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The Hive – Your ‘Internal Polling’ Says?

We thought we might continue last weekend’s general discussion. So what do you think awaits us on Tuesday?

Also, have you voted early? If so, what were your experiences? Are you doing anything to try to ‘get out the vote’?

As usual, this thread is open to other topics of conversation. But please remember to post any specific news items in the ‘Selected News’ section.

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45 Responses to “The Hive – Your ‘Internal Polling’ Says?”

  1. beautyofreason says:

    My older sibling is going to vote for the first time in his life because he too is angered by the statists in Washington.

    I voted early via absentee ballot. Being in New York I see political protesters every now and then, people who stand around on a street corner and say “keep the change” or other mantras. I just shake my head and smile because I suspect these young idealists are going to experience a rude awakening when middle America realizes they are sick of change and would prefer the kind that lines their pockets.

  2. wardmama4 says:

    Locally our D Rep & D Gov are sinking like rocks – I think that Nov 2nd will be a real eye opener for the Left – their ideas and beliefs are not what We The People want and it is going to be a real statement – that I still do not think that even the moderates and RINOs are aware of just how angry We The People are.

    The Election Board however does not believe there will be a heavy turnout – as I was not asked to work – It will be the first time in years that I haven’t voted absentee.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      You’re correct Wardmama, OH is turning bright red on Nov. 2nd. Interesting that the B.o.E. never contacted you. I volunteered the last election and have never been contacted either.

    • wardmama4 says:

      I rarely get called for Mid-Terms, I think I did it once – most of the people were looking to vote for Bush – again. So I really did not expect to get a call. However, they did call for the primary – which I was unable to do – UC for some reason scheduled a day long event for that day. I am surprised that they did it – as the Dems are so behind the Get Out the Vote, Rock the Vote and Vote or Die bs – but it just goes to show – the only election important to the Dems is the Presidential election – thus we just might be able to pull this over-turning off.

      OH never turned blue – if the SoS had done her job after that bogus Register/Vote at the same time debacle and if the Judge had not declared a park bench as a ‘residence’ and of course the Vote Early/Vote Often Acorn Bus tours – OH would have remained red and Obama would probably not have won at all.

      Says something for a ‘platform’ and a party that has to cheat to win – just wish that the majority of Americans would have/will get that through their heads. And glad that the first thing OH did after the election was trash can that idiotic Register/Vote bs.

      God Help America
      A Proud American Infidel

  3. proreason says:

    “Operations Reverse Chaos”


    Hillary Democrats….do you want your gal in 2012…..then stay at home……A vote for Obamy in 2010 is a vote against Hillary.

  4. Laree says:

    Rush Thinks That Coons is in Trouble I think Rush is Right.

    Christine O’Donnell Trying To Break the Spell on Delaware. Trick Or Treat It’s Your Choice Delaware.


  5. tranquil.night says:

    In a fair election the gains that are possible probably would be realized. The tea party has built the strongest voting bloc in town, which will carry independents and crush whatever races appear to be closer right now. Big gains are assumed. But I fear democrat tricks in the races that really are close like illinois and delaware. Unless turnout is simply unheard of practicaly everywhere then Im thinking 65-80 house and 9-12 senate.

    The enthusiasm gap is the deciding factor. Its wide but is it wide where the races are close? Well the fracturing within the democrat party is the strongest evidence that turnout on their side will be awful. Obama’s campaign rallies are so spectacularly bad he’s totally disillusioned them because all the left does is trash and try and demonize republicans.Operation Reverse Chaos is a smart move.

    Many Democrats know theyre being rejected fiercely by the country class. Many realize they were duped and openly defect to the cause.

    It’s going to be a resounding victory but will the groundswell be such a tremor that it finally scares the s**t out of the bowel-impacted? At least we’ve made our stand.

  6. heykev says:

    Since it’s the weekend and we can all use a laugh, here’s the director of Airplane’s take on Barbara Boxer’s demand that she be called “senator” instead of ma’am by a member of the military. Hilarious.

  7. Tippecanoe says:

    I made arrangements for my father (moved in with me)(almost 92) to re-register and vote. He and I both have already early voted,

    I have tea party signs and selected political signs in the front yard, attend tea party events, donated to selected candidates all over the nation, helped with a state Representative campaign (every single participant that night were tea partiers), written letters to newspapers, and more. The only thing out of this I have ever done before was a small donation to the RNC. They got nothing from me this year. All donations went to candidates directly or a pac aimed in the direction I want.

