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The House Votes Down The ‘Bailout’ Bill

The bill has not been approved:

Indeed, the last minute arm-twisting by the Democrats seems to have cost the bill two more votes.

The final tally was 205 – 228.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, September 29th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

41 Responses to “The House Votes Down The ‘Bailout’ Bill”

  1. Steve says:

    For the annals of ‘Great Moments In Chutzpah,” we offer this press release from ACORN:

    Wall Street Bailout Largely Leaves Out Main Street Foreclosures

    September 28, 2008

    On Sunday, Sept. 28, ACORN National President Maude Hurd released the following statement after Congressional leaders announced a $700 bailout plan for Wall Street:

    “Members of Congress worked tirelessly over the weekend to rid Wall Street of its toxic assets, which are responsible for the worst financial crisis since the 1930s. Unfortunately, families who fell victim to Wall Street’s toxic lending practices and now risk losing their homes were largely left out.

    ACORN members are extremely disappointed that the bailout package does little to assist these homeowners, such as providing them relief through the bankruptcy courts. Although weak, there is language in the bailout package authorizing Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to facilitate more loan modifications. ACORN members plan to hold Secretary Paulson accountable and ensure he uses this authority to make streamlined loan modifications a priority for struggling American families.”


  2. Colonel1961 says:

    Mortimer Duke: ‘F*ck him! Now, you listen to me! I want trading reopened right now. Get those brokers back in here! Turn those machines back on!’

  3. BillK says:

    I thought passage was in general advisable for the health of the economy.

    Until Pelosi opened her big yap on the floor about it being a way to address failed GOP policies:

    Pelosi had said that Congress needed to pass the bill, even though it was an outgrowth of the “failed economic policies” of the last eight years.

    “When was the last time someone asked you for $700 billion?” she asked. “It is a number that is staggering, but tells us only the costs of the Bush administration’s failed economic policies — policies built on budgetary recklessness, on an anything goes mentality, with no regulation, no supervision, and no discipline in the system.


    Screw it.

  4. jerusamus says:

    Can we get a name to the YEA votes,curious to see who in my backyard is pushing socialism.

  5. 1sttofight says:

    Here’s the roll call vote…

    H R 3997 RECORDED VOTE 29-Sep-2008 2:07 PM

    Democratic 140
    Republican 65

    Democrat 95
    Republican 133

    Republican 1


    AYES 205
    NOES 228

    QUESTION: On Concurring in Senate Amendment With An Amendment

    BILL TITLE: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide earnings assistance and tax relief to members of the uniformed services, volunteer firefighters, and Peace Corps volunteers, and for other purposes

