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UEA Offers Strategic Carbon Management

A press release from the home of the CRU, the University of East Anglia:

Carbon course comes to the world’s carbon capital

The world’s first MBA course aimed at preparing the next generation of business leaders and managers for a low-carbon economy will soon be available in the heart of London.

The MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in Strategic Carbon Management, run by the University of East Anglia, is designed to maximise knowledge and practical business experience in climate change. From March 2010 a new and updated modular version will be available at the university’s new study centre, UEA London, close to Liverpool Street station.

Since its launch in 2007, the course has led the way in merging climate change considerations with new business management models to improve business performance and reduce carbon emissions.

The MBA brings together internationally established research and teaching expertise from a number of schools within UEA, including the School of Environmental Sciences – a world leader in understanding environmental issues and their impacts on society

Course director Dr Gideon Middleton said: “With the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference taking place, once again the focus is on mitigation and sustainability. An increasing number of companies are starting to recognise that climate change and the need for a global low-carbon life-style will be major factors that shape the global economy, society during this century.

“To many businesses and organisations this creates both significant risks to their current operations as well as opportunities for new products and services. By bringing this programme to London – the world’s carbon capital – we are maximising the opportunity for organisations to meet these challenges and to ensure that future business leaders are equipped with a robust business knowledge and a holistic knowledge about climate change.”

The new course, led by UEA’s Norwich Business School, is available as either a two or three-year modular version and to minimise the impact on business time, each of the 12 standard modules will be delivered in compact format over four days.

Managers on the course will acquire a comprehensive knowledge about the science and impacts of climate change, low-carbon technologies and solutions, the economics of the low-carbon environment, corporate climate change management and carbon-trading – as well as the normal knowledge expected from an MBA. 

Unlike most other MBAs, participants will also undertake two low-carbon consultancy projects with organisations and organise a low-carbon challenge event that is designed to increase awareness of climate change, raise money for a charity and engage with the community.

No businessman today should be caught without his MBA in Strategic Carbon Management.

If only Thomas Edison, who was a businessman, had been properly educated, he would have never invented the electric lightbulb with its carbon filliment.

Just think how much better off we would all be.

Needless to say, our Western universities have been hot beds for ‘Warm Mongering’ for years. But you’d think the UEA would be a little embarrassed to tout theirs nowadays. All things considered.

Still, you’d think the UEA would offer a course on Strategic Data Management.

That at least is something they seem to know a little about.

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4 Responses to “UEA Offers Strategic Carbon Management”

  1. proreason says:

    They truly are insane.

  2. sheehanjihad says:

    I think the CRU should be offering BS degrees instead………..

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