    They made this war with their progressive/liberal/socialist/communist/tyrannical agenda.
    So war it is. The sleeping giant is waking up.

  8. preparing4theworst says:

    I will vote in person as I am off duty that day from both my jobs. As for getting out the vote spread THIS one around and let your current party hack know that you know and will not stand for it! This is HR4646 which will add 1% on ALL transactions at a financial institutioin, ie cash a check= tax of 1%, make a deposit= tax of 1% etc..the bill may be found at http//frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cigi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111 cong bills&docid=f:h4646.bd.pdf. I know it is a little long but I was told that this was a reliable access. I know that we are supposed to allow them to go back for the lame duck session, but do we really have to??? Does anyone out there have access to a local campaign manager that will help spread the word? HELP!!!!! Oh, yeah…this is by Rep Peter deFazip D (of course)- Ore and Sen. Tom Harkin D (of course) Iowa.

  9. Chase says:


    While I believe (positive thoughts!) that there will be a large turnover and hopefully control of both houses after election day, I am afraid that the great awakening of which you write might be too optimistic. Sadly, I am afraid that the largest impression will for many be dulled down to something similar to, “It’s the economy, Stupid!” I am afraid that with the persistence and weight of the liberal elite and their drones, combined with whatever spin over any failures or shortcomings by the new Congress that may stick in the public mind, that too few will understand the tenants of conservatism or remember the basis for their anger and frustration, and the meaning behind and lessons of this electoral backlash will be minimalized, forgotten, or spun not to a final disavowal of progessivism, but to “Obama was a rube” or “the Bush-caused recession.)

    The ideological arguments will continue, and while hopefully there will be a few hundred thousand who might be permanently enlightened, I am afraid many again are going to vote based on their job, their bigotry, or some other single issue, which will be up for grabs in every following election.

  10. preparing4theworst says:

    Oh yeah, one other thing (or two) 1) yes I have read the bill and it is truely excrement, 2) It by two (can you believe it) Democrats…Rep Peter deFazip D-Ore, and Sen Tom Harkin D-Iowa.

  11. BillK says:

    Not to be a downer here, but I think the usual vote and recount shenanigans will occur and the Ds will largely retain their seats.

    In DE, O’Donnell is within 6%, but 6% is still a lot.

    In CO, after last week’s comments about homosexuality Ken Buck is now polling below Michael Bennett, and in the Colorado Governor race there’s an absolute idiot who is the Republican candidate, absolutely cannot win (he’s raised something like $5000 in the last few months) and will not resign from the race because “He’s the Republican” despite the fact if he did third party candidate Tom Tancredo would almost certainly win over Democrat Hickenlooper.

    Fiorina and Whitman are behind in California.

    It looks like Angle won’t even be able to topple Reid.

    I think the Democrats have a lot of dirty tricks left up their collective sleeves that guarantee that unless the Democrats want to lose so they can blame upcoming economic issues on the Republicans who “took control,” they’ll retain control of one or both houses, albeit likely not supermajorities.

    Looking around me, I see the problem is that the early polls reflected the Tea Partiers and others who are actually informed and involved in the process.

    The latest polls reflect those who actually let political ads influence their decisions and those who know nothing (not always separate groups) who only know what the ads tell them – you know, “Fiorina is too extreme for California because she was endorsed by Sarah Palin” – that’s an actual quote from a current Boxer TV ad.

    • Petronius says:

      BillK : “It looks like Angle won’t even be able to topple Reid.”

      Incredible, isn’t it? “Oil Can” Harry Reid. The king of shady backroom deals. The man who gave us the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and Gator-Aid.

      Notwithstanding his colossal crimes against the American people. And notwithstanding that the Nevada economy is comatose. Even now Harry Reid remains locked in a dead heat with Sharron Angle –– when the worst thing that can be said against Sharron Angle is that she is a Baptist. Well, that tells me all I need to know about the state of the American electorate.

      No amount of Tea Party outrage and enthusiasm, no amount of hope and faith, can overcome the numbers –– the demographics, the inertia, the boundless gullibility of the American idiocracy, the in-the-tank media, and the sheer numbers of immigrants (documented and undocumented), of Somalis, jihadis, gypsies, moochers, looters, freeloaders, parasites, zombies, corpses, and convicts.

      Yes, nothing can really stop the decline, once the will to live is gone.

