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Third Woman Claims Filner (Dem) Harassed Her

Meanwhile, we have other Democrat news via San Diego’s PBS affiliate, KPBS:

Third Woman Comes Forward In Filner Harassment Scandal

By Amita Sharma | July 24, 2013

A third woman has come forward on Wednesday with allegations of sexual harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. In an exclusive KPBS interview, Morgan Rose details an encounter where she alleges the former congressman repeatedly tried to kiss her in a public restaurant.

Morgan Rose, a psychologist in the San Diego Unified School District, founded America’s Angel Campaign, a national initiative dedicated to making the well-being of children America’s “highest priority.”

In January 2009, Rose and her team met with then Congressmen Filner in an effort to bring their initiative to a national stage. After their initial meeting, Filner called her home phone to request an additional, private meeting.

Rose states, “He asked for this meeting because he wanted to know, in his vernacular, ‘who in the hell you are.’” They scheduled to meet at Marie Callender’s across from his congressional office in San Diego County.

When Rose arrived, she remembers being greeted by his assistant, community representative, Willie Blair, who suggested a booth facing the door. Blair then left, and she says the restaurant was empty.

When Congressman Filner arrived he informed Rose that he had brought the mission of America’s Angel Campaign to Michelle Obama. Filner stated Mrs. Obama requested a follow up memo concerning how the campaign would discuss the escalating violence in America’s military families.

Rose’s initial excitement turned to confusion when she says Congressman Filner started staring at her. He then allegedly said, “your eyes have bewitched me.”

So Filner used Michelle Obama as a segue to making his move on this woman. Smooth! He sure knows how to get ahead with liberal women.

Rose states that Congressman Filner stood up, walked over to her side and sat down next to her and wanted to kiss her. “He tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth,” Rose said. She turned away from him and remembers negotiating for him to stop.

“Would you please go back so we can continue this meeting? This is an important topic,” she said.

According to Rose, Congressman Filner said he would not move until “you kiss me.” Rose alleges Congressman Filner tried to kiss her four separate times.

Rose says, Congressman Filner then received a cell phone call. He stopped, answered his phone and stated he needed to head back to the office, and left.

What passion!

Morgan Rose is the third woman to step forward this week to publicly make allegations against the embattled Mayor.

Granted, in light of Weiner’s escapades, this all seems pretty tame. But notice that Mayor Filner’s political affiliation is never once mentioned in this PBS article.

Which is the hard and fast rule whenever the news media reports on a Democrat scandal.

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3 Responses to “Third Woman Claims Filner (Dem) Harassed Her”

  1. untrainable says:

    Don’t you love how that even in the passion of the moment Filer got in a dig on the military? Children are our highest priority, but those evil military families are a real problem.

    Between the anti military comment, the Moochelle name drop, and the incredibly smooth move (tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth), how could she resist? As a good liberal shouldn’t she have fallen under his power and just given herself to him as a willing supplicant? Shouldn’t she have just taken one on the blue dress for the cause? This is liberal charm at its finest. If Ted Kennedy were still alive he would be calling for a sandwich. And for her to come forward with this is a betrayal to the party. Now how long until the media does a roto-rooter on this woman and destroys her life? I give it 2 weeks… maybe a month. She’ll be less popular than Gwyneth Paltrow.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I gotta say that’s enough internet for today

  3. Noyzmakr says:

    She turned away from him and remembers negotiating for him to stop.

    NEGOTIATED? Boy, you can tell that babe isn’t from the south. He’d been picking up teeth if he tried that crap with the women I know. Even the liberal ladies…

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