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The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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21 Responses to “The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson’s “apology” everyone should read this holiday season: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/83750481/

    This is just another GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for someone to spell-out what homosexuality is. Finally someone brought it up, now it’s time to ignore all the cat-calls and stick to the facts:
    What homosexuality is, what it does to the body, what the Bible says about it, what respected physicians have to say about it, what society thinks, why depriving children a chance at a mom or dad is wrong and psychologically damaging to them. Gay suicide rates, drug abuse, bath house investigations, gay pride festivals exposed….THE WHOLE 9 YARDS!

    People will be so disgusted with it, the gay community would never dare try to persecute another heretic, knowing the evidence will be rolled out against them all over the media.

    But this is fantasy talk. The media, conservative or not, Republican or not, will not lift a finger to present evidence. Just another 4 panel discussion, divided t.v. screen, of people yelling and talking over each other before the next commercial break. After a few days, the public will be distracted by some NON-ISSUE going on in the middle east again. “What’s Syria doing?” “What sanctions will be ignored by Iran?” “What happened in Benghazi, and why doesn’t anyone care?”

    As I said before. If the Koch brothers, or some other conservative donor gives me a million dollar budget, I, and my S&L friends could sit at a table and come up with better ideas on how to fight back, than anything anyone else is doing……COMBINED!

  2. Chrispbass says:


    Or something like that.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    ARE YOU CONSERVATIVE? A quick double-check to see where you stand.

    You think Jeb Bush honoring Hillary Rodham Clinton, with an award from the National Constitution Center, is absolutely disgusting, and automatically eliminates him from national elected office.

    You think that closing down the government was a great idea, but also realized that the government never actually shuts down.

    You know that John McCain is a liberal democrat who only calls himself a Republican because that’s the only way he can win in Arizona.

    You have a sickness in your stomach, knowing you voted for McCain in 2008.

    You find it strange that despite 1/2 the country identifying itself as Conservative, the Republicans can’t seem to nominate a Conservative since Ronald Reagan.

    You wish Conservatives would and could do more than simply write books, internet sites, t.v., radio, and be/do simply more than tattle-tale sites complaining about what the latest thing democrats are doing. (my apologies though, I just think more can be done…)

    You will not donate 1 penny to any politician until they actually do something.

    You know the 2 parties pretend to be at each other’s throat, but behind the scenes, they are all friends, with the same backgrounds, same colleges, same investment companies, same acquaintances.

    You know that Julian Assange, Private Matthew Manning, and Eric Snowden, didn’t endanger our troops, or threaten our national security. They exposed our own government’s abuse of our own people, and those around the world.

    You know that no cable news shows are honest. There are absolutely NO news stories in which a sponsor is made to look bad, or a potential sponsor made to look bad. Cable news also can’t / won’t embarrass politicians too much, otherwise they won’t appear on the show. So basically, there are just people talking over each other, and zero investigative journalism anymore.

    You know that any investigation in Washington will result in zero prosecutions. None of those people work for the citizens of the United States of America, they all work for the President.

    You know the courts are rigged between the politicians (lawyers) who make laws, the prosecutor / defenders (lawyers) who make money on you, and judges (lawyers) who need job security. They prosecute you with your own tax money, then expect you to defend yourself with your own personal savings.

    You know there is a huge difference between belief in God, and religion. Religion is another governmet-style institution dependent upon your participation and money. While belief in God, is free.

    You know that avoiding jury duty is a terrible crime. You can nullify any law you want from the jury box.

    You know right and wrong, moral and immoral, and have no idea why the people you elect have no spine to stand up for what they believe in, yet the opposition DOES.

    You know that the Bush family is nothing more than center-left Republicans. 8 years of Bush pushed through 0 Conservative social policies.

    You probably have a strange feeling something fishy happened on 911, but don’t want to indict the government, because you don’t want to be lumped together with all the other crazies.

