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The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 14th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

14 Responses to “The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Petronius says:

    From your on-the-scene observer:

    Charlottesville, Va.

    Something quite strange and maddening happened here on Monday.

    No one seems to have noticed the irony of Nerobama’s tour of Monticello, which he visited in company with the pudgy little French socialist, Francois Hollande. The event brought out miles upon miles of policemen and patrol cars, stationed every thirty feet along the barricaded highways and roads of Albemarle County. The city was also occupied by his vast praetorian guard, his regular contingent of bodyguards and security specialists with their communications trucks and caravans of black Suburbans.

    The visit was ironic because Monticello was the home of Thomas Jefferson, and because the American republic meant something completely different for Jefferson than it does for Nerobama. And for that very reason Thomas Jefferson never needed a praetorian guard.

    Because Jefferson was a stalwart champion of liberty. Following the trail blazed by Cicero and John Locke, Jefferson gave us the idea of freedom in natural law and the divinely ordained unalienable rights of the individual. Whereas the peculiar gift of Nerobama has been the weaponizing of government for silencing opposition and for the oppression of the ordinary citizen.

    For Jefferson the Federal republic meant small and limited government, separation of powers, checks and balances, consent of the governed, the rule of law, and the sovereignty of the individual within the sovereignty of the States.

    But Nerobama’s vision for the Federal government is precisely the opposite. For Nerobama it means top-down social engineering, big-government central planning, and the rule of one man with his Pen-and-Phone. For Nerobama the Constitution with its Bill of Rights is a nuisance, a retarding factor that needs to be brushed aside. He regards the separation of powers as “gridlock,” and the checks and balances as “obstructionism” which he attributes to the base motives of the opposition party.

    “That’s the good thing about being President. I can do anything I want,” Nerobama quipped while strolling the front lawn at Monticello. Part wit and part threat. One cannot possibly imagine Thomas Jefferson saying such a thing, even in jest.

    But in fact that quip perfectly sums up Nerobama’s attitude toward governance. Having attained electoral support from a majority of the American idiocracy, and with the stout shield-wall of protection erected around him by the media, Nerobama considers himself empowered to rule as he pleases––to rule absolutely and without limits, unrestrained by the Constitution, law, ancient custom, inherited wisdom, ethics, or truth, and without regard for the feelings and suffering of the people.

    On the one hand we have a product of the Chicago mob, given over to narcissism, rich living and idle pleasures, to Bolshevik ideology and class warfare, and to the frantic pursuit of power. And on the other hand we have the sage of Monticello, a Renaissance man steeped in the rigid, generous, but now quaint code of the Virginia gentleman.

    One man a dictator. The other the ultimate republican.

    One man a tyrant. The other a fierce enemy of tyrants.

    The juxtaposition was violent.

    The juxtaposition was there for all to see. Crystal clear and in plain sight. It was the 800-pound gorilla in the room. And an historic moment, like Henry Plantagenet’s pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral and his vigil at Becket’s tomb … although of course Henry II’s visit was done in penance, and, one hopes, with a contrite heart. Yet the moment passed without comment by the media. An event which would have served as the basis for endless literature in the past, yet it attracted not one smidgen of art. And that’s the strangest part, the maddest part.

    • Astravogel says:

      Well, Obama isn’t the first of his race to be a guest in Montecello.

    • canary says:

      Obama visited Jefferson’s Monticello home because he wanted to see if it might be turned into the largest mega-Muslim caliphate in the US.

      Jefferson’s plantation with so many slave living quarters would be perfect for Muslim pilgrims to
      visit for Rahmadmen holidays. Many countries already have one. American Muslims should not have to go to other countries and do pilgrimages. (also he is checking out the plantation with the French minister for future global sustainability communities)

      Obama has publicly pointed out several times the possibility that Jefferson was a Muslim because in spite of thousands of books that Jefferson owned, Obama does not believe Jefferson read the book to try and understand the Muslim Pirates that were attacking US ships with slaves on them.