      Who can imagine six more years of Harry “reconciliation” Reid’s dirty little hands in the public till? Six more years of Harry “I-can-be-reached” Reid’s reptilian snout buried deeply in the public trough? Suckling on the public teat? And six more years of Mitch McConnell kissing his ring? If that isn’t the visible end of the American Republic, I don’t know what is.

      Predictions? Here’s my prediction: Say goodbye to the Bush tax cuts. Say hello to economic ruin. Say goodbye to the US dollar. Say hello to $1,600 gold and $30 silver. Say goodbye Arizona, hello amnesty. Say goodbye to America as a force for good in the world.

      And they’ll blame it all on Bush and Tea Party racists.

      Nothing can stop the decline once the will to live is gone. That’s my prediction.

      This year we made substantial donations to Sharron Angle in Nevada and to Dr. Rand Paul in Kentucky. May God bless their efforts with victory.

    • proreason says:

      gloom and doom.

      Scott Brown was destined to lose as well.

  12. platypus says:

    Here’s the drill for November 2 and beyond, libtards:

    1. We are tea party. We define the standards. We say what is important and what is unimportant.

    2. If you defy tea party, you are an enemy. Everyone knows what we do to enemies – we primary them.

    3. GOP is dead. Tea party is using its corpse for cover.

    4. GOP will do what tea party says. Tea party does not care what GOP wants. If GOP goes zombie, it will be replaced by another party.

    5. This is GOP’s last chance to be reanimated. It will be reanimated in the mode and manner of tea party or it will stay dead.

    6. Tea party is strong. Therefore tea party does not compromise. Tea party will negotiate only when it is in tea party’s interest to do so.

    7. GOP joins tea party or it stays dead. Demoncraps can join tea party by demonstrating their loyalty. Democraps loyalty can only be demonstrated by whistle-blowing on former buddy democrap crooks. (If they don’t have any good dirt, then tea party has no reason to let them in)

    I sure hope this is clear now. The yellow brick road has been mined. Continue strolling down your establishment path at your peril.

  13. TerryAnne says:

    I have a sinking feeling that the close races will end up going blue because of mass voter fraud.

    However, if we (Tea Party/GOP) do manage to take over all of the seats we’re hoping for…I expect a major meltdown to occur in the White House (or Mumbai, since he apparently can’t stick around here like a proper president).

  14. tranquil.night says:

    Frankly none of the polls, even Rasmussen, are using appropriate polling formulas. Despite the typical sampling tricks of which we’re aware, the Conservative aspects of the republican voting block are always severely marginalized. Undecideds are never reliable in opinion or turnout yet their influence is always exaggerated too Democrat benefit.

    When standard polling shows republicans are favored by five points, thats generally understood to indicate a coming landslide. A week and a half ago even the AP had those polls had R + 14. Now foxnews even is saying thats only 5-6 points.

    Tidal Wave force doesnt crest like that, but thats what theyre out to make us believe. They have to stop the Conservative ascendancy at all costs, and alot of Republican elites agree.

    In California, no way Jerry Brown is over 50, but Meg is bleeding voters to a Libertarian conservative now. She’s not necessarily losing Tea Party voters who are plugging their nose for her. She’s losing pissed off independents who think shes just as phony as Brown and the same as him on immigration and the environment.

    My hunch is Carly is much closer to Boxer, even though megs implosion might hurt her ticket a little. There are some very solid and high profile congressional conservative candidates like Star (Jackson?) in Compton with really good campaigns who’re going to make a real impact on the overall changing voting demographic.

    Again it comes down to enthusiasm. Other than those essentially being paid for their vote, there is none among Democrats. Dirty tricks and astroturf may end up saving the most entrenched among them, but its still going to be a significant rout. Reid is finished, have faith.

    America is never defeated so long as the people who believe in it and make it work remain united in its preservation. We may have to overthrow this failed fascist dictatorship to the hysteria of the peasant class, but we simply aren’t going to lay down just because we didnt win every single race.

    • proreason says:

      The only thing that has changed in the last two weeks is that the state-run media has ratcheted up the propaganda.

      Does anybody seriously think that the 60% American majority is re-thinking it’s position on the takeover of the country?

      Does anybody seriously believe that the committed libwits that appear on Frank Luntz’s ‘townhall’ are anything other than hard-core activists? Give me a break?