    You saw the video: Dreams From My REAL Father, and probably realize the whole Obama birth certificate thing, was a distraction from his true origins. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMUlWbO1rhk
    Or at the very least, you are confused why no one in Hawaii has a camera to release the actual certificate, instead of a replica.

    You know that democrats have infiltrated the Republican party with operatives (something they would do) and that there is no score-keeping sheet to keep Republicans honest, and remove them from office.

    You know that every single holiday in America has been corrupted with alcohol, or mass-commercialism, and want to keep the meaning of the event pure.

    You know the only reason Angolina Jolie and other painted-up celebrities are ALWAYS in the news, and ALWAYS promoted, is simply because they are liberals, and other liberals want to constantly increase their credibility with the public, so that their political statement carry weight.

    You know that every single thing on t.v. is scripted, and outcomes determined. Even “reality” shows in which it seems the outcomes are based on merit. –They aren’t. All those dating shows? -scripted. Let’s make a deal? -scripted. $100,000 pyramid? –scripted. Family Feud? -scripted. Elimination shows? -scripted. Sports? –rigged by mobsters and paid off referees. (sorry, I know this one hurts, but there is WAAAAAY too much money involved to let athletes decide outcomes)

    You find it strange that democrats will flip over any trash can for votes, drive homeless to the polls, threaten welfare recips for votes, rush the prisons to register felons, invent names on voter rolls, vote multiple times, register the dead, but Republicans can’t hold their nose long enough to appeal to enough Libertarians to win major office: http://www.nytimes.com/projects/elections/2013/general/virginia/map.html

    Although you greatly respect their hard jobs, you can’t stand the fact that police unions vote democrat. You also worry that the police have gotten so strong and abusive, that no one will ever push them back in line, because there is always an election on the horizon.

    You are waiting patiently for Sarah Palin to take far-left liberal, John McCain, to the woodshed, and abandon her loyalty to him for using her as a token, and sidekick, to woo the Conservative vote for his own liberal agenda.

    *Merry Christmas. We aren’t accidents of nature, we are designed. Every minute you draw breath, sip something delicious, share a smile with a loved one, gently stoke your favorite pet this holiday season, take a moment to appreciate it, and say a little “thank you” to your creator.

    • The Redneck says:

      –You know that Julian Assange, Private Matthew Manning, and Eric Snowden, didn’t endanger our troops, or threaten our national security.–
      Assange and Manning did EXACTLY that, spilling details on our military presence and undercover agents.

      Manning’s decision to commit treason had nothing to do with abuses–and everything to do with his fury at the Army for not endorsing his sexual preferences.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Rooting for Peyton Manning today.

      /off topic sort of

    • Mithrandir says:

      @The Redneck

      1. We shouldn’t even BE in Iraq or Afghanistan if the first place.
      2. The data that they shared embarrassed the government, not our troops, which is ALWAYS the fall-back excuse whenever the government is caught and exposed. “Our troops are in danger!” –Ok, then pull them the heck out of there if they are in so much danger! I remember Benghazi. Not one single person in our “concerned” gov’t cared a less about their danger, and even less after they died…..and still don’t.
      3. I recall Manning being angry over the military’s stance on homosexuals as being a factor, how much, I don’t know.
      4. I thought liberals wanted a “transparent” government, and Conservatives were going to hold their feet to the fire over that? Well, transparency was forced upon them. I don’t see how that’s a problem.

      Again, if our troops’ and agents’ cover has been compromised and exposed, bug out of there! We are wasting our resources babysitting the sand people from Star Wars long enough.

  4. canary says:

    Cute spoof of the Mandela fakester interpreting Obama on SNL. Had he been a Republican I’m sure it would have been contained violence around the true them of things

    Sign interpreter for Obama health care speech

    AP: Bogus signer Thamsanqa Jantjie accused of burning 2 men to death

    Dec 16 2013

    The bogus sign language interpreter at last week’s Nelson Mandela memorial service was among a group of people who accosted two men found with a stolen television and burned them to death by setting fire to tires placed around their necks, one of the interpreter’s cousins and three of his friends told The Associated Press Monday.

