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Thousands Of Arlington Graves Mislabeled

From a bemused Associated Press:

McCaskill: Arlington Cemetery grave gaffe growing


July 27, 2010

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The Missouri senator whose subcommittee is investigating potential contracting fraud at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday said the number of mislabeled graves there could be in the thousands.

An internal Army investigation found at least 211 discrepancies between burial maps and grave sites at Arlington. The review found lax management of the cemetery and a reliance on paper records to manage the burial sites.

At a news conference Monday in Columbia, Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said the number of burial site errors could be much higher because the Army report was limited to a small section of the cemetery.

McCaskill called the growing scandal a matter of "heartbreaking incompetence" and said the military has spent more than $5.5 million over seven years in its unsuccessful attempts to computerize the cemetery’s burial records.

"At the very essence here you have waste," she said. "There may be fraud – we don’t know at this point."

To paraphrase an old expression, the federal government is so incompetent it could screw up a two car funeral. And yet we have just put the very same people in charge of our healthcare system – one sixth of our economy.

And, yes, of course Ms. McCaskill voted for Mr. Obama’s ‘healthcare reform.’

Did you really have to ask?

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One Response to “Thousands Of Arlington Graves Mislabeled”

  1. fallingpianos says:

    In my world, Ms. McCaskill would be one of the first victims beneficiaries of Mr. Obama’s “healthcare reform”.

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