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The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 7th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

15 Responses to “The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. canary says:

    The Christian Monitor considers phrase “taken aback” to be racial coded.

    The Christian Monitor: Did Michelle Obama heckler use coded racial words? Or not?

    The Michelle Obama heckler said she was ‘taken aback’ at the confrontation, which some say indicated a perspective of ‘white privilege.’ Her group, GetEQUAL, said ‘We value the first lady’s leadership.’

    By Peter Grier | Christian Science Monitor – Thu, Jun 6, 2013

    The fallout from Michelle Obama’s heckling incident continued Thursday, as some defenders of the first lady charge that the heckler used coded racial language, and in general spoke from a perspective of “white privilege.”

    “She came right down in my face. I was taken aback,” said Sturtz after the incident.

    What, did Sturtz think the first lady was just going to let the interruption go on, or hand her the mike?

    Sturtz’s description of the encounter was a “breathtaking bit of projection and entitlement that also tiptoed dangerously close to the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype that Mrs. Obama has been dogged by for years,” writes Anna Holmes, founding editor of the feminist blog “Jezebel,” in a Time Magazine column.

    Over at “Mediaite,” columnist Tommy Christopher writes that Sturtz and her supporters have taken lots of heat for “their perceived sense that interrupting Michelle Obama is not only something they’re entitled to do, but that Mrs. Obama somehow should have welcomed. The source of that sense of entitlement, the theory goes, is white privilege.”

    And at “Black Enterprise,” columnist Janell Hazelwood writes that “In 2014, that tired prevalent notion that any time a black woman speaks up – and it’s not to coddle, coo or sweet talk – she’s ‘angry’ or ‘aggressive’ is getting old.”

    And might some of the charges of implicit racism be something of an overreaction?

    Sturtz might have been taken aback by the first lady’s aggressive criticism because President Obama, like many experienced public speakers, takes a more relaxed approach with hecklers. He often plays along lest he be seen as overbearing, while waiting for security to arrive. That’s the technique the president used with Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin when she interrupted his speech at the National Defense University on May 23.

    “Like it or not, Michelle Obama’s reaction to Sturtz was a Michelle moment, not a stereotypical black woman’s touchiness or a South Side time-out,” writes contributing editor Helena Andrews at “The Root,” a blog of African-American culture.



    Surprised or startled by a sudden turn of events.


    ‘Aback’ means in a backward direction – toward the rear. It is a word that has fallen almost into disuse, apart from in the phrase ‘taken aback’. Originally ‘aback’ was two words: ‘a’ and ‘back’, but these became merged into a single word in the 15th century. The word ‘around’ and the now archaic ‘adown’ were formed in the same way.

    ‘Taken aback’ is an allusion to something that is startling enough to make us jump back in surprise. The first to be ‘taken aback’ were not people though but ships. The sails of a ship are said to be ‘aback’ when the wind blows them flat against the masts and spars that support them. A use of this was recorded in the London Gazette in 1697:

    If the wind were to turn suddenly so that a sailing ship was facing unexpectedly into the wind, the ship was said to be ‘taken aback’.

    An early example of that in print comes from an author called Eeles in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1754:

    “If they luff up, they will be taken aback, and run the hazard of being dismasted.”

    The figurative use of the phrase, meaning surprised rather than physically pushed back, came in the 19th century. It appeared in The Times in March 1831:

    “Whigs, Tories, and Radicals, were all taken aback with astonishment, that the Ministers had not come forward with some moderate plan of reform.”

    Charles Dickens also used it in his American Notes in 1842:

    “I don’t think I was ever so taken aback in all my life.”

    • canary says:

      Merriam Websters Dictionary Definition of ABACK

      archaic : backward, back
      : in a position to catch the wind upon the forward surface (as of a sail)
      : by surprise : unawares

      before 12th century

      unawares, suddenly, unanticipatedly, unaware, unexpectedly

      abruptly, short; amazingly, astoundingly, surprisingly

      First of all the lesbian was not heckling the first lady. She was one who put the talk together, and after hearing how Obama and his wife were having family at dinner and decided gays should be married, the lesbian heckler expected applause at her plugging equal rights for gays.
      She expected the First Lady to raise a fist or come up to her and bump fists or high five her.
      But, humiliate her as she did? It was not like she was dressed like a code-pink freak that she paid a fortune for.

      Michelle was the one taken aback at the lesbian, and made an out of ordinary move leaving the podium and advancing on her guest as the crowd stood shocked at what was to happen next.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      I love it when liberals call other liberals racists. Maybe now Ms. LBGT will come to understand the plight of conservatives who are attacked in the same way now that she knows it’s a tactic of progressives to shut down all dissenting voices.

