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Palin Email Hackers’ Other Dirty Tricks

From the UK’s Sky News:

Screen grab: ‘Anonymous’ hackers storms virtual world Habbo.

Palin Hackers Behind Sick Pranks

The hackers who broke into Sarah Palin’s email account are behind a host of sick pranks – including harassing a dead boy’s parents by pretending to be his ghost.

September 21, 2008

The mystery group, who call themselves Anonymous, posted a number of the Republican vice-presidential candidate’s private emails and family photos on the internet.

The McCain campaign were furious and called it a “shocking invasion of privacy and a violation of law” – and called for those responsible to be prosecuted.

The FBI are now hunting the gang, who bragged about how they were able to obtain Mrs Palin’s password by guessing she had met her husband at high school and knew her date of birth and postal code.

Using the details, one hacker – who uses the online handle Rubico – said he tricked Yahoo into assigning a new password for Mrs Palin’s email account.

Anonymous, who have so far evaded capture by successfully masking their IP addresses, have hit the headlines on many occasions over their twisted antics.

They have been dubbed ‘hackers on steroids’ by the US media and get their kicks by making prank calls, flooding message boards with obscene photos and breaking into people’s social network sites to out them as gay.

In March this year, they flooded an epilepsy website with flashing images, causing some members to suffer migraines and seizures.

The FBI is investigating what may be the first computer attack that physically harmed people.

They also stormed a virtual world known as Habbo by sending in black-skinned avatars with Afro hair to block off the pool to other users, claiming it was infected with AIDS.

They also formed swastika formations.

The group was slated over the suicide of US student Mitchell Henderson, who they claimed had shot himself because he lost his iPod, something he had noted on his MySpace page.

Anonymous seized on a badly written message on his online memorial page and turned the phrase “an hero” into an internet catchphrase.

For more than a year, the sick group carried on the harassment by calling the youngster’s parents, pretending to be his ghost.

They sound like typical Democrats.

But isn’t it funny how none of our stateside media watchdogs have reported on the other achievements of this group of bravos.

Of course it is also weird that even this report neglects to mention how “Rubico” has been found to be the son of a Democrat Congressman.

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32 Responses to “Palin Email Hackers’ Other Dirty Tricks”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    “How do we fight this tsunami of Evil?????????????”

    Elect Palin or Libertarians.

  2. DGA says:

    “How do we fight this tsunami of Evil?????????????”

    By doing what we do here, to out these creeps whenever possible, as often as possible. And vote of course. None of this will make them go away, but it keeps the hounds at bay, so to speak.

  3. cigarskunk says:

    Should we fight fire with fire?

    Yes – that’s how we won WWII.

    We carpet bombed cities, we firebombed civilians, we did everything and anything that we could to destroy both the enemy’s will and ability to fight – that’s how one wins a war.

    The enemy has shown that they are just as bad as the terrorists that we are fighting now and as such, if we are willing to use torture, water boarding and assassination to win the war on terror then we should also be willing to go to whatever extremes are needed in order to win that war on the home political front.

    The Democrats celebrated and condoned the hack of Palin’s email account and mourned the fact that nothing “good” was found that could have helped them win the election. Go to any leftwing forum or chat site and you will not find any of its liberal members condemning the email hacks.

    As such, they have opened the door – they have said that its perfectly fine to hack Obama/Biden’s email, that this is an acceptable way to bring down the opposition to win.

    Some will say that we should take the moral high ground, that if anyone out there is capable of returning the favor to the Democrats and taking a peek at the private messages that they’re sending each other that those people shouldn’t.

    BS – if we took that attitude then we’d never have the cellphone video of key DNC/Obama officials cheering the fact that a hurricane (that could have killed who knows how many and caused untold billions in damage, never mind the suffering) was going to ruin the GOP convention.

    The Left has condoned this action and if anyone is capable of seeing what kind of racist rants Obama or his wife have in thier private emails, then by all means share those with America – show everyone what kind of people are trying to lead our country.

