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The Pathetic Narcissistic Lies Of Joe Biden

Somehow we missed Mr. Biden’s (naturally long winded) farewell to the Senate. But luckily our friend Jake Tapper at ABC News has memorialized the historic event.

We merely excerpt one telling passage:

Biden Yields the Floor (Literally)

January 15, 2009

… According to the transcript, the anecdote-filled speech was interrupted 18 times by laughter. He used the word "literally" nine times. It was 5,659 words long…

Biden had visited the Senate nine years before, visiting as a 21-year-old tourist," he recalled. "I had been down visiting some of my friends at Georgetown University. I went to the University of Delaware, and I was — I had a blind date with a young lady from a school they used to call ‘Visi,’ Visitation, which is now part of Georgetown…"

(Visitation is a high school, by the way.)

"And after the evening staying at his apartment," Biden continued, "I got up and — I shouldn’t say this probably, but I — I don’t drink. Not for moral reasons, I just never had a drink. And there’s nothing worse being the sober guy… with a bunch of college guys who have a hangover the next morning. So I got up and decided I’d get in the car."

Biden turned to the junior senator from Delaware as an aside — "It’s a true story, Tommy — or," he said catching himself, "Senator Carper."

ANYhoo, Biden drove up to the Capitol. "In those days, you could literally drive right up to the front steps," he recalled. A Saturday session of the Senate has just ended.

Biden claimed he’d walked up the steps and went in the reception room. "There was no one there," he said. "And the glass doors, those French doors that lead in behind the chamber opened."

"I just walked in," Biden said. "Literally, I walked in. And I walked in down here, and I came through those doors.  And I walked into the chamber, and the lights were still on. And I was awe-struck.  Literally awe-struck. And what in God’s name made me do it, but I walked up… and I sat in the presiding officer’s chair. And I was mesmerized.

"And the next thing I know," he recalled, "I feel this hand on my shoulder." It was Capitol policeman who spun Biden around and asked, "’What are you doing?’ And after a few moments, he realized I was just a dumb-struck kid and didn’t arrest me or anything. … That was my first time I walked on the Senate floor."

"It’s literally a true story," the vice president-in-waiting assured the crowd.

Nine or 10 years later, Biden said that same Capitol Hill policeman asked Biden if he remembered him.

"Welcome to the floor legally," Biden recalled that cop telling him…

Shouldn’t someone have told Mr. Biden that, as Vice President, he would still be presiding over the Senate?

Of course any similarity between Mr. Biden’s moving anecdote and the truth is merely coincidental – literally.

How fortunate for our country that we will be subjected to at least four more years of his preposterous fantasies.

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5 Responses to “The Pathetic Narcissistic Lies Of Joe Biden”

  1. proreason says:

    I don’t want to be the naysayer about this, but Slow Joe is like Einstein compared to Charley Rangel, Henry Waxman, Chris Dodd, Stretch, the Reaper and the rest of the Demcrats drooling babbling “leadership team”

  2. caligirl9 says:

    Fractured fairy tales.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    If this guy got anymore boring he’d be a Democrap V.P. leaving his Senate seat. Oh……..he is saying the looooong goodbye. (Snore ZZzzzzzz)

  4. AmericanIPA says:

    Same thing happened to me…literally.

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