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The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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14 Responses to “The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Vol. 2 of my trilogy is now available on Amazon Kindle. Kindle only. No hardback, yet.


    To those who read Vol. 1, CITY, thank you. I’ve heard only “Oh wow” reviews on Vol. 2 MESA and Vol. 3, CANYON is well underway. Remember, I write fiction under the pen name Jesse Hand Conroy.

    Hope you like it!

    (this ends my hubris filled self-promotion)

    • canary says:

      Get Back Jack: “Occult rituals being waged in secret.”

      For some time I meant to ask you what signs might appear from someone into witchcraft, but who is trying to hide it. What signs they might display.

      White witches are pretty open they are white (good witches), but they were pretty sick and immoral, but I’m wondering signs of people on the real dark sign.

      p.s. Like the every city lock down. Will come a day. If China can put chemicals in the sky
      with air planes to make it snow to cool their country to show off and compensate for so called global warming, we don’t know how far our govt can go to change weather or create non-lethal chemicals that can change someone’s behavior.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Weather midigation and modification has been practiced in the US for decades and the UN got on the bandwagon some years ago. The USSR also had a prgram to midigate unwanted weather or to try to use weather as a weapon. Now they are spraying reflective particles to reflect sunlight to slow global warming. I’m really suprised they didn’t take credit for the lack of warning sincec1995, but it’s probably because they deny they’re spraying these particles aka chemtrails. The UN is very active in this area, and mind control with air born sprays isn’t too far fetched. Anything to keep the masses docile.


    • GetBackJack says:

      Damn good question. Here’s the short answer – you can’t tell. That’s the basic tenet. Only an awareness tempered by the Presence can discern. The evil that is among us knows to appear ‘normal’. But they cannot hide from a discerning spirit. If you develop this capacity the obstacle you’ll face is your own natural disbelief how astoundingly prevalent the Dark is around us. Quoting Father Malachi Martin, “People say to me that it must be fascinating to be able to see the spirits which feed on us. No, it is not. When I walk the streets of New York City everywhere I look I see spirits feeding on nearly everyone on the sidewalks with me.”

      I am reminded of something J Edgar Hoover said which applies as a metaphor (speaking of Communism), “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

      My long answer is complicated and quite involved.

      Our currency is an occult ritual. Not just the printed symbols, but its very purpose.
      Most of Washington, DC is an occult ritual.
      The majority of famous architecture around the world is a sympathetic magic occult ritual.
      Right in front of you the term “Classical” itself is a hidden occult agenda you can’t see, until you know what it represents.
      Virtually every ‘organized religion’ is an occult ritual being waged in the open.
      Much of Man’s languages qualify as an occult ritual once you begin drilling down through the etymology.
      A simple one to inspect are Corporate Logos … http://goo.gl/fW34z8 … a very short primer

      Occult rituals are most effective when unknown, unseen and virtually undetectable. The flashy “OMG, what are they doing!?” stuff rarely has value, just as the famous line attributed to Baudelaire “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist” Another example is the rituals of satanic magic.

      Satanic Magic is waged in the dark and the chief priest is the leader of the coven, or circle. This chief is the master and is always surrounded by acolytes. people who believe they will rise in power and authority and stature within the circle by coming under the tutelage of the high priest. That is how cleverly disguised the occult is … he’s not there to raise up better stronger leaders. His acolytes are there for him to feed upon. Satanic Magic works. Do not disbelieve that. But it is powered by the only thing which is power itself – Life. The spark which God alone created. As the ritual proceeds the high priest is taking a little bit of Life from each acolyte to power the unseen magical and dark forces .. and the acolyte does not know it. It would be a self-defeating circle, eventually, if the high priest used his own life-energy. So he feeds off those surrounding him. You asked, what are the signs? Even involved in it, up to your ass in it, right in the middle of it … people still won’t recognize what the occult is, or how it works.

      Or, seen in the way stage magic works. Lots of distraction over (here) while the actual trick is being staged over (there). Occult rituals at their finest are identical. And so subtle, only the most discerning will recognize.