    They insisted on speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the fake signing fiasco, which has deeply embarrassed South Africa’s government and prompted a high-level investigation into how it happened.

    Their account of the killings matched a description of the crime and the outcome for Jantjie that he himself described in an interview published on Sunday by the Sunday Times newspaper of Johannesburg.

    “It was a community thing, what you call mob justice, and I was also there,” Jantjie told the newspaper.

    Jantjie was not at his house Monday, and the cousin told AP Jantjie had been picked up by someone in a car Sunday and had not returned. His cellphone rang through to an automatic message saying Jantjie was not reachable.

    In the interview last Thursday, Jantjie said he had been violent in the past “a lot” but declined to provide more details and blamed his violence on his schizophrenia, for which he said he was institutionalized for 19 months in a period that included time during 2006.

    The cousin and the three friends said the “necklacing” killing of the suspected thieves occurred within a few hundred metres from Jantjie’s tidy concrete home near ramshackle dwellings.

    Necklacing fairly common

    The four spoke to the AP on Monday in Jantjie’s neighbourhood, and one of the friends described himself as Jantjie’s best friend.

    Necklacing was a method of killing that was fairly common during the struggle against apartheid by blacks on blacks suspected of aiding the white government or belonging to opposing factions.

    The method was also used in tribal disputes in the 1980s and 1990s.

    Jantjie told the AP he was hired for the event by an interpretation company that has used him on a freelance basis for years, but government officials have said the owners of the company have disappeared.

    The address that Jantjie provided for the company was occupied by a different company that is not involved in interpreting for the deaf.

    An Online search for the school, which Jantjie said was called Komani and located in Eastern Cape Province, turned up nothing.

    The Star newspaper of Johannesburg reported Friday that Jantjie said he studied sign language interpretation in Britain at the “University of Tecturers[sic].”

    A British charity that awards qualifications for deaf and deaf-blind communications techniques said it had never heard of the university.


  5. canary says:

    Execution of Kim Jong Un’s uncle spark fears that North Korea may be on the verge of imploding as members of political elite are accused of planning a coup

    By Mark Duell and Jill Reilly

    12 December 2013

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2522859/Kim-Jong-Uns-uncle-Jang-Song-Thaek-executed-North-Korea-traitor.html#ixzz2oLlk2rmL
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    I can see where Dennis Rodman reiterated Kim Jung Un was his friend, no matter what they were friends. And to say if Obama would quit be afraid and meet with Kim Jung Un. The thug leader of NK enjoyed violent video games and porn before taking office and he kills his girlfriend. Has anyone even seen his wife? This guy is living out his gaming in real life. I’ve no doubt he’ll digress from machine gun to an even more sinister style of execution at this rate.

  6. Mithrandir says:


    You’ve seen that slogan, in response to events that happened in World War 2.

    Well guess what? It’s happened AGAIN and countless other times since then. People are systematically shot, thrown into concentration camps, show trials, purposeful starvation, torture centers. People flee for their lives across the border, and give details of the horrors they escaped from.

    …..and yet we still pay 25% of the budget to the U.N., who not only got involved in the Korean war, has turned its back on it ever since.

    There is a NO LOSE situation when it comes to dissolving North Korea, (well, except for the North Koreans) yet, no one even gives it a second thought…….or even a first one. What cowardice of leadership we have in the U.S., and around the world.

  7. Mithrandir says:


    Put on your tinfoil hats S&Lers, before the CIA beams, erase what I’m going to tell you.

    “You don’t need us to tell you gas prices are back on the rise.”

    <B"Economic facts may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny's step this year."

    “It’s Ok, you can admit it, if you bought an item or two, OR TEN for yourself.”

    Could this be the end of email-overload?

    It’s not just the news that’s scripted, so is the President: Punch above their weight.”

