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The Saudis Warn Iran Not To Intervene In Iraq Conflict

From Reuters:

Saudis give apparent warning to Iran: don’t meddle in Iraq

By Noah Browning and Rania El Gamal | June 18, 2014

DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia gave an apparent warning to arch enemy Iran on Wednesday by saying outside powers should not intervene in the conflict in neighboring Iraq.

Isn’t it a shame that we don’t have any tough leaders who will stand up to Iran?

Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal also said Iraq was facing a full-scale civil war with grave consequences for the wider region.

We are confused. The news media have told us for years that it was the presence of US troops in the Middle East that was the cause of all of the violence there.

His remarks coincided with an Iranian warning that Tehran would not hesitate to defend Shi’ite Muslim holy sites in Iraq against "killers and terrorists", following advances by Sunni militants there.

Surely, these devout Muslims would never attack any of Iraq’s (numerous) Holy Cities. Or desecrate any of there (innumerable) holy shrines.

The toughening of rhetoric about Iraq by the Gulf’s two top powers suggested that Tehran and Riyadh have put on hold recent plans to explore a possible curbing of their rivalry across the region’s Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian divide.

You think?

The Sunni-Shia edge to the Saudi-Iran struggle has sharpened in the last few years. The two see themselves as representatives of opposing visions of Islam: the Saudis as guardians of Mecca and conservative Sunni hierarchy, and Shi’ite Iran as the vanguard of an Islamic revolution in support of the downtrodden…

We should let them go at it and let Allah sort it out. Though, it’s a perfect example of a situation where it’s a shame both sides can’t lose.

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One Response to “The Saudis Warn Iran Not To Intervene In Iraq Conflict”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The occluded Imam arrived.
    20% of the world-Muslim population rejoiced. In other words, Shiites
    The other 80% began cleaning their rifles

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