    Ackerman D NY legislator Aye
    Allen D ME legislator Aye
    Andrews D NJ legislator Aye
    Arcuri D NY legislator Aye
    Baird D WA legislator Aye
    Baldwin D WI legislator Aye
    Bean D IL legislator Aye
    Berman D CA legislator Aye
    Berry D AR legislator Aye
    Bishop (GA) D GA legislator Aye
    Bishop (NY) D NY legislator Aye
    Boren D OK legislator Aye
    Boswell D IA legislator Aye
    Boucher D VA legislator Aye
    Boyd (FL) D FL legislator Aye
    Brady (PA) D PA legislator Aye
    Brown, Corrine D FL legislator Aye
    Capps D CA legislator Aye
    Capuano D MA legislator Aye
    Cardoza D CA legislator Aye
    Carnahan D MO legislator Aye
    Clarke D NY legislator Aye
    Clyburn D SC legislator Aye
    Cohen D TN legislator Aye
    Cooper D TN legislator Aye
    Costa D CA legislator Aye
    Cramer D AL legislator Aye
    Crowley D NY legislator Aye
    Davis (AL) D AL legislator Aye
    Davis (CA) D CA legislator Aye
    Davis (IL) D IL legislator Aye
    DeGette D CO legislator Aye
    DeLauro D CT legislator Aye
    Dicks D WA legislator Aye
    Dingell D MI legislator Aye
    Donnelly D IN legislator Aye
    Doyle D PA legislator Aye
    Edwards (TX) D TX legislator Aye
    Ellison D MN legislator Aye
    Ellsworth D IN legislator Aye
    Emanuel D IL legislator Aye
    Engel D NY legislator Aye
    Eshoo D CA legislator Aye
    Etheridge D NC legislator Aye
    Farr D CA legislator Aye
    Fattah D PA legislator Aye
    Foster D IL legislator Aye
    Frank (MA) D MA legislator Aye
    Gonzalez D TX legislator Aye
    Gordon D TN legislator Aye
    Gutierrez D IL legislator Aye
    Hall (NY) D NY legislator Aye
    Hare D IL legislator Aye
    Harman D CA legislator Aye
    Hastings (FL) D FL legislator Aye
    Higgins D NY legislator Aye
    Hinojosa D TX legislator Aye
    Holt D NJ legislator Aye
    Honda D CA legislator Aye
    Hooley D OR legislator Aye
    Hoyer D MD legislator Aye
    Israel D NY legislator Aye
    Johnson, E. B. D TX legislator Aye
    Kanjorski D PA legislator Aye
    Kennedy D RI legislator Aye
    Kildee D MI legislator Aye
    Kind D WI legislator Aye
    Klein (FL) D FL legislator Aye
    Langevin D RI legislator Aye
    Larsen (WA) D WA legislator Aye
    Larson (CT) D CT legislator Aye
    Levin D MI legislator Aye
    Loebsack D IA legislator Aye
    Lofgren, Zoe D CA legislator Aye
    Lowey D NY legislator Aye
    Mahoney (FL) D FL legislator Aye
    Maloney (NY) D NY legislator Aye
    Markey D MA legislator Aye
    Marshall D GA legislator Aye
    Matsui D CA legislator Aye
    McCarthy (NY) D NY legislator Aye
    McCollum (MN) D MN legislator Aye
    McDermott D WA legislator Aye
    McGovern D MA legislator Aye
    McNerney D CA legislator Aye
    McNulty D NY legislator Aye
    Meek (FL) D FL legislator Aye
    Meeks (NY) D NY legislator Aye
    Melancon D LA legislator Aye
    Miller (NC) D NC legislator Aye
    Miller, George D CA legislator Aye
    Mollohan D WV legislator Aye
    Moore (KS) D KS legislator Aye
    Moore (WI) D WI legislator Aye
    Moran (VA) D VA legislator Aye
    Murphy (CT) D CT legislator Aye
    Murphy, Patrick D PA legislator Aye
    Murtha D PA legislator Aye
    Nadler D NY legislator Aye
    Neal (MA) D MA legislator Aye
    Oberstar D MN legislator Aye
    Obey D WI legislator Aye
    Olver D MA legislator Aye
    Pallone D NJ legislator Aye
    Pelosi D CA speaker Aye
    Perlmutter D CO legislator Aye
    Pomeroy D ND legislator Aye
    Price (NC) D NC legislator Aye
    Rahall D WV legislator Aye
    Rangel D NY legislator Aye
    Reyes D TX legislator Aye
    Richardson D CA legislator Aye
    Ross D AR legislator Aye
    Ruppersberger D MD legislator Aye
    Ryan (OH) D OH legislator Aye
    Sarbanes D MD legislator Aye
    Schakowsky D IL legislator Aye
    Schwartz D PA legislator Aye
    Sestak D PA legislator Aye
    Sires D NJ legislator Aye
    Skelton D MO legislator Aye
    Slaughter D NY legislator Aye
    Smith (WA) D WA legislator Aye
    Snyder D AR legislator Aye
    Space D OH legislator Aye
    Speier D CA legislator Aye
    Spratt D SC legislator Aye
    Tanner D TN legislator Aye
    Tauscher D CA legislator Aye
    Towns D NY legislator Aye
    Tsongas D MA legislator Aye
    Van Hollen D MD legislator Aye
    Velazquez D NY legislator Aye
    Wasserman Schultz D FL legislator Aye
    Waters D CA legislator Aye
    Watt D NC legislator Aye
    Waxman D CA legislator Aye
    Weiner D NY legislator Aye
    Wexler D FL legislator Aye
    Wilson (OH) D OH legislator Aye
    Bachus R AL legislator Aye
    Blunt R MO legislator Aye
    Boehner R OH legislator Aye
    Bonner R AL legislator Aye