    And when the Left screams and cries about how terrible the hackers are for having let us know what Obama REALLY thinks, just link and post thier own threads universally condoning such actions.

    If I had the computer skills to do such a thing I’d be willing to risk the consequences and instead of this post, I’d be bouncing myself off of a dozen proxies and posting thier emails everywhere and anywhere I could.

    The difference between us and them is that after we become a devil to defeat a devil, we step back from the edge and put aside such horrific weapons – they are our weapons of last resort when we are facing something so terrible that we have no other choice.

    Moral high ground and $4.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks – do or die.

  4. retire05 says:

    The suspect in the Sarah Palin email hacking case is David Kernell, freshman at the University of Tennessee and son of Mike Kernell, Tennessee state representative (DEMOCRAT). A search warrent has been issued and the FBI searched David Kernell’s residence today for 1.5/2 hours. His two roommates were ordered to leave and they have served court documents that will require them to testify re: the hacking later this week.

    It will be interesting to see if this 20 year old son of a Democrat politician was involved in anyway with the Obama campaign. And how much the MSM will try to ignore the story.

    Also, on Friday, Bill O’Reilly’ website was hacked into stealing the passwords of over 200 premium members. The information is on O’Reilly’s website.

    The gremlins are in full force, kids. Obama knows he can’t win this election any more legally than he won all the rest of his campaigns. So they are going to try to suppress free speech, intimidate anyone who speaks out against him and shut down websites that are not in lock step with them. In the past couple of months, a number of Hillary support website have been hacked into or shut down. (yes, I look at them. Good to know what the other side is thinking).

  5. GTBurns says:

    Anonymous pretty much does things not for politics but for the LULZ. The same way to want to see McCain win, for the LULZ. LULZ that will happen if Obama loses, the left and the media sychophants have so much emotional capital invested in this empty suit when he loses they are going to LOSE it. There will be mental breakdowns, riots and shitfits and possible hippie suicides as when they realize their messiah has fallen they will have no other choice but to become AN_HEROes.

    This is why they are fuming over PALIN, McCain made a much better choice for VP after Obama built up all this suspense for Biden, when so many of his supporters were groping themselves over a possible Obama/hillary ticket. he had to pick Biden, he needed someone so lame to not overshadow him, which is what Hillary would have done.

    If Obama loses his political career will pretty much be finished, he will never be able to run for national office again. But Hillary can make another go at it in 2012 or 2016.

    I’ve noticed on both left and right blogs, both sides are AFRAID their guy will lose in November. To win we need to show we have greater confidence in our guy then them. It is starting to set in that OBAMA is not the strong candidate they though he was.

  6. imnewatthis says:

    Why are there so many nasty people nowadays?

  7. brad says:

    This reminds me of a bunch of black college democrats who went out and slashed the tires of Republican voter buses back in 2004. It was in Milwaukee, and they snuck out and did the slash-job late one night, then bragged about it to their friends. –Busted.

    It also reminds me of the liberal democrats at the University of Wisconsin who sabotaged the headquarters of then Governor Tommy Thompson’s re-election campaign. On one occasion, threw a brick threw the window while a worker was there. Then on one occasion they paint bomed another area causing window damage and clean up repairs. And then on Earth Day, slashed tires of parked S.U.V.s around the capital city.

    By comparison, Conservatives bomb abortion clinics, and really, these things put together don’t help at all. Abortion is a dead issue, so no need to get all upset about it, and hacking a governor’s email does what exactly? I don’t know…….

  8. Icarus says:

    Cigarskunk you articulated precisely and clearly the point I raised in earlier posts…. No one is condoning ANY sort of violence!!! Or any sort of hateful evil attacks via Smears, Lying, Threats, etc. “ anything” that is clearly detestable… unlike our counterparts, there are certain depths that we will NEVER sink to. I feel we do have the moral high ground (almost always use it) and always will.

