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The Vatican Calls On Muslims To Condemn ISIS Violence

From Reuters:

Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to condemn Islamic State violence – Yahoo News

August 12, 2014

ROME (Reuters) – The Vatican called on Muslim religious leaders on Tuesday to condemn "unspeakable criminal acts" by Islamic State militants who have taken a series of cities in northern Iraq, forcing tens of thousands of Christians and Yazidis to flee their homes.

"No cause, and certainly no religion, can justify such barbarity," the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, an office set up to promote contact with other faiths, said in a statement.

Don’t they know the meaning of the word ‘jihad’?

It said the plight of Christians, members of the ancient Yazidi sect and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq required "a clear and courageous stance on the part of religious leaders, especially Muslims".

Wow. The Vatican is actually calling the Muslim leaders out.

"All must be unanimous in condemning unequivocally these crimes and in denouncing the use of religion to justify them," it said. "If not, what credibility will religions, their followers and their leaders have?" …

We suspect their leaders lost credibility a long time ago.

The Vatican’s call came as Egypt’s top religious authority, Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, condemned Islamic State as a corrupt, extremist organization that is damaging Islam…

Yes, it would be a shame if a few ISIS atrocities ends up giving Muslim extremism a bad name.

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2 Responses to “The Vatican Calls On Muslims To Condemn ISIS Violence”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Sooner or later, the head-in-the-sand fascistas are going to be forced to recognize the evil force that islam is. They won’t be able to spin, alter or otherwise re-frame the information.

    Not that they can now. It’s just that as the world continues to burn, the photos that come out, which they’ve largely been able to suppress, will come to the fore. I personally have witnessed horrendous photos of particularly vile acts from the conservative websites that aren’t making it in the fascista networks.

    Specifically, the very young girl who was beheaded and her father holding her body in utter stunned disbelief. Her crime? Being the child of Christian parents.

    So, liberal, socialist fascistas—how’s the moral equivalency working out? Religion of Peace, Mr Bush? “Just like us”, Mr Kerry? Reid? Pelosi? Shumer? All of you?

    What part of “jihad” don’t you understand? Oh, weren’t you the ones who doubted the Nazis went on a ten-year killing spree of killing seven million Jews? (A spree, by the way, supported by the muslims in the middle east.)

    Or is it that you don’t fully understand that they don’t want to “just” kill all Jews, which fits in your worldview?

    Even liberal fascistas are infidels….They won’t come for you last, either. They are equal opportunity killers.

    That should fit in nicely with your ideas of fairness, eh?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Boy, that was a useless waste of oxygen .. but I repeat myself ..

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