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The WP Cheers Obama’s Threat To ‘Go It Alone’

From the Washington Post:

Obama prepared to avoid Congress, go it alone on carrying out modest initiatives

By Scott Wilson | January 28, 2014

This wasn’t the presidency Barack Obama had in mind after winning his historic election five years ago. But it is the one he believes he has left.

Of course everything about Obama is historic. But who says this isn’t exactly what Obama had in mind when he was elected? What evidence is there that Obama ever wanted to bring us together? To compromise? What were practically his first words to the Republicans? ‘I won!’

The areas he identified for possible co­operation with a divided Congress have shrunk, leaving an agenda filled out by a growing number of modest initiatives that he told lawmakers he intends to carry out alone.

Note how the Washington Post calls Obama’s unprecedented threat of a dictatorial power grab: "modest initiatives."

Among them is an executive order raising the minimum wage paid under future federal contracts. In a tone less resigned than dismissive, Obama said he intends to implement more than a dozen others this year, including efforts to improve job-training skills, technology in schools and fuel-efficiency standards in trucks.

But if Obama gets away with using un-Constitutional dictatorial powers on "modest initiatives," how long will it be before he moves on to gun control and amnesty and a carbon tax, and Stalin knows what?

The approach, outlined in a speech that ran more than a hour, reflects the White House’s view that Obama spent too much time last year in conflict with recalcitrant lawmakers, rather than using the unilateral powers in his grasp.

When has Obama spent anytime negotiating with Congress?

But the go-it-mostly-alone strategy risks further antagonizing Congress and resting part of his legacy on executive actions that do not have the permanence, or breadth, of major legislation.

Or the legality or Constitutionality of real legislation.

The more executive-style presidency scores high with the public after years of political deadlock in Washington.

This is the most disturbing sentence in this very disturbing article. Says who?! The ‘inside the Beltway’ crowd? This country has gone to war several times against tyrants. But the Washington Post says we can’t wait to have our own dictator.

It also marks a refiguring of Brand Obama, of the politician who promised to govern more modestly and cooperatively with the opposition after the polarizing years of the George W. Bush administration. In his fifth State of the Union address, Obama set that aside.

Oh, our sides. Yes, President Bush was far more polarizing than the modest and cooperative Obama.

By declaring his intention to ignore Congress when necessary as lawmakers looked on, the president framed an election-year debate about which party is more determined to solve the nation’s enduring economic problems…

By saying he will ‘go it alone,’ isn’t Obama admitting his failure as a leader and a President? In fact, if Obama can’t past his agenda through normal, Constitutional means, shouldn’t he just give up on his agenda, rather than violate his oath of office by trying to get his own way through dictatorial powers?

Or, if he feels that strongly about it, shouldn’t he resign? (Which is what would happen under a Parliamentarian system, which the left regularly calls for us to adopt.)

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7 Responses to “The WP Cheers Obama’s Threat To ‘Go It Alone’”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “No King but King Jesus”

    • GetBackJack says:

      My hearts soars to see you quote this!!

      Our morning prayer, every morning ..

      THis is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Blessed is the name of the Lord, for His Mercy endureth forever! No king but Jesus. Jesus is the King of our hearts!”

      Happy Happy thank you for this

      Now, on to my excoriating the Tyrant Pretender .. as to the Washington Post …

      The Washington Post was founded in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins to, in his words, advance the ideals and views and power of the Democratic Party. By 1888 Hutchins supposedly cut ties with the Democratic Party and bought the paper’s only competitor, The Republican National. In 1889 he sold the remains of this publishing monopoly to Washington insiders Beriah Wilkins, a former Democrat Party member of Congress and past Postmaster General Frank Hatton. Wilkins bought out Hatton’s shares from Hatton’s estate upon Hatton’s death. Other owners came and went until the paper officially withered by 1933. When …

      … a member of the Federal Reserve Board bought the remains out of bankruptcy. Its long been a standing principle among those who know how to grow rich that the best way to know when to buy is if you’re the one making the laws that cause blood to run in the streets. Eugene Meyer certainly was in a position with the Federal Reserve to know when the time was ripe to snatch up potentially great bargains when other men’s blood was running in that famous street. Its all in the timing. The father of Katherine who became a Graham, a veritable icon in power politics and Tavistock engineered manipulation of information, learned his lessons well through Lazard Freres, The NYSE, Allied Signal, Honeywell and the War Finance Corporation. Yes, the WFC is exactly what it sounds like. The transition from industry and war to publishing the paper of record to again advance the Democratic Party was a small leap indeed. The position heading up the WFC put Eugene Meyer into the pockets of every business in America. An enviable position; deciding who gets lowest interest government loans and who doesn’t. Power like that had vast potential to be turned in one’s favor. But then Eugene went on to fry much bigger fish as the fifth Chairman of the Federal Reserve and finally the first President of the World Bank.

      If you sought to put yourself in a position to really, truly know what was going on, those are damn fine credentials. Follow the money is the most honest maxim on Earth.

      All this while, from 1933 onward, 1933 being the very bottom of the worst financial collapse in modern history, Meyer poured his own millions into the failed and still failing Washington Post. A very curious thing to do for a man who oversaw the thrift, efficiency, Profits, Losses and financial viability of a considerable percentage of the developed world’s business. Pouring his own money down a losing rat hole. It beggars the assumption that there was a profit being turned that did not involve money.