      Does anybody seriously think that Obamycare, trillion dollar deficits and $250 one-time SS checks are going to inflame the marxist base?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      With every news report, the socialists reveal themselves and they are rapidly losing the people. The lies that have been spread as thick as molasses are now only attracting the flies and vermin that naturally gravitate to it.

      For me, what has happened is that I am now even more aware of the vast number of people in this nation who are unable to think; To reason. Is that a fault of our education system? Our parents? Our society? Or is it just laziness? Or a combination of all of that?

      To what do we owe the notions of the socialists who defy all evidence to the contrary and actually think that the government will save us all? Have they never been to the DMV? Have they never spoken to an IRS agent? The logic gap is canyon-esque in proportion. I find in incredibel that a person can actually believe that the government will take care of them.

  15. proreason says:

    Mark Steyn sees things nobody else does.

    Please read this carefully:


    “Steyn on America
    Monday, 25 October 2010
    “…And, without serious course correction, America is doomed. It starts with the money. For dominant powers, it always does – from the Roman Empire to the British Empire. “Declinism” is in the air these days, but for us full-time apocalyptics we’re already well past that stage. In the space of one generation, a nation of savers became the world’s largest debtors, and a nation of makers and doers became a cheap service economy. Everything that can be outsourced has been – manufacturing to by no means friendly nations overseas; and much of what’s left in agriculture and construction to the armies of the “undocumented”. At the lower end, Americans are educated at a higher cost per capita than any nation except Luxembourg in order to do minimal-skill checkout-line jobs about to be rendered obsolete by technology. At the upper end, America’s elite goes to school till early middle age in order to be credentialed for pseudo-employment as $350 grand-a-year diversity consultants (Michelle Obama) or in one of the many other phony-baloney makework schemes deriving from government micro-regulation of virtually every aspect of endeavor.

    So we’re not facing “decline”. We’re already in it. What comes next is the “fall” – sudden, devastating, off the cliff. That’s why this election is consequential – because the Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree made what was vague and distant explicit and immediate. A lot of the debate about America’s date with destiny has an airy-fairy beyond-the-blue-horizon mid-century quality, all to do with long-term trends and other remote indicators. In reality, we’ll be lucky to make it through the short-term in sufficient shape to get finished off by the long-term. According to CBO projections, by 2055 interest payments on the debt will exceed federal revenues. But I don’t think we’ll need to worry about a “Government of the United States” at that stage. By 1788, Louis XVI’s government in France was spending a mere 60 per cent of revenues on debt service, and we all know how that worked out for the House of Bourbon the following year. …

    Answer: Mr and Mrs America.

    The existential questions for America loom not decades hence but right now. We face not genteel Euro-style decline cushioned by America, but something faster, wrenching and far more convulsive – with nobody to cushion it.

    We know American government is living beyond America’s means. What’s more interesting is whether it’s living beyond the world’s. …

    As I said, the decline of great powers invariably starts with the money. When government spends on the scale Washington’s got used to, that’s not a spending issue, it’s a moral one. …

    In a two-party system, you have to work with what’s available. In America, one party is openly committed to driving the nation off the cliff, and the other party is full of guys content to go along for the ride as long as we shift down to third gear. That’s no longer enough of a choice. If your candidate isn’t committed to fewer government agencies with fewer employees on lower rates of pay, he’s part of the problem. This is the last chance for the GOP to restore its credentials. If it blows it, all bets are off for 2012.

    Note that he isn’t saying there is no hope. He is saying that the apocalypse is much closer than you think.

    Of course, you could just hope for the best. You know, kind of like Obamy wants you to do.

    • tranquil.night says:

      This exact sentiment was always here beneath the subtext at S&L. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been operating here on the very premise that this is where Barack Obama was intending to take us. But until now we’ve tempered this discussion because it normally is too depressing and fatalist to focus on where we’re actually heading over what needs to be done to stop it.

      But all bets are off and the blunt truth needs to reach people en masse, spoken by anyone and everyone that understands it. The truth is that the forces that seized our government and installed this president are in play to secure their power for the next phase of this country’s destruction. Whatever petty issues the peasants think are relevant now are quickly going to be trivial again, for after the election we’re heading right back into crisis mode.

      The economy has been hijacked and is on auto-pilot off the cliff. Our allies have been abandoned. The border is in anarchy. Iran is nearly nuclear. The military is fighting three fronts: murderous jihadis, media subversives, and our own government out to tar and defund them.

