grave basically. We’re so in Hu’s pocket now that if you crack a joke about his pronunciation it becomes an international incident.

      There’s a lot of people rightly hammering away at the mainstream issues, but few really breaking the mold and daring to go outside the margins of what the Left delegates as ‘civil political discouse’ (a standard to which they do not have to heed). Perhaps Trump is being truly, maybe even ridiculously, politically incorrect for the sake of trying to get these zombies to get it in their rotted brains that it’s okay to think for themselves a bit, because group think truly has nothing to do with one’s personal success and happiness except in the Liberal’s universe.

      I could be totally wrong. He has been blitzing the Liberal’s Media with the bitherism for the most part, and I’d like to believe that robots and squishies are more influenced politically by very visible TV personalities more than principled and battle-hardened Tea Party voters. If not, I suppose we’re doomed anyway, eh?

  17. Natural Born Citizen says:

    I think one reason this topic is a third rail issue is that if it is true the conspirancy to defraud the American people will be exposed to reveal both major political parties, the MSM, Congress, and the Judiciary branch as all being complicit. It really does not matter which major political party candidate wins. We are being driven by Globalism towards a North American Union. By attacking the foundation of our country they wish for us to be broken down to where we cannot resist. They know it is in our DNA to fight. They want to break our will and diminsh our sovereignty. We are in a cultural war, a religious war, and a war for the continued existance of America as we know it all at the same time. The power is with the people and we cannot allow ourselves to be divided if we have a chance to win.If it is true and BHO is ineligible then he is an Usurper and all executive orders, bills, appointments are null and void. This would eliminate Obamacare, and two questionable Supreme Court appointments to start with. I think we need about 3 million people on the Mall in DC with one purpose, we are tired of the games show us your credentials and prove you are eligible to be president or get out. I think August 4th would be an appropriate day if he is not already out by then.

    • wardmama4 says:

      I get the Aug 4 – but I think for the true symbolism – July 4th would be better – and don’t forget to bring your long form BC!

  18. tranquil.night says:

    The leadership let Paul Ryan out of the dungeon yesterday, trying to send a friendly face to assuade grassroots rage over the imminent fold on the current budget.

    Insisting over and again that he was not involved at all with current negotiations, he went on to explain that the pre-appropriated TWMBR funds are essentially spent, but gee – this next budget he’s finishing up now (FY2012) sure is going to be the real deal, and gosh – this next budget and entitlement debate is the real battle, and that’s the one we should really be itching to get to..

    And blah, blah, blah.

    To his credit, Hannity stuck to the guns of his view that capitulating on 30 billion in cuts now doesn’t inspire any confidence of anything meaningful being accomplished six months from now, when God knows what the situation and circumstances will be. Look what has happened just in the last four months, for crying out loud. How much ObamaCare funding will be unrecoverable in six months? What will the Middle East look like? We do know this: the Republicans still wilk only control “one half of one third of the government” as Boehner cries. C’mon, does the leadership think their performance and the pace of events thus far warrants another favor from the American people to let them punt the fight over this crisis down the road again? No they just want us to shut up. Well get real.

    Congressman Ryan, we like you; you’re the man with the plan and we hope you’re ready to fight with us for it the same way you earned yourself the Deathstare during the TWMBR hearings. But at this rate, your hard work is not going to be realized.

    I don’t know if the grassroots will muster the freshmen to make the needed congressional stand for HR1, we’ll see. But this is the place, this is the time. Let Zero Hour commence.

  19. canary says:

    Politico: Pawlenty shut down Islam-friendly mortgage program

    Mar 25 2011
    by Ben Smith

    Adam Serwer wrote today about a Minnesota program that offered mortgages compliant with Islamic law, structured to avoid interest payments.

    But a Pawlenty spokesman told me that the governor has no intention of defending the program — and that in fact, he shut it down himself as soon as he learned of it.



  20. tranquil.night says:

    Funny. Obama was said to have described Libya as a “Turd Sandwich,” a term that hasn’t been foreign whatsoever here at S&L (as it’s basically impossible to talk about Leftism without it).

    Now I’m noticing a few astute watchers out in the blogosphere have been noting what Doug Powers noted in January 2010 as “The Obama Curse” in which everything he touches turns to crap.

    Well, just a reminder that it’s not just strictly a policy phenomenon:

    “Vineyard Beaches Have ‘Fecal’ Problems” Sweetness & Light – Friday, August 20, 2010

    “Kind of like Mooch-elle’s organic garden, a pattern’s developing. Wherever the Obama’s are trying to escape reality, it seems they just can’t get away from the poop.”

  21. canary says:

    Hillary suspects the pirates are muslim youth under the names of al-Shabaab “The Youth” or “The Lads”, Mujahideen Youth Movement, “Movement of Striving Youth”, an al-qaeda terrorist group.

    Just out from Hillary’s villiage. Piracy is now global crisis. Obama’s plan is unsustainable, counterproductive, and needs new re-energizing, such as finding out where the young pirates are getting motors, ladders. (duh. how about off the boats they capture).