    Are you kidding me? These are supposedly smart, educated JOURNALISTS, and they can’t even write their own INTROS to news stories? Really? And worse, they can’t even FIND their own news stories? They have to be bought from a national syndicate?

    They all smugly look at the camera as if they just thought of it off the top of the head.

    Since we don’t have time to be where the news is happening, we rely on trusted sources to inform us, as a free republic. By the times it passes all the media filters, and embarrassment to sponsors and political figures, what comes out there other end is most likely 5% of the original truth, and surrounded by 95% lies and distorted truths.

  8. canary says:

    Legal immigrants are permitted to use the marketplaces and may qualify for subsidies if their income is no more than 400 percent of the federal poverty level (about $46,000 for an individual and $94,200 for a family of four.)

    • canary says:

      It’s for Americans too.

      Forbes left this out of their article of ACA Insurers that are making big profits off ACA.

      It’s just more evidence the federal government is paying for people’s health insurance, aside the federal government’s promise to pay market places that lose money.

      So, why still the secrecy in the list naming the Insurers. Why shouldn’t all insurance companies be allowed in the market place.

    • canary says:

      According to Forbes and some articles they name the Insurer Wellpoint (WLP) ran by CEO Joesph Swedish as the example to support their generalized wordings of Insurers profiting and optimistic.

      Would “Insurer” Wellpoint be an aca “Trader” since there are little companies under it. Or are the Wellpoint’s companies for example notably in California that’s leading the way in numbers (cough cough) be the “Traders”. Or are the little companies the “Insurers”.

      Because I still can’t find a list of the “top secret” 30 ish insurance companies that only a minority of citizens are able to peek at along with out risking giving all their privacy identification and more to the Obama health care website floating around in cyber space with known openings for hackers.

      And along with Wellpoint (WLP) claiming they are making good money off Obama Care, but keeping secret the amount (probably since their shares dropped at least last Oct) while visiting Obama at the White House with “other unspecified” insurers” to discuss the big glitch keeping people from signing up do you think a special deal was made in the quietness of the WH walls.
      It’s difficult to trust the LA Times wording they met at the White House especially since their wording has led slandering Duck Dynasties Phil Roberts; accusations that were never quoted in the GQ. Hopefully, it just leads many separate groups of minorities to read the article so they can read for themselves.

      I wonder if people can even print anything off the Obama aca website. Might be set on a feature that nothing can be printed.

      I think there is more than meets the eye with these exchanges and insurers. I don’t look long, but keep occasionally looking for “the list”. It is possible the list is no longer approx 34 insurers and only a few. Most likely you must type things in, that will only show you one or two someone can pick to meet their needs. And news articles are taking one companies word that they are making money without even a ball park amount.

      It would be much easier to build those federal and universal hospitals with one or two insurance or trading companies that make all the bucks of OC.

  9. canary says:

    So, John Kerry’s patrol down the river in Vietnam he once patrolled is because “we” should clean it for the good of the global welfare.

    I’d say all financial aid should be provided by Kerry and a few of those who aided the North in winning the war against the impoverished oppressed South that wanted freedom and dignity.

    A call to Jane for some big bucks. And Bill Ayers no doubt could raise some money or roll of his sleeves.

    It might help him get over his guilt from confessions he made in front of Congress of things he claimed to have done, leading him to hurt his ankle and demands to go home, leaving so many behind to die trying to make it a better country for the oppressed.

    U.S. offers help to South East Asia, most to Vietnam, to patrol seas

    By Lesley Wroughton – Dec 16, 2013

    (Reuters) – The United States on Monday offered $32.5 million in assistance to Southeast Asian nations, more than half to Vietnam, to boost maritime security, which comes as tension grows with China over rival claims in the South China Sea.

    On his first visit to Vietnam as secretary of state, John Kerry denied that the assistance had anything to do with China.

    Kerry said up to $18 million of the funds would go toward strengthening Vietnam’s coastal patrols to help its coastguard react quicker to search and rescue missions, and for disasters.