      It was just a year ago, at large private Rahmadmen dinner held at the WH that Obama allowed everyone to see and feel the fragile artifact so he can tell the Muslims that the US is a Muslim Nation. It was at one private dinner for Muslims that he awarded Hillary Clinton’s Muslim assistance for her Policy Making for the US. Shocking, and shocking is her husband Wiener twitting his private parts on twitter).

      Obama is the President and he can do what he wants and no doubt he has handled the WH sacred quran on many occasions. Written antidotes such as “Obama was here” and underlined and initialed many passages in the sacred book. So what if the old book’s pages tear.
      It is most likely he took Jefferson’s quran on the visit and snuck in the dome to do some afternoon prayers anointing what he believes may be the next mecca do to his delusion he keeps reiterating of Thomas Jefferson practiced Islam, which that an other things lead to Obama to forgive Thomas Jefferson for being a capitalist and slave owner at that. Perhaps
      he hopes to find a moon crescent or other signs in the old enormous mansion and plantation to prove his theory that Jefferson was a Muslim. Or maybe he hates Jefferson and disdains the grounds of Monticello and just wanted to spit on the ground that once enslaved black people.

      The France leader wanted to see the diggs of Jefferson who was said to have lead the French for a few years.

      Also, with all the embarrassment of US spying and taping every phone call even if it’s just Obama wishing someone well, and the latest insult to the French from the US diplomat that said “f*** the EU) The France leader wanted to go somewhere to speak with Obama that he’d
      less likely be listened in on.

      Can you imagine how Frances Hollande has felt this visit. The rise of al-Qaeda and France at war in the continent of Africa means some very serious talking between the two leaders, and
      Hollande doesn’t want anything he says to end up on a youtube. Obama’s credibility on the subject of confidentiality is pretty bleak in the world’s view.

      The Obama’s forcing their white house plantation servants to wear that attire that desecrated
      the White House. It showed sick mentality by the Obamas. It showed that Obama will always feel a victim and that any disagreement with him is because he is a black President, in spite of the fact that Presidential elections always end up directly divided as to Republicans who freed slaves and the Democrats that did not believe in freeing the slaves. That is the irony in Freedom vs Slavery that the global world is headed for running the new one order that Jimmy Carter continues to strive for over all these years.

    • Petronius says:

      The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, which runs Monticello, appointed a black organization with ten members, including Julian Bond, then head of the NAACP, to investigate the Hemings paternity allegations and make a recommendation on the Hemings question.

      Dianne Swann-Wright, a so-called expert in slave oral traditions, was delegated to perform the task. Not surprisingly, Ms Swann-Wright came to her conclusion based solely on the oral traditions of the black families, and without examining any of the other evidence.

      Of course undocumented oral tradition is not proper historiography. It would not be given any weight, for example, to support an application to a genealogical heritage society such as DAR. And although some of the white members of the Foundation have complained that the Swann-Wright recommendation was not supported by any real evidence, the Foundation accepted her conclusion anyway.

      As a result, Foundation policy currently requires the tour guides at Monticello to advise visitors that all six of Sally Hemings’ children were fathered by Thomas Jefferson, even though there is no evidence that he fathered any of them. And even though DNA evidence has proved, in the case of one of Sally’s older children, that Thomas Jefferson was not the father.

      The last time we visited Monticello the entrance fee was $36.00 each, rather steep we thought, and we considered asking for a refund after having to listen to guides who present mere gossip as fact.

      However, promoting Monticello as a secret hotbed of slave sex has proved to be a profitable gimmick for the Foundation. The Foundation received about $2 million a year in contributions before the Hemings story, but now receives about $10 million a year, proving only that smearing Jefferson’s reputation pays better than preserving it. The whole sorry business serves as a lesson on the disgraceful state of American revisionist history and historiography today.

      So far the line of Hemings’ last child, Eston, born in 1808, is the only line to have shown even a smidgen of Jefferson DNA. However, at the time of Eston’s birth there were 26 Jefferson men of reproductive age living in Virginia, most of them frequent visitors to Monticello, and this DNA might have come from any one of them.

