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Time: Moment Professional Sports Changed Forever

From Time Magazine:

Michael Sam Risked Everything—And We All Won

By Cyd Zeigler | May 10, 2014

… Michael risked his career. Today, everyone won… This wasn’t just a football decision. It was history in the making. …Michael’s character, work ethic, and skill shined through. He is now the first openly gay active athlete in our nation’s bellwether of masculinity…

The LGBT community won, too. Many gay people were losing faith in the NFL today, as the number of selections remaining dwindled… 30… 25… 20… 15… 10…. Some gay people tweeted that they would be switching interests to the NBA, where openly gay Jason Collins was welcomed by the Brooklyn Nets. Suddenly, with the 249th pick in the draft, an openly gay player was welcomed with open arms by a team in the Heartland.

The advancement of gay rights, including the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses in neighboring Arkansas today, continues.

Remember that the next time we are told we have to keep politics out of sports.

But most of all today, the winner was Michael Sam. I don’t bestow the mantle of “hero” lightly on people. But few in the LGBT community have earned it as powerfully as has Michael. In January, he had a vision of shattering stereotypes and blazing a trail for gay athletes. Coming out was the easy part: Being drafted by an NFL team — and ultimately making a 53-man roster — would be hard. The LGBT community doesn’t have many true national heroes. They have one now on the St. Louis Rams.

As with the professional career of any athlete, the draft is simply the beginning for Michael. In the book that will be written about the year Michael transformed the sports world forever, the draft will be just chapter three. So far, every chapter has a happy ending.

History will look back at today — not the day he came out publicly, but today — as the moment professional sports changed forever. The National Football League, the biggest game in town, has drafted an openly gay football player. The bastion of masculinity in our culture just welcomed the kind of person many people believe is the antithesis of masculinity…

Yes, we must destroy that culture of masculinity.

All of this was impossible. Now, it is all reality.

Cyd Zeigler is co-founder and editor of Outsports.com and helped break the Michael Sam story earlier this year…

In fact, Mr. Zeigler seems to be part of Michael Sam’s PR team.

From back in February, via Outsports:

‘The eagle has landed’

The exclusive behind-the-scenes story of how NFL prospect Michael Sam came out

Cyd Zeigler | February 9, 2014

It was the afternoon of Jan. 20 that publicist Howard Bragman [sic] sent the text: "The eagle has landed." I knew right away what he meant. He had just come from lunch with NFL agents Joe Barkett and Cameron Weiss of Empire Athletes. They were representing an NFL Draft prospect — Missouri defensive end and SEC co-defensive player of the year Michael Sam —  who wanted to come out publicly as gay…

The first order of business was the timing. The agents and Sam wanted to do it in late March after Missouri’s Pro Day. I didn’t like it. The key was to give NFL teams as much time as possible to absorb this… If he wasn’t going to come out before the Combine, I told Bragman he should do it before his Pro Day and plan on participating…

And here we thought ‘reporters’ weren’t supposed to become part of the story.

The second order of business was to determine where to break the story… Who had earned it? Howard [Bragman] already knew he wanted the TV element to be on ESPN… ESPN is a sports media outlet with a good track record on LGBT sports issues…

The last piece — print media — was the big question. We talked about USA Today and Time magazine. The cover of Time would be huge… Bragman quickly settled on The New York Times and writer John Branch, who had written several well-received articles about LGBT athletes…

Just in case anyone was confused by the effusiveness of the first article, and thought it was journalism from Time magazine instead of the usual PR to advance a cause.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, May 12th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “Time: Moment Professional Sports Changed Forever”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Great, my Sundays in the Fall just opened up. I will no longer be watching any NFL football.

    By perverting the social construct of the USA, the politically correct will ultimately drive me from my home nation. This, of course, is their goal. However, the unintended consequence is that less people will watch the games, first, and ultimately, the industry will destroy itself.

    Oddly, How will all the muslim players in the NFL deal with this?

    In any case, I will have more free time to engage in hobbies. Instead of football games being on i the background, I will have good old movies from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s on. A select few from the 80’s and 90’s but almost none from the current junk supplied by Awful-wood.

    In the left’s screaming desires to reach Utopia, they have, instead, left it in the dust behind them.

  2. mr_bill says:

    First, I’m surprised San Franfreakshow didn’t grab him in the first round. Second, I remember when players made headlines for being good players, not because of who they were sleeping with. Wilt slept with every willing female on 6 continents and he never made headlines for it. He made headlines because he was one of the best at bouncing a ball and throwing it through a hoop. In all the thousands of words written about this Sam character, has anybody written anything about his ability as a player? Has he got any talent at playing football or is his best talent being a sexual deviant? I already quit watching the National Felon’s League last year over the indictment rate of the players. If I hadn’t, I’d probably stop watching now.

    BTW, when is the NFL going to stop discriminating against handicapped people? Surely there’s room in the league for a quadriplegic center or a double amputee quarterback? Mighty insensitive of the NFL to not be inclusive. If performance is no longer the metric of a player, they should draft some midget wide receivers or kickers with only one leg. Wouldn’t that be “historic” and “game-changing,” too?

    • Mithrandir says:

      Water cooler comments for sure.

      For those in-the-know, Sam should have been drafted by these teams:
      San Francisco, for their very large gay population, obviously, but also:
      The Raiders, with their “Black Hole” and all.
      The Browns.
      The Packers.
      The Bears.