    Bono Mack R CA legislator Aye
    Boozman R AR legislator Aye
    Brady (TX) R TX legislator Aye
    Brown (SC) R SC legislator Aye
    Calvert R CA legislator Aye
    Camp (MI) R MI legislator Aye
    Campbell (CA) R CA legislator Aye
    Cannon R UT legislator Aye
    Cantor R VA legislator Aye
    Castle R DE legislator Aye
    Cole (OK) R OK legislator Aye
    Crenshaw R FL legislator Aye
    Cubin R WY legislator Aye
    Davis, Tom R VA legislator Aye
    Dreier R CA legislator Aye
    Ehlers R MI legislator Aye
    Emerson R MO legislator Aye
    Everett R AL legislator Aye
    Ferguson R NJ legislator Aye
    Fossella R NY legislator Aye
    Gilchrest R MD legislator Aye
    Granger R TX legislator Aye
    Herger R CA legislator Aye
    Hobson R OH legislator Aye
    Inglis (SC) R SC legislator Aye
    King (NY) R NY legislator Aye
    Kirk R IL legislator Aye
    Kline (MN) R MN legislator Aye
    LaHood R IL legislator Aye
    Lewis (CA) R CA legislator Aye
    Lewis (KY) R KY legislator Aye
    Lungren, Daniel E. R CA legislator Aye
    McCrery R LA legislator Aye
    McHugh R NY legislator Aye
    McKeon R CA legislator Aye
    Miller, Gary R CA legislator Aye
    Peterson (PA) R PA legislator Aye
    Pickering R MS legislator Aye
    Porter R NV legislator Aye
    Pryce (OH) R OH legislator Aye
    Putnam R FL legislator Aye
    Radanovich R CA legislator Aye
    Regula R OH legislator Aye
    Reynolds R NY legislator Aye
    Rogers (AL) R AL legislator Aye
    Rogers (KY) R KY legislator Aye
    Ryan (WI) R WI legislator Aye
    Saxton R NJ legislator Aye
    Sessions R TX legislator Aye
    Shays R CT legislator Aye
    Simpson R ID legislator Aye
    Smith (TX) R TX legislator Aye
    Souder R IN legislator Aye
    Tancredo R CO legislator Aye
    Upton R MI legislator Aye
    Walden (OR) R OR legislator Aye
    Walsh (NY) R NY legislator Aye
    Weldon (FL) R FL legislator Aye
    Wilson (NM) R NM legislator Aye
    Wilson (SC) R SC legislator Aye
    Wolf R VA legislator Aye
    Abercrombie D HI legislator No
    Altmire D PA legislator No
    Baca D CA legislator No
    Barrow D GA legislator No
    Becerra D CA legislator No
    Berkley D NV legislator No
    Blumenauer D OR legislator No
    Boyda (KS) D KS legislator No
    Braley (IA) D IA legislator No
    Butterfield D NC legislator No
    Carney D PA legislator No
    Carson D IN legislator No
    Castor D FL legislator No
    Cazayoux D LA legislator No
    Chandler D KY legislator No
    Childers D MS legislator No
    Clay D MO legislator No
    Cleaver D MO legislator No
    Conyers D MI legislator No
    Costello D IL legislator No
    Courtney D CT legislator No
    Cuellar D TX legislator No
    Cummings D MD legislator No
    Davis, Lincoln D TN legislator No
    DeFazio D OR legislator No
    Delahunt D MA legislator No
    Doggett D TX legislator No
    Edwards (MD) D MD legislator No
    Filner D CA legislator No
    Giffords D AZ legislator No
    Gillibrand D NY legislator No
    Green, Al D TX legislator No
    Green, Gene D TX legislator No
    Grijalva D AZ legislator No
    Herseth Sandlin D SD legislator No
    Hill D IN legislator No
    Hinchey D NY legislator No
    Hirono D HI legislator No
    Hodes D NH legislator No
    Holden D PA legislator No
    Inslee D WA legislator No
    Jackson (IL) D IL legislator No
    Jackson-Lee (TX) D TX legislator No
    Jefferson D LA legislator No
    Johnson (GA) D GA legislator No
    Kagen D WI legislator No
    Kaptur D OH legislator No
    Kilpatrick D MI legislator No
    Kucinich D OH legislator No
    Lampson D TX legislator No
    Lee D CA legislator No
    Lewis (GA) D GA legislator No
    Lipinski D IL legislator No
    Lynch D MA legislator No
    Matheson D UT legislator No
    McIntyre D NC legislator No
    Michaud D ME legislator No
    Mitchell D AZ legislator No
    Napolitano D CA legislator No
    Ortiz D TX legislator No
    Pascrell D NJ legislator No
    Pastor D AZ legislator No
    Payne D NJ legislator No
    Peterson (MN) D MN legislator No
    Rodriguez D TX legislator No
    Rothman D NJ legislator No
    Roybal-Allard D CA legislator No
    Rush D IL legislator No
    Salazar D CO legislator No
    Sanchez, Linda T. D CA legislator No
    Sanchez, Loretta D CA legislator No
    Schiff D CA legislator No
    Scott (GA) D GA legislator No
    Scott (VA) D VA legislator No
    Serrano D NY legislator No
    Shea-Porter D NH legislator No
    Sherman D CA legislator No
    Shuler D NC legislator No
    Solis D CA legislator No
    Stark D CA legislator No
    Stupak D MI legislator No
    Sutton D OH legislator No
    Taylor D MS legislator No
