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The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

Here is our weekend discussion thread, where comments on the general topics of the day are very welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 20th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “The S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. canary says:

    Update on that full head to toe garbed Muslim young woman crashing the Heritage Foundation’s Benghazi Meeting the media portrayed as some weakling when she interrupted and asked why they can’t take the stigma off Americans
    believing that all Muslims in US are terrorists, which of course we all know there are some modern ones.

    She’s been defending Sharia Law and accidentally spit out that 9/11 happened because Americans don’t trust Muslims.

    The heck. It wasn’t til after 9/11 that I started eyeing them up and down for bulges and backpacks.

    I am no longer going to smile at these Arab beeches who don’t smile back. It’s hopeless. You try and help them and they sneer at you. They are rude, obnoxious, and hate Americans.

    The majority of these women would slit your throat in a second.

    The women are worse than the men. Usually, the men smile back, except the black ones. I think we have Boko Haram’s in this country.

  2. Astravogel says:

    “When you’re wounded and left /on Afghanistan’s plains /
    and the women come out to cut up what remains…”
    Kipling: Soldier of the Queen

    • canary says:

      Interesting. We’ve all seen those middle-eastern arena full of fans to watch a mother execute her daughter for an honor killing, or a Muslim mother hold her daughter down so daddy can slit her throat.

      Maybe the Muslim women are so mean in this country, for example the Boston Marathon mama. The one that was killed wife would have thrown tossed all ther Muslim garb off as soon as heard her husband was killed.
      She only made it unbelievable she did not know the two brothers were making bombs in her basement.

  3. canary says:

    Emboldened Afgans Kill Three US Troops and US Militay Dog; Injured US Troops or Those that Lost Body Parts.

    Soon all US Troops (and US Military Dogs) will be re-Classified as “ISAF ‘members’ “.


    AFP: Three US troops, military dog killed in Afghan blast

    Kabul (AFP) – A Taliban attack killed three American soldiers and a military dog in southern Afghanistan on Friday, officials said, in the latest sign of the insurgents’ capability as the coalition winds down operations.

    NATO’s International Security Assistance Force will end its combat mission later this year, leaving the Afghan police and army to take on full responsibility for battling the resilient Taliban insurgency.

    “Three ISAF service members and one ISAF canine died following an improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan today,” the NATO force said in a statement.

    US defense officials confirmed they were Americans.

    Military dogs are often used to sniff for explosives, though they have proved unpopular with Afghan civilians as they are seen as unclean by many Muslims.

    The attack occurred in the volatile Nad Ali district of Helmand province, according to Afghan officials.

    “The bomb was carried on a motorbike and detonated close to an ISAF patrol,” the provincial governor’s spokesman Omar Zawak told AFP.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility via a text message sent to media organizations.

    The last major incident involving NATO troops was 10 days ago, when five US soldiers were killed in an accidental “friendly fire” air strike in Zabul province during clashes with insurgents.

    All 50,000 remaining NATO combat troops are due to leave the country by the end of this year, though a small US deployment will remain until the end of 2016 if a long-delayed deal is signed between Washington and Kabul.


    ISIS , Iran Terrorists
    ISIL , Iraq Terrorists
    ILKS – Islamic Loony Kerry Shitts aka “ilks” meaning the worst of the worst
    PISS – ( “pure” Islamic state ruled by sharia”) aka Boko Haram competing to be the worst of the worst

    ISAF – (International Security Task Force – US Military who have to get blown up and die buiding toilets for Islam world-wide

    I want our US Military Belgiam Malinois the Taliban kidnapped awhile back.

    We can trade them the White House dog Bo or his new girlfirend dog for our POW American Hero DOG.

  4. canary says:

    SMH: Australia Buys Up, Enters Asian Arms Race

    By Ben Doherty: June 15, 2014

    Australia is now the seventh-largest importer of major arms in the world and the biggest customer of the largest weapons producer, the US.

    The SIPRI figures measure arms trade, not only by monetary value, but by the capability of the weapons purchased, averaged over five years to eliminate fluctuations of large single-year purchases. It is regarded as the most accurate measurement of trends in arms production and trade.

    Defence was the only area of government expenditure not to be cut in last month’s federal budget; its allocation was boosted by 6 per cent – about $1.5 billion.
    And the government has committed to spending $12.4 billion buying a further 58 new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

    India, Pakistan and China are the world’s biggest importers of weapons, despite China’s massive, and growing, domestic arms industry.

    In total, arms sales to Asia and Oceania account for 47 per cent of the global trade.

    Part of its increased spending was part of a “normal, cyclical modernisation of your armed forces”, Mr Wezeman said.

