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The Paperwork For ‘Amnesty’ Could Cost $20B

From the New York Post:

Cost of illegal immigration could hit $20B

By GEOFF EARLE | April 3, 2013

WASHINGTON — Processing the mountain of applications to get 11 million illegal immigrants [sic] into the system could cost as much as $20 billion, according to a new estimate, with low-skilled workers expected to fork over most of the cash — provided they can come up with it.

And bear in mind, this is the just the processing fee. This has nothing to do with the costs that will come from adding millions to Obama-Care and the rest of the welfare system.

The fees for immigrants hoping to get on the “path to citizenship” — plus a penalty that President Obama has called for and that Republicans are demanding — will eventually be part of the immigration deal being negotiated behind closed doors in Congress.

Oh, our sides!

A new estimate by David North of the Center for Immigration Studies calculates that the cost of processing each of the illegal immigrants currently living in the United States will average about $2,000 — and could hit $2,600 for people who require more extensive background checks.

The fees pay for salaries, fingerprinting, background work and in-person interviews if the feds deem them necessary to verify information.

By the way, has anyone ever calculated the cost of universal background checks for gun owners?

One problem is that many of the immigrants, who average about 10 years’ education, won’t have the cash to pay the fees. The Obama administration has already put in place a system that lets legal immigrants who can prove hardship receive waivers to avoid fees.

Which will be all of them. After all, how can you check their bank balances or their past income tax records?

Of course, in reality, once amnesty is passed, the Obama administration will quietly admit some late Friday afternoon that they cannot afford to process all of the paperwork or do these background checks. And they will just give everyone ‘their papers.’

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