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UN “Kept The Peace” In Lebanon For 28 Years

Somebody needs to remind Koffi Annan and the other DNC diplomats that the United Nations has been "keeping the peace" in Lebanon for almost thirty years.

Even Wikipedia has noticed:

The image “http://www.lescasquesbleuscitoyens.com/images/United%20Nations%20Interim%20Force%20in%20Lebanon%20(UNIFIL-FINUL).jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

The United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon, or UNIFIL, was created by the United Nations, with the adoption of Security Council Resolution 425 and 426 on 19 March 1978, to confirm Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon (following its incursion a few days earlier in Operation Litani), restore the international peace and security, and help the Lebanese Government restore its effective authority in the area. The first UNIFIL troops arrived in the area on 23 March 1978 ; these troops were reassigned from other UN peacekeeping operations in the area (namely UNEF and UNDOF).

When Israel invaded Lebanon again in 1982 (1982 Lebanon War), U.N. positions were overrun. During the occupation, UNIFIL’s function was mainly the provision of food and aid to locals in Southern Lebanon. Beginning in 1985, Israel scaled back its permanent positions in Lebanon, although this process was punctuated by brief invasions and bombings, as in the 1993 Operation Accountability and the 1996 Operation Grapes of Wrath. In 1999, it undertook a full withdrawal, which concluded in 2000 and enabled UNIFIL to resume its military tasks. The Syrian and Lebanese governments claim that the Shebaa Farms area, which Israel and others in the international community view as part of the occupied Golan Heights, is Lebanese territory. They contend that this dispute gives continued legal sanction to armed anti-Israeli groups in Lebanon (though the UN has officially certified that Israel has fully withdrawn from all areas it occupied after 1973). At the request of the country of Lebanon in January 2006, the UN extended UNIFIL’s mandate to expire July 31, 2006.


UNIFIL is tasked with achieving the following objectives:

* Confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon;
* Restore international peace and security ;
* Assist the Government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective authority in the area.

Additionally, the 2006 mandate extension required assisting the Lebanese government in establishing a "monopoly" on military action, adding impetus to disarm Hizbullah guerillas.

Current operation

UNIFIL is currently primarily deployed along the U.N. drawn Blue Line dividing Israel (and the Israeli Golan Heights) and southern Lebanon. Its activities have centred around monitoring military activity between Hezbollah and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) with the aim of reducing tensions and allaying continuing low-level armed conflict. UNIFIL has also played an important role in clearing landmines, assisting displaced persons, and providing humanitarian assistance in this underdeveloped region…

Troop Status

UNIFIL currently (30 April 2006) employs 1991 soldiers, some 50 UNTSO observers and 390 civilians. The force includes troops from China, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy and Poland. Its annual budget is about US$100 million. UNIFIL is led by French Major General Alain Pellegrini, formerly French military attache in Beirut and head of the mideast division of the French military intelligence.

To date UNIFIL has suffered 257 fatalities (of which 8 civilians) during the course of its deployment.


"UNIFIL, I’m afraid, is a joke. They’ve been there for 26 years and since then, there have been so many skirmishes [along the border]." – former Israeli ambassador Itamar Rabinovich 7/20/2006

The flags of the United Nations and Hezbollah fly side by side.

How soon they (meaning our one party media) forget.

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