    However when it comes to specific conduct/tactics such as impersonating others (with inside help) in order to protest/disrupt a private (RNC) conference – without consequence (anyone arrested yet?) Or hacking into people’s private (or non-private) e-mails without consequence (predict any arrests coming in this one?) Then to most anyone (until we see consequence for such actions) it would appear that these sort of tactics “MAY” now be part of the political flushing out process and considered acceptable.
    Until a clear statement is made (arrests) to show that it is not…………How is one to take this?

  9. Icarus says:


    Nice to see fair and balanced comparisons on here!

    Tell me; when was the last time an Abortion clinic was bombed? And as far as abortion being a “dead issue”…that was very gently put; no Lib could be more sensitive than that!

    In light of this it’s easy to undertsand why hacking into someone’s private e-mail would seem okay

  10. RightWinger says:

    It’s interesting how supporters of the left point fingers at Republicans/Conservatives and accuse them of “Nazi” tactics when their actions are pretty much out of a Goebbels play book.

    On another board (Star Ledger opinion) when I told one poster to get over his Nazi Schtick, another lib came to the first posters defense saying that Republicans did engage in those tactics. When I asked her about which party’s supporters are the ones who show up and start rioting and destroying personal property (aka: St. Paul) at political events, her response was that it wasn’t fair to paint everybody with the broad brush because of a “few bad apples with bad manners.”

    You can’t help and laugh about how ludicrous that sounds. I reminded her that it was not a “few bad apples” in St. Paul and that it was 100’s of thugs and dozens of them were arrested. Then when I asked her if thugs smashed the windshield to her car, smashed the windows to her property and then threw bags of urine and feces in her face, would she still refer to that as “bad manners”?

    Of course there was no response to that particular question.

    So in the warped view of some lefties, rioting and thuggery is okay as long as their political opponents are on the receiving end of such heinous acts.

    If Republican runs an advertisement pointing out a Democrats liberal political record, it’s regarded by their side as a vile disgusting act that brings new meaning to sleezy politics and something that Goebbels would have been proud of.

  11. BillK says:


    Don’t forget that one of those responsible for slashing the tires of the Republican get-out-the-vote vehicles was the son of Milwaukee Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore, and another was the son of the acting mayor of Milwaukee.

    From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 26, 2006:

    4 get jail in election day tire slashing

    Judge says probation doesn’t atone for crime

    By Meg Jones

    Tossing aside a plea agreement that called for probation, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael B. Brennan sentenced four Democratic Party workers to jail Wednesday for slashing tires on 25 vans rented by Republicans to take voters to polls for the 2004 presidential election.

    Calling the vandalism more than harmless hijinks, Brennan admonished the men, including the sons of two prominent Milwaukee politicians, for disenfranchising voters. The judge said he had received letters from county residents upset over the crime.

    They see you tampering with something they consider sacred, and that’s the ballot box,” Brennan said during a two-hour sentencing.

    Michael Pratt, 33, and Lewis Caldwell, 30, were sentenced to six months in jail, while Lavelle Mohammad, 36, got five months and Sowande Omokunde, 26, got four months. Each was also fined $1,000. They have two weeks to report to jail and will be eligible for work release.

    Pratt is the son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, and Omokunde is the son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.).


    Notice a trend going on with Democratic politicos and the “unrelated” actions of their children?

    I guess growing up among all that animosity and hate towards the right does have an effect.

    But that’s right – only Republicans can disenfranchise voters, and Democratic actions are merely harmless pranks or “thought-provoking exercises.”

  12. Steve says:

    From the S&L archives:

    Latest In Milwaukee Dems Tire Slashing Case | Sweetness & Light

    Four Milwaukee Democrat Tire Slashers Cop Pleas | Sweetness & Light

    Milwaukee Dem Van Tire Slashers Get Sentenced | Sweetness & Light

  13. Diane says:

    By comparison, Conservatives bomb abortion clinics

    This has, of course, happened, and it’s inexcusable, but your mentioning it got me curious. I’ve seen the bombing of abortion clinics brought up quite a bit recently on liberal websites, but I can’t remember the last time I heard about one. So, I googled for “abortion clinic bomb”. The most recent citation I could find was from CNN, dated April of 2007. I found references to bombings in 2000, some in 1997, but that’s about it.

