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NY Times Doesn’t Want Saddam Hanged

From their fellow appeasers at France's AFP

New York Times calls for deferring Saddam's execution

Nov 06

The New York Times called for the deferment of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's execution, saying Iraq had not received "full justice."

The newspaper, which is opposed to the death penalty, said Iraq not only needed to hold Saddam fully accountable for his atrocities but also to heal and educate the nation he "ruthlessly divided."

The toppled Iraqi leader was sentenced Sunday to die by hanging for ordering the deaths of 148 Shiite residents of Dujail, north of Baghdad, after a 1982 assassination attempt.

"But Iraq got neither the full justice nor the full fairness it deserved," it said in an editorial.

"President Bush overreached in calling the trial 'a milestone in the Iraqi peoples efforts to replace the rule of a tyrant with the rule of law.'"

The paper expressed regret that dominant Shiite and Kurdish politicians "have been determined to use Mr. Hussein's trial and punishment to further their own political ends, as Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has continued to do in recent days."

The editorial called for deferring the death penalty "long enough to allow the completion of a second trial, in which Mr. Hussein is charged with ordering genocidal massacres against the Kurds." …

What a surprise, huh?

But of course The Times try to hide their intentions behind their usual high-flown persiflage:

Iraq had not received "full justice." … "But Iraq got neither the full justice nor the full fairness it deserved" …

Of course what The Times really means is that Saddam has not been given "full justice" or "full fairness." "Full justice" to their minds would be putting him back in power and putting President Bush on the gallows.

For the New York Times worships all of America’s enemies. After all, they are on the same side.

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