    While announcing closer cooperation between the United States and Vietnam on a range of issues from the economy to education, climate change and trade, Kerry said he had raised U.S. concerns with Minh over Vietnam’s human rights record.

    “This is something we talked about openly and frankly … Vietnam needs to show continued progress on human rights and freedoms, including the freedom of religion, the freedom of expression and freedom of association,” he said.

    A group of 47 lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives wrote to Kerry before his visit to Vietnam urging him to tie trade talks to progress on human rights.

    “There is some progress that is being made and we would encourage more progress to be made,” Kerry said referring to Vietnam’s record on rights.

    Kerry said he had raised individual cases of abuse during his meeting with Minh, although he gave no further details.

    Minh described his meeting with Kerry as “constructive” and acknowledged differences with the United States over rights.

    (Editing by Robert Birsel and Clarence Fernandez)

    • canary says:

      I left all the denials that this had to do with China trying to take over the seas for oil shipment.
      I do recall we were a major importer of Vietnam after the war, and this won’t fair well with China since we owe them so much.

      Anyways, speaking of China, you may have heard me mention all that International or Global sister city programs which most likely your town is a member of and have more than one city around the globe, there is going to be a big USA/China Sister City Convention in DC.

      Leading the list of hosts is General Colin L. Powell.

      Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17)
      Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13)
      Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-6)
      Congresswoman Grace Meng (NY-6)
      Congressman Mark A. Takano (CA-41)
      Governor Sam Brownback (Kansas)
      Governor Rick Snyder (Michigan)

      Mayor Alan Arakawa (Maui County, Hawaii)
      Mayor Gregory Ballard (Indianapolis, Indiana)
      Mayor Todd Gloria (San Diego, California)
      Mayor Michael B. Hancock (Denver, Colorado)
      Mayor Kevin Johnson (Sacramento, California)
      Mayor Laurel Prussing (Urbana, Illinois)
      Mayor Gilbert Wong (Cupertino, California)

      2) Subject tracks I: Innovative Exchanges and Programs: Planning Effective Exchanges: Visas, etc. Energy and Sustainable Development Programs Community Engagement Programs

      3) Subject tracks II: Building Business Relations through Sister City Relations

      CEO Panel – Building Business in China Commercial Service Panel – Protocol of Doing Business in China Mayors Panel – How to Attract Business to Your City

      4) US-China Sister City Awards Ceremony & Dinner. Award-winning sister city programs in the following categories will be honored.

      Best Arts & Culture program, Best Youth program, Best Economic Development program
      Best Energy and Sustainable Development program, Best Community Development program, Most Innovative program, Longest US-China sister city/state relationships in good standing: Best Overall US-Chinese sister city relationship, Individual – Outstanding Contribution to US-Chinese Sister Cities

      In no way are these the only towns or cities that have China as a sister city.

      Chicago has 50 Sister Cities, from Russia to China and last week Mayor Rahm Emanuel
      was in Chicago’s sister city of Mexico City, Mexico on his first international trip as Mayor of Chicago. While in Mexico City, Mayor Emanuel signed the Global Cities Economic Partnership with Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, an agreement that will help foster trade, exchange and learning, etc.

      My town that fought it was told it was not, and would not cost tax payers a penny, but that was a big fight lie and they refuse to hand over finances, even though we did indeed pay for very expensive trips for the city council and public school superintendent to travel around the globe to a city with a very dark commie past.

      There is a USA wide endeavor to sign up many more sister cities and John Kerry most likely will be signing Vietnam on as a sister city in spite of that countries human rights issues.

