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The Weekly S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Among Yourselves

Here is our weekly discussion thread, where comments on the general topics of the day are very welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 11th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “The Weekly S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    The new Democrat Party Logo: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/84199238/

    Every policy is a Trojan Horse to sneak in socialism, and I am baffled why elected Republicans are always the last ones to figure out what they are up to. . .

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It’s pretty easy, Mith, the republicans are the last to figure it out because, largely, they are confirmed statists too.

      They believe that their “charter” (for lack of a better term) is to CONTROL people by creating and administering policy. They believe they are the current SPQR elite and are so incredibly removed from real life that they actually consider themselves noble benefactors of the beneficent government, making life better for everyone and basking in the glow of adoring fans (not the critical eye of their constituents).

      Thus, when the left creates a new law, be it just or unjust, as the case may be, they figure, “Their house, their rules” and do nothing to stop it because they, themselves see it as mere politicking. They don’t like it but they don’t stop it, either.

      One of the biggest issues right now, which the left is exploiting to the Nth degree is the rift between the tea party and the establishment republicans. The establishment pukes aren’t about to let the “nerds” unseat them from the cool kids’ table in the lunchroom, even though they don’t realize that their seat at said table is a ruse, a ploy and a schtick allowing the communists to play them like a well-tuned fiddle while they burn the place down.

      This, of course, would mean having to admit they are dupes and suckers. Such a thing cannot happen in the ego-maniacal world of a seasoned politician like Boehner, McCain, Graham, etc. It’s the same reason as to why a person won’t contact the authorities when some grifter takes them for thousands of dollars—they cannot admit they’ve been had.

      And so, because of the fragile egos of the “authorities”, we the people have to suffer in silence, largely because the media keeps painting away our conservative graffiti. The expressions are numerous, “Inmates running the asylum”, “an Orwellian World”, etc. It’s all true, of course but few, except the conservatives, recognize that this is a problem.

      Most Americans I run into are, “Yeah, obama sucks but the GOVERNMENT will take care of it…I need do nothing…..I’m not an activist (accompanied by looks of horror), I can’t do anything. I pay my taxes and the GOVERNMENT will self-correct.”

      Except that, as you and I and millions of other Americans have noted, It’s not self-correcting and instead is turning very communist with president Angrychild at the helm.

      Many I’ve talked to also have the resignation of their fate to contend with in that they say, “Well, what can we do….if we try to get rid of him, they’ll call us racists.” And that alone is enough to make them sit down and shut up. Fear of telling the truth has always bugged the crap out of me. People are (largely) cowards. They have a built-in instinct for self-preservation and prefer the status-quo, miserable though it may be, to “making waves” and being “highlighted” for speaking against tyranny.

      This works in the day-to-day job as well as the “average citizen” life. Another part is that many people “don’t want to offend their friends” by mentioning that obama and his ilk are a bunch of commie hippies. They fear that they would lose friends by saying such things. Well, I don’t fear that because, if MY friend cannot see it, then they don’t need to be any friend of mine; They are welcoming a paradigm that has destroyed societies in perpetuatum and as long as they can watch “America’s Got Talent” at 8PM for their “badly needed relief” from the “stresses of their soccer-mom life” then…I guess that’s where we are.

      As a side note, I noticed my own generation, as they got married, started raising kids, etc, kept their day-planners and cellphones handy and were always “busy”…but….not “busy like my (and their) parents were. Everything they had in their “schedule” was a self-created mish-mash of garbage. “Oh, I have to meet my personal trainer at 4…so….I can’t hang out for drinks tonight….And tomorrow I have to take Kenny to soccer in the afternoon…then…there’s an interior designer coming at 6 to show us wallpaper for the living room.”



      Is it because of too much TV? Or is it because they’re so enamored with “today’s ever-so-busy-world” that they trap themselves into such BS? I dunno. All I know is that if you do that to yourselves, you have no life that’s worth living. Locked into a stream of innocuous bullcrap that they call “normal”.

      In any case, we are headed towards communism and I have all but given up. I cannot put on this site what I will do when they come to demand my cooperation. I have seen the soft communism in Europe and I don’t like it. I have seen all their citizens who obediently take out their gum and dispose of it outside before going into a movie theater (yes, really) as obediently and mindlessly as lab mice getting their daily treat.

      I guess I’m an anomaly because I rejected group activities a long time ago, not feeling the need to belong. It started because I was never included to begin with because my ideas never matched with what the group ideas were. But I so often found that the group ideas were heavily laden with garbage that it sickened me.

