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The Propaganda Reuters Does Every Day

Perhaps it is nitpicking, but in light of their admission of photoshopping it is important to remember that Reuters does much more subtle agit-prop every day.

Notice for instance the photo they paired with this article:

Iraqi members of the Shi'ite's Mehdi army march over U.S. flag painted on the road in Baghdad's Sadr City August 5, 2006. Thousands of members of the Shi'ite's Mehdi army militia massed in the Sadr City to mark the second anniversary of their anti-U.S. revolt and to show solidarity with Lebanese people. (Kareem Raheem/Reuters)

US troop reinforcements arrive in Baghdad

By Ross Colvin

Aug 6, 2006

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – U.S. troop reinforcements have begun arriving in Baghdad to help Iraqi forces try to regain control of the streets amid worsening sectarian violence that U.S. generals fear is pushing the country toward civil war…

And they do this kind of subliminal propaganda day in and day out.

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