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The WaPo Marvels At Obama’s Luck And Timing

From the Washington Post:

Obama untouched by Petraeus scandal

By Scott Wilson | November 13, 2012

For President Obama, a politician of famous good fortune, even scandals within his administration seem well-timed.

Isn’t it amazing? And, of course, the Obama administration’s suppression of information has nothing to do with this timing. And the fact that the news media helps them in their cover-ups has nothing to do with this, either.

The president has been untouched by the unfolding investigation involving former CIA director David H. Petraeus and Marine Gen. John R. Allen, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

Well, it’s official then. The Democrat’s hometown newspaper, the Washington Post, has declared that Obama has not been touched by this scandal. So we can move on.

This was just like the way the Washington Post covered the ‘third rate burglary’ known as Watergate. Only different.

Obama just won a not-so-close reelection battle and will never face another, leaving him less encumbered by the politics of the moment.

Of course, Richard Nixon won re-election in an historic landslide. Remember how that helped him with the Washington Post?

The scandal hinges on a personal relationship beyond the White House and has not implicated the president or his closest advisers…

You see, Eric Holder is not involved in this. And besides, he’s not a close advisor to Obama.

As Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), who heads the House Homeland Security Committee, put it Tuesday in an interview, “General Petraeus is not known to be any kind of Obama loyalist…

You don’t need to blackmail loyalists.

Obama’s luck as a politician emerged with another sex scandal almost a decade ago, when, as a U.S. Senate candidate from Illinois, his popular likely Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race amid reports that he made his then-wife visit sex clubs.

It the Washington Post being bitterly sarcastic here, or is the author of this piece this truly ignorant? Jack Ryan’s private life was exposed when the Obama campaign, working with the Chicago Tribune (where David Axelrod used to work) got his divorce records unsealed, against the wishes of both Ryan and his wife.

Most recently, Hurricane Sandy arrived a week before Election Day, disrupting GOP rival Mitt Romney’s campaign at a time when he appeared to be gaining ground.

This was only good luck for Obama because the news media made it a positive for him. If Romney had been President, the media would have highlighted what a lousy job FEMA and the rest of the federal response teams did. Instead, they blamed all of the problems on the local politicians and utilities.

Petraeus’s precipitous fall also may provide Obama with more opportunities than problems, especially in staffing a second-term administration and in winding down the war in Afghanistan…

Yes, as we have been saying, Obama can replace two of the men, Petraeus and Allen, who might have opposed our surrender in Afghanistan and the further gutting of the Pentagon’s budget.

But you see, it’s just a lucky piece of timing for him.

Now, though, Obama may benefit from Petraeus’s abrupt departure in making the case for withdrawing U.S. troops in Afghanistan more quickly.

Petraeus advocated a more gradual drawdown, and without his influential voice inside Obama’s war cabinet, the president may have a freer hand in picking up the pace…

Allen, too, has favored keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan for as long as possible before the overall military mission expires at the end of 2014.

He was set to brief Obama this week on his plan to withdraw the remaining 68,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan as he visited Washington for confirmation hearings on his nomination to head the European Command. His nomination is now on hold.

Allen, and Petraeus before him, lost a previous debate with Obama over how quickly to remove the 33,000 troops the president ordered there at the end of 2009. The two generals favored leaving those forces in place until the end of this year, but the last “surge” units returned last month…

Again, Obama was just lucky to have these two opponents discredit themselves. In fact, he is almost as lucky as Josef Stalin was when it comes to getting rid of pesky generals.

But do you notice anything missing from this Washington Post article? It doesn’t even mention Obama’s amazing luck at having General Petraeus discredited right before he was supposed to testify to the Senate about his findings in Benghazi.

Now that really is dumb luck!

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2 Responses to “The WaPo Marvels At Obama’s Luck And Timing”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I marvel no one has (blank blank blank) the WaPo for the den of demons, witches, harridans and evi spirits it is.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    Petraeus wasn’t one of the party faithful, and it was convenient to have him out of the way. And so the myth continues–now they’re saying since the election that Obama has “never lost;” cue another photo op of him with a light behind his head to make a halo.

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