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Time’s Bizarre Photo Of ‘Half Black’ Obama

From the former news magazine Time:


U.S. Senator Barack Obama in his candidacy for President listens to his introduction at a rally outside the courthouse in Manning, South Carolina.

Obama Finds His Moment

Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007


Barack Obama’s Iowa head-quarters near the State Capitol in downtown Des Moines has the unmistakable décor of an insurgent operation: thinning, mildewed carpet; litter from sign-painting parties; recycling boxes full of canvassing tally sheets and empty Miller Lite cartons…

The article itself a typically meandering and pointless puff piece about the candidate.

It goes on to talk about how Mr. Obama has “taken the gloves off” and has been getting tough on Mrs. Bill Clinton. Though the reporter doesn’t seem to be able to offer any actual examples.

But what the heck is up with that photograph? What is Time trying to say, if anything?

And, yes, I realize it is probably a quirk of the light in the hallway there. (As opposed to any darkroom effects.)

But why run with that photograph? It must be some kind of editorializing, surely.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the self-same issue we have this question raised:

Q&A: Obama Talks with Rick Stengel

Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007

TIME managing editor Richard Stengel met with Senator Obama in Portsmouth, N.H., for a talk on their flight to New York City. Here are highlights of their conversation:

How do you deal with the idea that some people might not vote for you because of your race?

Racism is a function of our society. There are some people who aren’t going to vote for me because I’ve got big ears. Part of my optimism about Americans is that I don’t think they expect me to be deracialized in order to represent them…

Is Time trying to de-racialize Mr. Obama? Or just the opposite?

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