      On the other hand, I never mean anyone else any harm….and I stay out of their way. But now it’s coming down to where they won’t stay out of mine and my rights. They want me to act as they act, do as they do, think as they think.

      And I say NO!

      So it’s not going to end well for me, I’m afraid. I serve no man. I will not replace my religion with the state and I am a FREE MAN. I know what that means and the communists hate it.

      That includes the republicans who know oh-so-much-better than I on how my money should be used and what kind of work I should do.

      So, they are ALL statists. Every–last—one. Out of all the people in the news, I hear precious few saying “Let the PEOPLE decide for themselves what they want”. I was thrilled in Murietta when the citizenry made the buses full of criminals go away. But when people keep screaming that they “want the government to DO something”….I chuckle a little because I know how I’m going to deal with any illegal immigrant I come across. I will not help them, talk to them, allow them anything in my country that belongs to us.

      Bigoted? No. I’m a US citizen….they are not. And, aside from not harming them, I owe them nothing. As an individual, I have that right, regardless of what our communist government says. I have no compassion to them. None.

      If they die, they die. Sad but that’s not my problem. I wish it weren’t so. I did not cause this problem, our communist government did and they cannot seem to care to address it as it was their plan all along to use these invaders as pawns for political purposes. Thus, when someone uses a human shield, I will do all I can to not harm said shield but sometimes, in order to eradicate an evil, the shield has to go too.

      And that’s a shame. But in the grand scheme it is they who are courting the danger, not I.

    • Ex Machina says:

      Excellent commentary, Rusty. I used to be hopeful that people would pull their heads out of their rear ends in time, but that prospect grows dimmer by the day. I believe the Feds are executing their final maneuvers.

    • Mithrandir says:

      @ Rusty,
      The American experience in which we are witnessing is exactly why no one stood up to the Nazis. All through school and college, idiot students and teachers would ask, “Why didn’t someone do something!” -really? Why do you think no one stood up and did anything?

      Why did 50% of the population stubbornly continue to be loyalists to the British in the 1770s, despite their constant harassment of the colonies? (or as Ben Franklin called them, “Royalists”)

      Why is roughly 50% of the U.S. population supportive of big encroaching government? Sure, they squeak and squawk once in a while when government steps on THEIR toes, but otherwise remain silent or cheer when the Tea Party is harassed by our own citizens. –By now you have seen on the internet BLACK PEOPLE opposing the influx of illegal immigrants while their own communities suffer and are underfunded. Wow! Truly unprecedented times in which black folks would complain about a black administration giving handouts to illegals.

      Our Republican and Democrat leaders are all part of the same club. You name it, they criss-cross each other constantly: Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, Harvard, Yale, IMF, Bilderberg Group, Freemasons, and the biggest club of them all, Washington D.C. They are NEVER going to actually relent to the wishes of The People. They are in eating at the trough of power, and you can stand in line outside in the cold waiting to get in, but the door is locked, and they could care a less about it.

      This is why I don’t listen or buy books from Conservative pundits anymore. They always support the liberal candidate with the claim, “We don’t want the Democrats to win, that would be worse!” No, it’s worse to have a liberal Republican get in and pass democrat policy. It would be equivalent to saying we should terrorize our own people instead of Al Qaida terrorizing us.
      They supported Bush Sr, Bush Jr. McCain, and Romney, ALL liberal Republicans. Is America more Republican after 8 years of Bush? Are we still riding the splendid coattails of 8 years of Bush? No, he was a disaster! And yet, the so-called Republican pundits and think tanks keep selling us the same cow over and over again. I quit. They are all wrong, and always will be wrong. When the ship is sinking, you don’t nominate a captain that is going to allow in slightly less water, you get some rock-ribbed juggernaut that is actually in favor or pushing out more water than you are taking in, and is willing to dive down and plug up the hole!

      If Obama can get away with what he has, and the military stands silent, then there truly is no one left to safe-guard our freedoms and our republic. What does it take for crying out loud! One invented scandal is to cover up for the previous one! And yet, who has the courage to stand up to this? –again history tells us, ‘no one.’

    • captstubby says:

      “Democracy, Robert Heinlein says, “is not an automatic condition resulting from laws and constitutions. It is a living, dynamic process which must be worked at by you yourself—or it ceases to be a democracy, even if the shell and form remain.”
      Most local, district, and county party leaders were unpaid volunteers. Professional political managers were distrusted. While some state legislators and congressmen were returned to office year after year, most were not, and those who were, though powerful through the seniority system, were often the butts of political jokes—and were quite aware that they could easily be turned out of office, either in a primary or a general election. It was a government by amateurs in a true sense, in that everyone had to live under the laws they passed. They worked hard, too. Heinlein could (and does) complain that members of Congress, and of the State Legislature, were underpaid and had too few perks of office; and offer the opinion that the main reason people went to their city council, or state capital, or Washington, and endured the hardships of public office, was patriotism.”

