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NY Times Finally Notices Murtha Corruption

An editorial from the "paper of treason," the New York Times:

Dealing With Congressman Inc.

December 30, 2006

As the Democrats regain power in Congress next week they would be wise to look to one of their own — Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania — for ironic inspiration in enacting the ethics reforms they promised voters. Even in the minority, Mr. Murtha made himself a legend at mastering the same quid pro quo culture that Democrats denounced in running against the Republicans’ manipulations of Washington’s money trough. His deliverance of masses of pork to favored campaign donors and lobbyists has been laid bare in a report by The Washington Post, detailing the sort of classic money churn that helped drive the Republicans from power.

It began with Mr. Murtha’s securing $500,000 in federal start-up money for a nonprofit agency created by a staff member who eventually left to run the agency and, in turn, lobby his old boss. The nonprofit, with a goal of finding jobs for the disabled, soon became a magnet for Murtha-friendly lobbyists, contractors and other insiders. They became members of its board and raised money for the cause. In the process, they reaped millions in federal contracts with the congressman’s help. And, needless to say, they closed the loop with regular donations to Murtha campaign kitties.

This sort of mutual back-scratching was dubbed DeLay Inc. by critics denouncing Republicans for systematically flirting with corruption. Democrats in the new majority can expect much to be made of Murtha Inc. unless they enact firm, thorough ethics controls on their own behavior.

Congressman Murtha’s symbiotic prowess with defense contractors and power lobbyists was an open secret that drew no great attention until the incoming speaker, Nancy Pelosi, sought him as her majority leader. She was rebuffed by wiser colleagues. They must follow up that close call by striking at the heart of the easy-money culture that besmirches both sides of the aisle.

Note that The Times admits that Murtha’s corruption has been an "open secret." And yet they never bothered to report it when the information might have made a difference. Why is that?

Instead they waited until he has been safely re-elected and his leadership dreams have been thoroughly scotched.

Even so the Solons at the Times still waited to sneak this bit of moralizing out until absolutely slowest news period of the year, and under the cover of Saddam’s hanging.

Of course this is to balance their thousands of front page above the fold stories about Republican corruption.

That’s what is called "fairness" in our one party media.

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