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Thousand Hurt In Peaceniks Anti-G8 Protest

The latest outpouring of love for their fellow man from peaceniks at the run-up to the G8 Conference in Rostock, Germany:

And this is how France’s AFP celebrated the event:

Thousand Hurt In Anti-G8 Protest, Police Arrest 128 People


ROSTOCK, Germany (AFP) – German police said on Sunday that 128 people were arrested after a violent demonstration by anti-G8 protestors in Rostock the previous day which left up to 1,000 people injured.

The organisers of the protest in northern Germany, which came four days before the start of the G8 summit in nearby Heiligendamm, have claimed that at least 165 people were arrested.

Prosecutors in Rostock said they would bring charges of assault and disturbing the peace against 10 of those who were detained when protestors hurling Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles clashed with police.

The demonstrators also overturned and set fire to several cars…

The police said 433 officers were injured in the clashes, 30 of them seriously — which it defined as having fractures or worse injuries.

"We are lucky that there were no police killed," said Konrad Freiburg, the chairman of Germany’s police union…

The peaceniks can’t control their own thugs. Yet they think they should run the world.

Mind you, the G8 summit won’t even begin for a couple more days.

This was just a dress rehearsal.

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