      This is what’s been accomplished so far. This isn’t the typical political ebb and flow of a civilization, in decline or otherwise. We are a nation fundamentally at war over the very nature of its continued identity. Simply slowing down the pace of our blind giant welfare state isn’t going to buy this country a couple of decades of solace – international dynamics never work that way. When the top dawg finally peaks, his fall is fast and brutal to all those who’d been nipping at his heels waiting to feast on the carcass. In this case, they’re already pouring the new foundation for when the current house collapses.

      America isn’t going to make it in one piece through the full execution of the Obama regime. 2010 and 2012 are in fact the climax of a century’s long war that with only a couple exceptions we’ve been losing because we didn’t always understand we were engaged in it. But this isn’t unfamiliar territory for this country, which has faced even more cataclysmic circumstances.

      World War II? Apocalypse.
      Civil War? After tearing itself apart, there was renewal.

      So now here we are again, with all the evidence in the world and from history at our fingertips – and one simple choice on the ballot-box. God with us we shall preserve the last best hope of mankind, or doom it to a thousand years of darkness. I cast my vote to the merciful hand of Our Father, personally. He’s really the only one that can save us now.

    • proreason says:

      It’s like a financial bubble.

      When one is in progress, it seems like it could last a long time, and sometimes it does (like the dot.com bubble, or the real estate bubble), but then, bam…….it turns around and crashes in what seems an instant.

      As we listen to the dulcet baritone tones reassure us we have been rescued from the brink and are in a brilliant recovery that just hasn’t become apparent yet….while debt piles up and up and jobs go down and down and government spending increases as if there is an endless supply of tax money…..we might keep in mind that we might not have decades or years before the crash…..it could happen in a flash….like dot.com, loansForDeadbeats, or 1987, or 1929, or 2008, or 1914, or 1941, just to name 7 obvious pricked bubbles.

      Maybe giving these guys another 2 years isn’t such a good idea. Even though they are really really trying hard and had a really really bad hand to play; almost as bad as those other 7 problems.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And don’t forget that evil George Bush and all that.

  16. proreason says:

    Interview with Dr. John Drew, the Student Body Marxist leader at Occidental college who revealed about a year ago that little Barry was a hard-core Marxist by the time he was 20.


    Nothing new here, just a bit more context for the story. Drew does say, however, that he viewed our boy Obamy as the leader of his little band of revolutionaries, even at that very young age..

  17. BigOil says:

    I don’t think we need to look any further than at the head jackass himself, BHO, for our cues on the likely election outcome. Since Barry is hightailing it out of the country two days after the election to get his boots licked overseas – he is anticipating a beatdown.

    The worlds preeminent narcissist would stick around to rub it in our faces if there was even the slightest chance of winning.

  18. Coco Q. Rico says:

    I think the Republicans will do well. How well, we have to wait and see.

    The key is not the votes or polls, but the fact that so many people have seen the Democrats’ masks falling off.


    I will refrain from predicting too much, but the fact that so many voices are emerging against the Dems, in unlikely places, is heartening.

  19. I won’t count my chickens, but here in Wisconsin, I’m hoping for a win by Scott Walker for Governor, Rebbecca Kleefisch for Lt. Governor, and Ron Johnson for Senate.

    I have a bottle of champagne chilling for Tuesday night, and I’m off Wednesday, so I plan to celebrate.

    My gut tells me they’re going to win, all of my choices. May not be a landslide, but victories. A win by Johnson would knock liberal Sen. Feingold out of the Congress and a win by Walker/Kleefisch would end two terms of liberal Democrat destruction thanks to Jim Doyle.

    If I had to choose, I think I’d rather have a Walker win and not Johnson, but polling shows Johnson maintaining a 7 point lead over Feingold (yipee!).

    But I not only want the Republicans to win, I want them to do stuff. Screw this up and they’re destined to become a pointless third party…

    • canary says:

      I spoke to my long time friend from Wisconsin that was working at one candidates office. She seemed optimistic. We’ve only had time for short conversations lately, but she seemed a bit up beat. Last I spoke we talked about how bad the schools are, so I guess Wisconsin schools are going to heck too. How bizarre our school is doing 70 plus current issues with our children who can only use their media program, and worse, out of dozens of school media sources, they must stick to only 5 which are mostly worthless news paper articles. Strange is while the guide to the reports they must do include using books, they can not use any books, in library period. I was told that it is this way in college. I told my child, the college library has medical books, studies, and things, and since the teacher lies so much. Just venting and very stressed.

