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‘Jena 6’ Protesters Say: “Praise Mychal Bell”

I had planned to post a series of photos from Thursday’s “Jena 6” demonstrations, but really this one is sufficient to capture the sentiment:


Apparently there were many “Praise Mychal Bell” signs.

They are mentioned at Black Spin, one of the (outrageously obscene and racist) black blogs featured on AOL’s Black Voices website:

“Free the Jena Six” – Rally Brings Change

Posted Sep 20th 2007 6:00PM by Jeff Douglas
Filed under: blackspin

Thousands of demonstrators descended on Jena, La., Thursday from across the country for what Al Sharpton called the beginning of the 21st century’s civil rights movement.

The demonstration prompted change and awareness, that’s for sure…

The six black teenagers who have become know as the Jena Six were at first charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white classmate after nooses were hung from a tree at school. Despite their age, all but one young man was also charged as an adult.

Marchers on Thursday carried signs that said “Praise Mychal Bell,” the only teen of the Jena Six who remains jailed.

After being convicted by and [sic] all-white jury, Bell was the last to have his conviction of aggravated assault overturned by a Louisiana appeals court last week. They ruled that he shouldn’t have been tried as an adult. He will now be tried as a juvenile and the others still await their court dates.

Sharpton said before the rally “Don’t act like we coming to start trouble. We’re coming to stop trouble.”

Reports so far say that the demonstration, which shut down the school and all the businesses in the town of 3,000, was big and peaceful. No trouble.

Marchers chanted “Free the Jena Six” and “No Justice, No Peace,” pointing to the case as yet another example of Southern legal injustice. All of the marchers on Thursday want ALL charges against all six dropped completely.

The Jena 6 teens found themselves in an unimaginable situation last year when nooses where hung from a tree on their high school campus, a powerful sign of lynching and racism. Fights where followed by arrests, but the white teens who hung the nooses were not charged with a crime.

This is sadly typical of the way this story is being misrepresented, especially by blacks.

The six black teenagers who have become know as the Jena Six were at first charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white classmate after nooses were hung from a tree at school.

There is no evidence that the nooses incident had anything to do with the beating. It happened three months later, and was not mentioned in any of the 40 statements taken by the authorities, according to the black US attorney on the case.

Despite their age, all but one young man was also charged as an adult.

They were tried as adults because according to Louisiana’s Children Code if someone is 15 or over and they are charged with one of a list of specific charges — including attempted murder — they must be tried in the adult justice system. If a defendant is under the age of 15, he can’t be charged as an adult. Bell was 16 at the time of the incident. Beard was 14.

After being convicted by and [sic] all-white jury…

Only whites showed up for the jury pool. The 150 people called for jury duty included black citizens, but only 50 people appeared, and none of them were black. It’s difficult to have blacks on a jury when they refuse to show up for jury duty.

Bell was the last to have his conviction of aggravated assault overturned by a Louisiana appeals court last week…

Bell was both the first and last to have his conviction vacated. He was originally tried as an adult because of his four prior (violent) felony convictions.

Fights where [sic] followed by arrests, but the white teens who hung the nooses were not charged with a crime.

Because there was no law broken. However, the three white students involved were suspended. Moreover, the victim of the beating which occurred three months later had nothing whatsoever to do with this incident.

But there seems to be a requirement about this case that no one is ever bothered with reporting such irksome details.

Which is especially apparent when you read the comments posted in response to this piece. The first, a rare voice of reason, though somewhat spelling-challenged:

Douglas Watts at 8:08PM on Sep 20th 2007:

Absolutely incredible! I am totally dumbfounded as to why Black people have sunk so low with regard to what we feel we must champion. I can’t help but notice the hypocracy of all this so-called heart-felt emotion. It’s as if the Black leadership has committed itself to chasing every media spotlight that gives it an opportunity to get up on a soapbox or draw attention to themselves or their particular agendas – whether right or wrong! I find this opportunistic behavior appauling and shameless.

