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VFP Suddenly Vamoose From New Orleans

It seems like only yesterday (but it was actually three days ago) when Michael Moore made this stirring statement in the course of vouching and shilling for the Veterans For Peace Katrina relief fraud:


Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
We've Raised a Half-Million Dollars and Sent over 50 Tons of Food and Water


It's been over two weeks since the hurricane and there is simply not much being done. At this point, would you call this situation incompetence or a purposeful refusal to get real help down there?

The Veterans for Peace and my staff aren't leaving (and that's why we are hoping those of you who can't get to Covington will make it to the Veterans for Peace co-sponsored anti-war demonstration in DC on September 24: www.unitedforpeace.org.)

In typical Stalinist fashion, Michael Moore has disappeared this plea for funds from his website. But you can for a while longer enjoy a Google cache of it here.

For what do you know? It turns out the Veterans For Peace are leaving, after all.

That's right, folks, it's all over. Everybody is saved, and the VFP are getting back to their day jobs of helping terrorists and trying to overthrow our elected representatives.

Indeed, Michael Moore's own propaganda website now speaks of the VFP's (laughable relief efforts) only in terms of the past.

The Moore has done his duty. (He helped the VFP grift untold thousands of dollars.) The Moore can go.

But leave it to those VFP tyros to even screw up quitting. They just can't be bothered to tell their poor dupes faithful followers what the heck is going on.

No, "Jean," some anonymous misguided sucker selfless volunteer has to step up to the mike and tell everybody to go home:

News From Covington, I Am There Now Please Read

Hello everyone, thank you for all your concern, your energies, your generous donations of time, money and supplies. There has been a lot of misinformation and difficulty getting accurate information from Covington, so I am posting this.

I am a nurse and a moderator here, been in Covington for 3 days but I cannot believe that is all. The situation down here on the gulf coast is fluctating rapidly, day to day, morning to evening, moment to moment. There is difficulty getting through via phone and/or internet, and everyone is incredibly busy trying to do what they can for who they can.

VFP came here to do disaster relief and the outpouring of volunteers and donations has been incredibly generous and overwhelming. They have some people who are now working on organizing rather than saving lives. This is a very necessary thing, but up to now has not been possible. VFP is doing an incredible job, but they are NOT organizers of disaster relief. They are doing so much, so many people need help, I cannot begin to describe the stress (physical and emotional) that they are putting themselves through to try to help others.

So. Hopefully organization and communication will be better between those here working and those trying to donate/volunteer. The situation is fluid so patience and flexibility are the keys.

The gulf coast is a mess. The news media does not begin to cover the reality of what is going on here, even the good ones. There are people who have still not had outside contact since the hurricane (3 wks). There is massive infrastructure damage, phyical damage, scrambling to survive. There has been a huge outpouring of help, but it is not enough.

I cannot speak for VFP as I am not part of VFP, am merely a person working and helping out as best I can. However, there is and will be a great need for volunteers and donations ON THE GULF COAST. The latest I have heard is that VFP is going on to work on what they are working on, peace and getting rid of Bush. They are not a massive disaster aid relief group though they have been fucntioning in this capacity for a while.

There are many places that are temporary clinics that are in need of doctors, nurses to come volunteer. There are people working (at the current time under VFP) helping to try to get places for some of these volunteers to help at.

A new medical relief group is forming for this need but is not yet fully formed. If you wish to help under them and leave NOW, be prepared to get some guidance but realize this is not yet a fully organized group. We are all individuals who felt a need to respond, and are NOT under any parent group. I wish I could say "yes, come, we will place you" but reality is that right now that is not a reality. Tomorrow that could change. This is a disaster zone and things fluctuate rapidly.

There are mobile free clinics in many areas from here across MS that need doctors and nurses. If you wish to load up and come and find one to work at, I cannot advise you yes or no as the choice is up to you.

LA's medical emergency licesure thing (can practice under another state's license) is due to expire in a week.I have heard that MS is open under their disaster law but I don't know for sure. You need to check it out on your own.

I will be posting a list of supplies needed at the community of Algiers of NewOrleans soon. [Undoubtedly this is Malik Rahim's "mosque."] We are working with this incredibly poor impoverished community to help it get back on its feet, people are meeting with some of the community leaders right now to find out how can we help. We are not telling them how we can help, but asking them. Please check back later for that list.

Supplies are needed all over here, but right now please hold off a little bit on shipping them to VFP as they are regrouping to figure out if they will continue to be a distribution group or who will take over this responsibility when they go to DC to work on getting accountability and an end to the Iraq war from Mr. Bush.

I know that this is very difficult time for us all. We all want to help and it is really hard to say wait a little bit. There are still urgent needs, there will be long term needs, the organization needs to reorganize to figure out what to do and how to handle it all.

We will be losing the camping spot at the end of this next week I believe based on the most recent information that I have right now. The campground is full, cannot handle more people there due to sanitation and I do not know of other campgrounds in the area. However, we may have a house for the medical people to move to which could hold 20-30 people but that is not a reality yet. I cannot tell you to not buy tickets, to not pack up and come as you would be used. However, reality is that this is a disaster zone and even I did not appreciate this fully enough before coming here.

VFP, you guys have done so much, are doing so much is such a difficult situation. Thank you and thank you and thank you.

Peace, thank you, wait for updates.
Thank you everyone for your generosity.

"Jean" does her best to spin this positively. But it's pretty clear they did nothing, and now they are just getting the hell out of Dodge one step ahead of the law. (Or maybe not.)

As we have reported here, the VFP have already been kicked out of the Red Cross's Pine View Middle School shelter. They have been kicked out of their storage facility. They have been kicked out of the public Land O' Pines campground. They have been forced to direct people to a bar, where they are to ask where they might find our heroes.

And they are being investigated by (at least) the local police, the Louisiana Attorney General's office and the Red Cross. Not bad for just a few days work.

How hilarious it is that we are supposed to believe these incompetents collected and delivered more than 100 tons of supplies?

In truth, all the VFP has done is make a fortune by lying about their relief efforts. And even that might end up costing them in the end, when all of the investigations and prosecutions are done.

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