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The Future Direction Of Sweetness & Light

It has been our distinct honor and privilege for more than six years to post articles here at Sweetness & Light for discussion and analysis. However, we have found it harder and harder to put in the amount of time that the effort requires and our readers deserve.

So we are going to take an extended hiatus while we cogitate about what kind of course we should take with S&L.

We are considering several options. Including everything from fewer and shorter posts, to opening up the site to posts from members who may be inclined to post articles themselves.

Please, if you have the chance, give us your thoughts and what direction you would like to see S&L take from here.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

45 Responses to “The Future Direction Of Sweetness & Light”

  1. capnbilly says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry to hear but understand.

    Scott and John at PowerLine used guests until signing up Hayward, but they still put a lot of time in.

    Tom Lifson at American Thinker has a stable of contributors, but he spends a lot of time, too.

    Suggest finding a good editor with time on his/her hands and following Tom’s blog format—not applying for the job, but you have a bunch of solid contributors from which to choose.

    Best wishes whilst you cogitate!

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Steve – God Bless you, brother in arms. Your labor, our pleasure, hardly seems equitable and you’ve done yeoman’s work.

    I suggest a format like Lucianne. We post the articles as a news aggregator. Cover lots more territory in shorter time. Posters hand picked by you from among the Faithful already known so trolls do not get in amongst us.

  3. xdannyh says:

    Steve- Thank you for your tireless devotion to developing and maintaining one the finest blogs on the net. Every day I tune in and on the weekends I pine for lack of my daily and much needed therapeutic reconciliation to the news of the day via your comments at S&L, never thinking how much work it must be. So thank you and good luck with whatever you decide. However, keeping with your established commitment to accuracy I am forced to say that S&L will suffer greatly without you at the helm because ala Seinfeld “you are the straw that stirs the drink”.

  4. proreason says:

    You have a gift for this Steve, but the field appears to be a bit like acting. There are a handful of mega-stars, a few of whom make big money, and thousands of talented people eating beans. Nobody tweaks the media as well as you so, but I doubt that most readers are connoisseurs of the art.

    And to maintain any following at all, it’s hard to take a day off.

    It will be sad not to have S&L and your outstanding posters to visit. It’s been not too big, not too small, mmm mmm just right sized from the beginning.

    If I have a brainstorm for how to procede, I’ll email you.

    Thanks for the memories.

  5. David says:

    First my favorite format is the one you already have but… I really enjoy the simplicity of Breitbart’s BigGovernment page. Perhaps having just a few high level stories that get your interest listed up front and let (as others have mentioned) seasoned and reasonable people contribute in their own subthreads.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    Ask any one of the conservative mega-stars out there to place a tiny box on their site, or perhaps even a short article, asking for donations, and you may get 10 years worth of funding.

    Conservatives will support in droves, but they have to know who needs the money. You have to do some marketing, and maybe some polite begging to get the attention you need.

    AND move your donation box next to your header.

  7. merkelerk says:

    I have always enjoyed S&L, particularly your comments throughout an article.
    If you must reduce your output, I would like to see more of the weekend format to fill in any gaps.

    A thousand thank you’s, S&L is always the first thing I do after work.

  8. sticks says:

    Take the rest you need with another thousand thanks from each one of us. Reading your commentary helps maintain balance for the mind assaulted daily by the insanity going on so much now. I wish I was a rich conservative beause what you do is worth so much and I would gladly give what I could. I pray that God will bless you and that some how this site can keep operating however that looks.
    I think very few people could match your commentary, however.

  9. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    While I have not been as regular a visitor as in the past I would like to see you do whatever you feel is necessary to keep the site strong Steve. You’ve provided so much information and so many laughs. (much needed in these times) I just want this site to still be here Nov. 2012 so we can all celebrate the removal of this incompetent Affirmative Action byproduct occupying the White House.

  10. BillK says:

    Hi, Steve.

    I understand you may need to take time away; I have as well over the past year.

    Still, I think as long as the weekly “News Selected…” topics are made available, S&L will continue to be a valuable resource for all of us as well as Mr. Limbaugh. :-)

    Thanks so much for all you’ve done, and whatever you decide, we’re with you.