    It would appear that even conservative bomb-throwers are more restrained than their liberal counterparts.

  14. Exeter says:

    cigarskunk – “Should we fight fire with fire? Yes – that’s how we won WWII.”

    Come on, that’s a little too simplistic. Carpetbombing and firebombing were the tactics of war in the 1940s – like trench warfare was in WWI, massed assault was in the Civil War, the cavalry charge was in the Napoleonic Wars and siege warfare was in the War of the Roses. This is just the face of war, and it’s distinct from “fighting fire with fire”. In WWII, American GIs didn’t raze and pillage towns, murder prisoners, subject the locals to rape and slave labor, or exterminate those of ‘inferior’ races. And even if there were isolated incidents of these things happening, they were NOT policy; we left that sort of thing to the Nazis and the Japanese.

    In 1864, the Republicans tried to persuade Abraham Lincoln to forego the national elections, arguing that the prosecution of the Civil War depended on the Administration and the country couldn’t risk handing power over to the Democrats. Lincoln refused, explaining that if the Confederacy could make the Union abandon the rule of law, then the rebels had already won. I put the same to you: if the Liberals can make us Conservatives hack emails, slash tires, stuff ballot boxes, intimidate voters, steal public money and demonize opponents, then they’ve already won.

    Evan Sayet had this to say in his speech at the Heritage Foundation. It’s a little long, but worth the time.


  15. Icarus says:

    Me thinks we have a couple of ghosts in this machine!

  16. cigarskunk says:

    “I put the same to you: if the Liberals can make us Conservatives hack emails, slash tires, stuff ballot boxes, intimidate voters, steal public money and demonize opponents, then they’ve already won.”

    Sounds like you’re quoting the end of the most recent Batman movie so I’ll stick with that theme – how much death and suffering are you willing to allow to happen in order to maintain the moral high ground?

    Just think of the murder and mayhem that will occure from President Obama’s defense policies? Imagine the suffering that will occure from his tax hikes, his destroying our healthcare system with socialism and $10/gallon gas from his energy decisions? Think of all of the robbery, rape and murder victims that will be created by his crime and gun control policies, how the American people will have to put bars on thier homes and be unable to legally defend themselves should a criminal break in?

    If I could be the person that’d be labelled the ‘bad guy’ for hacking Obama and posting stuff that would sink him once and for all, I’d happily do so because I’d much rather have that then the moral high ground and the blood of all of those inocents on my hands.


    On the abortion question –


    According to that pro-abortion site, the last murder was in 1998, last attempted murder was 2000 and last bombing was 2001.

  17. Helena says:

    Ironic, isn’t it? Ms. Palin is attacked because of her alleged lack of responsibility to her children. Well, it sure looks like Mr. Kernell had no business running for office. His children suffered because of his absence. They grew up with no respect (nor indeed any idea of) basic privacy laws and apparently never even learned right from wrong. Mr. Kernell should have been a father first.

  18. Exeter says:

    cigarskunk – no, I wasn’t quoting the latest Batman, since I haven’t seen it. Any similarities between my post and the movie are coincidental.

    “Just think of the murder and mayhem…”
    Your apocalyptic view of the future seems a little hyperbolic. But that aside, there’s a flaw in your reason: you’re justifying criminal behavior by what you think MIGHT happen. With this same logic, you could shoot a man because he MIGHT shoot you, or rob your bank because it MIGHT go bankrupt. It is, in fact, a revised argument for the ethics exercise, “Would you kill baby Hitler?” (The right answer is, “No”.)

