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Time Celebrates Reporter Who Spied For NVM

From the people who brought you Haditha, Time Magazine:



Oct. 2, 2006

DIED. Pham Xuan An, 79, Viet Cong colonel who worked during the Vietnam War as a highly respected journalist for TIME while acting as a spy for the communists –a double life kept secret until the mid-’80s; in Ho Chi Minh City.

The first Vietnamese to become a staff correspondent for a major U.S. news outlet, he said he served as an "honest reporter" who did not spread misinformation.

From his unique perch at TIME’s Saigon bureau, the popular, plugged-in An was able to achieve feats for both sides, including alerting the Viet Cong to the impending buildup of U.S. troops in the mid-’60s and secretly arranging for the release of American journalist Robert Sam Anson, who had been captured in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge.

What a hero! It’s a wonder Time didn’t make him their Man Of The Year.

Not to be outdone the official "Paper Of Treason," the New York Times, published an even longer and more fulsome obituary for their now dead hero — and role model.

(Thanks to reader RAW for the heads up.)

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