    Now that she’ll have time on her hands, perhaps you can get Sarah Palin to take over for a bit. :D :D :D

  11. Melly says:

    xdannyh’s eloquent words echoe my thoughts.

  12. River0 says:

    Your contribution to our nation and culture has been of immeasurable value, Steve. Please don’t stop. take as much time as you need, but hang in there. Money and fame is only one metric of success, and not anywhere near the most important one. You are read all over the world. My own web site gets international traffic based on referrals through Sweetness & Light.

  13. spiffyw says:

    Steve and All,
    Thank’s for the Mamaries……
    The other Steve leaves us and now … You too.
    No one will quite have your view and satire mixed with ample doses of humor.
    Im not a good writer but had to just say I will miss your altitude……
    Have some fun with life and I know you will end up helping to create something better cooler …..Thank’s a lot … Good Luck n Good Vibes with what You do.

  14. Petronius says:

    What does this mean? How can this be? I don’t believe it.

    Is it some kind of code? Is he one of those windtalkers?

    Someone must have reported him to AttackWatch.com. First Adams Lumber. Now Sweetness & Light. Gosh. It is the end of an era.

    Next thing you know, we’ll all be speaking Austrian and riding around on the intercontinental railroad through all 57 States.

    Salve, Steve! Salvete omnes! And thank you so much. A hundred times thank you!

    C. Petronius Arbiter

    and continued best wishes from :

    … his niece, Ms. Livia Saunders Bolling, Dr. Bhopal Hammurabi, nurse Miss Latrine Davis, and all the gang at the Shady Grove Rehabilitation Clinic;

    … our intrepid reporters at Peephole Magazine, especially Solyndra Fridsweed, Caractacus Jenks, Woody Triscuit, Polesden Lacey, and Leighton Buzzard;

    … Lord Reggie Bollingbath and his entourage at The Grapes pub in Wapping;

    … our three favorite cloves of garlic, Carmine “the Gent” Galluzzo, Rubio “Ice Man” Ragucci, and Jo Jo Gigante, community organizers par excellence; and last but not least,

    … Dr. Tom Frieden, America’s foremost advocate on behalf of the soybean.

    Di vos incolumes custodiant!

  15. jtl says:

    Steve, while I did not post too many comments at S&L, I found it to be the best of the bunch. What the site lacked in overall numbers of commenters more than made up for it with some of the most cogent, lucid, anger-inducing and sometimes uproariously funny thoughts on the state of our culture that I have ever read. I wish I knew what to suggest to keep it going but I just don’t have one. Know, though, that this has been an enlightening site and, if it truly is time to say goodbye, then farewell and the peace of God be with you. Thanks.

  16. jobeth says:

    I fully hate the thought of not being able to check into S&L for everyone’s thoughts and opinions…whether I agreed or not.

    I do understand Steve why you are at this point. Everything in our lives evolve and change over time. I only know I will sorely miss this blog.

    I will miss all you regulars and all you that helped me form my own opinions on a topic. One super bunch of people that I am so proud to have known.

    I’m hoping something can be worked out that we somehow can still check in and talk but if not…I appreciate every one of you. Thanks Steve for creating and maintaining such a rich site. It gave us some point of sanity in one of the worse times in the US history when we are so close to a negative turning point.

    Its had its real place along side the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the constitutional conservative movements. You all have been a real part of giving a sorely needed voice to group of people bent on saving our Beloved country.

    I’ll keep lurking to keep in touch since I don’t post too often anymore. Love you all!!!! Proud to have been a small part of it all.

  17. BigOil says:

    Steve – You have a voice that reaches principled conservatives. I hope that you find the appropriate vehicle to further amplify your voice.

    Also, thanks for the education. Dissecting media bias has become second nature thanks to your tutelage. All the best in your future endeavors.

  18. Chrispbass says:

    Thank you for all your hardwork Steve. S&L is my first, or second, website I hit in the morning.