      Sally Hemings never claimed to have had relations with Thomas Jefferson, and the Eston family has never claimed descent from Thomas Jefferson. The Eston family tradition was descent from a Jefferson “uncle.” The most likely candidate was “Uncle Randall” –– Randolph Jefferson, Thomas’s much younger brother, who was a 51 year-old widower at the time Eston was born, a frequent visitor to the slave quarters, and who was visiting Monticello at the right time for Eston’s conception. This paternity is supported by evidence of the overseer and the other slaves at Monticello, and by the circumstance that after Randolph remarried his new wife would not allow him to visit Monticello.

      The Sally Hemings claim is not only bad history and bad science, but is also inconsistent with everything we know about Thomas Jefferson, such that if you accepted the Sally Hemings story as true, you would have to consider everything else we know about the man to be a lie. See, e.g., William G. Hyland, “In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal” (2009); Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society, “The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission” (2011); Jared Taylor, “Miscegenation at Monticello?” Taki’s Magazine (Dec 2012) .

    • canary says:

      Oh. They have just opened up all these slavery exhibitions that look really boring. Like two nails that may have been nails sold by Jefferson to pay for his fixing his big house up like France.
      And lot’s of pieces of red wine bottles as they do an expensive archeological excavation of where they think the cabin that belonged to Jefferson’s slave mother Ms.(?) Hemings lived in close to the house.
      It’s an enormous costly and ongoing project $.

      I think it would be better to find an easier site to try and learn how slaves lived on the plantation that to be so obsessed with one spot where finding a nail and a piece of broken wine bottle is like finding one extinct worm in Utah that leads to a major excavation which is difficult as to not kill any bugs as they carry it out.

      They should dig where lot’s of cabins, because their excuse of digging Ms. Hemings cabin when she lived much different than the rest of the slaves makes no sense. I mean they are finding China pieces and Wine bottle pieces. The slave Ms. Hemings ran all the other slaves lives so they should be digging there instead.

      Must be hoping to find gold, money, or jewelry, or some DNA so that some decedents can claim to the massive piece of land, since Jefferson did not free the slaves that were willed to him.

      I say give let the descendents that worked and toiled the land from as they recorded Jefferson had the slaves work from sun up to sun set with only Sun off, but doesn’t say how they know that. Maybe the decedents who want the land dug up told the story through generations.

      I say give them the house and land and quit wasting all that rich land. If they find gold, let them keep it. I saw the pdf of the excavation and it’s not worth the money to do this. Just give them the land.

    • captstubby says:

      Petronius , you just reminded me of ,some years back during a Christmas get together with family,

      where i happen to page through a history book my wife’s niece had with her.

      i noticed that there were not two consecutive pages that did not have a Howard Zimm -like focus of Aggression or crime against a native American or African American.

      biography’s and history’s of Washington and Jefferson were mere paragraphs or half a page or less.

      every conceivable “oppression and Racial ” atrocity was sometimes pages in length.

      its about as close i ever came to burning a book.

      equipped with this sort of education, she dropped out of school at 16, pregnant six months later.

  2. captstubby says:

    Petronius , where any streets or bridges closed?

    in other news;

    Feb. 8

    Pope Francis Picks Up Hitchhiker in Popemobile

    Pope Francis spotted fellow Argentine, and priest in his former Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Father Fabian Baez. , Baez called out to Francis and the pope stopped the popemobile and told Baez to climb aboard to go for a spin.

    • Petronius says:

      Yes, capt, the roads were closed in the afternoon while the presidential caravan went by. Before they arrived, the police were stationed about every 30 feet on both sides of US29. Some on/off ramps on I64 and the roads around Pantops and Monticello were closed during the afternoon.

  3. canary says:

    Wow Petronius, we were writing at the same time, so I was guessing who was behind this expensive worthless scavenger hunt.

    I’ll bet they got federal stimulus money to boot. “SHOVEL READY JOBS!” and probably a union doing the digging and playing in the sand.

    I could not believe what a joke the Monticellous site is and what a rip off their new tours promise.