      Our youths opinion? Well, surprising, many who shouted for Obama are making comments against him. He’s a liar. At their age, I can only assume their parents are unhappy.

      Still, my picks (irrelevant to tea party) but conservatives did not make primary’s due to some dirty politics & slandering at last moment. The adds are strange. Democrat have adds saying conservative Republicans say nice things about them. At the end of the commerical no candidates endorsed the ads, so I guess people are paying. Such, trickery of the democrats. Choosing someone with no experience has it’s bad side.

      I believe in prayer. Scientists have done everything to say healing is from positive suggestion. The latest big study, was patients who had no idea they were being prayed for, (those praying had no idea who the patients were they were praying for) and those prayed for, healed & did better.
      Now someone told me the prayer is energy. I call it the Holy Spirit which is everywhere. But, pray, pray, pray. Sorry for sloppy post.

    • Mae says:

      Thank you, Canary. Ben Franklin may have been the first American to put in print the slightly altered ancient phrase, “God helps those who help themselves,” but helping ourselves means praying for God’s intervention in times of peril. God inspires us to good works and what better work is there on November 2nd than saving our nation. Freedom is our birthright. Let’s not give it up for a mess of pottage.

  20. proreason says:

    Realclear Politics has a map with the House races, based on a summary of recent polls. Polls aren’t always reliable, but usually become more reliable close to the election date, because the pollsters want to maintain their reputations, after months of lying gratuitously to try to get an advantage for whoever bought them off.

    Today, if you split the 43 tossups, it looks like 192 seats for the socialist, which would be a swing of 63 seats.

    But then, there are the factors of momentum and cheating. The Republicans have the momentum and the Socialists have the cheating. Which will have a bigger impact? My unprofessional view is that for the House, cheating may be less important, since the libwits have already given up and will be concentrating their criminal activities on the Senate. So I’m going with a 70-seat change for the House, which is more than any pundit has predicted. Most of the pundits are hedging their bets, btw, since they know this is likely to be a massive wave election.

    The Senate is more problematic. The criminals have concentrated on the Senate, and I’m afraid the Republicans will only pick up 7 or 8 seats, and it could be 1 or 2 less than that, since the cheating will be over the top in Washington, Illinois and Nevada. Nevada will be one of the most criminal elections of all time. LBJ would be proud.

    The libwits will spin the Senate as evidence that they really “won”. Imho, the size of the House win will be the real test. Anything over 60 will be a crystal clear statement. Under 60 and I will be disappointed.

    • David says:

      I too noticed the Dem focus on the Senate. Here in Oregon the Dems have poured 5 Million to prop up the carpetbagger Wyden against Huffman with a paltry $800K

    • proreason says:

      2 more seats swung to Republican side in RCP’s late Sunday night polling analysis.

      If the polls are accurate and the tossups split, the Republicans gain 65 seats in the House.

      That would be a good message….not that the Extremist in Chief is listening.

  21. BigOil says:

    Professional pundits and pollsters are likely underestimating the results of this midterm election. They develope models and predictions based upon previous midterm elections. Problem with that approach is there is no historical precedence for American’s electoral reaction to a Marxist President and an ideologically equivalent Democrat Congress.

    What we do know is there have been three state-wide elections since the 2008 disaster, and the reversal in percentage of people that voted for Barry to the GOP candidates was 20% or greater. We also know Republicans outnumbered Democrats in nearly all primary elections, by margins as high as 2 to 1. These numbers will not hold in all districts, but it is a strong idicator that an historic trouncing is on the way.

    On a personal, more anecdotal level, my own reaction to the Socialist Democrats was to change from an informed citizen to more of an activist. I researched conservative candidates across the country and donated to their campaigns. I also took time off work to attend protests – things I would never have considered doing before The Won was immaculated. Many other people I met were the same way. What I see is the silent majority shedding the silence.

    If I were to read the tea leaves, my numbers would be 75 seats in the House and a 50-50 Senate. Barry is about to get his electric car jammed into reverse.

    • heykev says:

      Excellent video Pro!

      Here’s what I believe it the best political ad of the season:

    • proreason says:

      That is a great ad, heykev. It’s a lot like that famous Apple ad of 20 years ago that was shown one time during a Super Bowl but is still considered that greatest advertisement of all time.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Great ads. The best one’s are coming directly from the grassroots and amateurs. Some good one’s from the Republican governors organization too.

