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Is The New York Post’s Graphic ‘Suggestive’?

From the inimitable New York Post:




March 2, 2008 — The race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama in the key Tuesday primaries in Ohio and Texas has tightened dramatically in the last few days.

Clinton is dead even with Obama in Ohio, according to a new Reuters/C-SPAN poll out yesterday. The poll shows both candidates with 45 percent of the vote.

And she trails Obama in Texas by just two percentage points now – 43 to 45. With a 4-point margin of error, the two are statistically tied there. She gained a percentage point from the same poll taken four days ago, and Obama lost three points.

Both states are considered must-wins for Clinton, who has lost 11 straight contests to Obama…

Less than two weeks ago, Clinton had a 10-point lead in Ohio. Now, less than one-tenth of a percentage point separates her from Obama, according to the poll.

In Texas, Clinton held nearly a 20-point lead in January, but the latest polls have the two candidates battling for every vote.

Clinton’s hopes in Texas rest mainly on the Hispanic vote, but according to recent polls, Obama has been gaining on her among Latinos.

A Feb. 24 poll from Texas A&M University showed 62 percent of Hispanics backing Clinton, compared to 22 percent for Obama.

But yesterday’s poll found that Clinton’s support among that demographic had dropped to 55 percent, while Obama’s rose to 33 percent.

Clinton admitted that the upcoming primaries are critical.

“We have to win on Tuesday. That’s not a surprise to you,” she said at a San Antonio fund-raiser breakfast that netted her $200,000. “And we are going to win.”

Clinton flew to Ohio last night to kick off an “88 counties in 88 hours” bus marathon. Monday night, she’ll appear on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart.

Of course it is highly entertaining to watch Mrs. Clinton flailing about in what hopefully will prove to be the death throes of the Clinton family as a political force.

But the other reason I posted this article was to call attention to the graphic the NY Post employed.

Is it just me, or is it somewhat shall we say “suggestive”?

Maybe I’m am just falling prey to the seemingly endless barrage of charges of racism and sexism from both camps, but the Post’s illustration seems to smack of both.

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