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Time Magazine: Still Dead Man Walker?

From the erstwhile news magazine, Time:

Wisconsin’s Governor Wins But Is He Still Dead Man Walker?

By Dawn Reiss / Madison Saturday, Mar. 12, 2011

The state capitol of Wisconsin had taken on an eerie quiet on Friday. Gone were the throngs of protesters who occupied its marble floors like a campground in summer. The midnight honking of cars circling the white building had ceased. The chalk "dead man" outlines etched with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s name on the sidewalks remained in dismembered parts, incompletely washed away by clean-up hoses.

So much for civility.

You know, it seems like only yesterday that Time was running sanctimonious headlines like: Is Violent Rhetoric Behind the Attack on Giffords?

It was the Governor, however, who had walked away the legislative victor in the showdown. On Friday, as angry protesters chanted "shame" and blew horns and vuvuzelas, Walker took up a dozen pens, one at a time, to sign into law a bill that not only takes away the ability of unions to bargain collectively over pensions and healthcare but limits pay raises of public employees to the rate of inflation and ends automatic union dues collection by the state. It also requires each public union to get recertified every year. It was a coup by Wisconsin Republicans against the labor movement in one of its strongholds. (See how Walker got his way.)…

You see? This was all about Gov. Walker versus The People. Walker was just acting in his own narrow interests. As opposed to the unions, who were trying to do good for everyone.

But Walker staged "a coup" and "got his way." The damn baby.

[Walker] attempted to be magnanimous toward the thousands of protesters who have gathered in Madison since he announced his legislative intentions on Valentine’s Day. "I think we’ve have a civil discussion," he said. "It’s been passionate, but it’s been civil along the way."

Clearly, Gov. Walker was being facetious. But Time would quote the devil (as they have done here), if it will help advance their claims. For who can doubt Time when they claim that what we saw in Wisconsin was the perfect embodiment of a civil discussion?

The public outcry had been unexpected and brought out many first time protesters who stayed on or returned again and again even as observers thought the remarkably peaceful demonstrations would dissipate.

"First time protesters"? The union thugs from the SEIU, AFL-CIO, and the Teamsters bussed in by Organizing For Obama? And the freelance camp followers like Code Pink and ANSWER? Those "first time protesters"?

In fact, apart from the University Of Wisconsin students, who will do anything to avoid attending classes, almost all we saw were professional protesters. And the proof is that as soon as the money stopped, they all went home.

And so, for the many who showed up, some at great sacrifice, were the protests all in vain? "No," says Kenneth Mayer, who teaches political science at the University of Wisconsin. "It was pretty clear that the protests, as massive as they got, weren’t going to change the governor’s mind. Even though they didn’t succeed in getting what they wanted, they mobilized a lot of people and made this a salient issue. A protest doesn’t have to succeed in its immediate goal to have a long term impact."

And Professor Mayer is probably unintentionally correct. Few will soon forget the unbridled viciousness of these protesters. The unions have suffered a public relations setback they (hopefully) may never overcome, despite the best efforts of Time and the rest of the Democrats’ media machine.

Also, lest we forget, Mr. Mayer, like the rest of the unionized teachers at the University Of Wisconsin, only got his ‘God-given right’ to bargain collectively in 2009.

That probably means the protesters are going to turn from slogans to pocketbooks, funneling millions of dollars in donations into unions here.

Hilarious. The untold millions of dollars in the unions’ war chests are not from "donations." They were taken from ‘workers’ via mandatory union dues. – And with that no longer legal, the union bosses are going to have to be a lot more careful on what they squander their money on.

They don’t want to be cutting into the lavish lifestyles of their noble leaders.

Their anger will also provide momentum for recall petitions. Wisconsin allows for the recall of elected officials once they have been in office for a year. According Mayer, signatures amounting to 25% of the original voters must sign on to a petiton [sic] to get a recall election going. Getting rid of Walker would be tougher. The governor was just voted into office and cannot be subject to recall until Jan. 3, 2012.

Oops. That is a minor detail that we haven’t heard much about.

It would require about 540,000 signatures to get his name on a recall ballot.

Which should be a piece of cake for the unions and ACORN and Organizing For Obama. Getting phony signatures on petitions is what they do best. (Second to destroying companies, of course.)