    Thompson (CA) D CA legislator No
    Thompson (MS) D MS legislator No
    Tierney D MA legislator No
    Udall (CO) D CO legislator No
    Udall (NM) D NM legislator No
    Visclosky D IN legislator No
    Walz (MN) D MN legislator No
    Watson D CA legislator No
    Welch (VT) D VT legislator No
    Woolsey D CA legislator No
    Wu D OR legislator No
    Yarmuth D KY legislator No
    Aderholt R AL legislator No
    Akin R MO legislator No
    Alexander R LA legislator No
    Bachmann R MN legislator No
    Barrett (SC) R SC legislator No
    Bartlett (MD) R MD legislator No
    Barton (TX) R TX legislator No
    Biggert R IL legislator No
    Bilbray R CA legislator No
    Bilirakis R FL legislator No
    Bishop (UT) R UT legislator No
    Blackburn R TN legislator No
    Boustany R LA legislator No
    Broun (GA) R GA legislator No
    Brown-Waite, Ginny R FL legislator No
    Buchanan R FL legislator No
    Burgess R TX legislator No
    Burton (IN) R IN legislator No
    Buyer R IN legislator No
    Capito R WV legislator No
    Carter R TX legislator No
    Chabot R OH legislator No
    Coble R NC legislator No
    Conaway R TX legislator No
    Culberson R TX legislator No
    Davis (KY) R KY legislator No
    Davis, David R TN legislator No
    Deal (GA) R GA legislator No
    Dent R PA legislator No
    Diaz-Balart, L. R FL legislator No
    Diaz-Balart, M. R FL legislator No
    Doolittle R CA legislator No
    Drake R VA legislator No
    Duncan R TN legislator No
    English (PA) R PA legislator No
    Fallin R OK legislator No
    Feeney R FL legislator No
    Flake R AZ legislator No
    Forbes R VA legislator No
    Fortenberry R NE legislator No
    Foxx R NC legislator No
    Franks (AZ) R AZ legislator No
    Frelinghuysen R NJ legislator No
    Gallegly R CA legislator No
    Garrett (NJ) R NJ legislator No
    Gerlach R PA legislator No
    Gingrey R GA legislator No
    Gohmert R TX legislator No
    Goode R VA legislator No
    Goodlatte R VA legislator No
    Graves R MO legislator No
    Hall (TX) R TX legislator No
    Hastings (WA) R WA legislator No
    Hayes R NC legislator No
    Heller R NV legislator No
    Hensarling R TX legislator No
    Hoekstra R MI legislator No
    Hulshof R MO legislator No
    Hunter R CA legislator No
    Issa R CA legislator No
    Johnson (IL) R IL legislator No
    Johnson, Sam R TX legislator No
    Jones (NC) R NC legislator No
    Jordan R OH legislator No
    Keller R FL legislator No
    King (IA) R IA legislator No
    Kingston R GA legislator No
    Knollenberg R MI legislator No
    Kuhl (NY) R NY legislator No
    Lamborn R CO legislator No
    Latham R IA legislator No
    LaTourette R OH legislator No
    Latta R OH legislator No
    Linder R GA legislator No
    LoBiondo R NJ legislator No
    Lucas R OK legislator No
    Mack R FL legislator No
    Manzullo R IL legislator No
    Marchant R TX legislator No
    McCarthy (CA) R CA legislator No
    McCaul (TX) R TX legislator No
    McCotter R MI legislator No
    McHenry R NC legislator No
    McMorris Rodgers R WA legislator No
    Mica R FL legislator No
    Miller (FL) R FL legislator No
    Miller (MI) R MI legislator No
    Moran (KS) R KS legislator No
    Murphy, Tim R PA legislator No
    Musgrave R CO legislator No
    Myrick R NC legislator No
    Neugebauer R TX legislator No
    Nunes R CA legislator No
    Paul R TX legislator No
    Pearce R NM legislator No
    Pence R IN legislator No
    Petri R WI legislator No
    Pitts R PA legislator No
    Platts R PA legislator No
    Poe R TX legislator No
    Price (GA) R GA legislator No
    Ramstad R MN legislator No
    Rehberg R MT legislator No
    Reichert R WA legislator No
    Renzi R AZ legislator No
    Rogers (MI) R MI legislator No
    Rohrabacher R CA legislator No
    Ros-Lehtinen R FL legislator No
    Roskam R IL legislator No
    Royce R CA legislator No
    Sali R ID legislator No
    Scalise R LA legislator No
    Schmidt R OH legislator No
    Sensenbrenner R WI legislator No
    Shadegg R AZ legislator No
    Shimkus R IL legislator No
    Shuster R PA legislator No
    Smith (NE) R NE legislator No
    Smith (NJ) R NJ legislator No
    Stearns R FL legislator No
    Sullivan R OK legislator No
    Terry R NE legislator No
    Thornberry R TX legislator No
    Tiahrt R KS legislator No
    Tiberi R OH legislator No
    Turner R OH legislator No
    Walberg R MI legislator No
    Wamp R TN legislator No
    Westmoreland R GA legislator No
    Whitfield (KY) R KY legislator No
    Wittman (VA) R VA legislator No
    Young (AK) R AK legislator No
    Young (FL) R FL legislator No
    Weller R IL legislator Not Voting