What happened to the days when we as Black people held ourselves up to a much higher moral standard? Now, regardless of the situation, Black people are determined to rally around every tainted, suspect, and shameless act of immorality or lawbreaking that some unfortunately underprivaledged, uneducated, and uncarring young Black males can manage to get themselves into. I find it so mindblowing that young Black folk can call each other the N-word ad nauseum, refer to females in terms that totally overshadow the derrogatory remarks ever made by any white man, and then display the kind of unrealistic expectation that others don’t necessarily see them in that same light. Which is the larger crime? How we feel about ourselves as Black people, or how other feel about us?

We Currently have leadership that doesn’t seem to care about really putting this kind of thinking into perspective, nor do we have the kind of cohesive community that seems to know any better. We tend to still want to blame white people for all of our problems, and this is no different. How can we, in good conscious, condone 6 young Black boys that jumped on one young white boy? This is not only mob mentality, but it is the very kind of thing that symbolizes Black gangsta and gang mentality that plagues most Black communitities, the very kind of behavior that we are so appauled at. Were these guys so inadequate to take on a single white boy mano-e-mono, are did the gang mentality prevail? Maybe that’s why the nooses where hung in the first place as a means of showing disapproval of their behavior. Were these guys sagging in there pants ridiculously and walking around acting like gangstas and thugs in a manner so distasteful that maybe even other black were sickened by it and welcomed the planting of the nooses.

As a middle aged Black male, I am so sickened by the use of the N-word by anybody, and especially by the young Black folks until it takes everything in me to reframe from being confrontational. It is quite clear to me that these young Black guys were not totally innocent of what happened to them. Maybe if there had been less thug and gang mentality displayed, and more earnest effort ot avoid this situation, just like during the civil rights era days, then maybe I could understand the justification for such pervasive and emotional display of a mass movement of demonstators. Otherwise, I see this only as a convenient vehicle for people with wildly different agendas to take advantage of a situation that should not have been afforded such media attention. Ironically, when Black folks have truly ligitimate concerns with racisism where are the troups? There are Blacks out here truly trying to live right and do the right thing but none of the so-called leaders or the rest of the calvary are ever available to come to their rescue. This is counterproductive and, quite frankly, dillutes the effectiveness of any civil rights response by Blacks.

But Mr. Watts is immediately shouted down by this far more typical poster:

Blaqgod at 12:43AM on Sep 21st 2007:

To Douglas Watts(No.3) if you’re really a black man, then you are definitely a sell out, uncle tom ass pro-white kiss ass. First of all, these black children didn’t bother anyone and even got permission to sit underneath a damn tree that was deemed for white kids. When they were threatened with the nooses, they had every right to confront those who threatened them. Those same white kids threatened those same black boys with a shotgun the previous day and it was wrestled away from them. Where’s your outrage with that?

When that white boy got confronted, his ho card got pulled and they whipped his ass. He threatened with his friends so where’s your outrage with that? There’s an injustice because when a man beats up his spouse or lover, he doesn’t nearly half the time these boys were charged with and I’ve seen some women battered beyond recognition. I’ve seen people shot and the suspect didn’t get nearly half the time these boys were charged with.

Mind you that same white boy got his out of the hospital 3 hours later and went to a party. His injuries were apparently not that serious for those black boys to charged with attempted murder. Before you speak uncle tom learn your facts first.

Its men like you who’ve become friends with whites and have turned your back on your own. Its black men like you who forgot where they come from and didn’t give back to your community, thereby not allowing these same black boys to have a “real” black man to idolize. Black boys idolize criminals because unfortunately criminals give back to their community in a negative manner and thats all they see.

While you’re living in your suburban home, you’re afraid to come to the hood because you’re ashamed of your people. Therefore you talk about them with your white associates. Man, I wanted to talk about how we should turn this positive movement into our neighborhoods to combat criminal activity and strengthen our communities, but you done pissed me off…

And the rest of the numerous comments reflect this sentiment based on these and other imagined “facts.”

It sometimes seems hopeless, doesn’t it?

If so many blacks continue to fall for the race-baiting lies of Messers. Jackson and Sharpton, they will fall for anything.

God help us all.

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