      Phil Graham married Katherine Meyer in 1940, during that period of his life when he was clerking for Supreme Court Justices Reed and Frankfurter. When Eugene Meyer was appointed to head the startup World Bank, Meyer in turn appointed Phil Graham to head the Washington Post. During the 1950s it was rumored the paper finally began showing a modest profit and was occasionally cited for responsible and timely articles. For a modestly successful local paper with pretensions of national greatness, the Post did well for itself shilling for the Democratic Party. Favors rolled in. Plum interviews were the norm. Access was a given to Post reporters where the other significant local paper The Washington Times-Herald had to slog uphill both ways to get access to Washington’s movers and shakers. Seeing the wall and it’s handwriting, the Times allowed itself to be folded into the Post and absorbed, disappearing from sight. The remaining local papers the Star and the Daily News were crushed under the wheels of the Democratic Party’s favorite organ and until 1982, the Post had it’s way with the news. Which is to say, they crafted it any way they chose.

      When Phil Graham passed away in 1963 and control of the family’s great asset was passed to Katherine Meyer Graham, she was frightened at the prospect of being the only woman in America to head a major newspaper. One can only imagine the help and steadying hand lent by the Party in her time of transition crisis and it paid off in spades.

      It was during her reign at the paper that Ben Bradlee set reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward loose on the trail for what would become the Watergate scandal. Though careful research in hindsight nearly fifty years later is unraveling the myth of intrepid reporters doggedly pursuing the truth at the risk of their lives, at the time the stories broke the Post literally wrote history. The history they wanted. The history of illusion and craft in service to the Democratic Party. The bloodless overthrow of a Republican President. The near destruction of the Republican Party and the artful, skilled Bernays scripted scorn for the Republican Party the Post managed to instill in several generations of American citizens. For reasons most voters cannot articulate. They just know. Because they were told what they know.

      Katherine Graham and the Post created the myth, the legend and the packaged falderal that became The Mainstream Media. Lies, lies and more lies. And those lies had to be kept secret.

  2. Astravogel says:

    I recall a conversation TCP had with “Hunk” Putin that he
    would have more “flexability” after his re-election. Guess so.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Checking the public to see if they really have been successful in teaching kids that the president runs everything. Unlike kids today, I learned about the balance of powers and the three branches of our government and why they were blueprinted that way.

    But even then, there were those who came away with the idea that the “president runs everything”. But to be perfectly honest, there is a reason for this that has nothing to do with the socialists’ agenda. Has to do with the pomp and circumstance that accompanies every presidential outing and visitation. It’s bloody annoying and has grown to the level of what people have historically done with royalty. Thus making the president the current royal of this nation and it’s really rather sickening.

    Because, to the low information voter (translation: idiots), this means that the president must be the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON….when in reality and as designed by the architects of our government, he’s not; He’s the chief executive but also just one voice in the system. Granted, a strong voice but not THE strongest voice.

    Over the last 100 years, our system of government has evolved into a top-down system whereby the people have been shoved aside instead of having the loudest and strongest voice. This, perhaps was to be expected. Power-mongers figure out how to game any system and so it has been with our three branches of government, which only works if all members are in humble agreement as to keep their egos at bay.

    We, and they have Romanized our system and now we’re dealing with the consequences of it.

    • Curiosity says:

      “… the low information voter (translation: idiots) …”

      When I first saw the movie Idiocracy around 2008 I was angry that someone could say such things about America.

      Several years later, I am somewhat sickened at how dead on they’ve been with many of their predictions, and how quickly they’ve come about.

      I’ve been encouraging people to take a look and consider how our society reflects that, in the hopes that they’ll think about how we got there…

      (of course, one reason we’ve gotten there is the lack of people sincerely praying as Banned and GBJ do)

  4. mr_bill says:

    “The more executive-style presidency scores high with the public after years of political deadlock in Washington.”

    That was the intent of the Founding Fathers: gridlock!! The government was structured in such a way that even a small group of people could cause the system to stop moving, thus protecting the apparatus of government from the abuse of a tyrannical majority, as a last resort. “Political deadlock” doesn’t mean the system is broken, rather that it is working as it should in response to a tyrant.

    One of the uniquely American traditions we have is that the citizens have the ability to tell the government “hell no!” when it gets out of hand. Well, government has been out of hand for some time and our repeated protests of “hell no” have gone unheeded. The ability of our representatives to halt the process is being threatened by diktat from nerobama. As we near another American tradition, the voting process, it will be interesting to watch the statists this fall. I fear the most blatant election shenanigans this nation has ever seen. God help us all if that happens, it could lead to the need for another American tradition.

  5. canary says:

    That woman the GOP used to speak after Obama did a poor job.

    I loved Obama telling that less are graduating to college because their prices went higher. Heck yes they went up in price because everything went up in price after Obama told every American
    prices would go up in the great depression and the sky falling along with the country burning up from global warming.

    College prices went up the second Obama was elected and told the world the sky was falling down in the US. What did not go up in the prices? Only ladders went down in price because people can’t pay anyone to fix things.

    Tons of federal stimulus money going to worthless art, encouraging students to become teachers.

    Obama lead our youth by his own example.

    Party and Play non-stop. Learn about their sexual identities. Listen to more rap. Read filthy books in school, and make green art, forced leadership.
    Telling children to tell their parents what to do.
    Forced leadership and volunteering in school.
    Go to school and learn about sex.
    And now he encourages students it’s not unhealthy to smoke pot.
    Learn other religions, other countries art, music, and cultures.

    He took free college education from our Military troops knowing less students are graduating from college.

    Free college for everyone and he takes it away from our US troops.

    Besides, he promised free education from cradle to college and computers for every child.

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