    “I’d much rather have that then the moral high ground…”
    I don’t take my position to claim moral superiority. I take it because I defend America, and America is a society of law. The moonbats spend all their energy denying American exceptionalism, and try to prove it by their behavior; if we act the same, we prove them right. Law means we don’t live by the will of a king, the whims of a dictator, OR THE PASSIONS OF THE MOB. “Those who will not live by the law shall die by the law,” someone important once said.

    “…and the blood of all of those inocents on my hands.”
    I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, so please clarify: are you seriously laying the responsibility of your hypothetical armageddon on me? I look forward to your answer.

  19. Icarus says:



  20. Exeter says:

    Okay, Icarus, I sense I joke but I’m not getting it. Explain, please.

  21. BelchSpeak says:

    Okay, there seem to be some misconceptions about the so-called group “Anonymous” and David Kernell, the snot-nosed brat that’s currently under investigation by the FBI for breaching Palin’s email account.

    First, the two are not related. Kernell tried to throw Palin’s email account to a group of people on a message board. The users of the message board often decide to be mischievous, like showing up on a stupid video game to stage a protest, even tasteless ones. Sometimes they engage in denial of service attacks, such as against scientologist websites, or seed blogs or myspace pages with troll comments to create outrage in others. One example you mentioned is pretending to be a ghost to parents of a child who committed suicide over internet drama, and was labelled as a hero by his friends and the media. Yes, its amoral and tasteless, but there is no political drive behind the group.

    Glenn Reynolds wrote a book about a similar phenomena, called the “Army of Davids” which shows how anonymous users on the internet can band together to drive and focus issues. The so-called “hacker group” anonymous is very similar to the “Army of Davids.” In fact, it should be pointed out that it was a member of this loose-knit group that changed Palin’s password to lock out the true hacker Kernell.

    And when femist whacko blogger from BitingBeaver, Cheryl Seelhof, threatened to “abort her teenage son” because he was looking at pornography, the same group hounded the blogger until she deleted lots of her content, and the group launched efforts to make sure her son was not harmed by her feminist derangement.

    Bottom line is I’m not condoning the actions of “anonymous.” But to believe they are partisans or have superpowers on the internet is just silly.

  22. Icarus says:

    Okay, there seem to be some misconceptions about the so-called group “Anonymous” and David Kernell… …the two are not related. Kernell tried to throw Palin’s email account to a group of people…

    What’s you point exactly?
    Related or unrelated makes no difference to me (both are despicable)
    …What difference does it make to you?

    Bottom line is I’m not condoning the actions of “anonymous.” But to believe they are partisans or have superpowers on the internet is just silly.

    You don’t believe they are partisan?
    What constitutes “superpowers” on the internet?

    I believe they are partisan; one is the son of Democrat,… and any group of individuals by definition are partisan to something (they certainly have similar ideology – and I don’t think its conservative)
    Hacking (breaking-in!!) into people’s private e-accounts is power enough!

  23. wardmama4 says:

    I have to come down on the side of remaining above the frey – yes, if it comes down to a war – revolution, civil war, terrorist in America, WWIII whatever – then the ‘rules’ change. But I have to believe that the the majority of Americans want to simply own their own little piece of ground w/a house & car, work 5 on 2 off, watch football/baseball on the weekends after mowing what grass they have, and pay some taxes to have schools, a hospital and some police. I still believe that the majority of Americans are right in the middle, conservative on some things, liberal on others – but libertarian on most things.

    If you buy into the Obama is winning, everyone buys into his ‘ideas’ – then what you are saying is that you buy into Obama and the msm. Which is what they want and I believe why they started the ‘campaigning’ back in Nov of 2006 – to be able to repeat their mantra again and again so that everyone buys it.

    But you have to be careful with use of words like everyone, always, never – we are human beings with free will – still. And such words tend to make people question – and that is still the main aspect of freedom in America – questioning authority (damn, now where did I hear that one?!?)

    Don’t buy into the msm line that Obama is going to win, don’t predict doomsday simply because of a low life breaks a law attempting to ruin Mrs. Palin and then tries to explain it away. Let us rather see this as possibly the point (especially with the Fannie/Freddie mess) – when Americans wake up and say Enough. You have crossed the lines and we don’t want it, buy it, believe it anymore.