      As to ‘change the weather’ and other global and national impacts of altering life as we know it, let me point out that most occult rituals are set in motion by Man. For what average people can intellectualize as reasonable and responsible reasons. These actions originate in a dimension where evil moves undetected and unrestrained. As a tree comes unseen from soil and water and sunshine and nutrients we cannot see, so too do the outer effects on what is waged among us from another dimension. People who imagine Genetically Modified Food is going to help are doing evil. My hand to God. That which we are eating is genetically modifying us. That which we are drinking is genetically modifying us. What’s in the air is genetically modifying us. For example, Strontium-90 is recognized as the single most muscular radioisotope to effect genetic mutation. Exposure to it effects evolutionary mutation faster than anything else you can live through. Following two decades of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, Strontium-90 is found at a toxic level in every soil sample around the globe. It is an ingredient in changing us genetically. That is an example of occult ritual played out in the open. Whether or not anyone thought that through or meant to do it, it’s still at work.

      Aw, c’mon, Jack. That’s just Cause and Effect. Happens every day.

      Really? Good men were sold the Need to create overwhelming nuclear superiority and so did the work. I live among the human remains of men who dug the uranium out of the mines. The sick, the dying. The unsung heroes of the Cold War. Radioactive poisoning. All war is an occult attack. But nobody sees it like that. It looked damn smart at the time. Now, the piper has to be paid.

      I take that back, the Cheyenne and Sioux understood. Following is a snippet from CITY, Vol. 1 …

      … The Little Big Horn flows for about 80 miles north out of the windswept plains of Wyoming into the rolling grasslands of southern Montana where it meets up with the Bighorn River. Just south of this juncture in 1876, General Armstrong Custer, lead the Seventh Cavalry headlong into a pocket of Altered Reality … and rode into history.

      What does not fit a man’s worldview, he explains away.

      That’s not only stupid, but self-serving vanity in a way uniformly fatal, especially when it doesn’t seem so at the time. When the Council at Nicaea edited Jesus of Nazareth’s remarks on reincarnation, the continuous flow of life as chapters in a never ending story, they gutted all hope of making sense of this world for billions of Christians to follow, because that worldview was so narrowed and restricted it could be likened unto the futility of searching for the hundreds of millions of known galaxies through the tiny aperture of a rifle barrel held at arm’s length, or like a gnat looking up into a microscope trying to understand the world of the eyeball staring down at him. A very, very tiny view of what’s real.

      In the American West shamans served tribal chiefs, what popular literature spelled in English as the words medicine men. Trying to connect the concepts of these primitives to our words, tribal spokesmen nodded enthusiastically and said yes, yes, when some French or Dutch fur trader first advanced the question, how do you heal the people? Many answers were given, but when the question was turned around, and the trapper advanced the idea of medicine and that men who practiced medicine were healers you can imagine the enthusiastic yes, yes of the tribal spokesman. That’s the same thing, roughly, as what our men do. Medicine, in these tribal cultures, was the very real observation that this world is plastic … it flows and moves and arranges itself under the gaze and pressure of consciousness. Europeans, orphaned from all viewpoints but one, and domesticated without their knowledge, explained this materiality-from-consciousness idea as supernatural or supranatural. And warned millions of peasants and merchants and farmers making up the body of the Church of the sinfulness of anything supernatural, while insisting the unseen unnamable God of all could not be sensed by normal faculties. One man’s magic is another man’s heresy. Medicine men, to whites, were conjurers, brutish work of demons by heathen savages to distract the tribe. Real medicine was causal, advanced, and chemical. Drugs, potions, orthopedic saws and poultices. A shot of whiskey and a pair of pliers.