      The very apparent elephant in the room is that ever since the Tea Party evolved from simply protests, we’ve gone on to organize our corner of the web information network with robust steel thread, while their nutroots is collapsing like the web of lies it always was. The great online army of Obama is now crying for Net Neutrality, because theyve been so outpaced and outgunned at their own game. It’s a lovely display of the American way finally winning the ground war against the goliath state propoganda network.

      Here’s my favorite grassroots writer John Hayward, Doctor Zero, summing up the 111th in expectedly quality fashion: http://www.doczero.org/2010/10/remember-the-111th/#more-14773. Congratulations to him for getting hired to write for Human Events.

  22. artboyusa says:

    I won’t be voting in Tuesday’s Peasants Revolt because I am not being allowed to do so. When my absentee ballot didn’t arrive I emailed the Town Clerk in Medford MA and asked what was up and I still haven’t had the courtesy of an answer. A simple oversight? Lost in the mail? Maybe, but given how politics is done in Massachusetts, I doubt it. They know I’m politically unreliable, so… As it happens, Mrs Artboy and I will be back in town for two weeks in November and I’ll be descending on City Hall in furious anger and looking for some answers. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I should have registered through ACORN, I guess. Then I could have voted twenty times and gone home with $50 cash and some food stamps too.

  23. texasps says:

    FWIW my internal polling prediction is:

    House – Republicans pick up 67 seats
    I was leaning towards GOP picking up 65 seats but, in Texas there has been a turn of events & I believe we can add 2 more seats to that list. {1} Francisco “Quico” Canseco (TX-23) is 7 points ahead of incumbent Congressman Ciro Rodriquez (D) YAY! (Quico is a friend of my family & he is an outstanding Conservative ) In my district–> {2} Donna Campbell (TX-25) has picked up momentum & I believe that she will unseat Lloyd Doggett (D) Double YAY! (I hope, I hope, I hope). Both Conseco & Campbell picked up momentum because they are Tea Party candidates and had a plethora of volunteers :-).

    Senate – Republicans pick up 9 seats

    Governor – Republicans pick up 11 seats

    Hi artboyusa! Sorry to hear that your vote was disenfranchised, go give ’em hell. It PO’s me that they also disenfranchised the Troop’s vote. Yeah, if ya’ll were member of ACORN they probably would have hand delivered the ballots and taken you to lunch. sigh

    God bless all of you in The Hive! God bless America! :-)

  24. Adam Moreira says:

    My Senate prediction is 7 or 8 in the Senate, with Colorado becoming this year’s Minnesota 2008 and Washington State 2004.

  25. proreason says:

    Jay Costs election day prediction is a 75 seat pickup in the House and 9 in the Senate!!

    If Gallup is accurate again (as their final generic ballot historically is), it could be more.

    But he is careful to point out that we are in uncharted waters.

    It looks like the possibilities range from the high 40’s to even more than 75.


    Personally, I think that by concentrating their voter fraud activities, the marxists will be able to hold it under 75 and 9, perhaps substantially under. I’m sticking with 70 in the House and 7 or 8 in the Seanate. Anything over 60 will be FANTASTIC.

  26. tranquil.night says:

    Just hold the line guys and stay on the offensive when and where they screw the pooch with what they’re doing. They’re going to use every lie, cheat, illusion, and magic trick they know to get us to believe them over our lying eyes. I’m not even paying attention to Fox let alone the MSM today. Just chillin in Literalville – strolling down Memory Lane, CPAC 09, the night it stopped being a dirty word to be Conservative again.

  27. proreason says:

    Main themes of Obamy’s Wednesday speech.

    1. I will continue to move forward in the direction the American people directed in 2008.
    2. I thank America for joining me to reject Washington politics as usual.
    3. This election is a mandate to move faster to implement Obamycare, and I have ordered my staff to do so.
    4. The Republicans must now set aside their partisan bickering and join me in positive change.
    5. If necessary, I will courageously wield the veto pen to protect the improvements we have made for middle class Americans in the first two years of my reign.
    6. Republicans should now stop blocking my middle class tax cuts and also pass the tax increases on wealthy Americans that all of the experts say are necessary to restore our financial stability.
    7. It is all uphill from here, unless the Republicans fail to cooperate. I guarantee that the economy will improve in 2011 and 2012, unless the Republicans use their near dictatorial power to thwart my plans..

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