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Time: Rahm Emanuel Is Just So Accessible

From the former (ask your parents) news magazine, Time:

Rahm Emanuel, At Your Service

December 13, 2008

The incoming chief of staff winning praise from Congressional Republicans for openness, accessibility.

Gave Senators his personal e-mail address and cell phone number, promised to return any communication in 24 hours.

Returned a call from Sen. Kyl in 10 minutes: “They are getting off to a good start in terms of reaching out.”

Isn’t he dreamy?

Mind you, this praise is coming from a supposed news organization, even though Mr. Emanuel has been hiding from the press for days.

From a thing claiming to be “politics up to the minute.”

Just try to imagine the howls our outrage if this were the evil Karl Rove hiding from the press.

As we oft remark, what media bias?

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4 Responses to “Time: Rahm Emanuel Is Just So Accessible”

  1. JohnMG says:

    Rahm-bo will REALLY be accessible after Obama hangs him out to dry.

    Evidently Emanuel forgot to fill out some of the blanks on the Obama job-application vetting form asking about any embarrasing associations. Either that, or Obama already was inside the loop and figured “the team” could keep a lid on it.

    Were it not for what’s at stake, this would make great theatre. As it is, I’m just saddened by what has been brought upon our country.

  2. bobbys says:

    I think George Glooney can play him as the brooding sensitive misunderstood Chief of staff fighting the good fight against evil injustice foisted upon him by the evil right wing Republicans

  3. David says:

    Yes so accessible that when the Times wants to do a story on him the closest they can get is a senator who left him a message recently.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    He knows how to operate a phone? I thought he was afraid there were “Hitmen” after him.
    Hilda….is that you?

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