    Vote them out – start with the ‘leaders’ Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy (please), and Obama himself – then work on those who do the right thing and vote the right way – to take control and bring this Congress and Government back into ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ once again.

    Yes, one has to crawl into the gutter to get rid of the slime – but one does not have to crawl into the gutter to see if there is slime there. We must always do the right thing. Let them continue to wreak havoc – history will see them as the wrong ones. It always does.

  24. BelchSpeak says:

    Icarus, you missed my point. David Kernell is not a member of any hacker group. He acted alone. And to attribute powers to any group, such as the ability to avoid prosecution, the ability to hack into anyone or anything, is tantamount to assigning them superpowers. The author of the skynews article quoted above performed no research and got the whole story wrong from start to finish, including who the culprit was.

  25. ken_atherton@hotmail.com says:

    I realize I’m coming in late to this conversation, but I think you are making a mistake by crediting this “group of hackers” with any real motive or organization.

    I’m sure nobody here has ever been to the site in question (and I don’t recommend it unless you have a really strong stomach and a juvenile sense of humor) but the site is really the equivalent of a bunch of high school kids hanging around, torturing each other and deciding whose house to go egg. These guys are not Democrats or Republicans, they are anarchists in the purest sense of the word.

    Obviously, because they are connected to the internet, there is the possibility of their pranks being higher profile. But let’s review what seems to have actually happened:

    1. It is reported that Sarah Palin’s administration uses publicly accessible email services for official business. Even the email addresses are published. As a side note, I can’t stress it enough that this represents a really poor judgment somewhere in Sarah’s administration. It is absolutely stupid to write sensitive emails on a system that can be connected to by anyone on the internet. The idea of using these accounts as a way to avoid subpoenas is ridiculous due to the high probability of the account being hacked.
    2. Hackers around the world realize there’s an opportunity here and go to work trying to break in.
    3. Sometime last week, one of these hackers announces his success on /b/ as well as Wikileaks and posts a few screen captures as proof. He also, at some point, leaks the password he has found through an unknown method. Here’s the scary bit: we have one hacker who admitted success. How many others figured out how to get into the account but didn’t tell anyone. The hacker we know about seems not to have been driven by any specific motive, or at least he didn’t admit to finding anything significant in the account. Others may have been far more nefarious, and may have downloaded vast numbers of emails for later analysis.
    4. Within minutes, numerous other hackers are accessing the account and someone, trying to be a white knight, changes the password on the account.
    5. The rest becomes a bit unclear, but the account probably became disabled by Yahoo fairly quickly after that, either through the request of someone on Sarah’s staff or, more likely, automatically due to the number of failed login attempts.

    I’m not trying to dismiss this as a bunch of kids playing pranks, but Palin will be lucky if it turns out that is the extent of the damage. The lesson for Palin and her team is if there are communications that they want to keep private, this is not the way to do it. For me, personally, this whole incident calls her judgment into question.

  26. BillK says:

    Sorry, Ken, but for most Americans this would call Yahoo!’s policies into question.

    I wonder how many people’s Yahoo! accounts have now been hacked using similar methods?

    Somehow this is Palin’s fault for not thinking like an Internet security consultant?

    Note that despite what the Press would like you to believe, this was not a government account but rather her personal email account.

    Do you think the majority of Moms and Dads with Yahoo! or Gmail accounts know that they should take Yahoo!’s “password reset security questions” as the massive security hole they are?

    Further, do you think the Press should treat this as a joke?

    Somehow, one gets the feeling if one hacked Obama’s personal email account and posted the messages on the web they wouldn’t be dismissed as mere “pranksters,” especially if one involved were the son of a notable Republican lawmaker.

    Anyone involved – including the members of Anoynmous – should be prosecuted not only for this but for their harassment stunts as well as their little flashing image on epilepsy support sites stunt.

    It’s like slashing the tires on ambulances outside an emergency room and finding it “funny.”