    Excerpts from remarks just released from the village on counter-piracy. Go to Hil’s site for full statement.

    (2011) » US Approaches to Counter-Piracy

    remarks: Andrew J. Shapiro Mar 30 3011
    Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

    For years, it was deemed cheaper to pay them off than to fight. Then, as now, this answer proved counterproductive and unsustainable.

    Yet the modern day implications of piracy are now global in scope.

    Despite two years of international political and naval coordination, the problem is growing worse.

    Last year, 2010, witnessed the highest number of successful pirate attacks and hostages taken on record. And thus far 2011 is on track to be even higher. Close to 600 mariners from around the world are being held hostage in the region,…

    The attacks are more ruthless, more violent and wider ranging.
    Hostages have been tortured and used as human shields and blowtorches have been used …

    … and paying them off is now “unsustainable”

    Somali pirates now operate in a total sea space of approximately 2.5 million square nautical miles, an increase from approximately 1 million square nautical miles two years ago

    Secretary Clinton’s direction is to determine an even more energetic approach to respond to piracy.

    Naval forces are limited in their ability to disrupt attacks beyond the IRTC – there are simply an insufficient number of ships, helicopters, and overhead surveillance assets to patrol much beyond the corridor. … There is just too much open water to patrol.

    To prevent pirate activity, we have encouraged the commercial and private vessels to take action to prevent piracy before it happens.

    * proceeding at full speed through high risk areas,
    * placing additional lookouts on watches,
    * using closed circuit television to monitor vulnerable areas,
    * employing physical barriers such as razor wire,

    … 20 percent account for the overwhelming number of successfully pirated ships. These companies either deem these measures as not cost-effective or they unrealistically, some might say

    wishfully, assume that military forces will be present to intervene if pirates attack.

    Achieving stability and good governance in Somalia represents the only sustainable long-term solution to piracy….There exists no silver bullet to solve modern piracy.

    … the United States is now willing to consider pursuing some creative and innovative ways to go beyond

    A significant effort must be made to track where pirates get their fuel, supplies, ladders and outboard motors…

    This is particularly critical, considering the recent uncorroborated open source reports of possible links, direct or indirect, between al-Shabaab in Somalia…

    Let me be clear: while we have seen no evidence to date of direct ties between the two groups, it would not be uncommon…

    Of course, we must always act in a fashion that does not cause the situation on land in Somalia to worsen.

    In the cat and mouse game of modern day piracy, we must always look for new methods and new approaches to improve our efforts.

    After all, this is exactly what the pirates are doing.

    http://www (type in dot or period)state(type in dot or period)gov(type in foreward slash)t/pm/rls/rm/159419.htm

    Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) (Arabic: حركة الشباب المجاهدين‎; Ḥarakat ash-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn, Mujahideen Youth Movement or “Movement of Striving Youth”),
    more commonly known as al-Shabaab (Arabic: الشباب‎, “The Youth” or “The Lads”) is an Islamist insurgent group fighting to overthrow the government of Somalia. As of summer 2010, the group is said to control most of the southern and central parts of Somalia, including “a large swath” of the capital, Mogadishu, where it is said to have imposed its own “harsh” form of Sharia law.
    The group is an off-shoot of the Islamic Courts Union,… The group describes itself as waging jihad against “enemies of Islam” It has reportedly “declared war on the UN and on Western non-governmental organizations” that distribute food aid in Somalia, killing 42 relief workers in 2008 and 2009.[4] It has been designated a terrorist organization by several western governments and security services,[6][7][8] and described as having “ties to Al Qaeda,”[4] which their leaders denied until early 2010.[9][10]
    Because of its opinions and methods, Al-Shabaab, has been compared with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.[11]


    • Kaffeesatz says:

      Personally, I thought we had the pirate problem solved. You know, the Shores of Tripoli, millions for defense and not a penny for tribute, and all that.

      But apparently not.

      Right now there are some serious problems with piracy around the globe.

      From the Christian Science Monitor today:

      “The hijacking of two oil tankers in two days, together containing $260 million worth of cargo, has stoked new concern about the world’s inability to halt the threat of Somali piracy in the Indian Ocean”

      It is estimated that piracy is costing the global economy $5-8 Billion per year. Piracy is the mortal enemy of civilization, and must be eradicated.

      I can solve the piracy issue in 90 days, and at a cost well below $5-8 billion.

      Piracy will be a thing of the past 90 days after the United States implements the following policies:

      All persons engaged in piracy will be captured or killed by United States military forces
      All vessels, vehicles, aircraft or other means of transportation that used by pirates or supporting piracy will be deemed pirate vessels, and will captured or destroyed by United States military forces.
      All beaches, villages, ports, towns, or cities found to be aiding, hosting, hiding abetting or otherwise involved in piracy will be deemd pirate havens and captured or destroyed by United States military forces.
      Any municipal, local, state or national government found to be supporting or accomodating pirates or piracy will be deemed pirate governments, and will be captured or destroyed by United States military forces.
      No ransoms shall be paid for any vessel or crew captured by pirates. United States military forces will sink or destroy any vessel for which ransom was paid to prior to it being returned to its original owner.
      There you go. Within 30 days the issue of piracy would be solved forever. OK, make it 90 days in case some of the pirates don’t get the word fast enough

      We have pirates because we are paying people to be pirates. They are capturing $200MM vessels and asking for $5MM ransoms. And they are getting paid.