  6. texaspsue says:

    “Can we get a name to the YEA votes….”

    I second that motion jerusamus. :-) SG can you get a list of the names? ( We need to know who is for us and who is agin’ us. )

    Oh, thanks 1st. I guess we were posting at the same time.

    Wow! Will wonders never cease. My House Rep., Doggett (D TX), voted No. I reckon he got sick of all of us calling, worried about his reelection, and actually heard our cry and voted accordingly. :-)

  7. Media_man says:

    Wow, Pelosi said that, after GWB went out of his way to appear non-partisan last week during his address. I remember thinking at the time, at the very least, he should have brought up the fact that his Treasury Dept tried to regulate Fan/Fred, but Barney & his gang of thieves wouldn’t have any of it. They were too busy riding the gravy train.

    GWB needs to get more partisan & come up w/ a solution that makes sure this never happens again (like privatize Fan/Fred for starters). Get Uncle Sam out of the deadbeat mortgage loan business for good.

  8. Grassy Knoll says:

    Good observation, Billk. You gotta wonder what would have happened if San Fran Nan had kept her Bush-bashing mouth shut. It was a fairly close vote. The Dems could have possibly won this if not for Pelosi’s big yapper and her affinity for inserting her foot in it. Thanks, Nan.

  9. wardmama4 says:

    A Dem majority and even then Ms Pelosi can’t wrangle a win – wow – who’d have thought it? And exactly why is that – perhaps because, much like Shamnesty the American people rose up and said not only No but Hell No.

    I heard two statements re this mess –
    On talk radio – I’d rather leave my kids and grandkids a depression having done the right thing than do the wrong thing.

    and on another site –
    Taking away the individual possiblity to fail also takes away the individual possibilty to succeed.

    Maybe the fools in DC need to read these – and then act on them.

  10. marinetbryant says:

    The Trump asked a question that’s been on my mind-Why is the government wanting to buy the toxic loans why can’t we buy the good loans?


  11. Colonel1961 says:

    Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Call your bank. Get some money from your account. Buy a clue.

  12. dulcimergrl says:

    Once again, Pig Pelosi takes another opportunity to bash Republicans. Payback’s a b*tch, ain’t it Pig!

  13. sheehanjihad says:

    I watched her strained plastic face yapping out nothing more than how democrats came to the rescue on “Bush’s failed policies”…time and time again. I wanted to bitch slap her to shut her up. Now, her big fat gob has screwed everything up yet again. Great leadership, madam freaker~! You stupid idiot! Step down before you get stepped on! She is so unqualified to be speaker…..just a stupid douchebag, and even the ‘Snag could have done better with this one. Regardless if you liked the bailout or not…Pelosi destroyed any hope of any non partisan compromise with her stupid mouth. Again!

  14. Grassy Knoll says:

    You have missed the point, Pete. The reps didn’t vote against the bill because Nancy Pelosi is a self-righteous jerk. They did it because it is the right thing to do. The fact that Pelosi ended up with egg on her face is just a bonus. She can’t even get her own party to support this crap. And most of us on this MB are celebrating – for the moment at least.

  15. Consilience says:

    Grassy Knoll—-she may not have egg on her face. Witness how this is being portrayed in the media and look at some of the dems who voted “no”. I would not be surprised for the dems, and their complicite buds in the media, to come back tomorrow and vote the original bill on a party-line vote—and hail themselves as heroes. There is no low the democratic party won’t stoop to reduce our freedom and liberty.

  16. dulcimergrl says:

    Bill voted down–markets down. Bill passed–which way would the markets have gone? We have no way to know that. All we know for sure is that congress (yes, all of ’em), the prez, and their lackeys have been playing political football with this thing from the beginning. They all need to be run out of town on a rail.

  17. David says:

    Noticing that my elected communist …(Big D-Fazio) voted no I am guessing the democrats have even worse things planned!

  18. texaspsue says:

    “…..McCain was touting this as his creation….”

    Obama was the Presidential Candidate that was trying to take credit for the Bill yesterday.


    I think the Ouch. Big Ouch. would apply more to BO, PPete. :-)

  19. dulcimergrl says:

    Mary Bono Mack voted “Yes”. Why, Mary, why??? So did Dreier and Tancredo. But OC Dem Loretta Sanchez voted “No”. She probably didn’t like that ACORN wasn’t getting any $$$ from the bill.

  20. sheehanjihad says:

    I have to agree with PartisanPete…even if Pelosi was shooting her partisan mouth off, and everyone was taking credit when it was popular, and denying it when it failed…..these asswipes just cost ME a bundle in my 401K…..while they bicker, I lose. This is not Bush’s failed policy….this is a miserably failed CONGRESS

  21. Reality Bytes says:

    It is about time McCain call a Spade a Spade and call on Democrats Chairs Waters, Frank along with Rep Meeks to explain themselves.

    Their statements in 2004 were outrageous and in light of today’s seemingly biblical 777 pt drop, am on record as advocating the return of crucifixion as punishment. But it’ll never happen. In order to crucify someone, you need wood and the enviro-wackos wouldn’t let us cut down the trees we’d need.

    Man, how I miss the old days.

  22. Colonel1961 says:

    Short term thinking will not help anything in any way. Anybody cashing out tomorrow? I hope not. Please, this is a short-term issue, with politics (per usual) exacerbating the situation, but, anyone who thinks this is the end of the world is off key.

    Anyone with any cash – buy, buy, buy – the opportunity of a lifetime. Buy indices, mutuals, or whatever. You’ll have a five to seven percent return (or more) in a matter of weeks. Write it down.

    Congress will respond. Congress will respond this week. Maybe they won’t screw the pooch this time around. This may be the highest stakes game of ‘chicken’ in economic history, but both sides will blink eventually, and the cash will appear.

    My other free advice for the day/week: turn off the TV for a few days. Keep your powder dry. Keep your blood pressure low. It will all be good.

    (Money back guarantee not included for this offer. WAC. See your dealer for details. Some restrictions may apply.)

  23. wardmama4 says:

    Here is a good video on the topic – pass it on, maybe then the people will get that blame is not what is needed right now – find a logical, reasonable fix and then hold accountable those who created this mess – I do not care if they blame the alignment of the stars or Pelosi’s offensive comments – they did not vote for – if they had not used that as a ‘reason’ do you think that the msm would have ever made her comments public?!? – It took more than 12 disgruntled Repubs to down this abomination – even Kucinich voted against it (it had to be bad) and yes, the key will be to keep the Dems from creating a SocialisticEconomic Frankenstein bill – and I wouldn’t put it past this crowd to do it.

