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Time: Is Caroline Ready For The Senate?

Hard-hitting questions from the one time news magazine, Time:

Is Caroline Kennedy Ready for the Senate?

By Karen Tumulty / Washington Monday, Dec. 15, 2008

Caroline Kennedy once seemed to be just about the only member of the Kennedy clan who was immune to the lure of politics, choosing to make her mark instead by writing and through a number of charitable endeavors. But when I asked Kennedy last January about her surprising decision to publicly endorse Barack Obama after decades of guarding her private life, her answer hinted that President John F. Kennedy’s daughter might be open to even bigger things ahead. “I really felt like it was a crucial moment, and if I had something that I believed in, then I really owed it to myself to express that,” she told me. “I recently turned 50, so I figured, I’d better get going — what am I waiting for?” (See TIME’s J.F.K. covers.)

The campaigning that she did on Obama’s behalf must have agreed with her, because Caroline Kennedy is now letting it be known that she would like to be appointed to the New York Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton… (See pictures of Robert F. Kennedy.)

Ultimately, however, the decision rests with New York Governor David Paterson. His reaction to Kennedy’s decision was noncommittal, but one source close to the Kennedy family says Caroline believes Paterson is “on board with the idea.” There indeed is much to recommend her; Kennedy’s celebrity status and high name recognition would make it easy for her to raise money, which is an important consideration, because whoever is appointed to the seat will face a special election in 2010 and yet another campaign in 2012, when the seat’s regular term expires.

However, should Paterson decide to appoint Kennedy, 51 — and it’s possible he might feel that he has to now that Kennedy has thrown her hat into the ring — the move would not be without controversy…

The Senate is not to everyone’s tastes either. One of those who discovered that it wasn’t, ironically enough, was Robert F. Kennedy. When he held the very seat to which Caroline now aspires, R.F.K. bristled at its aggravatingly [sic] slow pace, as well as the reality that junior members, no matter how famous, are expected to wait their turn. That, Caroline Kennedy may discover, is the difference between running for the Senate and serving there.

See pictures of J.F.K.’s early years.

Notice that Time manages to answer its own question. “Is Caroline Kennedy ready for the Senate?”

There indeed is much to recommend her; Kennedy’s celebrity status and high name recognition would make it easy for her to raise money, which is an important consideration, because whoever is appointed to the seat will face a special election in 2010 and yet another campaign in 2012, when the seat’s regular term expires.

In other words, you bet she is.

After all, being a US Senator simply means being able to raise money.

We are waiting for someone to nominate their horse, like Caligula. (Though, come to think of it, Caroline is a little horsey.)

By the way, note the numerous links to Kennedy photos sprinkled throughout the article.

Have you ever noticed how we are given links to pictures of the Kennedys, but seldom any links to their heroic achievements?

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19 Responses to “Time: Is Caroline Ready For The Senate?”

  1. 1laidbackRN says:

    DNC: I see your Sarah Palin, and raise you one “Caroline Kennedy?????”.

    It may just be me, but I thought that you actually had to have something of value to call and raise at a poker game.

  2. proreason says:

    Of course she’s qualified. She supported Obamy.

    Even better, she has no audit trail in public service.

    And she isn’t pretty….can’t have attractive women in office….that offends the lesbians.

    What a hag she is. And we are going to have to look at her for the next 40 years.

  3. Fascistfrog says:

    Oh good, here’s a Kennedy that’s managed to stay out of dangerous aircraft, cars that don’t float, lobotomy procedures and the sights of a communist with a rifle. Let’s put her in public life too! What were we waiting for?

  4. Cincinnatus says:

    You know, I used to be offended by stories like this. “What the hell has Caroline Kennedy ever done to qualify her for a Senate seat!??”

    But on reflection, considering the quality of the current denizens of “The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body”, I think that she does belong there. I think that Al Franken belongs there too. Hell, I think that Michael Moore belongs there!!

    Nobody who becomes a Senator nowadays could possibly lower my opinion of that body.

    • proreason says:

      Barney Fife. Little Chuckie Schummer. Chuck Dudd. Obamy. Hildabeast. Slow Joe. Reaper Reid. Charlie Rangels. Icebox Jefferson.

