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Cindy Sheehan’s Very Latest Pronouncements

I realize you are all hanging on tenterhooks, wondering what Mother Sheehan had to say about the hurricane known as Katrina. (Though Mother Sheehan has probably dropped more water on Texas, with her tears.)

Well, wonder no more. From the agit-prop crap site, Truthout:

t r u t h o u t | One Mother’s Stand
By Scott Galindez

Monday 29 August 2005
12:52 PM

Cindy opened today’s press conference by expressing her concern for the people affected by Hurricane Katrina. Cindy said that the people of Louisiana are in her prayers. Iraqi Veterans Against the War then called for veterans around the country to help with the disaster relief in the affected areas. It was announced that supplies donated to Camp Casey will be delivered to New Orleans when the camp is broken down on Wednesday.

Kelly Doherty, a veteran of the Iraq war, raised the issue of the National Guard being stretched thin at home. She said that with troops and equipment deployed in Iraq, the Guard will not be able to provide the resources they usually bring to disaster relief efforts.

From the same news conference, the laughfest Crawford Update breathlessly reports:

Paralyzed Iraq veteran Tomas Young called on President Bush to meet with him to explain why his best hope to walk again, stem cell research, was not being pursued. Tomas was wounded in Iraq the same day that Casey Sheehan was killed.

It’s always topic A with these guys. Always Bush’s fault. Teenage pregnancy up? –Bush’s fault!

I wonder if any of them ever took a civics class. They seem to believe we live in a dictatorship where Bush is all-powerful. (Which is of course their dream. They just want it to be their guy who is all powerful.)

By the way, I just have to point out that Truthout’s Cindy banner is actually lifted from a photo yours truly uncovered in a very obscure corner of the internet.

Guess who they cut out of the picture?

In their typical Stalinist fashion, Truthout have airbrushed the truth out.

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