    Burning Down the House – What Caused Our Economic Crisis

  24. JinnyB says:

    Today was a good day.
    Today a war with an outcome no less serious than WWII was won by brave men that took a stand.

    Today 228 heroes stood up in the House of Representatives and saved the United States Constitution.
    Today 205 traitors tried to shred it, and turn the United States into a socialist state.

    One voted “Present”.

    It would be wise to remember the names of those 228 heroes, support their campaigns, and vote for them on election day.

    It would be equally wise to remember the names of the 205 traitors that just tried to destroy the United States, come election day.

    And it would be also be VERY wise to remember that people that vote “PRESENT” aren’t heroes, they’re just traitors that are too cowardly to go “on the record” as having taken a stand either way…

  25. Exeter says:

    Colonel – sage advice. The Dems are screaming that “the sky is falling!”, but maybe it isn’t. If the matter were as dire as they claim, wouldn’t they work through Rosh Hashanah, instead of calling a recess? Hell, I’d work through Christmas if it was a matter of utter economic ruin.

    It IS, however, a game of ‘chicken’. We all know Pelosi and Crew are the culprits here, and the bailout will provide them with political cover. The Republicans are not disposed to give them any. So the unpopular majority is caught between passing an unpopular bill along partisan lines (bad news for the Dems) and doing nothing (bad news for the Dems). Meanwhile, the Dow Jones is dropping, election day draws closer and closer, and the Feds are methodically pursuing the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac paper trail (and who doesn’t know where that’s going to lead?). Now, like John McCain, I don’t know a great deal about economics, but I know better than to believe Democrats – especially when they start fussing and fidgeting. There’s something not quite visible about to fall on them, and they know it. They stink of panic every time one of them comes to the camera.

    You say that both sides will eventually blink; I think only one will.

  26. Exeter says:

    JinnyB – Congressman Weller didn’t vote “present” – he didn’t vote at all, which means he wasn’t there. Sick? Family crisis? Who knows?

  27. bitterclinger says:

    @first2fight – Thats not the right role call list is it? Some of the votes don’t look right.

    This is the 3rd web site I have found this list. It has the title:

    BILL TITLE: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide earnings assistance and tax relief to members of the uniformed services, volunteer firefighters, and Peace Corps volunteers, and for other purposes

  28. 1sttofight says:

    I thought so too but the bill number matches up.

  29. JinnyB says:

    Sorry. It’s hard to find good information. The site I got the info from said one “abstain”. But the “PRESENT” part of the quote is too good to not use, even if it really was an “absent”, rather than an abstain. I’ll have to plead “incorrect but factual”, or whatever the term was….

  30. pinandpuller says:


    September 29th, 2008 at 7:07 pm
    Short term thinking will not help anything in any way. Anybody cashing out tomorrow? I hope not. Please, this is a short-term issue, with politics (per usual) exacerbating the situation, but, anyone who thinks this is the end of the world is off key.

    Anyone with any cash – buy, buy, buy – the opportunity of a lifetime. Buy indices, mutuals, or whatever. You’ll have a five to seven percent return (or more) in a matter of weeks. Write it down.

    I agree. What’s a better value for a 39 year old like me-Social Security or the stock market 25 years from now? Buy here, buy now, cash in later.

  31. clifcrds says:

    This was a classic case of Commicrat maneuvering – EVERY move in this politically partisan ballet was orchestrated by the Commicrats!

    Calling McCain back to Washington because it was a crisis. When McCain gets there they ridicule him for “politicizing” the meetings (when in fact it was nObama that “mucked it up”).

    When meeting this weekend, Nancy “San Fran Nanny” Pelosi told the Repubs to only send their reps, the Commicrats then overloaded the secret sessions with their own, then ran in front of the cameras proclaiming that the Repubs were “unpatriotic” for not showing up to held solve the crisis.

    Pelosi arranges for a vote today – then makes public that she needs 100 Repubs to climb onboard to make it pass . . . when they already had the majority to pass it? Why . . . I will get to that later.

    Before the vote she gets out on the House floor and takes one last opportunity to smear and besmirch Bush and the Republicans.

    Now . . . why did Pelosi need 100 Repubs to push this through? To show that it was a bi-partisan vote? No . . . she kind of “deep 6ed” that one when she gave her “evil greedy Republican” diatribe before the vote. She needed 100 Republican votes to provide cover for the 100 or so of her comrades who are up for re-election. I was at work today I called my one lone congresswoman’s (Herseth-Sandlin) vote BEFORE it was even cast . . . I told my co-workers that she was going to vote against the bill . . . she is up for re-election in November. She voted no.

    This whole stinkin’ fiasco, from the forcing banks to pass out mortgages to bad borrowers, then passing of the bad paper to Fannnie & Freddie, covering up the bad debt and attacking anyone who dared question these darling taxpayer backed, minority feed trough, Commicrat cash cows, right down to having the drive by media covering the whole mess up and at the same time twisting the truth to fool the people into blaming those greedy, evil, robber baron Republicans is all for helping to turn our country into a socialist state.