  27. Diane says:

    So much to say…

    Wardmama – Brava! I think you’re absolutely right. Most of us just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. The only problem I see is that it really only takes one person to upset that for everyone, but with that little quibble, I think you said it beautifully.

    anonymous are not, technically speaking, hackers. They’re known as “griefers”. In so far as they have any philosophy at all, it’s that people take the Internet too seriously, Their mantra is a mocking “the Internet is serious business”. If you read the post made by the guy who hacked Palin’s account, you’ll see that phrase used in anything but a mocking way when he realizes he’s just screwed himself. As griefers, what they mostly do is try to make the life of anyone who enjoys any part of the Internet a living hell, with the stated intention of making them as angry as possible. The trolls we occasionally get on the forum here are small-change griefers. Hacking is ancillary to their primary purpose of causing trouble. Think thirteen-year-old boys with way too much free time and no parents.

    It is pretty well known that Yahoo’s security policies are a joke. Anyone with a modicum of competence can break into a Yahoo email account if the owner has any net-presence at all. That’s why webmail accounts in general shouldn’t be used for anything but the most trivial personal business.

    As to Sarah using her account for government business – I haven’t been able to find the original post in which “Rubico” discussed what he found, but he indicated that he was looking for dirt on Palin and found exactly nothing. We know he found personal pictures and personal emails, but there is nothing remotely resembling proof that she conducted state business from her Yahoo account. All I’ve been able to find are some MSM articles indicating that some of the email titles were “suggestive” that she had done so. I honestly think that if there were anything like that, Rubico would’ve included screenshots when he first posted about it. He stated quite categorically that he read every single email in her account.

    If she did use a Yahoo account for state business, it was certainly foolish, but IT professionals see this kind of foolishness all the time. It’s a problem, but not a big one. Of course, the MSM would have you believe otherwise.

  28. BillK says:

    Diane, the AP of course pushed the “government business” angle, but in fact they were personal emails from Palin to a friend who also worked in the Alaskan state Government.

  29. Exeter says:


    This is a portion of Michelle Malkin’s posting on the subject (f-bomb warning):

    The story behind the Palin e-mail hacking
    By Michelle Malkin • September 17, 2008 07:31 PM

    This is what rubico said:

    rubico 09/17/08(Wed)12:57:22 No.85782652

    Hello, /b/ as many of you might already know, last night sarah palin’s yahoo was “hacked” and caps were posted on /b/, i am the lurker who did it, and i would like to tell the story.

    In the past couple days news had come to light about palin using a yahoo mail account, it was in news stories and such, a thread was started full of newfags trying to do something that would not get this off the ground, for the next 2 hours the acct was locked from password recovery presumably from all this bullshit spamming.

    after the password recovery was reenabled, it took seriously 45 mins on wikipedia and google to find the info, Birthday? 15 seconds on wikipedia, zip code? well she had always been from wasilla, and it only has 2 zip codes (thanks online postal service!)

    the second was somewhat harder, the question was “where did you meet your spouse?” did some research, and apparently she had eloped with mister palin after college, if youll look on some of the screenshits that I took and other fellow anon have so graciously put on photobucket you will see the google search for “palin eloped” or some such in one of the tabs.

    I found out later though more research that they met at high school, so I did variations of that, high, high school, eventually hit on “Wasilla high” I promptly changed the password to popcorn and took a cold shower…

    >> rubico 09/17/08(Wed)12:58:04 No.85782727

    this is all verifiable if some anal /b/tard wants to think Im a troll, and there isn’t any hard proof to the contrary, but anyone who had followed the thread from the beginning to the 404 will know I probably am not, the picture I posted this topic with is the same one as the original thread.