    “There is a clear sense of potential threat and that threat is a five-letter word starting with C, though it is not always mentioned,” he said.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australia-buys-up-enters-asian-arms-race-20140615-3a5xk.html#ixzz35JgUTgYm

    And to think Austrailia is once again moving over 1000 miles away in their continued search for the downed Boeing Asia nor China had any interest in finding.

  5. Mithrandir says:


    •They gave us Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Promoted as a Jewish woman, (who could be against that?) in reality, it’s a TROJAN HORSE to put a socialist on the Supreme Court.

    •They did the same thing with “historic!” Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court, in reality she’s a Trojan Horse to put a socialist on the Supreme Court.

    •Similar with “historic” Elena Kagan, another woman! Which is another Trojan Horse to put an alleged lesbian and non-alleged socialist on the Supreme Court.

    •The stimulus plan was a Trojan Horse to redistribute money to democrat unionistas to shield them from the crashed economy.

    You name it, the democrats give you an innocent facade to hide behind (kids, women, minorities, the disabled, the elderly), to implement their Trojan Horse, and strawman you to death if you oppose any of it:

    ►The GM take over to unfairly give unions control.
    ►The healthcare overhaul to redistribute medical resources to democrats and medically spy on enemies.
    ►Obamacare use to Trojan Horse us into nationalizing the student loan program.
    ►Don’t ask Don’t Tell, removed to sneak in a Trojan Horse of homosexual liberal democrats at the controls in our military.
    ►Hispanics rushing our border in classic Cloward-Piven strategy is a generated Trojan Horse to increase dependent democrat voters, turn red states blue and punish Arizona.
    ►Every program “for the kids” is a Trojan Horse to do something else, whether your talking about amnesty, or school lunches, or “Head Start.”
    ►Affirmative Action is a Trojan Horse to provide DEMOCRATS with hammocks and escalators to breeze through the troubles associated with educational achievement and economic security.
    ►Welfare is a Trojan Horse to keep blacks dependent upon the teat of democrat altruism, as a form of SLAVERY BY CONSENT.
    ►Continuing to fund NPR, National Endowment for the Arts, or Sesame Street, is a Trojan Horse to give socialists a platform to be used at the expense of the public. Never mind that Sesame Street makes a huge profit on its own, there are more than 4 channels available now, the public must still continue to fund it. –But no, democrats hide behind Big Bird as a Trojan Horse.
    ►Barack Obama, the biggest Trojan horse of them all! An “historic” change in America! The first 1/2 black Hawaiian dope-smoking metrosexual is just a Trojan Horse to implement the plans of a known Communist.
    ►Every social problem is met with the same Trojan Horse excuse, “We need more TEACHERS, FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE OFFICERS!” when in reality it’s a Trojan Horse to increase reliable union voters who’s dues fall directly into the coffers to democrat re-election campaigns.

    Make your own list from memory, and you will eventually have pages accumulated.

    In fact, truth in advertising should force the democrat party symbol into a giant TROJAN DONKEY, just so the public realizes who they are really voting for.

  6. canary says:

    How the heck did all these illegal teenagers from Central American countries survive traveling through deadly Mexico.
    Maybe they learned skills from the deadly drug cartels on their way to US.

    Jihadists back from Syria are ‘deadly danger’ to Europe, Germany warns

    By Alexandra Hudson – Jun 18, 2014

    (Reuters) –

    European governments are struggling to stop their nationals,
    some just teenagers,
    travelling to Syria where the conflict that began as a peaceful uprising to President Bashar al-Assad has become an armed rebellion is entering its fourth year.

    The trip to Syria is often as simple as a low-cost flight to Turkey then passage over the border with a trafficker.

    “We had feared that those returning from the Syrian conflict might plan attacks here. We now know those fears were well founded. An abstract danger…. has turned into a concrete, deadly danger in Europe,” de Maiziere said.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday that British and other European Islamists fighting in the Middle East posed the biggest threat to Britain’s security. [ID:nEA6h00K7U]

    The French citizen suspected of killing four people at a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last month spent time fighting in Syria and passed through Frankfurt airport, he said.

    Germany has introduced anti-radicalisation programs and hotlines
    for families worried their children might be planning to leave for Syria,
    but young people are still radicalizing fast and often beyond the radar of intelligence services, he said.

    The BfV report estimates there are some 43,000 Islamists in Germany, with the numbers of the ultra-conservative Salafi movement growing.

    “Euphoric young people are sharing on the Internet what they are experiencing hour by hour,” added the German security chief.

    “They are posting gruesome pictures of executions, of severed heads…
    it is staggering to see the numbers of ‘likes’…


  7. canary says:

    John Boehner may file a lawsuit against Obama


    Yeah. Right. Boehner is too much a puno or coward as the Mexican’s define the word, unlike ignorant gay people thinking it means faggot.

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