    Even Helen Keller can see that the Commicrats never had any intention of solving this crisis . . . their only goal was to cover up their comrades’ mess and move our economy closer to a government run entity.

    There is no such thing as a Democrat anymore! The days of “Ask not what your country can do for you . . . ask what you can do for your country” Democrats are dead. There are only socialists pretending to be Democrats. That is why from now on I will never again call them Democrats. Their real identity is closer to a communist . . . or as I now refer to them as Commicrats!

    I am not an innocent bystander in all of this with nothing at stake here . . . I too have lost a bundle in my 401K. But I also remember what happened back in the 80’s. I am sure I not the only one who remembers how the greed and incompetence were rewarded with the 20 Billion dollar Savings & Loan Bailout. What did that bring us? Fannie and Freddie! How much will it cost us NEXT TIME?

    I say this is where there needs to be a line drawn in the sand; it is time to say “We won’t get fooled again!” History is not kind to those who do not stand up to adversity.

    To borrow a phrase from another blogger I read today . . . “I would rather lose my 401K than my country!”

  32. Perdido says:

    I wonder. Udall (D) NM voted “no.” Figures, as he is in a tough campaign against Pearce (NM) for the Senate seat being vacated by Dominici (R). Pearce has been using the Neo-Soviet Udall’s ultra left voting record in the House to beat him about the head and neck. The seat is a conservative one.

    Wilson (R) NM voted “Si”. She is eliminated by virtue of her hubris in running in the primary against Pearce. He is in fact a solid, country loving Conservative. She on the other had has been suspect as secretly liberal and is in fact a Carpet Bagger. So her true self shows with a vote that is anti-capitalist, anti-individualist, neo-soviet manure.

    As regards NM, we will send a much more conservative Senator to replace Dominici. We will send a very conservative replacement for Wilson. We will replace Pearce with a solid conservative. Udall who also forfeited his House seat to run for Dominici’s vacancy will be replace by another hopeless neo-sov.

    (When Obama loses the country will be spared the debacle of another term of Bill Richardson mismanaging another crucial Department.)

    We’re doing our best here, folks.

    Chins up! This is really working to the Conservative Agenda!

  33. Sooie says:

    Here is the Proposed $700 Bill Bailout Bill in it’s 110 page entirety:


    Started out, I hear, as a 3 page memo…

    I am wayyy too tired to read it tonight.

  34. EvaTheFrisbeeDog says:

    Paulson must resign — there are too many conflicts of interest and he’s too close to the failed bill.

    To immediately deal with this “crisis”, which we were told ten days ago would lead to the end of the world tomorrow, (1) the SEC can suspend mark-to-market accounting and (2) the administration can direct the IRS to change rules on bringing US corp funds (hundreds of billions of dollars) onshore without incurring exorbitant taxes.

    But….there’s mounting evidence from the Fed that the credit crunch isn’t emerging….I guess that astroid missed us after all.

    For all of you who “lost a fortune in the market”: you only lose when you sell, unless you’re employing the same faulty mark-to-market accounting that got us into this mess.

  35. IronFistVelvetGlove says:

    Now, let me get this straight: As told by the democrats, Bush is an idiot, a flaming a-hole, a dunce. His administration is a failure, filled with cronies and good-old boys. Couldn’t do anything right in eight years. He appointed Henry Paulson as the treasury secretary, Ben Bernake as the chairman of the Fed. They’re “his’ guys. And now… suddenly… the democrats are desperately voting for his admin’s bail-out plan?!? They’re all on board, lined up, marching to Bush’s drum, kissing his and trying to cover their asses. Pelosi’s carrying Bush’s water. Pelosi is on her knees. Suddenly the dems think his admin is golden; has all the answers! And now they’re screaming to the high heavens that the Republicans in Congress aren’t cooperating? What’s wrong with this picture! Are they kidding! Somebody should point this out to Pelosi, Frank and Dodd. Somebody should point this out to the general public – dems selling out to the hated Bush.
    After 8 years of the dems knocking the legs out from under this administration, now they’re wondering why they can’t get any credible traction. LOL. 95 dems voted against. Good job, Pelosi.

    … What goes around comes around …

  36. sheehanjihad says:

    because the media is firmly in the obama camp, and because the GOP is lacking a leader who understands the gravity of fighting for what they believe in, and because the democrats in congress are hell bent on taking complete control to push their socialism onto a crippled America….

    we wont see a damn thing about who is responsible for this mess. We wont see any Republican take the forefront and tell the American people just how badly they are being conned by democrat leaders. we wont be able to fight back, legally anyway…..and we, as conservatives, will be picked off one by one, until their is a silence…..a palpable silence of our values.

    I am not going to turn on the television for another week. The Colonel gives sage advice. I am disgusted with seeing socialism winning….and the absolute lack of a backbone from Republicans in Congress. I cant stand to see people with the actual ability to change things around runnning and hiding under their desks for whatever reason they are afraid to speak out.

    We need a leader. Not what we have now. Whoever is in charge of the McCain campaign needs to resign immediately. Let someone who knows how to fight back lead instead. Whoever is responsible for the lackluster and wholly misguided campaign now should be working for Obama instead. Hell, they are giving Obama a great lead doing what they are doing~! Get out…put in a fighter.