      Medicine men, once they grasped the yawning chasm separating white-thinking from their world-view, were horrified. The idea that illness or imbalance was caused by the natural was absurd in the highest possible degree. Their knowledge said our world is a reflection. The Real is prior to the reflection. The images seen in the still waters of a pond do not cause injury or sickness. If they had known of mirrors, they would have asked, correctly, how can an image in a mirror harm you? This proved whites were insane. Functional, yes, but insane. Mechanics and engineers and destroyers of startling capacity, driven by madness unlike anything the tribes could have imagined. Talking to them about it was useless. Offering to help them become balanced and well fell on deaf ears. The medicine men, had they known the verse, would have laughed and slapped thigh at the remarks by Jesus … those who have ears, hear! The spirit gets sick. It is the spirit that causes the physical body and the heart and soul to reflect imbalance. Sickness, injury, war … these things were spiritual in nature. To treat a boil as being caused by the body was insane and ineffective. The boil was evidence of spiritual toxicity coming to the surface. Balance the spirit and the boil would disappear. To a true medicine man, the body was a canvas upon which you observed disturbances of the spirit. It was the point of having a body.

      George Armstrong Custer had been an acclaimed brilliant war leader. Praised by all. Capable in any endeavor. A man who got things done. A gentleman’s gentleman devoted to his wife. A man of honor and courage. Only later did revisionists begin to explain his humiliating defeat at Little Big Horn as a man obsessed with the picayune and quietly going mad. Of course. The famous general was in fact a lunatic. That explains everything. Case solved. The world makes sense again.

      Yes. General George Armstrong Custer was insane before he rode or he would not have served the masters he served. But it was a special sort of madness that overtook both him and the men of the Seventh Cavalry as they divided into three battle groups at the Rosebud. Their scouts had been warning of portents and talismans since the moment they rode out of their fort in pursuit of hostiles. Uncomfortable with the eye witness accounts and hand written diaries and journal entries of the men and women and camp followers of the fort, historians (themselves sick with an anemic world view) have constructed an acceptable version of events, leaving out, in whole cloth, any mention that as the Seventh rode away, it was clear that their Cavalry simply faded into an eerie mist, a storm cloud from the sky that appeared to absorb the men and their train of gear and horses. It was if The Other World opened and received them bodily from off the Earth. The fort was consumed by fears and dread that proved entirely accurate days later.

      Most of Custer’s scouts fled. They could see powerful medicine at work. And wanted no part of it. Custer, Benteen and Reno rode steadfastly on, confident in their vanity. The scouts’ versions of what happened, recorded in detail, agrees completely with eyewitness accounts at the fort. But it doesn’t fit the way historians see it, so it is suppressed by simply ignoring the data.

      In times of war, tribes of the plains often replaced their chiefs with war-chiefs, which the tribe understood as a medicine man who would aid and guide them in their struggle. War, to the tribes, was a spiritual matter. And to succeed, conflict was best handled on a spiritual level. Europeans, carefully warned for centuries by their churches and ministers and priests about the supernatural refused to see it for what it was, even though Christ Himself had said … the battle is not yours. The battle is in heaven. You war against things you don’t understand. War chiefs meant nothing to whites except for the ideas they carried in their heads that a war chief was an Indian General.

      He was not.

      A war chief was their most powerful medicine man.

      Good ones, bad ones, fakes and the genuine article, just like every other people in the world. At Little Big Horn, the tribes made a stand and brought all their medicine to bear. Eyewitness accounts, oral and written, and uncomfortable and crazy to white historians, say madness overcame Custer and his men. They threw down their weapons and ran directly at the on-coming warriors, waving their arms, screaming like they were possessed. They were slaughtered at leisure. Scouts for the Seventh who watched the “battle” from afar gave their testimony that the battleground had a mystical appearance, a strange and eerie atmosphere. Medicine traditions in battle have a long history, a reality white historians cannot jive with the way they see things. Custer and his men were indeed taken with madness. A madness wherein medicine invites a man’s fears and terrors to overcome him. First, blind the enemy Chief to danger and then set free the fears already residing in the hearts and minds of his men. Their own horrors drive them mad, destroying them. Historians, like the troopers, having never dealt with their fears on the most fundamental level (the church says you don’t have to) are left with confusing evidence contrary to their facts and so render it all down to tactical military error and lame battle field intelligence. And a general we didn’t diagnose in time as mentally defective. Yeah, that’s it. He was a whacko and we didn’t find that out in time.