      Or not…

      …..who cares?

    • canary says:

      The reporter made a Freudian slip in this case, in that he saw it as the typical aggression of black women we see on tv and reality tv shows. Come on b**h. You wan som of da dis.” “ya wan my mic? cause I’ll leave b**tch. after I kick yo as*. oh no baby. ”

      Such a shame Michelle made such an aggressive move while she was speaking about gun control. She’s a small military security guard to protect her. What a redneck bully. That’s what we call rednecks. People that get into bar fights. I’m sure there was drinking going on.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The reason there are stereotypes is because people act stereotypically.

    If you don’t want to be considered an “angry black woman” then find things to be happy about instead of scowling at damn near everything and everybody. Say nice things to people, find nice things to do and present a persona that is counter to the stereotype.

    On the other hand if you insist on acting in a manner consistent with the stereotype, then don’t be surprised. Like it or not, there’s a lot of truth in stereotyping. The law agencies call it “profiling” and it works. Muslim terrorists, for example. If the government had ignored their weakly-formed argument about it, they would most likely have caught every single person or persons who intended to destroy human lives through and act of “jihad” which is a fancy word for “I’m pissed and I hate you”.

    As has been pointed out, leftists are very angry people. The world isn’t to their liking but the difference is that conservatives are aware of this and work to find the niches, the personal sanctuaries where they can at least carve out some happiness for themselves. Leftists also think that the root of their unhappiness is the fault of others rather than their own.

    Sometimes that is true but in 99% of all cases, the person who’s unhappy has the right to remove themselves from the situation or whatever it is that’s causing them distress.

    Leftists instead demand that the world change around them. Sadly, corporations and our government believe the same thing so for conservatives to now find any sanctuaries is becoming impossible.

    My last bastion is country music bars where homosexuals, blacks and mexicans, muslims, etc. usually don’t like to go. If they do, there’s usually a problem or, they don’t get talked to and though they are served drinks, find themselves off in a corner. It wouldn’t be that way if they had decided some years ago to get along and join in instead of pointing fingers and making accusations. I’m sure it won’t be too very long before night clubs have to be all “fair” somehow and that will stop all people from going out entirely on Friday nights.

    Angry black woman? I have one for a landlady. I can’t stand talking to her. Though I have been able to impress upon her that I’m not her servant, she is still very annoying and angry all the time.

    It’s a false anger in most cases. But quoting an old line, “It’s not that I hate you; It’s that I hate what I’ve become because of you.” It’s cumbersome and difficult to have a conversation with her and I tend to avoid her as much as possible. Naturally, she would interpret this to mean I don’t like her because she’s black. Nope. I don’t like her because she’s angry all the time. And I’ve had this conversation with other blacks. Especially when I point out their anger and their mistrust and their hiding behind it.

    Faced with the truth, guess what? They retaliate. They scream even louder as the article points out. Of course the real conversation that will never take place would be:

    “So, what is it that you’re angry about?”

    “What, who? Me? I’m not angry”

    “But you are; Says right here in your speech of yesterday, when you talked to so-and-so yesterday and in this very news article it specifies that you’re angry. So what is it that makes you angry”

    I believe in a very short five minutes, you can get her to say, “All you WHITE people think you’re all this and that…all superior and taking charge and telling everyone what to do. You think you own everything….etc., etc.”

    This is the common misconception where blacks see any confident white people as having an attitude. Often they respond with the stereotype of talking very loudly in public places, laughing obnoxiously, intentionally getting in other people’s way, etc.


    And they want us all to know it. Then they deny that it’s any of their responsibility.

    But it’s a choice. One chooses to be angry. Adults control their emotions.

    • Noyzmakr says:


      I live in a very small town in northeastern NC where the demographics would shock most people. 69% Black, 30% White and the rest Asians and Mexicans.

      By far, black women are the hardest to get along with. Black men are more laid back and less likely to be confrontational. Especially the older they are. Like most people they mellow with age. But not the women, they get angrier! They walk around with scowls on their faces all day long.

      Not every black woman is that way. I’ve gotten to know several very well over the years and they are sweet. But I gravitated toward these ladies because they were nice. Even they recognize this problem and we speak of it often.

      This is what you get when your men see you only as a sexual object or source of income (welfare). Most black guys here live with their mothers, grandmothers or girlfriends. Most are unemployed and stand around all day doing nothing but drinking 40’s and smoking “blunts” and the women in their lives pay all the bills….thanks to the taxpayers.

      No wonder they’re angry.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      I forgot to mention that the black ladies I converse with and that are so sweet are also the ones that work for a living.

      Go figure. Working for and achieving what you want makes you happier. Who would have thunk it?

