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Lisa Fithian, The Terrorist Behind Sheehan

Perhaps you have read Byron York’s excellent National Review piece, Cindy Sheehan’s Radical Strategist, which gives us a little insight into lifelong union organizer and anarchist, Lisa Fithian.

Fithian has been in charge of the Camp Casey "Movement" from the start. And she is behind Cindy’s "bus tours" which will all converge in DC in time for the ultra leftist anarchist United For Peace and Justice demonstration there. (Coincidentally, Fithian is the co-chair of UFPJ.)

But it’s only fair that Fithian should be calling the shots for Cindy’s PR campaign. After all, it was her idea. Behold an early report of what was to become Camp Casey and Cindy’s "bus tour," from last February:

Antiwar coalition holds national assembly meeting in St. Louis

Debating UFPJ’s direction

February 25, 2005 | Page 2

Eric Ruder reports from the United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) national assembly meeting in St. Louis.

More than 400 activists and organizers gathered February 19-21 for the second annual UFPJ national assembly to map out a strategy. The event brought together people from UFPJ’s 850 affiliated organizations…

After some discussion, the mini-plenary agreed to bring a proposal to the assembly floor for a September 10 national mobilization to march on the United Nations and demand that the U.S. bring troops home from Iraq now. UFPJ National Coordinator Leslie Cagan and UFPJ Co-chair Lisa Fithian voiced their agreement with the call.

Delegates to the full assembly passed this proposal by an overwhelming margin–and also voted for other initiatives including a grassroots education and speaking campaign, a focus on organizing to expose the local costs of the war, and a campaign to counter military recruiters in high schools and on college campuses. This showed that among UFPJ delegates were activists involved in local initiatives who were anxious to get back to building a visible protest movement and who hoped that UFPJ could serve as a vehicle to generalize these efforts.

Incidentally, here’s a photo from some of the bright lights involved with UFPJ, from their own website:

Some members of the newly elected Steering Committee

Fithian is a terrorist in every sense of the term. Even the briefest of internet searches will reveal her long and sordid background. It is Fithian’s avowed intention to bring about revolution by destroying the system.

Lisa Fithian, RANT    

As Fithian told the funsters at International Socialist Review, she wants to accomplish this through destruction and intimidation, just like every other terrorist. And just like them, Fithian is eager to use violence to get her way.

"I have no issue with property destruction. I think sometimes it’s appropriate, sometimes it’s not. Again, I look at it strategically. Does this help us or does it hurt us? Does it help us achieve our goal, or does it not? We’re in a society where property is idolized, so a lot of people don’t get it yet that it doesn’t really matter. It’s just glass or products."

Fithian first gained widespread notoriety as a major organizer of the anti-WTO riots in Seattle. She has since tried to instigate similar riots elsewhere, including New York, during the Republican National Convention.

Fithian and her friends want to form an alternative government to our (corruptly) elected one. She wants something more in line with basic democracy–where she and her friends will be in charge.

Campaign Proposals: Empire and Occupation (Part II)


1) Move the peace movement from reaction to a proactive stance.

2) Strengthen our local bases and involve a broad range of groups.

3) Develop a permanent base of grassroots people prepared to organize and take action quickly when crises develop.

4) Develop an alternative governance.

Submitted By

Name:Starhawk and Lisa Fithian


City, ST:

Email:stella@mcn.org, fithianl@ogc.org

Tel:415-640-5872, 213-840-1972

Delegate(s) attending:Starhawk, Lisa Fithian

In a new introduction to Abbie Hoffman’s ancient screed, Steal This Book, Fithian wrote a letter to her dead hero and mentor about 9/11 and her noble efforts in Seattle:

"Planes turned into bombs. The Twin Towers collapsed. The Pentagon in flames. Two of the most powerful symbols of capitalism and militarism left gaping and destroyed in a matter of moments. The foundations of the old order were cracked open.

Meanwhile the Government Inc. propaganda machine is in full-tilt boogie and the right-wing is doing everything it can to consolidate its power. Our democratic system is a joke. Would you believe the Supreme Court actually chose the last President? You know when his wife’s nickname for him is STUPID, we’re in trouble. Yup, baby George W., son of the ex-CIA director drug dealer and oil man, George Bush, is now the Prez. He can barely articulate a coherent sentence. Just makes you sick. Now he gets to wage a war in the name of fighting terrorism.

In reality this war is just another front in the capitalists’ efforts to expand and control world markets, keep the rich, white boys in charge and squash an intensely amazing, growing resistance movement. A movement that captured the attention of the world on your birthday! November 30, 1999 over fifty thousand people swarmed the streets with song and dance to shut down the Millennial Rounds of the World Trade Organization in Seattle.

This movement arose from the fact that corporations with the support of elected officials are selling our water, endless polluting our air, genetically modifying our food, clear cutting our forests. For them, "developing" means "destroying." …same shit, different generation…"

"Same shit, different generation…" — I’ll say.

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