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Tina Fey Gets Emmy For Mocking Palin

From a giddy Reuters:

Tina Fey wins Emmy award for Sarah Palin spoof

Sun Sep 13, 2009

By Dean Goodman

LOS ANGELES, Sept 12 (Reuters) – Actress Tina Fey won an Emmy on Saturday for her uncanny portrayal of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live,"

In winning her Emmy, Fey beat out two contenders from her own NBC comedy, "30 Rock," which leads all shows with 22 nominations. She made reference to Palin, who resigned in July as governor of Alaska less than a year after she was chosen as Senator John McCain’s running mate in last year’s U.S. presidential election.

"Mrs. Palin is an inspiration to working mothers everywhere because she bailed on her job right before Fourth of July weekend. You are living my dream. Thank you, Mrs. Palin!"

One of the many ways the establishment rewards its courageous little foot soldiers.

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11 Responses to “Tina Fey Gets Emmy For Mocking Palin”

  1. MinnesotaRush says:

    Who won for “Finding the Cure for Cancer” award???

    Ooooops. Sorry. Wrong group.

  2. TwilightZoned says:

    Imagine a world…a world where the MSM were conservative. Little Miss Fey would have been demonized, lost her job, and run out of town…

    Damn, it was nice to be out of the Twilight Zone, if only but a few minutes.

  3. I heard Fey got breast implants, just for that gig.

    Or was that Tina Louise??

  4. The Redneck says:

    And I saw the impression.

    It wasn’t terribly offensive–not right next to Hillary, at least–but it also wasn’t terribly good. There wasn’t anything spectacular about it except “And I can see Russia from my house!”–and that’s only well-known because liberals attributed it to Palin.

    Her acceptance speech makes it clear–this Emmy wasn’t for good acting; it was for mocking Palin.

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Why do we really care what the entertainment industry does in the first place? Besides badmouthing America, what have these performers really done? Other than help sell tabloids that spotlight their dysfunctional behavior.

    • Steve says:

      “Why do we really care what the entertainment industry does in the first place?”

      My sister just got back from a trip to Alaska. She bought a t-shirt that said: “I can see Alaska from my house.”

      She believed Sara Palin had actually said that.

      Like it or not, our entertainment industry have a tremendous amount of influence. And they use it for all its worth.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Maybe Sara Palin should spoof Tina Fey ……. and win the WH!!

  7. VMAN says:

    When a tool like John Stewart (The Daily Show) Is the most respected newsman, in a recent poll, then Tina Fey winning an Emmy isn’t surprising. Who watches that crap anyway. All it is is a mutual admiration society. I can see these idiots with red marks from patting each other on the back.

  8. bobbys says:

    Lets see , She grabbed the Emmy for mocking Palin.

    So how about Letterman mocking HER husband and daughter?.

    Should be no objection to that, Right?

  9. ThreeBus says:

    my bottum mocks Oblamo everyday, will IT get and award?

    (sorry Steve, I know that was crude, just couldn’t help myself
    feel free to delete if too appalling)

  10. catie says:

    I’ve never seen what the big deal about Tina Fey is. To me she isn’t even funny, even before she decided that she would be cute and mock Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has more class in her big toenail then Fey has in her entire, botoxed body.

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