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Three More Americans Were Injured In Benghazi

From Fox News:

3 diplomatic security officials among Americans injured in Benghazi, sources say

By Catherine Herridge | March 15, 2013

Three diplomatic security agents were among the Americans injured during the terrorist attack last September on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, according to a State Department official speaking exclusively to Fox News.

According to the official, who confirmed Fox’s reporting on the condition of anonymity, two were injured, including one “seriously,” at the CIA facility known as the “annex” and a third suffered smoke inhalation at the consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed…

Separately, a diplomatic security source told Fox News the State Department diplomatic security agent who was in the most serious condition suffered a severe head injury during the second wave of the attack at the annex from mortar and rocket-propelled grenades.

This agent was described as the likely State Department employee visited at Walter Reed Medical Center by Secretary of State John Kerry in January — a visit first confirmed by Fox News’ James Rosen in a recent interview with Kerry…

Who probably offered the employee ‘hush money.’

On Tuesday, Fox News learned that congressional staffers from the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Judiciary and the Government Oversight committees met for a closed door "status report" on their committees’ respective investigations into the Benghazi terrorist attack.

A congressional source familiar with Tuesday’s meeting told Fox News they believed approximately 37 individuals were in Benghazi on behalf of the State Department and CIA on Sept. 11.

With the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, State Department employee Sean Smith and two former Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty who worked for the CIA annex, about 33 were evacuated.

Of the injured, the congressional source said they believed two were treated at Walter Reed and a third had an "extended stay" for treatment in Germany after the evacuation.

33 people, and yet our ‘investigative journalists’ still can’t find one of them to interview?

Meanwhile, we have this development from CNN:

Sources: Benghazi suspect detained in Libya

By Paul Cruickshank, Susan Candiotti and Tim Lister | March 14, 2013

(CNN) — A man suspected of involvement in the September attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi is being held in Libya, according to two sources who have spoken with CNN.

Both sources confirmed the man’s name as Faraj al-Shibli (also spelled Chalabi). One of the sources, who has been briefed on the arrest by Western intelligence officials, said al-Shibli was detained within the past two days and had recently returned from a trip to Pakistan.

A Libyan source also confirmed that al-Shibli was in custody in the north African nation. The FBI was given direct access to him, and it interviewed him recently in the presence of Libyan authorities, according to the Libyan source.

The Libyan government allowed one or more members of the U.S. law enforcement agency to question the man — something that is not necessarily done when a person is detained in a foreign country — around the time on Wednesday when its prime minister, Ali Zeidan, met with U.S. President Barack Obama…

How kind of them. But how many more millions in foreign aid did this cost?

Al-Shibli is the only known suspect in custody in connection with the attack in Benghazi…

Even though both Obama and Hillary Clinton vowed that we would quickly find and punish the perpetrators of the attack.

Al-Shibli comes from a town called Sidi Armouma al-Marj, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Benghazi. He was a member of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group, a militant organization that tried to overthrow the Gadhafi regime in the mid-1990s…

Undoubtedly one of the groups we allied ourselves with to overthrow that wicked Gadhafi.

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3 Responses to “Three More Americans Were Injured In Benghazi”

  1. canary says:

    And the other 30 that survived Benghazi the Republicans have repeatedly asked Obama to quit hiding?

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    See ….. transparency as thick as a brick. All hands are bloody on this one.

  3. captstubby says:

    ‘does that even matter now? What difference does that make?
    “outraged” Secretary of State Clinton

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