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The WP Wants More ‘Libertarian’ Vote Splitters

From an ever so subtle Washington Post:

Libertarians’ silver lining in Virginia

By Sean Sullivan | November 6, 2013

Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis was never going to win the Virginia governor’s race. But he did better than most others in his party who’ve run for the top job around the country, the latest bit of encouraging news for advocates of the libertarian political philosophy, who have found increasing traction in recent elections.

If Robert Sarvis were a Democrat vote splitter, he would be eviscerated by the Washington Post. But since he is doing their bidding by diluting the conservative vote, he is a hero.

Sarvis finished a distant third on Tuesday, winning just 6.55 percent of the vote. Not enough to get his party future ballot access, and not enough to be anything more than an afterthought in the minds of most people.

But not the Washington Post, which wants more libertarians to run to split the Republican vote. (It’s the ‘Clinton Model.’)

But stacked up against past Libertarian candidates for governor, Sarvis’s performance all of a sudden doesn’t look so bad. A University of Minnesota Smart Politics analysis found that his share of the vote was good enough for third all-time best among Libertarian candidates for governor and the best in a decade. It’s the latest reason for libertarian optimism.

If 6% is a reason for optimism, you are out of luck.

In the 2012 election, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson took more raw votes than any Libertarian had before. The former governor of New Mexico won the support of 1.2 million voters, or about 1 percent.

Which could have been enough to throw the election to the Democrats, in the two Bush elections.

Libertarians left a mark on the congressional and gubernatorial election landscape [in 2012], too. In nine races, the Libertarian candidate claimed a vote share larger than the Democrat’s margin of victory, according to a Daily Kos analysis. (The same is true for Sarvis.)…

In other words, the libertarians cost Republicans at least nine victories in 2012. Which is why the Washington Post wants to encourage them. Meanwhile, all we ever hear about is how the Tea Party is costing the Republicans elections.

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3 Responses to “The WP Wants More ‘Libertarian’ Vote Splitters”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    There would be no Vote Splitting if the Republican Royalty had not screwed our pooch ..

    • Enthalpy says:

      GBJ- you are right about this. McConnell, McCain, Rove, and a few other prominent members of the RNC, purporting to represent our side, continue their mission for re-election and perpetuation of the status quo. Re-election for what? Not one of them is worthy of re-election so that the non-fights for reacquisition of our liberties and institutions can continue.These self serving men and women don’t believe in much of anything and are unwilling to participate in battles that must be fought to preserve the United States. How hard should it be for dedicated men and women of honor, allegiance, and competence to defeat crackpot Stalinists with whom there is no compromise? It’s impossible if you are unwilling to fight the fight. Replace every one of them!

  2. bousquem25 says:

    How much of a libertarian was this guy? Was he really for smaller goverment or just a goverment focused on giving goverment handouts to people and legalizing drugs? I would also like to see how quickly he gets some cushy goverment job or at some liberal non-profit/political group that claims their not political.

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