      ~Think about it.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    … Michael risked his career.

    Ah, no he didn’t. Gay people aren’t persecuted, however, those that oppose them are. It takes no courage in 2014 to come out as gay, especially in Hollywood. I am so sick and tired of gay people in Hollywood coming out in an environment that is likely to promote them for doing so, and then pretending it was courageous.

    Today, everyone won…

    No, we didn’t. I have a mental list of lots of things that qualify as “wins.” Anal sex is not one of them.

    This wasn’t just a football decision. It was history in the making.

    I’m so tired of liberalism hiding behind “historic” and “history-making” when it is not. But liberalism always hides behind children, women, the elderly, and anything else that will be a human shield against criticism.

    …Michael’s character, work ethic, and skill shined through.

    Not even close. At pick # 249, it was VERY CLEAR that his skills didn’t shine at all. It’s been gay gay gay, since he decided he had no skill, and his only opportunity was to come out, hoping the pressure to draft (and keep him around) would work. So far he gambled correctly. It was a calculation, knowing the environment is ripe for such a move.
    I know why people always link homosexuals in politics and others to the words “character” “moral” “ethical”. It’s all part of the brain-washing scheme to help you forget they are classically none of those things.

    Some gay people tweeted that they would be switching interests to the NBA, where openly gay Jason Collins was welcomed by the Brooklyn Nets.

    I doubt it. There are lots of “sports” gay people love, and the NBA and NFL aren’t in the top 10. But, no article can be complete without a subtle threat, and sad puppy-dog “woe is me” to follow up.

    He is now the first openly gay active athlete in our nation’s bellwether of masculinity…

    The military, the Boy Scouts, the Citadel, the church, men-only golf courses, supposed glass-ceilings, there are many windmills for liberals to attack, and each one’s goal is the same strategy and result: to tear down the fabric of society, and nothing else. This is why Conservative Eastern societies can endure 1000s of years basically unchanged, and liberal Western societies sustain constant upheavals and destructive changes.

    I don’t bestow the mantle of “hero” lightly on people.

    Isn’t EVERY gay person a hero to liberals? They have such un-ending high praise for themselves, it’s almost as if they are narcissistic, and any person viewing their parades would say that they are, to a degree of insanity, probably to over-compensate for the self-loathing they have felt their entire lives.
    May as well give him the Nobel Peace Prize since no-talent fools seems to be getting one these days.

    I think the NFL didn’t want 2 things. One was Sam becoming Mr. Irrelevant which would have been perfectly apropos, and him becoming undrafted at all. The NFL with their pink shoes, gloves to appeal to women is garbage (shouldn’t a man’s sport support male-related cancers?) and now to gays. How soon before Sam is booked on the Ellen Degeneres Show?

  4. GetBackJack says:

    “Pull my finger ..”
    “Aw, sweet … not that finger, the other one ..”

  5. canary says:

    Sports is no longer a break of media sex.

    Can’t you just picure future Ram games? Can you imagine listening to the sportscasters focusing and commenting
    on every play Michael Sam makes.

    Kids start in pre-school watching sports with their fathers and sports and instead of watching Jackson expose her
    breast they will no doubt start to ask their parents “what does gay mean?” and then they will stair at Sam’s butt
    more than football.

    How can anyone hear someone is gay without their thoughts thinking of the sexual acts it self.

    Plus, the Military is getting serious about allowing transgender’s in the military. The costs will be enormous.

    How come Chaz Bono’s gay girlfriend still stay with her/him now that is he is a man. Since her girlfriend likes girls why would she stay with a supposed man as Chaz Bono said she is going to get the “bottom surgery”.

    And I think Obama’s fanatic praising of gay men is his hope that they will make passes at him when his presidential term is over.

    I see all of them going into show bizzness. Getting their own talk-shows. I would not be surprised if the divorce as both can make a fortune in show biz.

  6. electraglide says:

    I’m a bit confused.

    I know that the left likes to attack anything enjoyed and revered by mainstream America, but if the result is people turning off pro sports aren’t they afraid that they may start paying attention to serious matters?

    Isn’t it better to have bread and circuses for the masses?

  7. Petronius says:

    What happened to us?

    We played golf on the moon — remember?

    We used to have Newton, Faraday, Galileo, Edison, Marconi, Ford, Disney, Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, Eliot, Conrad, von Braun, Rembrandt, DaVinci, and Michelangelo.

    Now we’ve got Michael Sam.

  8. canary says:

    Gay Michael Sams publically claimed sexual discrimination after he was picked. He keeps blabbing that he should have been picked 1st round over other players, because he was better. This in spite of his one on one tryouts not going well.

    This can really demoralize his team and make them not trust him. Perhaps he can make it up to the team by
    doing butt grinding throughout the game to distract the other team and make them mess up or puke their guts out on the field.

    More of his ego, such as when he first came out selling bogus team shirts with his number and visiting little children in a hospital.

    Reminds me of the news in his home catching the call showing him bending over speechless crying when he got the call. And then the kissing and embracing his little sweetheart who is appears youthfully dwarfed by the big tall
    he man.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t get injured or he will claim sexual assualt discrimination.

    “snif snif. Coach it’s not my fault I’m not doing a good job. The other team keeps winking at me and sticking their tongues out at me. They threw me to the ground too hard and sexually assualted me.

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