    It’s set up so about anything you check has a box saying more on “Hemings”, and all the little new tourist attractions to get more money looked like a joke.

    Many pages just show nails and talk about the nails they found. lol. And they have a drawing of what they believed the Heming cabin next to the mansion would look like. My point. Why dig, who The PDF has pages of their findings as they log each “nail”, piece of wine bottle” and “piece of China”. Who cares.

    This is what I keep calling make up job creation. I’m guessing they are going to build cabin.

    And as far as Hollande posing with his dirty hands on pages of what looks to be authentic books
    belonging to Thomas Jefferson, that is my point about the disrespect of Obama freely taking the Quran that Jefferson got to try and understand those pirates is being kept in his desk drawer
    and repeatedly pulling out to say Jefferson was a Muslim is slanderous.
    Obama fails to point out that Jefferson owned tons of Christian books and Holy Bibles.

    I’ll bet he accidentally forgets to put the Quran back where it belongs and takes it with him when he leaves the white house. He will display it in his home with that gigantic gold necklace that should stay in the white house too. lol.

    • canary says:

      Here’s a cute game you can play on the Monticello’s site


      Would you have tried to “pass”? Explore this and other challenging decisions faced by Monticello’s enslaved families



      PASS (verb) \`pas\ to identify oneself or be identified as something one is not.

      “She thought it to her interest, on going to Washington, to assume the role of a white woman, and by her dress and conduct as such I am not aware that her identity as Harriet Hemings of Monticello has ever been discovered.” – Madison Hemings, 1873, on his sister Harriet who was allowed to leave Monticello in 1822.

      If you were a freed slave with light skin, would you try to pass as a white person in order to increase opportunities for yourself?

      Yes, I would choose to live as a white person in order to increase my opportunitites.
      No, I would continue to live as a black person, even if that meant facing discrimination.


      “Running Away”

      To Run or Not to Run

      When David Hern Jr. was serving as a wagoner, her drove his wagon between Monicello and Washington, D.C., by himself many times. During that time, he could have tried to run away from slavery and be free, but he did not.

      If you were enslaved at Monticello, would you try to run away?

      Yes, I would try to run away in order to gain my freedom.
      No, I would stay at Monticello.

      You can test yourself on how Jefferson treated slaves on monticello by taking the
      Facts&Questions click answer yes or no


  4. canary says:

    Obama played hookie going to Monticello, missing his big day the National Youth Enrollment for Obama Care leaving youth recruits and children crestfallen.

    Feb 15th, was the big day for kiddies, however a message on Obama Health Care site said they were closed for the day.

    Not sure they knew he took a Boeing 747 AF1 plane trip to see how the grand opening of Thomas Jefferson’s slaves by interviews with 200 people to include 10 unknown new descendants with stories to tell.


    In an embarrassing bit of timing, the Obamacare website was down on Saturday due to a “Social Security system outage” on the same day as its National Youth Enrollment Day.

    Obamacare’s National Youth Enrollment Day is Feb. 15.

    Pro-Obamacare youth recruitment groups were crestfallen.

    “We just found that out,” Aaron Smith, the Young Invincibles’ co-founder told Buzzfeed.

    Obamacare youth activist groups had billed National Youth Enrollment Day as “a huge day of action to educate young adults on the importance of having health insurance” and had flooded social media with graphics featuring celebrities Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Amy Poehler, and others promoting the big day.

    Continued failure could prompt what experts call an actuarial death spiral, thereby rendering Obamacare financially unsustainable.

    With just six weeks to go before the March 31st deadline, Obamacare supporters had hoped that Obamacare’s National Youth Enrollment Day would surge youth enrollments.

    With the website down for three days due to maintenance, however, supporters say it puts a damper on Obamacare’s National Youth Enrollment Day.

    “It’s not ideal,” said another Obamacare ally.


    Damn! That’s it. Obama’s Monticello was a gaff to take attention away from letting down all those little children who will be his slave for the rest of their lives. Shame shame.

  5. canary says:

    I didn’t know Chelsea Clinton and her husband bought a 10 million dollar NYC apartment.

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