      The occult is a ritualized form of na’chash. Na’chash is the key to your question, Canary. Genesis 3:1 – Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field that the Lord God had made.

      Serpent, Hebrew; na’chash – to hiss, as in to whisper an enchantment or spell. Illusions. Magic. Divination. To cast spells. To work magic. Illusionist. Magician. Diviner. Enchanter. To diligently observe. To learn by experience

      When we were ‘in the Garden’ we lived and walked in the Presence of God; in other words, we were present in the Real. Outside the Garden is the dimension of na’cash.

      It’s too long to go into here, but the entirety of that dimension of consciousness which is outside the Garden, actively being the Fundamental Principle of na’chash, means everything is based on the occult (Latin: celare > occulere > occultare — secret, not seen, not divulged). Everything.

      Unless and until one accepts the salvation offer of the Son of God, who came to not only save us out of the penalties of na’chash, but also to save us out of illusion, divination, magic, enchantments, spells, etc. To shelter us in ‘in the real’. To be in the world, but not of it.. He opens The Real into our lives so we no longer entertain na’chash as our reality.

      There’s more if you want, or I stop here if I’ve overstepped.


    • Petronius says:

      GBJ: Tried a sample of CITY on my Kindle.

      Then I came across this line at p. 534/911:

      “Land developers paving over what the land naturally produced….”

      At that point I was hooked and bought the book.

      My sentiments exactly. Great stuff.

    • GetBackJack says:

      You make me grin, sir. I hope you .. well, you know ..

  2. canary says:

    GetBackJack, I understood everything you wrote. I will write more later and ask you of some possible signs.

  3. canary says:

    Well Petronius don’t leave us hanging, you could at least finish the sentence.

    • captstubby says:

      looks like you, like all the rest of us ,
      are going to have to buy this one to find out.
      is Petronius getting paid for this ?
      all kidding aside,
      keep up the great work,
      hope you can get it in hardback form soon.

    • Petronius says:


      This passage is from GBJ’s introductory description of a character named Samuel Davis Thorlo. If I had to hazard a guess, I suspect that the character was named for Sam Davis, the famous Confederate soldier, scout, and courier from Smyrna, Tenn., who, at age 21, was captured and hanged by the Union army. The description of Thorlo––and his story––is one I readily identify with; GBJ might as well have been describing me.

      Here is the context in which the passage appears:

      “Farm land had become more valuable as development land.

      “Farm land was no longer home. It was now no more than a commodity, like toilet paper, tires or pork chops.

      “The Native Americans had been right about this kind of non-human.


      “Crops displaced by cheap brown Territorial-styled stick and Styrofoam Santa-Fakes. Taxes displacing productivity. Herds of desensitized urban escapees displacing generations of farmers in love with the land. County commissioners bent over with their pockets held wide open. Land developers paving over what the land naturally produced, forcing it to yield the temporary stench of bank financed housing developments for insurance company portfolios, pension plan money markets, athletic young men in BMWs fronting for mean blue haired widows who clutched at every dollar like the only life preserver capable of keeping them from sinking headlong into Hell.

      “It was like watching rape.”

      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      Snapping up small farms and ranches, and then paving them over, especially to build beehives for swarms of immigrants, foreign or domestic, is one of my pet peeves.

      My reasons go back to 1932, to the loss of the family farm due to foul shenanigans by the town bank.

      Rainbow Ranch was a well kept farm of 180 acres. It had a beautiful, big red barn with stables and an extension on the south side for the animals. It had a lovely farmhouse, including a fruit cellar with a dirt floor beneath the back porch. The cellar was full of jars of preserved fruits and vegetables put up by my grandmother, baskets of apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots. There were several outbuildings, including a sorghum mill and a smokehouse filled with hams. It had locust post fencing, an apple orchard, walnut and locust groves, dairy cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, chickens, ducks, guineas, peacocks, geese, a huge garden, pastures, and fields under cultivation. There was a pretty collie which herded the sheep. There were buggies, a wagon for hay rides, a sleigh for sleigh rides in winter, and later a new car every year. The sleigh and hay wagon were drawn by a pair of Clydesdale horses, Molly and Maude. The farm was prosperous and entirely self-sufficient. It was a treasure.

