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Veterans For Peace Reply To Fraud Questions

At long last, the purported "official stance" from the Veterans For Peace from "Marie" via The Right LEFT Story :

Ward Reilly is the VFP's point man for Katrina relief efforts.

The Right LEFT Story Gets Answer From the VfP Chapter 116

For visitors from Free Republic & Sweetness and Light…………this is the official stance from Veterans for Peace. I appreciate their swift answer to the response to my questions.

I am not completely aware of the details of some money questions that have come up but my first impression is that under the strain of the situation in LA there has been some major miscomunications between those in LA and VfP elsewhere.

I am hopeful that everyone is back on track and it's being worked out. I can now put all of your curiosities to rest.

Yes, I know you're here. I always know exactly who is here and were they are from……………best wishes marie

UPDATE—————-> Sept. 20, 2005

"It is the intention of Chapter 116 of the VFP that all of the money donated goes to helping those who have been effected by the hurricane.

No one has taken any of the funds anywhere. I should know as I manage the account.

No one is getting paid. There is no overhead and in fact I even pay for the web site out of my pocket.

As for the precise details on how the money will be used in Louisiana and Mississippi… that is being planned as we speak."

Lemme see. We read posts announcing that the Veterans For Peace's lawyers have been terminated. Then we see these self-same lawyers accuse the VFP of misplacing $100,000. And the VFP brush it off as "miscommunications."

We're assured that it is the intention of the VFP that the money donated to them for Katrina relief will actually go to those effected [sic] by the hurricane. Someday. Maybe. But, you know, stuff happens, man.

We're also told that no one has taken the donated funds anywhere. But in fact the VFP have left Louisiana and are back on the road trying to overthrow our duly elected government representatives. Even the VFP's erstwhile lawyers note that the VFP have departed the area.

And wasn't most of the money sent to the VFP's California address? The money is where the VFP leadership is, and it ain't in Louisiana. They've moved on.

We are informed that the "details" of how the VFP's fraudulently raised relief funds will be used is "being planned as we speak."

Forget about those thousands of posts spread across the internet from the VFP when they were asking for the money — about how the government wasn't doing its job and people were DYING BY THE THOUSANDS every day.

Remember how every minute counted? People were starving in the streets? It turns out the VFP were just kidding. That was just a fundraising ploy. There's no rush, man. Be cool.

The VFP collected more than $100K a day for Camp Casey III.

And never mind that while the VFP have announced that they have been collecting more than $100,000 a day in donations. Or that, according to their own lawyers, they have only spent $1,000 on actual Katrina relief. It's probably just more "miscommunications."

Please always bear in mind that according to the brainiacs at the VFP it's the Red Cross that is incompetent. It's President Bush who is incompetent. (Even though he can apparently control the weather.) It's the jackbooted thugs of the US military who are incompetent.

In fact, everyone is incompetent, except for the Veterans For Peace. Only send your money to them. Accept no substitutes.

And come to think of it, maybe the VFP are right. They certainly must be doing something right. For they have made out like bandits. (In fact, exactly like bandits.) Which was probably the idea all along.

Yes, Marie, all of our "curiosities" have been put to rest by your very thorough explication. And then some.

It would all be so hilarious, if it weren't so damned criminal.

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