Wisconsin has never recalled a governor in its history. Still, the threat of recall — to Walker and his allies — would keep the governor in check. Democrats need to win back three seats in the Senate to win back control of the body; there are eight G.O.P. senators who are now eligible for recall.

Hope springs eternal for the unbiased journalists at Time.

The anger and activism may also propel legal challenges regarding the way Republicans may have violated open meetings law and internal procedures to get the bill passed without a necessary quorum (Democratic senators had fled to Illinois specifically to prevent this). Mayer says, however, that such claims are unlikely to succeed because "there is case law where the state courts have declined to get involved and force a legislature to enforce its own rule." A constitutional challenge — based on whether the Republican reclassification of the bill from fiscal to non-fiscal was legal — may have a better chane [sic] but, says Mayer, "it’s not a slam dunk." …

It is ludicrous to think that anyone would believe what the Republicans did was unconstitutional. Unless, you realize that this is a (unionized) ‘professor of political science’ making such an asinine claim. Then it isn’t quite so funny. It’s criminal.

The protesters do have a lot of contained anger to vent. The demonstrations — a "quiet riot" according to some — managed not to turn violent. Though tensions mounted toward the end, there were never any real door-busting down [sic], glass-breaking riots

Except for the "door-busting down" that we saw. But whom are we to believe? Time Magazine or our lying eyes?

It’s been horn-blowing and buttons instead of fist fights. There’s been drum-beating and dancing instead of destruction. There were lots of baby strollers and wheelchairs decked out in snarky signs.

In fact, we’re pretty sure we saw a baby stroller rolled down a flight of steps after the Cossacks attacked. It was very moving.

When Bill Hoyt, 52, saw his middle and high school daughters and their friends banging on glass panels on the capitol grounds, he reminded them to be respectful of government property, that destroying anything wouldn’t be a good use of their frustration and only create more problems.

Which is why the damage to the capitol is estimated to cost $7.5 million taxpayer dollars to repair. But you know how passionate middle schoolers can get about protecting union benefits.

The frustration from the defeat will be channeled elsewhere. Wiping tears from beneath her dark rimmed glasses, Anne Moser, 47, who works for University of Wisconsin Madison’s science-based Water Library, said, "People know that violence doesn’t get you anywhere. The attack the Republicans have made is violent and a violation of human rights. It is an attack on the middle class. We teach our children to follow rules and to sit and [sic] the table and work it out, but that certainly hasn’t happened here." And so she and her allies may seek there revenge elsewhere: in a court of law or, most probably, in a polling booth.

So Time Magazine was only able to cite protesters and people who belong to Wisconsin’s public sector unions? Clearly there is no other side to the story.

Still, notice that this last ‘worker’ claims she teaches her children to "follow the rules" and "to sit at the table and work it out"? Didn’t she hear about the 14 Democrat Senators who ran off to the Illinois for three weeks? But then again, she is a union worker.

And speaking of unions, the spell checkers at Time seem to have gone on a sympathy strike.

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11 Responses to “Time Magazine: Still Dead Man Walker?”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    Once again – WI is the epicenter for this Union v ‘The Man’ fight (guess OEF/OIF are no longer the ‘cool’ protests now that their ‘Man’ is in office) via the msm. WHY?

    What about OH – Oh yeah, it passed the Senate and is in the House and the majority Leaders sent it up for a vote 2 weeks ahead of schedule – and we all know that the evil Union busting Gov (R) will sign it. And what about MI or IA or IN? And – umm, how many other states are in on this? We The People are kept in the dark and led to believe that WI is it – the end all be all.

    You know sort of like the UnAffordable Care Act (I will no longer stroke The Won’s ego by calling it O’care) – 27 states are part of the FL lawsuit, 12 States (ID, MT, ME, OR were all I could find listed as having acted or in the process) are looking at nullification [For those keeping count that is 39 states – Gee why don’t we all just hold a Constitutional Convention – and end it all NOW] Btw, the one article on nullification points it out (must be a conservative news report) that it is the Medicare (Federal Program) being dumped back onto the States budgets that they are fighting. So typical leftist crappola – create a ‘solution’ to a problem that becomes an even worse problem. And then the radical Leftist 110th (most ethical Congress ever) is attempting to ‘fix’ it by dumping it off on the States. A real twofer – get rid of Medicare (it will make the UnAffordable Care Act ‘appear’ to be affordable (spit, spit, spit – man that is nasty)) and wreck even more (most especially those States who actually have sustainable/balanced budgets (how dare they) States financial stability.

