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The Push Is On To Give Illegal Aliens Obama-Care

From the New York Times:

California Pushes for Immigrant Health

By JENNIFER MEDINA | June 21, 2013

LOS ANGELES — When Congress passed President Obama’s health care overhaul, a critical compromise provision was that immigrants living in the United States illegally would not be allowed access to publicly subsidized health insurance. Even now, as lawmakers in Washington are debating an overhaul of immigration laws, leaders from both parties are arguing that no federal money should be spent on health care for immigrants on their way to obtaining citizenship.

But not in California, where there are an estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrants. Here, public health officials, elected representatives and advocacy groups are going in the opposite direction, trying to cobble together ways to provide preventive care for such immigrants, who are expected to make up the largest share of the remaining uninsured once the state’s expanded Medicaid program takes full effect.

And as (broker than broke) California goes, so goes the nation. Which puts the lie to the claim that any illegal aliens ‘legalized’ under the current amnesty plans won’t be getting Obama-Care.

By many measures, California, with roughly seven million people currently uninsured, more than any other state, is taking the lead in aggressively rolling out changes before January, when most Americans will be required by law to have medical coverage or pay a penalty, the so-called universal mandate. While other states are resisting efforts to expand Medicaid, California has already begun public campaigns to encourage more residents to enroll in subsidized health plans.

But in counties with large immigrant populations like Los Angeles, officials say that not including immigrants in coverage, regardless of their legal status, will only cost local government more in the long run. So they are lobbying state and federal officials to find ways to pay for preventive health care, rather than rely on emergency rooms to care for them…

That is to say officials are now "lobbying state and federal officials to find ways to pay" for health care for illegal aliens.

Granting any kind of access to health care for immigrants is becoming a focal point in the current Congressional debate, as many Republicans have said they would refuse to support change if it included providing care for immigrants who have been living in the country illegally…

So it is important to pretend that illegals won’t be given Obama-Care until amnesty has been signed into law.

Some advocates worry that as more people get insurance or enroll in Medicaid, the clinics will be inundated with new patients and forced to squeeze out anyone — including illegal immigrants — who cannot pay for care.

In other words, these ‘advocates’ worry that the mandate to have insurance will mean that there won’t be room for the illegal aliens who don’t have insurance to get treated.

Nowhere is this issue more pressing than in California, which has more illegal immigrants than any other state.

“California has really acknowledged that all immigrants who are here are part of our present and our future, so we need them to be healthy and included in any effort we make to expand health care,” said Daniel Zingale, a senior vice president with California Endowment, a health care foundation leading the charge to persuade the state to pay for comprehensive care for all immigrants. County leaders, immigrant advocates and labor unions have formed an unlikely alliance to press for change…

This year, the California Endowment began running television advertisements showing young illegal immigrants pleading for health care. To Mr. Zingale’s surprise, the foundation faced almost no public outcry…

And this is how they do things. One baby step at a time.

According to estimates from the University of California, Los Angeles, the state will have about two million to three million people left uninsured after the changes in health care law are fully put in place… most of the uninsured are expected to be illegal immigrants…

Now, many here believe that some kind of change in federal immigration law is inevitable, but they say the current plan to prohibit immigrants on a path to citizenship from receiving any federal subsidy for care would simply force local governments to take up the cost…

“We’re the ones who have to deal with the people who show up,” said Mr. Knabe, a Republican. “We can’t just shut our doors, which sometimes you might like to do. You don’t want millions of sick people walking around.”

You see? Even Republicans want illegal aliens to get Obama-Care.

A Harvard Medical School study released last month showed that immigrants helped pay for the growing costs of Medicare because they put in more money than they cost the system.

You see? Illegal aliens are already paying into the system, not matter how recently they snuck into the country. So they should get Medicare. Even though most citizens have to pay into Medicare for about forty years to qualify for it.

And a study released this month by researchers at the University of Nebraska found that immigrants living in the country illegally accounted for less health care spending than both legal immigrants and citizens.

“We know that recent immigrants and undocumented tend to be cheaper and healthier than the general population,” said Jim P. Stimpson, the lead author of the study. “There’s a selection effect because people really have to have a lot of gumption and motivation to come here without authorization, and they’re often coming here for manual labor jobs.”

You see? Illegal aliens are not only more fertile they are a lot healthier. So it won’t cost anything to give them free healthcare. In fact, we’ll save money in the long run.

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2 Responses to “The Push Is On To Give Illegal Aliens Obama-Care”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Jeebus Crisco ,,, Putting them on ObamaCare is punishment, not reward …

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Oh great. …
    Illegals suing the gubbamit over being stuffed into obamacare and the lack thereof.

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