      The list is endless.

      As you say, Frankenstein and Michael Mooooooooore would likely be improvements.

      On a serious note, the problem with the country is Congress. They are the biggest enemy we have. The few adults that are there can’t get any traction because they aren’t nuts and won’t play to the media. It’s arguable whether the media is the bigger enemy. I lean toward Congress becasue they managed to destroy the economy. The media were just the cheerleaders.

  5. Odie44 says:

    Isn’t it great that her greatest “asset” to being a NY Senator … is her so-called ability to raise money to actually win an election to become Senator…

    I spoke to my parents in Orange County NY – seems the celebrity status of our local favorites – The Teutels (OCC) have brought more industry, money and tax revenue than the other so-called fund raising celebrity of a Senator – Hillary Clinton.

    Odd – free market success has yielding millions in revenue while those elected yield millions in donations.

    Thank God I moved.

  6. shapter says:

    Former NY Rep John LeBouttilier has a good column on this:


  7. Helena says:

    Geez, Louise. How low can the qualifications bar go?

    “We are waiting for someone to nominate their horse, like Caligula.”

    You said it.

  8. U NO HOO says:

    This brings to mind Michael Corleone when he said, Kay, I’m not part of this.

  9. Perdido says:

    The judicious and perspicacious people of New York elected Hilary Clinton (D), Carpet Bag, Ill.

    This appointment and reelection would surprise, who, exactly?

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    Well….she is fugly enough to fill the position of Senater “Cackles” Clinton. She IS more qualified for the Senate than the “Houseboy” is for POTUS!!

  11. JohnMG says:

    Name the purported accomplishments of her vaunted father. Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missle crisis, Viet Nam…these come immediately to mind. How about her uncles and cousins? Bobby–gets to be attorney general as a favor from his brother. Ted–most notable for Chappiquidick, but always at the heart of some scandal involving booze and women. Just name a Kennedy. How about cousin Joe? Or Patrick? Go ahead, pick one. Then tell me something of note they have done that didn’t involve somebody elses money paying the bill. Something that was so significant. Don’t count the times they (Kennedy’s) TOLD us it was significant, but something that was/is significant. You can’t DO it!! These people are disgusting. They feel they are entitled by virtue of their last name.


  12. CGardner says:

    Everytime I look at Caroline Kennedy, I’m reminded of the “social x-rays” from Bonfire of the Vanities.

  13. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    Qualified?!? Well, does she have million dollars USD cash?!? New York could sure use the money! ROFLMAO

  14. brad says:

    More “change” coming your way!

    Nothing spells change than adding more Kennedys to Washington. We already have sent enough of these people into politics, when will the guilt of JFK’s death finally be absolved? Giving a seat to a partisan donor/lapdog is not what we need.

    WHEN are people going to make people accountable based on MERIT? In any other part of society, we appreciate talent and hard work, but in politics, we throw all that out the window. We don’t elect experts in their field to gain office and ply their trade, we elect smarmy lawyers and partisans.

    and we wonder why our ponzi-scheme government never improves our lives…..

  15. Media_man says:

    New York state is in such crappy shape economically (even before the downturn) it might behoove them to nominate somebody with a clue. Not sure if Caroline K. fits the bill, but that’s their business. If they don’t care for her, they can turn her out in 2010.

    Adlai Stevenson famously said “The voters get what they deserve & sometimes better”. Of course he was talking about knuckle dragging Republican voters, who cast their lot with Eisenhower/Nixon instead of having the wisdom of voting for him instead.

    The brain dead Blue Staters who keep voting for these corrupt tax & spenders are the real schmuks. They really deserve whatever they get for voting for these deadbeats. I just hope the red states who displayed some semblance of responsibility don’t pay to bail out these blue states. Let them rot.

  16. Colonel1961 says:

    The media’s reaction to this announcement is no different than that of BHO’s: hagiographic.

  17. 1sttofight says:

    I figure she would make just as good a Senator as her brother did as a pilot.

    Crash and Burn 2.0.

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