      GBJ’s story reminds me of something G. K. Chesterton once said: “A man’s reasons for not wanting his country to be ruled by foreigners are very likely his reasons for not wanting his house to be burned down: because he could not even begin to enumerate all the things he would miss.”

      These things run deep.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Sounds like heaven.

    • canary says:

      Petronious, thank you. I’m working at moving and getting back out living in the country. Bible says do things while your young and can before you get old and want to die.

  4. captstubby says:

    “with respect to all conditions of national emergency,…
    Such authority is reserved to the President.”

    “Executive Orders (EO) have been used by presidents since the days of George Washington. The first EO addressed Washington’s normal household expenses which ones were to be accepted and paid by the Treasury Department. Pretty innocuous. The FBI was formed under an executive order by Teddy Roosevelt on July 26, 1908. The first time it was used to make a law was in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. It was said to be an ‘emergency’ measure and Congress was encouraged to validate it. They did and now the door was now open to ignore the Constitution. This is the same method used by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 to close all the banks in the country. Americans were ordered to turn in all their gold to local banks.
    The general purpose of an executive order is to provide the President with a mechanism for executing laws passed by Congress, not control of lives. These EOs are issued by the President as directives to agencies responsible for implementing laws.”
    However, some presidents take Executive Orders too far confusing EO with executive lawmaking. This “rule by executive order” observation was made no clearer than by Paul Begala, a former Bill Clinton aide: “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kind of cool.”

    “Congress has 30 days to object to an Executive Order (EO) before it becomes law. No objections were raised against these Command and Control emergency “Readiness Laws” when they were put in place.”

    Has the emergency arrived that needs them and are they slowly being introduced?

    are we on the brink…?


    SECTION 1. Scope. The Secretary of Labor (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) shall prepare national emergency plans and develop preparedness programs covering civilian manpower mobilization, more effective utilization of limited manpower resources including specialized personnel, wage and salary stabilization, worker incentives and protection, manpower resources and requirements, skill development and training, research, labor-management relations, and critical occupations. These plans and programs shall be designed to develop a state of readiness in these areas with respect to all conditions of national emergency, including attack upon the United States.

    SEC. 2. Functions. The Secretary shall:

    (a) Civilian manpower mobilization. Develop plans and issue guidance designed to utilize to the maximum extent civilian manpower resources, such plans and guidance to be developed with the active participation and assistance of the States and local political subdivisions thereof, and of other organizations and agencies concerned with the mobilization of the people of the United States. Such plans shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

    (1) Manpower management. Recruitment, selection and referral, training, employment stabilization (including appeals procedures), proper utilization, and determination of the skill categories critical to meeting the labor requirements of defense and essential civilian activities.

    (2) Priorities. Procedures for translating survival and production urgencies into manpower priorities to be used as guides for allocating available workers.

    (3) National guidance. Technical guidance to States for the utilization of the nationwide system of public employment offices and other appropriate agencies for screening, recruiting, and referring workers, and for other appropriate activities to meet mobilization and civil defense needs in each community.

    (4) Improving mobilization base. Programs for more effective utilization of limited manpower resources, and in cooperation with other appropriate agencies, programs for recruitment, training, allocation, and utilization of persons possessing specialized competence or aptitude in acquiring such competence.

    (b) Wage and salary stabilization. Develop plans and procedures for wage and salary stabilization and for the national and field organization necessary for the administration of such a program in an emergency, including investigation, compliance and appeals procedures; statistical studies of wages, salaries and prices for policy decisions and to assist operating stabilization agencies to carry out their functions.

    (c) Worker incentives and protection. Develop plans and procedures for wage and salary compensation and death and disability compensation for authorized civil defense workers and, as appropriate, measures for unemployment payments, re-employment rights, and occupational safety, and other protection and incentives for the civilian labor force during an emergency.