  19. mr_bill says:

    Steve, thank you for all the knowledge and witty analysis. the personal sacrifices you have made in order to continue this forum have been truly appreciated by all of us. I wish you the best in your cogitation and hope that you find the solace you are seeking. Your contributions to the conservative world shall be missed greatly, if your decision is to leave. I think we will all understand, we might be sad about it, but we will understand.

  20. Howard Roark says:

    Thanks for your years of dedication and hard work to this forum, Steve. You provided a watering hole from which I drew much solace and laughter. Your service will be greatly missed until you return.

  21. canary says:

    Steve, This is family. My real life family.

    Steve, further your commentary to the articles is priceless and nails the articles, easing the pain from the media. Your comments throughout the article brings peace, sanity, and justice. No one can replace you in that specific area.

  22. katie says:

    how are we all going to talk amongst ourselves now? I hate change.

  23. Steve says:

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the comments. But I probably need to clarify that I am not intending to end the site. I just am trying to come up with a way to make it a little less burdensome on my end. It isn’t a money thing so much as a time thing.

    So, please hang on while I try to come up with some kind of solution which might make the site a little more ‘self service.’

    It will probably be something somewhere between Lucianne’s site (which I actually helped to start) and the American Thinker (which I used to contribute to). A site where thoughtful members might post some of the top stories in the news for discussion.

    A limited ‘aggregator’ site, where we try to just concentrate on the ten or so most important or most revealing events of the day.

    And again, thank you for all the kind words. But we’re not dead yet.

  24. tbryan says:


    Please email me. I’ve been following your site for over a year now at my conservative blogs page. A site that you describe is exactly something I’d like to help you with. I have something similar to what you describe at http://trending.usefulinfonation.com, but I’d really be interested in helping you do the same thing with your site. I also have a database that contains over 2,500 online news sites that I can pull stories from. As you can see, all of the pages on my main site are self-service except for the video section on the main page.


  25. Zilla says:

    As one of the first group of folks to bookmark this site, I have to say…please don’t use words like cogitate. I’m just a simple country boy, Steve!

    Do what you need to do, we’ll still be here.

  26. artboyusa says:

    We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun…I’ve had such a good time with this site over the years. Thanks for everything Steve, and I’m sure that however S&L reincarnates will be muy bueno, as we say in back home in Boston.

  27. golfmann says:

    Time flies…

    I’ve about had it too for No Name AFTER the election.

    You do a LOT of great commenting. Perhaps some time off or only hitting the ones that REALLY get to you… (hard, I know) :)

    No matter what, good luck and good health, mojo

  28. kennyg7 says:

    Sounds like you might get sone help from your readers. Great site thank you.

  29. Airmail56 says:

    Enjoy your break. You have worked very hard and long on this, and some time off could be good. Think about book, or parhaps just a weekly post of highlights. I have enjoyed Sweetness & Light very much, and want to thank you for your efforts!

  30. Airmail56 says:

    Enjoy your break. You have worked very hard and long on this, and some time off could be good. Think about book, or perhaps just a weekly post of highlights. I have enjoyed Sweetness & Light very much, and want to thank you for your efforts!

  31. chainsaw says:

    S&L is the #1 site for calling out the fascist media and injecting the real truth. I read here daily (when I can stomach the insanities of the fourth estate spewing and promoting the lies and deceits of liars and thieves).

    Rock on Steve! Long live the truth!

  32. jobeth says:

    Thanks Steve for clarifying what you are hoping to do. I breathed a genuine sigh of relief when I read it.

    I wish I was talented with what it takes to be helpful to your plans, alas I’m not.

    Computers are kind of like driving a car with me. I know how to insert the key and drive it, but I know nothing of what it takes to make it run.

    All I know is that I have loved having a no nonsense blog that cuts through all the fluff and garbage and gets to the point of an issue. This blog has helped me understand the issues better than any other site, TV show, or even talk radio, all of which I have learned so much from. But the interaction and ‘family’ atmosphere you have created here has been a true learning field for me.

    You and so many of our ‘family’ members have explained with, truth first, and wonderful humor and great sarcasm keeping a perfect balance that keeps us all sane during an insane time in our history.

