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Obama’s Trip To Indonesia Questioned

Buried in the Caucus Blog in the ‘Politics’ section of the New York Times:

A Muslim student kicks a banner of President Barack Obama during a protest against his planned visit in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Friday, March 12, 2010.

Timing of Obama Indonesia Trip Questioned


March 11, 2010

With President Obama’s health care bill hanging in the balance, the White House is facing intensifying questions about whether Mr. Obama should take his planned trip to Indonesia and Australia next week.

The visit, which has been timed to coincide with spring break for the Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha, is something of a homecoming for Mr. Obama, who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. The trip is unusual, experts say, in that there is no economic summit or other multinational gathering for the president to attend.

Instead, Mr. Obama plans to meet with the leaders of the two countries, and also intends to show his family a bit of his past

Don’t Presidents usually wait until they leave office to travel down memory lane with their family?

Of course the narcissist Obama took a sentimental journey to Kenya on the taxpayers’ dime as soon as he was elected Senator.

But Mr. Obama is also pressing Congress to wrap up work on his health care overhaul by Easter, and on Capitol Hill, some lawmakers, mostly Republicans, are already beginning to question whether he should be out of the country at such a critical time.

Gosh those Republicans are mean.

His press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said Thursday that the visit would go on as planned.

Mr. Gibbs said the president intends to attend a democracy conference in Indonesia, and will highlight that country’s counter-terrorism efforts while there. Sparring with reporters during his regular briefing on Thursday, he disputed the suggestion that the trip is a family vacation.

“It’s not a vacation at all,’’ he said, adding, “It’s an important region of the world, and these are important partners.’’

‘Baghdad Bob’ Gibbs went on to insist that American troops would never set foot in the city. He said they would be crushed like bugs if they even tried.

Of course it isn’t just the timing of this trip that is questionable. Everything about it is questionable — the cost, the purpose.

And most importantly, won’t it be a ‘distraction’ from Mr. Obama’s laser-like focus on creating and saving American jobs?

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13 Responses to “Obama’s Trip To Indonesia Questioned”

  1. ptat says:

    One thing intrigues me, though–Indonesia is, I believe, the most densely populated Muslim country and generally regarded as the seat of terrorism. I can only hope somehow that this may be motivated by concerns for our national security and the war on terror. They could at least SPIN it as such!

  2. wardmama4 says:

    There is nothing laser like in this President – and each day it becomes more and more clear as to how really, truly this is a vapid empty suit with nothing to offer any one at anytime. He is an etch-a-sketch (My apologies to Ohio Art) – able to change into whatever you want to see or read – with just a little shake of the hand.

    Too bad he is destroying his country while creating a ‘legacy’ for himself. Hopefully there are enough Dems scared enough of Nov to say No – never forget both of the bills – barely passed and did so only with serious concessions, bribes and threats.

    This trip is vitally important – he will be out of the country, thus able to loose his Chicago Thugs without being here to be able ‘to plausibly deny any knowledge’ of their actions. He can avoid the rising questions as to his ‘laser focus’ on jobs – which has fallen to the wayside – and of course he can indoctrinate introduce his daughters to “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”(the muslim call to prayer).

    Impeachment is beginning to look too good – how about a treason trial and an execution at dawn (omg – the Chicago Thugs will be after me now!!!)

  3. Melly says:

    So Barry is postponing his trip to Asia I hear – Could the protests against Barry in several cities in Indonesia play a role or maybe it’s the fact Jakarta removed a childlike image sculpture from a public square of Barry after 50,000+ Indonesians on Facebook demanded its removal.

  4. proreason says:

    Indonesia is where Obamy was initially indoctinated to his marxist ideology and his muslim faith.

    After 14 months of failure after failure after conning his way into the White House, he obviously feels he needs to re-charge those batteries.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Like I said before, whatever these people say, the opposite is true. “It’s not a vacation.” (It is)

    “It’s an important region of the world, and these are important partners.” (No it’s not. No they are not)

  6. canary says:

    Hung by his own words, in his campaign 2006 book he hoped to take a vacation soon to Indonesia, and take his girls to see where he grew up. Hillary had to be closely guarded on her sneaky little first trip there.
    He could have someone take videos of the mud paddies he chased water buffaloes in, rather than risk their lives, as the conservative muslims killing the moderate’s has skyrocketed.
    Obama is being selfish taking his little girls there at this time. It would be better to take them when he is no longer president, and less attention. Shame on him for making such a move with two little girls, not old enough to comprehend.

  7. MinnesotaRush says:

    “‘Baghdad Bob’ Gibbs went on to insist that American troops would never set foot in the city. He said they would be crushed like bugs if they even tried.”

    On a daily basis, Gibbs proves what an idiot and phony he is; but with this comment .. with this comment … with this comment … he needs to be fired immediately!!!

    American troops “would be crushed like bugs”?????? Another o-blah-blah anti-American sad sack who thinks he’s just the smartest dude in the room.

    I’m calling Mr. John Kline (Republican congressman from MN and veteran) right now and making sure he caught this spineless little pukes comments about our men and women in uniform. Good gawd!!!!

    • Mithrandir says:

      No no no, this is the perfect mouth-piece for the most slimy un-transparent administration we have ever seen!

      They must have plucked this fool directly from a booth at a carnival. Maybe the ‘I can guess your weight’ booth, or the one where the basketball rims are 3 inches too small and the balls are inflated to 20 psi.

      Either way, this guy lacks any polish or smoothness, and is perfect for a rookie president who doesn’t know what he is doing. . .

  8. JohnMG says:

    …..”Mr. Gibbs said the president intends to attend a democracy conference in Indonesia…..”

    Let me see, now. Is he attending a conference and instructing those in attendance on how to destroy a democracy, or is he picking up some pointers from the experts?

    Personally, I just wish he’d go somewhere and never return here.

    Gibbs is an idiot,, but I think he’s smarter than Obama. Otherwise Obama would realize this. How distressing it is, that which passes for intelligence with those folks.

  9. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I understand he’s delayed his trip. Can’t say as I blame him. After all, he’s got to keep those poll numbers……up?

  10. JohnMG says:

    …..”And most importantly, won’t it be a ‘distraction’ from Mr. Obama’s laser-like focus on creating and saving American jobs?…..”

    And most importantly, won’t it be a ‘distraction’ from Mr. Obama’s loser-like focus on creating and saving American jobs?

    There. Fixed that for ya, Steve.

  11. canary says:

    Rusty, this is the 2nd trip he’s delayed. He was to go to Australia then Indonesia several weeks ago, and it was canceled. The Australia media poked major fun at the Obama’s trip, joking how they’d entertain him and a huge entourage of friends a family he’d bring with, and hooted maybe they’d let him toss a coin before a footie ball game. Obama just doesn’t get his uppity reputation of self-worshiping himself.

    Minnesota, strange you should pick up Gibbs insult of smashing like bugs. Obama says Indonesia hated America, but he must think he is an exception. Obama himself took offense at a British relief aid worker referring to some Africans being bugs. Course Obama wasn’t going to provide aid, just go on a safari to see what real natives looked like. He didn’t like the flies at one village, and gave a poor native woman a quarter.

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