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Toronto’s Mayor 7% More Popular Than Obama

From the Daily Caller:

Toronto’s crackhead mayor is MUCH more popular than Obama

Neil Munro | 01/20/2014

President Barack Obama has lower poll ratings than Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the hard-drinking, crack-smoking, tax-cutting, football-loving, partially-impeached populist.

Ford’s ratings have jumped back up to 47 percent, matching his electoral victory in a three-way race for mayor in 2010.

His rating fell to 42 percent when he admitted in November that he had smoked crack while in office. But it has risen up to 47 because of his aggressive efforts to reduce the impact of a recent ice storm on the city, according to a poll by Forum Research.

The new poll puts Ford ahead of all his likely competitors in the October 2014 election, including several council members who removed some of his funding and legal powers after the drug scandal…

Obama’s polling average is now 42.5 percent approval, according to an index maintained by Real Clear Politics. His best score is 49 percent from Rasmussen Reports, and his worst score of 40.5 is from Reuters/Ipsos…

Actually, Obama’s approval rating is at 40%, according to Gallup’s daily tracker. It was down to 39% just the other day.

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2 Responses to “Toronto’s Mayor 7% More Popular Than Obama”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I want to make a crack about this stat …

  2. canary says:

    However, the timing in recent statements by Obama shows he’s picked up on this.

    Obama just talked about his “heavy marijuana use” and that he would tell his girls it’s a wasteful.
    He did not hit on it making our youth getting lower grades or dropping out of school.
    The liberal agenda is to make our youth ignorant and subjective zombies.

    And in the same tune of his head of DOJ scolding schools for disciplining more black
    than white students, now he’s saying it’s not fair when Blacks and Latinos are caught with marijuana they can’t afford to pay the fines and penalties like white people can.

    To think Obama didn’t have his new Surgeon General make his statements, but the Obama’s are practicing medicine and dieticians with out licenses. Obama has an excuse to eat hot dogs and ribs. The Democrats are also bringing up Bushes youth. They are hesitating on bringing up
    Bill Clinton’s marijuana use or his having a nose like an elephant or vacuum cleaner to snort coke, because he’s not admitted it.

    What better way to get our youth to vote for a Democrat 2016.


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