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AP Sob Story: Single Mother Of 7 Fights Deportation

From a hopeful Associated Press:

US activists hopeful about delayed deportation

July 5, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Activists are pointing to the delayed deportation of a mother and her children as the kind of compassion they hope President Barack Obama will pursue in the wake of his announcement that he’ll act on his own to address immigration problems.

And you can include the AP among the ‘activists’ for amnesty for this latest round of illegal aliens. — But how about Obama showing some ‘compassion’ for US citizens for once?

Garland resident Ana Cañenquez and four of her seven children were originally ordered to leave the United States and return to El Salvador by March 21. That date was pushed back, and now there’s no specific deadline for them to leave…

Advocates hope that kind of discretion is something Obama will expand…

Why not? It’s was good enough for Obama’s Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar. Both of whom were living in the US despite numerous deportation orders. And both were given ‘amnesty’ because of their ‘fear’ of returning to Kenya, where their own relatives are high up in the government.

Cañenquez said her family would face a life of extreme poverty in her native El Salvador, and she fears gangs in that country could mean death for her four sons should they be sent there.

And we can’t have that. But thanks to the endless generosity of the taxpayers, Ms. Cañenquez and her seven children will never suffer from want in the the US. But they could still face death from our ever expanding gangs. (Which have also come to us from across the border.)

Before she first entered the U.S. illegally in 2003, Cañenquez lived in a two-room shack in El Salvador with her children and an alcoholic spouse. She earned $6 a day by selling treats in a marketplace, struggling to afford food for her family.

After one son died of malnutrition, she came to the U.S. hoping to earn enough for her family…

Er, how did she afford the thousand mile trip to the US border for herself and seven children? Coyotes charge anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a person.

Obama has not outlined specific plans he has in mind since announcing Monday that he would act on his own to address immigration because the U.S. House of Representatives wouldn’t take up an immigration overhaul this year.

Possible actions could include trying to focus deportations on those with serious criminal records, something the administration has seen mixed results with in the past…

So this is the news media and the rest of the left’s new push: Obama should only deport the illegal aliens who are now arriving who have a serious criminal record. — Just like he is doing now with the illegal aliens who are already in the US. Except that he is already releasing them, too. (37,000 in 2013 along. Including murderers and rapists.)

Besides, how will anyone know if any of these people have criminal records? Most of them don’t have any records, not even birth certificates, in their own countries.

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