    (d) Resources. Periodically assess manpower resources in total, by specific skills categories and occupations, and by geographical locations, in order to estimate availability under an emergency situation, analyze resource estimates in relation to estimated requirements in order to identify problem areas, and develop appropriate recommendations and programs. Provide data and assistance before and after attack for national resource evaluation purposes of the Office of Emergency Planning.

    (e) Requirements. Develop, in coordination with manpower-usage agencies, plans, procedures and standards for presenting claims for civilian manpower, periodically obtain and analyze or make estimates of requirements for manpower, in total and by specific skill categories and occupations currently and for any emergency, taking into account the estimates of needs for military and civilian purposes; and advise other agencies on the manpower implications of alternative program decisions. Such evaluation shall take into consideration the geographical distribution of requirements under emergency conditions.

    (f) Claimancy. Prepare plans to claim materials, equipment, supplies and services needed in support of assigned responsibilities and other essential functions of the Department from appropriate agencies and work with such agencies in developing programs to insure the availability of such resources in an emergency.

    (g) Skill development and training. Initiate current action programs to overcome or offset present or anticipated manpower deficiencies including those identified as a result of resources and requirements studies.

    (h) Labor-management relations. Develop, after consultation with the Department of Commerce, the Department of Defense, the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, the National Mediation Board, and other appropriate agencies and groups including representatives of labor and management, plans and procedures including organization plans for the maintenance of effective labor-management relations during a national emergency.

    (i) Damage assessment. Maintain a capability to assess the effects of attack upon manpower resources, departmental installations, and State Employment Security agencies, both at national and field levels, and provide data to the Department of Defense.

    (j) Critical occupations. Develop and maintain a list of critical occupations for use, when appropriate, with lists of essential activities as developed by the Department of Commerce. With the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Selective Service System, and such other persons as the President may designate, the Secretary shall develop policies applicable to the deferment of registrants whose employment in occupations or activities is necessary to the maintenance of the national health, safety, or interest.

    SEC. 3. Research. Within the framework of Federal research objectives, supervise or conduct research directly concerned with carrying out emergency preparedness responsibilities, designate representatives for necessary ad hoc or task force groups, and provide advice and assistance to other agencies in planning for research in areas involving the Departments interest.

    SEC. 4. Functional Guidance. The Secretary, in carrying out the functions assigned in this order, shall be guided by the following:

    (a) Interagency cooperation. The Secretary shall assume the initiative in developing over-all civilian manpower mobilization programs and in coordinating the programs of other departments and agencies which have responsibility for any segment of such activities. I shall utilize to the maximum those capabilities of other agencies qualified to perform or assist in the performance of assigned functions by contractual or other agreements. Such programs shall be in consonance with national civil defense plans, programs and operations of the Department of Defense under Executive Order No. 10952.

    (b) Presidential coordination. The Director of the Office of Emergency Planning shall advise and assist the President in determining policy for, and assist him in coordinating the performance of functions under this order with the total national preparedness program.

    (c) Emergency planning. Emergency plans and programs, and emergency organization structure required thereby, shall be developed as an integral part of the continuing activities of the Department of Labor on the basis that it will have the responsibility for carrying out such programs during an emergency. The Secretary shall be prepared to implement all appropriate plans developed under this order. Modifications and temporary organizational changes, based on emergency conditions, will be in accordance with policy determination by the President.

    SEC. 5. Emergency Actions. Nothing in this order shall be construed as conferring authority under Title III of the Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, as amended, or otherwise, to put into effect any emergency plan, procedure, policy, program or course of action prepared or developed pursuant to this order. Such authority is reserved to the President.

    SEC. 6. Redelegation. The Secretary is hereby authorized to redelegate within the Department of Labor the functions hereinabove assigned to him.

    SEC. 7. Prior Actions. To the extent of any inconsistency between the provisions of any prior order and the provisions of this order, the latter shall control. Emergency Preparedness Order No. 8 (heretofore issued by the Director, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization) (26 F.R. 660-661), is hereby revoked.

    THE WHITE HOUSE, February 16, 1962.

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