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Doctor Killed Iraqi Soldiers And Police Patients

There is something seriously wrong with these people.

From the Guardian:

An Iraqi soldier is treated in a hospital after a roadside bomb attack 27 miles south of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk March 28, 2006.

'I made a mixture of drugs and injected them. They were dead in three hours'

Doctor provided first aid for insurgents – and went on to kill police and soldiers brought in for treatment

Michael Howard in Kirkuk
Monday April 17, 2006

Lieutenant Arjuman of the Kirkuk police lay unconscious in the recovery room after a successful operation to remove an insurgent's bullet from his chest. His weary surgeons had gone home for the night, satisfied a life had been saved.

Al-Jumhuriya hospital – Kirkuk's largest and busiest – was quiet. At 10.30pm, a doctor moved along the corridor on the second floor and entered the recovery room. He leaned across the bed and turned off the oxygen supply. Half an hour later, Lt Arjuman was dead.

The deputy commander of the city's Miqdad police station was the first of 43 victims of the doctor whom Kirkuk residents are calling Doctor Death. Over a six-month period, beginning in October, Dr Louay Omar Mohammed al-Taei, moved among the puddles of blood and crowds of wellwishers in al-Jumhuriya's hectic emergency unit, quietly dispatching police officers, soldiers and officials who had been wounded, some only lightly, by insurgent attacks.

There was no apparent reason to suspect him. The enthusiastic 26-year-old, who had graduated from Mosul University in 2003, was always on hand when there was a major incident, an explosive attack or a gun battle, that resulted in mass casualties. Though Kirkuk has been relatively quiet since the US invasion in 2003, the past year has seen a surge in violence across the province. Police say more than 1,500 people have been killed or injured. The medics at al-Jumhuriya were glad of any help.

Ten days after he killed Lt Arjuman, Dr Louay struck again. This time he used a method that would become his favoured killing method – the injection of a lethal cocktail of drugs. His victims were four members of the Iraqi national guard, brought to the hospital after being wounded in roadside bomb attack.

"They came to the hospital to be cured, but instead they were killed," said Kirkuk's police commander, Yagdir Shakir. "I can understand a doctor may have personal sympathies with the insurgency, but to use his professional position to become an instrument of death turns sense and humanity on its head."

'Killed without fuss'

Since his arrest last month by Kirkuk security forces, Dr Louay has reportedly confessed to at least 19 crimes. He killed, he said, because "I hate the Americans and what they've done to Iraq." He said he was convinced he could get away with it because he "killed without fuss, and there were no facilities at the hospital to perform proper autopsies".

As well as killing the wounded, Dr Louay attended members of the insurgency and helped wounded militants escape their armed hospital guard. Kurdish intelligence officers said his interrogation had already yielded valuable information about a network of doctors and health workers across the Sunni triangle who are prepared to assist the insurgents…

The article continues on with much more details on this murderous psychopath.

But I couldn't take anymore.

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