    I read though the emails… ALL OF THEM… before I posted, and what I concluded was anticlimactic, there was nothing there, nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped, all I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor…. And pictures of her family

    I then started a topic on /b/, peeps asked for pics or gtfo and I obliged, then it started to get big

    Earlier it was just some prank to me, I really wanted to get something incriminating which I was sure there would be, just like all of you anon out there that you think there was some missed opportunity of glory, well there WAS NOTHING, I read everything, every little blackberry confirmation… all the pictures, and there was nothing, and it finally set in, THIS internet was serious business, yes I was behind a proxy, only one, if this shit ever got to the FBI I was fucked, I panicked, i still wanted the stuff out there but I didn’t know how to rapidshit all that stuff, so I posted the pass on /b/, and then promptly deleted everything, and unplugged my internet and just sat there in a comatose state

    Then the white knight fucker came along, and did it in for everyone, I trusted /b/ with that email password, I had gotten done what I could do well, then passed the torch , all to be let down by the douchebaggery, good job /b/, this is why we cant have nice things


    Malkin’s continuous pursuit of this subject:

    On the Palin e-mail hacker trail
    By Michelle Malkin • September 22, 2008 12:00 PM

    The FBI is stepping up its investigation into the possibility that a University of Tennessee student hacked into the personal e-mail of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    A person who identified himself as a witness tells 10 News that agents with the FBI served a federal search warrant at the Fort Sanders residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning. Kernell lives in the Commons apartment complex at 1115 Highland Ave.

    David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis.

    A Department of Justice spokesperson confirmed there has been “investigatory activity” in Knoxville regarding the Palin case, but she said there are no publicly available search warrants, and no charges have been filed.

    A separate law enforcement source confirmed to 10 News that a search warrant was served on Kernell’s apartment.

    According to the witness, several agents arrived at The Commons of Knoxville around midnight.

    They presented their badges upon entering Kernell’s apartment, where several students were having a party, and took down their names.

    The witness tells us they asked him and those who did not live in the unit to go outside. He believes the investigators took about 1.5 to 2 hours taking pictures of everything inside the apartment.

    Witnesses say Kernell and his friends fled the apartment when the FBI agents arrived.

    And the latest:

    A Grand Jury in Chattanooga could reportedly hear testimony this week into the alleged hacking of the personal e-mail of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    The Knoxville News-Sentinel said the FBI is investigating the possibility that a University of Tennessee student who is the son of a state legislator from Memphis carried out the hacking.

    The report said FBI agents raided the apartment of David Kernell early Sunday morning.

    It said friends of Kernell were interviewed, and said they are due to testify about the case in Chattanooga this week.

    A federal grand jury is set to convene in Chattanooga on Tuesday.

    Kernell is the son of Memphis Democrat Mike Kernell, who acknowledged that his son is being investigated.


    So count ’em up, ken:
    1) Palin used a personal account for official business = lie
    2) Anonymous aren’t partisan = irrelevant
    3) the hacker wasn’t partisan = false
    4) Palin (or anyone, for that matter) has no claim to privacy = ???
    5) Palin’s lesson = behavior isn’t criminal unless it’s done by a Republican

    Your conclusion: “this whole incident calls her judgment into question”. Spoken like a typical, liberal hack! The only thing you’ve called into question is your common sense.

    BTW – unless you’re looking to get ‘Palined’, using your email for your handle probably isn’t a good idea (butthead!)

  30. Gila Monster says:

    For the uninformed masses out there, (aka libtards), hacking into someones e-mail, be it personal, business or governmental, isn’t considered a “high school kids prank” or a reason for moral relativism by aging hippies or indoctrinated college students.
    There really is a serious reason why the FBI is investigating this. Illicit hacking is considered a felony Federal offense under Title 18, Chapters 119 and 121 of the US Code punishable by hefty fines and up to five years for the first offense and up to ten years for subsequent convictions.


    Both statutes also allow civil action to recover monetary damages regardless of criminal prosecution.
    Laugh it up now libtards but don’t be surprised when, and if, the Feds decide to prosecute this snot-nosed a**wipe, they may indeed throw the book at him.
    I truly hope they make an example of him in order to dissuade future stupidity by others of his ilk.

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