    The Union ‘bringing sanity and real justice to taxpayers’ financial budget busting (the only thing busted by these States) bills – and the UnAfffordable Care Act tilt in the msm – is so much more than bias – it is intentionally lying to the people of this country to forward an agenda – which is purely and simply the destruction of America.

    May they all rot in hell.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Totally correct Wm. Two of the major reasons States are facing such compounding deficits over the next couple years (while the Left misleadingly spins that the budget is currently not so dire) is because the public sector slush fund from the stimulus dries up and because Medicare/Medicaid expenses skyrocket because of That Which Must Be Repealed™. Third would be declining state income, corporate, and sales tax revenues.

      They say we won the battle but will lose the war. Uh, it’s exactly as Wm said. All across the heartland, state’s are unrepentantly following Walker’s lead. Some are passing the bills without so much as one bus of thugs bothering to show up.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      TWMBR—-love it.

      As for the other states and their reining in of PSU’s, yeah…the left is really just kind of a one string banjo. Wonder if they just ran out of money to be able to bus in agitators to other states.

    • proreason says:

      “Wonder if they just ran out of money to be able to bus in agitators to other states.”

      Probably not. The cardboard store fronts they used in the old western movies looked just fine on the big screen.

      Likewise, the Make Believe Media is doing just fine pretending that people bused in from dozens of states to Wisconsin are a “people’s revolution” that is representative of the entire country.

    • wardmama4 says:

      While I enjoyed my Un-Affordable …Act I truly love the direct hit of That Which Must Be Repealed. A real winner there Tranquil and shall now be my name for the Obomination of the legislation passed by the most unethical Congress ever.

      BTW – did you hear Conyers saying that That Which Must Be Repealed – was meant to facilitate the installation of universal healthcare? Now that these crapweasels think that it is law – they admit what it was about. Too bad it’s been ruled un-Constitutional by a Federal Judge, 27 states have filed a lawsuit and 12 more states are looking into nullification – I don’t think that TWMBR – is a done deal quite yet.

      Now if the R crapweasels in Congress could vote to defund it – We the People might be on a real start to undoing this Obomination. REPEAL It Now.

  2. Astravogel says:

    A slight rearrangement of Professor Mayer’s comment
    might read, “A war doesn’t have to succeed in in its
    immedate goal to have a long term impact.” Yep, but
    the morners of the dead of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the
    Americas might believe differently. Remember, warfare
    is not murder.

  3. proreason says:

    25% to cause a recall election, not to recall the official.

    Conservatives are also working to recall the dimwit dems.

    I don’t see much to worry about here.

  4. yadayada says:

    Wiping tears from beneath her dark rimmed glasses, Anne Moser, 47, who works for University of Wisconsin Madison’s science-based Water Library,-

    those weren’t tears, she was still wet from the library !!

    seriously- if it really is “science-based” would they need to tell us? would it not be self evident? or is it another lib rat hole where they flush tax money. I’ve been to the water library. I sat at the water table, near the water closet. I don’t recommend doing any research there. most of their data is so watered down it’s useless.

    “People know that violence doesn’t get you anywhere. The attack the Republicans have made is violent and a violation of human rights.

    violent? really? having a legislature present a few written pages of ideas and sit down in an orderly manner and vote on it? what a hate-filled unwuly mob of wascally wepubwicans!!!!

  5. patricko says:

    Just so you know, the law says that the collective bargaining expires when their current CBA expires. So the Madison teachers held a marathon session the other day and voted to extend their current agreement. So now they can retain it until they get a shot at recalling all the Republicans.

  6. canary says:

    So does Time tell reporters what to write, or did Dawn Reiss write this on a personal account after
    popping pills being passed around by the Wisconsin protesters at the capital. I guess this was written for foreign countries.

  7. MZmaj7 says:

    “In fact, we’re pretty sure we saw a baby stroller rolled down a flight of steps after the Cossacks attacked. It was very moving.”

    Very nice.

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