    • Petronius says:

      Ever notice how they seem to enjoy imposing themselves on us and demanding our attention?

      Rusty: “My last bastion is country music bars….”

      Whenever I feel the angry walls of diversity closing in, and need a respite, these locales generally offer good retreats:

      • home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot
      • botanical gardens and garden centers
      • gun stores, shooting ranges, and precision shooting meets
      • German/Hungarian restaurants
      • classical music concerts, opera, and ballet
      • museums, libraries, and book stores
      • Mormon genealogical libraries
      • stock brokers’ offices
      • Appalachian State University
      • Univ. of Virginia Law School and Darden School of Business
      • the campus at Wake Forest Univ.
      • engineering schools
      • ice hockey games and ski resorts
      • Churchill Downs
      • Wimbledon
      • SCV meetings and Civil War battlefields/historical reenactments
      • Cape Cod and Nova Scotia
      • Sanibel Island
      • Appalachia
      • the Orkney Islands / Shetlands

    • Noyzmakr says:


      but not my library…(sigh)

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Racial Code? You want racially coded phrases? How about the South shall rise again? The Army of Virginia? Nathan Bedford Forrest (my hero). Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Stonewall). The sweet phrases of the Bonnie Blue Flag?

    I can go on …

  4. canary says:

    Wiki-Leaks Private Manning plays gay card and was just trying to impress lover. This is such b.s.
    As we know Private Manning made no secret at his job, and complained to his lover who aided him in leaking, of serving coffee to officers as he self-admitted he kept a pink wand on his own desk to steriotype himself. Afraid!!?? If was a fearful gay would he have flaunted it and done something he knew could land him in prison!!!!! Just to catch you up he has peach sheets at Ft. Leavenworth, I kid you not. First he feared so was spoiled in his own cell, then wanted to be released in general population because he felt isolated. His parents he claimed disowned him because he was gay have been at this side in Kansas through his incarceration awaiting trial visiting with him and pampering him.

    Manning ‘never talked of aiding US foes’

    June 05, 2013

    On the second day of Manning’s court martial, witness Adrian Lamo agreed with a defence[sic] lawyer’s portrait of the young soldier as a tortured soul who acted out of a desire to inform the public rather than to aid US foes.

    Under cross-examination from defence[sic] lawyer David Coombs, Lamo said that a highly emotional Manning was also in the grip of a sexual identity crisis, which made him fear for the young soldier’s life.

    Lamo chatted online with Manning for six days between May 20 and May 26, 2010, shortly before the soldier was arrested.

    Lamo told the hearing he had contacted police because he feared for the soldier’s life.

    Lamo said he suspected Manning contacted him because he was a known supporter of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Defence[sic] League, and was also a known computer hacker.

    Lamo, who was convicted in 2004 of unauthorised[sic] access to computers, agreed that it was probably because he had provided information to WikiLeaks that Manning had become interested in him.


  5. David says:

    Hi all. I made a little video today while my son was finishing breakfast. I thought it might give you a chuckle. :)

  6. Mithrandir says:

    Whistleblower Edward Snowden blows the lid off of criminal, unconstitutional government activity.

    As I was reading online, I was thinking, “Please please please, don’t any Republicans call for his head like they did with Julian Assange and Private Bradley Manning!”
    NOPE, sure enough Peter King, REPUBLICAN N.Y. called for Snowden’s extradition and prosecution immediately.

    This is why I am not a Republican. These people equally trample our rights for the same old tired excuses they always use, right along with the big government liberals. The Patriot act was just as terrible under Bush as it is under Obama.

    Criminals have no right to prosecute whistleblowers. Snowden reported criminal activity, which is what every Nazi party member should have done. But no. Supposedly those with secret clearances are not supposed to expose and dutifully report criminal activity by the government. They “broke the law” by reporting that government broke the law. How ironic is that? One party must closely adhere to the letter and spirit of the law, and the government can just do whatever it wants.

    What insanity we live with.

  7. canary says:

    US Soldiers ordered not to read conservative books, or have anti-Obama snickers on personal cars. Soldier also served Chick-Filet at his promotion party receives Article 15.


    Hannity also played older 2007 and 2008 videos of Obama pre presidential election threatening and boasting he would go over every wire tap, etc. that George Bush did under the Patriot Act.
    Pretty could assembly of statement after statement, but now Obama pretends he doesn’t know what those under him are doing.

    So, strange that recently within two weeks Syria, Iran, and China have cyber-attacked the U.S.; China obtaining all our military information. Perhaps there is so much material and records thi administration is obtaining on private citizens has led to our security getting sloppy in protecting it.

    Our king O is probably selling all of American’s personal information to China for marketing at the very least, or aid in taking over the US who is too busy having a party.

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