    The fact that you have been wise enough to refuse to go into the weeds with the ‘rumor of the day’ ie Birth Certificate etc, has kept this blog credible. Not saying there isn’t a grain of truth to a rumor…but that you understood who was behind some of the rumors in order to hurt the conservative cause and the goals of those of us who what our America back and operating as close as possible to our Constitution.

    So once again…thank you. You deserve to have the respect and praise you received here! I am truly thankful and relieved that you are not quitting but streamlining. ;-D

  33. Mithrandir says:

    1. Just post articles from popular sites. People may have seen them there, BUT, people come to S&L to see what YOU have to say about it, and leave a comment. –just post one article a day. (?)

    2. Have a frequent contributor add 1 article / day. Give them the ability to delete abusive comments if he/she finds them to clean it up if necessary.

    3. Leave it open twice a week for others to submit articles AND talk amongst themselves, instead of just on the weekend.

    4. How about Sweetness & Light on facebook? or some other social site like that? Then admins can post articles / photos / videos. People can leave TONS of comments, and you don’t have to pay for any bandwidth?

    Ha HA! How ’bout them apples!?

  34. eshoop says:

    Mithrandir has put forth 3 decent ideas, but, he can keep them facebook apples – too much silliness. (I’m being polite.) It is rare to find intelligent discussion, online.

  35. Enthalpy says:

    Elements required for the continuance of excellence are elusive and you are pooped. You’ve arrived at a crossroads, a confluence of several things that have begun to drown you- or at least remove some of your joy. Even as good as you are, and you are very good, arrival at this point is inevitable.

    Best wishes to you in your restoration. Guest editors might be one aid to you. In any case, all of your fans will await your repeat and three-peat.

    Appreciate you very much.

  36. Melly says:

    Mithrandir and Enthalpy make excellent points. Facebook is interesting, but the comments are limited to a certain amount of characters; therefore it doesn’t lend itself to presenting some sort of analysis. All I know is that I (selfishly) miss S & L and continue to click on it everyday hoping that it will return. Your imprint on news items has such a rippling effect Steve. Perhaps approaching your blog with the posting with attendant analysis of just one article per day, as Mithrandir suggested, and retool your blog around that……….come back little Sheba!!!! :-(

  37. sticks says:

    I’m just like Melly I’m here every day just to see. I think it’s a good Idea for you to cut back on what you do and let two or three of the real pro’s around here handle the rest. I think, however, that all of us would miss your excellent commentary if it were to disappear
    and the site wouldn’t be the same.

  38. wirenut says:

    The truth, wisdom and honisty of this site is what brought me to you. I can think of no words to better complement your actions or deed’s.This is a “breadth” of fresh air in a world of political delirium. I thank you for your time. You have no idea what you have put into motion. Let’s roll!

  39. OTA Mom says:

    Thanks for your efforts in spreading ‘S & L’, right now I’m suffering serious withdrawal symptoms…

  40. Mae says:

    Wow, Steve, what a sad turn of events. Wish there were some generous Conservative to fund your efforts so you could make a living at S & L giving your cogent reviews/comments. Hopefully you’ve been in contact with some to discuss that possibility.

    This site has provided me and the numerous people I’ve referred here many hours of delight. Hard to describe how much I will miss you. We know your heart and what a good heart it is.

    P.S. Apparently it pays to read the previous comments before commenting. Thanks for your clarification of the situation. Hope the site continues in whatever form you find most feasible for yourself. Time…time…time…time….

  41. stardreamers says:

    Hello Steve,

    I hope you have a relaxing time off and a great holiday season.

    As for the future of sweetness-light, any future contribution you can make while still feeling like it is fun for you would mean the world to me. I’d rather it be your commentary even if that means less per day or even only a few days per week on key stories.

    Best, as always,

  42. oldman says:

    You have a great site and it needs to keep going. But would a once a week update help in giving you the time to enjoy the GOOD life also???
    And give us the information we need to deal with the BS of the political world we live in.
    Thanks for being there!!

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