      “Some politicians might have been motivated by greed, or a lust for power, but most thought of themselves as, and were seen by their constituents to be, public servants, sacrificing some of their productive years to the political process. Today things are different. However the professional politicians see themselves, poll after poll shows that the American people think they are a self-perpetuating elite motivated mostly by the desire to retain power.”

      “Since Heinlein wrote this book, most states have changed from a part-time amateur legislature of citizens who approved laws they would have to live with and make a living under, to full-time paid professionals who spend most of their time in the state capital rather than in their home districts, exempt themselves from the laws and regulations they impose on others, and who, far from making a living under the laws they make, are paid by the state and sometimes prevented by conflict-of-interest laws from outside work. (A noted exception is, of course, lawyers, who have been allowed to retain their partnerships in law firms even if the firm does business with the government. They did that in Heinlein’s day too.) Their idea of making a living is not yours.”

      “Forget that notion about running a government like a business. A government should not be run for profit and a democratic government can’t be run by a boss. And as for “businesslike”—are you sure you want it yourself? Do you want your home confiscated if you fall behind on a tax payment with the same speed with which a mortgage holder will foreclose if you fail to pay up, or a landlord will kick you out if you fail to pay rent—or do you prefer the present practice in which the government will stall around for years before putting your place up for auction?
      By the way, why do people kick so much at having to stand in line in the post office, or the recorder’s office, but are docile as little lambs when queued up in a bank? Is it because they expect service rather than a businesslike attitude from the government they own?”

      Robert Heinlein 1946

      the Congress of the United States, which has multiplied its perks while invariably exempting itself from such laws as the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Wage/Hours Act, most of the reporting laws, and nearly all federal regulations. Far from a largely citizen body, the Congress has become a governing elite with high job security. Since this book was written, Congress went from an assembly of the people to an institution with 98 percent incumbency—a lower turnover than Britain’s hereditary House of Lords. While private industry loses jobs, Congress multiplies its staff: there are over 30,000 “Hill Rats,” as congressional staff are called in Washington. They serve 535 senators and representatives. Do you have nearly 50 people to mind details and run errands for you? Each of your legislators in Washington does, all paid with your taxes. Think about that before you contemplate running for office. Each congressman commands a political patronage machine that the old ward bosses would have envied.”

      Take Back Your Government!
      Robert A. Heinlein 1992

  2. yadayada says:

    Even the Israelies the other day made a call to a building in gaza they were going to bomb and told the “civilians” to leave ahead of the bombing. the Isrealies knew they were being used as human shields and gave them the opportunity to leave. they stayed. To me that makes them knowing participants and valid targets. boner, mccpain, et.al are willing participants and therefore valid targets in any election. even when they themselves are not up for reelection, they should still be dragged into the fray by the real conservatives.

    • canary says:

      This time the Israelies are using satelites and drones to video the entire attack to include rockets coming from
      civilian neighborhoods to lessen the load of b.s. the UN will put them through.

      Same ole holding up and carrying around dead babies to the cameras. Mom’s and dads probably left them there and came back for photo ops.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Obama Demonstrates He is an Illegal Immigrant

    Obama cuts line at famed Texas barbecue joint (but pays for lunch)
    Yahoo News: http://tinyurl.com/lkoywnh

    Of course, President Obama is not “some people.” After a campaign-style speech in Austin on Thursday afternoon, the commander in chief made a stop by Franklin Barbecue and was quickly ushered to the front of the line.

    So he sneaks in, and goes to the front of the line illegally, while everyone else has to follow protocol and wait 5 hours in line, OUTSIDE. –Yes, Obama is exactly like an illegal immigrant.

    *Notice how hard Yahoo tries to go out of their way to make it seem like Mr. Everyman charmed his way to the front of the line for some good ‘ol ‘poor people cuisine’, after traveling to Texas to get money to wire-transfer back home…….. just like illegal immigrants do.

  4. Enthalpy says:

    Many of the posts are very good ones. Had Senator Robert Menendez done his job on his countless sexual trips to South and Central America ( arranging sexual encounters with underaged native girls), perhaps we might be seeing a different outcome. Jorge Ramon Hernandez, the Honduran mouth for President Hernandez, promises to keep pouring children into the United States until we” approve immigration reform. Cut them off! and let any of our other enemies provide aid to them at their peril.

    Time to dust off the Monroe Doctrine?

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