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NYT Celebrates Ex-Taliban Spokesman At Yale

In case you missed it the "Paper Of Treason" the New York Times has a glowing profile of a (former?) Taliban spokesterrorist on the cover of their Sunday magazine section.

The article, "The Freshman," is as long as it is fulsome in its praise of this bravo.

Here is a synopsis from Editor & Publisher:

Although Rahmatullah had begun to question some aspects of Taliban life, in 2000 Afghanistan’s foreign minister designated him to be the bridge between the Islamic world and the West.

‘NYT’ Sunday Preview: Former Taliban Spokesman Finds New Haven–at Yale

By E&P Staff

February 24, 2006

NEW YORK The Taliban’s former spokesman, Rahmatullah Hashemi, is now an undergraduate at Yale University, The New York Times reveals in a lengthy cover story by Chip Brown in its Sunday magazine this weekend.

The cover line reads, “He was the Taliban’s spin doctor. So what’s he doing at Yale?"

In fact, the story shows, Hashemi was at Yale once before—in 2001, appearing at a forum representing the Taliban, a few months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

A small clip of Hashemi appears in Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” film.

“In some ways,” Hashemi, 27, says today, “ I’m the luckiest person in the world. I could have ended up in Guantanomo Bay. Instead I ended up at Yale. ” One of the courses he is taking: Terrorism—Past, Present and Future.

His road to America was paved largely by Mike Hoover, an American TV cameraman who had met Hashemi in Afghanistan. “ I thought he could do a lot as a student/teacher,” Hoover said.

In his first semester at Yale, Hashemi scored a 3.33 GPA.

So let’s see. Harvard Presidents are forced to quit for noting the differences between men and women. Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman is welcomed back to Yale with open arms.

I guess nobody at Yale
cares to remember what the Taliban’s opinions of women are.

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