  10. imnewatthis says:

    Isn’t today the day they finally completely outlaw incandescents? So if your light bulb breaks, you call the hazmat team and gas must be wasted to drive it to the appropriate disposal site.
    The light bulbs are nutty but something else happened within the last few months with no public attention that I am aware of. They replaced most of the bleach on store shelves with bleach that does not kill germs. You have to read the labels carefully if you want to use it to disinfect/kill mldew, etc. I told a local grocery manager about this and he seemed unaware, kind of squinted at the labels and never ordered a larger portion of disinfecting bleach. This whole thing was done so quietly, I bet most people weren’t even aware, including bleach users. I don’t know if the EPA is forcing companies to do this, or pressuring them, or what happened. It’s just something my husband and I noticed one day. But it’s just like the light bulbs and the soda, someone is trying to limit our choices and who knows what the unintended consequences will be.

    • canary says:

      imnewatthis – “You have to read the labels carefully”

      Careful, or you’ll end up with a problem like me and they don’t have a label reading rehab.

      Most have no idea they have to drive to an appropriate disposal site with the smart light bulbs, but the use of gasoline is a good point. All those rent a bikes will have to have a full proof pouches along with disinfectant for the bicycle seats, handles, and locks.

      Last experience I notice “new batteries last up to 10 years” but in tiny writing say “in storage”.
      Then read the back that they can explode and “do not use, store, or dispose with other batteries” or they will catch on fire or explode.

      Now when I saw some idiots using household bleach to clean surfaces to kill any anthrax that might have blown on surfaces, I noticed Clorox bleach was 10%.

      Then when clothes weren’t getting white I noticed Clorox bleach was only 6%. That is called the dilution theory to save the manufacturer money. Because, a can of Del Monte green beans used to give two good servings and now you get less and less green beans and more and more water making up the 12oz.

      Then Clorox came out with stronger condensed bleach, which they only brought it up to 8%.
      Then comes out “outdoor utility strength” labeling which still only has 8%. Just different packaging as with most Clorox products period. Most all brands. Avoid anything that does not give the ingredients.

      They say a banker can count money by feeling it. I can only notice picking up a can of soup or package of food that it’s smaller. Or the weight of a product being lighter.

      So, it’s not enough to go up on prices, but your getting less product. Perhaps toilet paper is being regulated by the EPA to use less. But, would you trust bleach-free recycled toilet paper?
      Probably comes from Afghanistan.

      Anyways, nice to see another woman on board as we are consumers. And absolutely, the EPA is creating approx 800 new regulations a day, as far as a small town goes, they can add as thousands of pages a day, because across the USA towns and cities are joining membership of ICLIE and will deny and refuse to admit it or give a bogus excuse they only bought the “software” from them. They will disguise it. Keep renaming it with new names.

      An example is ICLIE’s home site wiped out United Nations and put ICLIE stands for “Local Governments and Sustainability” when it’s a bleeping UN Global organization.

      So, noticing Al-Gore just went to Africa to celebrate one of their towns adopting it to celebrate Mandela Nelson to counteract burning tires around people’s neck, I had to go to wikipedia before it’s hacked again to deceive Americans.

      ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, founded in 1990 as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

      As you can see it’s the later that ICLEI stands for, as the abbreviation in no way matches the preceding name.

      I often refer to UN Agenda 21, and most recently to Sister Cities which is part of the program.

      Even the smallest towns in the US are adopting the thousands and thousands of pages of building codes from ICLIE

      And now Israel’s so called labor union are creating jobs running their country to cut off energy
      and make laws on what food people can eat.

      It’s all about making dense cities, grabbing private land, and even some Californians are complaining about smart meters (which now have different names to fool you) are making them sick.

  11. canary says:

    FL Governor Rick Scott explains the UN and Federal government’s Agenda 21 and Seven-50

    What is Agenda 21 and Seven 50? Interview with American Coalition 4 Property Rights and Florida Governor Rick Scott

    Read more: http://ac4pr.homestead.com/~local/~preview/interview-seven-50–american-coalition-4-property-rights.html?_=1369548367451#.UsTP1LSLVA_#ixzz2pClpH8OY

  12. Kytross says:

    Redistribution of wealth is not charity. It is not virtue.

    Redistribution of wealth is envy. It is sin.

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