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3 Terrorist Leaders Escape Iraqi Prison

A belated Christmas present for the terrorist lovers at Reuters:

The bodies of prisoners killed during clashes lie on the grounds of the al-Fursan jail in Ramadi, 100 km (60 miles) west of Baghdad December 26, 2008.

Iraq militants escape jail, at least 14 dead

Fri Dec 26

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Three senior Islamist militants escaped from their cells in clashes overnight at a police station in Iraq’s western city of Ramadi, which killed at least seven police and seven militants, officials said.

Prisoners being held at the al-Fursan facility overpowered a policeman who entered a cell early on Friday, stealing the man’s weapon and killing him, said Major-General Tareq Yusuf, police commander for Anbar province.

Six other police officers, including a lieutenant colonel and a captain, were killed in subsequent clashes and six were wounded, Yusuf said. Seven of the militants inside the police prison were killed in the fighting, he said…

Both Yusuf, also known as Tareq al-Dulaimi, and the ministry official said three leaders of the al Qaeda-linked Sunni Islamist group Islamic State in Iraq escaped in the fighting.

The Interior Ministry official said that 23 out of a total of 40 detainees initially escaped but were later recaptured

Like the vast majority of the country’s provinces, the Iraqis now control the security.

By the way, note how Reuters calls even the leaders of the terrorist Islamic State In Iraq “militants.”

It was ever thus.

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One Response to “3 Terrorist Leaders Escape Iraqi Prison”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Hey, at least when we ran their prison system WE DIDN’T LOSE ANYONE!!
    No mention ’bout this from the print shaggers. Notice the pictures………WE didn’t kill anyone either!!

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