  37. thetimeisright says:

    Thanks to Sooie. I have read that steaming turd of a bill. This is a mess that will cost us way to much in the long run. I hope this one does not pass either.

    I seen a few loopholes. Page 40 dont look good to me an around line 22. An page 68. An now the the last thing that bothers me is all the boards an committees an who is appointing them to such a job just for us. ( The tax payers )

    I hope someone else reads this an give a summery of this to ease my pain..

  38. Grassy Knoll says:

    We were talking about this today at work. Someone said, “We can’t just do nothing.” Someone else said, “Why not?” And the place went silent. Then he added, “Why not let the market “right” itself?” Then I was reminded of something P. J. O’Rourke once said. I paraphrase but it was something like … stopping the government from taking action is like preventing a bear from eating your baby.

  39. JinnyB says:

    Dear President Bush,


    This is an open email being sent to you, and everyone else in the U.S.

    I guess our good Senators, and the rest of our ELECTED government
    officials JUST DON’T GET THE MESSAGE – the one that was sent by the
    House vote.

    Not in any form.
    Not under any circumstances.
    Not by any name Whatsoever.
    Not NOW, and not EVER!

    Not just “NO”, but “HELL NO!”

    And certainly not until after Paulson, ex Wall-Street CEO, who has a 700
    million dollar conflict of interest, and brings in AIG cronies to work
    on bailing out AIG, steps down or is FIRED. HE IS TAINTED, right along
    with all the other criminals that run the U.S. House of Representatives.

    If you want any bill to pass, IF THIS IS TRULY SUCH A CRISIS, the first
    step is to FIRE PAULSON, or have him to STEP DOWN. The next step would
    be to put McCain and Palin on the stage, together, explaining why.
    You, Paulson, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Reid and every other House Democrat
    our Constitution.

    WE THE PEOPLE do NOT support this bailout.

    If John McCain votes to support either the Dodd amendment to HR 1424, or
    HR 1424 itself I will not vote for him, and I will NEVER VOTE
    Republican again.

    Everyone needs to get this through their heads – 80% of the people in
    the United States ACTIVELY OPPOSE this bill in ANY FORM. And, yes, we
    are quite aware of the consequences, and prepared to pay the price to
    avoid having our Constitution shredded. If ANYONE IN WASHINGTON
    actually works for “We the People” people, they will oppose this
    shredding of our Constitution.

    Will you people in Washington get this through your heads:

    understand the consequences, and are willing to accept them to save this
    country and our Constitution. And if you are really so interested in
    destroying the Republican Party – keep making those 9:00 a.m. TV
    appearances and trying to scare the market. You are making us ABSOLUTELY
    FURIOUS. You are MANUFACTURING this crisis.

    PAULSON. You have ZERO credibility. If you want this bailout to pass,
    you’d better get McCain and Palin together on TV, explaining why, after
    FIRING Mr. Paulson – the Wall Street CEO with so much at stake, so many
    irons in the fire, so desperate to “fix” this “crisis”. WE DO NOT

    WE do not buy the “credit and liquidity” nonsense. WE can see that is
    blatantly and patently FALSE.
    We don’t care that people “won’t be able to buy new cars unless they
    have good credit”.
    We don’t care that people “won’t be able to buy washers and driers
    without good credit”.
    We don’t care that “people won’t be able to get student loans without
    having good credit”.
    We DON’T BELIEVE that businesses will close down, only BAD ONES.

    SOUND banks and credit Unions don’t seem to have a problem lending money
    to GOOD credit risks. The American Dollar is strong and is literally
    crushing the Euro. The price of oil is dropping. And you appear to

    Honestly, we don’t care about ANY OTHER of the absurd and utterly
    ridiculous explanations and cautions that have been put forth. You’re
    making this all sound like “Can I get me a huntin license, yuck, yuck.”
    DOWN TO US IN THIS FASHION. You need to let Freddie and Fannie go
    bankrupt, and prosecute EVERY crooked politician that took EVER TOOK
    money from them – which covers just about every Democrat there is,
    doesn’t it?

    End of story. Period.

    I am an American, Taxpaying, Republican voter
    and I approve this message.

  40. Rmy-mac-was-here says:

    I sent the following email to my congresscritter: “Sir,
    Thank you for not voting for the bailout bill. Unfortunately, many of your Senate associates and Colleagues in the house need emergency spine transplant surgery, so they could actually vote as conservatives. I am sure that you already understand that I do NOT support ANY bailout whatsoever. I implore you to vote against this horribly wrong bill that your associates in the Senate are attempting to foist on the taxpayers.
    Because of your past fiscal responsible actions, I will continue to support you.
    your constituent.”
    Feel free to edit, cut, paste and send it to your congresscritter.

  41. Rmy-mac-was-here says:

    Holy Cow! I just saw the list: One of my former state Senators voted for it- Coburn (R-OK). I thought he was suppossed to be all about being fiscally responsible! What happened? Does the good Dr need to perform a spine transplant on himself?

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