      The only way to stop piracy is to make it a losing proposition. By killing pirates and destroying the places where they seek shelter, you will reduce the number of pirates.

      By refusing to pay ransom. and forcing the rest of the world to go along with this policy by sinking ransomed ship, you will quickly take all the profit out of piracy. And with no profits, there are no pirates.

      We claim piracy is a difficult challenge. Really, we just lack the will to stop it.


    • Petronius says:

      Pirates? Jeez Louise. I thought Pompey Magnus cleared out the pirates in 66 BC.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      That’s …….. “Captain Jack Sparrow”.

    • canary says:

      sorry double post

    • canary says:

      Obama loves to point out Thomas Jefferson had a quaran in his office, but leaves out he studied to learn the religion of the pirates attacking ships.

      Once, Obama and his softness on muslims became president the piracy took off and in spite of 2 and a half long years under Obama it doubles each year. Of course all the muslims and foreigners were going to test the new anti-American president of the U.S. having glimpse of faith from viewing his radical church that orders God to dam the whites & Jews. They watch Obama bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, listen to his Cairo speech saying that America is a muslim nation. He schooled and learned the koran, his relatives are muslims.
      Obama holding summits in the U.S. and broad to improve relations with the muslims, allowing the number of soldiers dying in Afghanistan at a number higher than the entire war.
      Obama’s participation and celebrating muslim holidays, and dinnners at the WH after the end of fast.
      Obama literally uses the White House as a Mosque during muslim holidays like Rahmadmen.
      Only a thin line divides us from the head hunters who sew faces on soccer balls, and Obama and DHS says the borders are safer than ever. Safer for the head hunters and illegals.

  22. CIV says:

    I hope it won’t be necessary, but…

    if the GOP candidate s**ks, will somebody create a new “Get drunk and vote for …” blog? That’s how I ended up here, when the McCain version closed up shop.

  23. Kaffeesatz says:

    Playing the Trump Card

    The Birther movement is finally getting it’s moment in the sun.

    For the past 3 years a number of people have been insisting that Obama must show his original, long form birth certificate. Obama has refused to do so. In fact, he has spent millions on lawyers in an effort to get such requests squashed.

    Donald Trump has now taken up the issue, and raised it on a number of high profile talk shows. So now the issue is getting some attention from the MSM.

    Some pundits are dismissing this as a hate based witch hunt. Others continue to ignore it or marginalize the ‘birthers’ as bunch of nut jobs. But this is a serious issue.

    The issue at hand is nothing less than the most profound Constitutional crisis in the history of our republic.

    There is literally no precedent for this if it is found that Obama is not eligible to be President.

    OK, so all the laws he passed are null and void. But then what:

    –Obama signed the Pigford agreement, paying black farmers for alleged past discrimination. Do they have to give the money back?
    –The takeover of GM is null and void. But what? Do the stockholders get their money back? Do the bond holders get a new deal?
    –What happens to all of the decisions of the judges that Obama appointed? Are they null and void as well? Do they all get re-tried? And at whose expense?
    –What of the Czars and the cabinet officers? How do you actually undo all of the acts and regulations of people appointed by Obama?

    This would get ugly really fast.

    And then think of the legal repercussions:

    –Obama: is he put in jail? On what charge? Treason? How do you commit treason if you are not a citizen? Impeachment, certainly. But then what? Deportation back to Kenya?
    –The people that signed election certifications: Each state requires a signed affidavit that they candidate is able to be on the ballot, etc. Do you throw the election certifiers in jail in every state he was on the ballot?
    –Hawaii: They are refusing to release the document, and so presumably know it’s contents or the fact that it does not exists. Are they thrown in jail?
    –Civil unrest: The unions are threatening revolution over the issue of health care contributions. Imagine what they will do when their primary sponsor is impeached. I would predict rioting in the streets.

    Fasten your seat belts, people. This could get really interesting.


    • proreason says:

      not gonna happen

      The best outcome would be that some people begin to realize that the Farce in Chief has been hiding and lying about his past.

    • Natural Born Citizen says:

      Well if the laws pass at the state level requiring BHO to prove his eligibility for POTUS we will see if it was a trap or not. If he suddenly decides not to seek a second term we will know he is truly ineligible.

    • Perdido says:

      The ones that are going to use the “Obama, where’s your birth certificate?” play will be the Democrats. Watch as his polling numbers continue to slide and the conventional wisdom comes to the inevitable conclusion that he is dragging the entire party down.

      They’ll be surreptitious, but the Birth Certificate problem will be brought to the fore, especially when the Democrats realize that they MUST get someone else to run for POTUS in ’12 or face certain and complete doom.

      Not Republicans, not Tea Partiers, not even the “Birthers”… It’ll be the backstabbing Democrats.

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